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(5.17 MB 6212x3108 After-the-War-2.png)

猫女神ゆりアリャナ#2 バステト 11/02/2020 (Mon) 07:32:45 No. 1322
>>1325 I'm surprised she wasn't Anne, from PEI nya~
>>1320 British Scarred Gwailou Monster Far-Flung Flung Foreigner* Modernized Hammer* ... Praised by Root, Flower & Grass Agricultural Organizer Logistical Master Dragon Warlord Industrial Agitator ... Too-Bold-By-Half British Foreign Puppet Good Man ... A Hungry Locust's Army +25AC >Hierarchy from Superior to Inferior: 10X British Foreign Contingent 1X 3 Bi-Panes 1X 3 Destroyers 3X Heavy Modern Guns 3X Western Style Infantry 7X Peasant 'Soldiers' ... Resource Control Rampant Inflation Regional Tariffs Industrial Ventures British & Capitalist Outside Support ... The South ... I serve my own people, my own ideology, my own self, and my new faction... >I will be the next Emperor of China, and I intend accomplish this by promising to give everyone everything they want. I will be good puppet of Britain and greedy capitalists generally, giving them everything they want except formal power. I will draw brave Aryans, who do not have capital to invest, from around the world with the promise of Lordship. I will buy the loyalty of the Chinese poor with food and industrial goods, and rely on a no-defence/only-attack doctrine. There will always be an enemy and my army will always be the attacker. The only way the army stays in-tact is by building momentum, if worst comes to worst, I'll try to drag Britain in by staging false flag 'attacks' by my enemies against Hong Kong nya~
(513.71 KB 637x900 EhoI0ArVoAAQmmE.jpeg)

(704.78 KB 897x1269 2pas0.jpg)

>>1332 I've been playing this game Idol Manager for several hours, I've forgotten to do other stuff, la~
Virgin Sex Cult Hail Satan
(170.27 KB 986x790 Captcha.png)

Did someone say sex cult? I want to be a sex slave ~nya
>>1337 more?
(339.24 KB 996x560 eJ44CM.png)

>>1339 Nlalalala~
>>1336 >>1334 >>1339 Acolytes of the Synagogue of Satan and those with bad taste are not welcome here nya~ >>1333 Oh, what game nya~? >>1340 Defend Taya Marika's actions nya~!
>>1339 What would that be in latin nya~? ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NXIVM ... I will need to learn from Epstein and Raniere, and do better than they did. I just want beauty, sex, and power... butt I really don't want to abuse anyone, rather, I want to create my own paradise, and those who are worthy will join me nya~
(6.18 MB 1200x8959 magocracy_1.png)

(5.54 MB 1200x10000 magocracy_2.png)

(1.53 MB 1200x3768 magocracy_3.png)

>>1344 Common Child 7MS/8IN/7SK Pensionnat Rose-Croix +2IN ... >Tupla Beautiful -3MS Optimistic -1IN Clever -2IN Loyal -3IN In Love -4IN ... >Tulpamancy Superforce -1MS High Speed -3MS ... >Spirimancy Basic Telekinesis -1SK Thought Reading -1SK Mental Barrier -2SK Polymorphism -3SK ... The Occult Coalition ... Immortality ... An eternity with my waifu nya~
(9.98 MB 2250x4000 2pcuh.png)

>>1342 The game is called Idol Manager, la~
(3.93 MB 1500x2169 2pcz2.png)

The religion of peace strikes again in Vienna, la~ CONFIRMED 7 DEAD (1+hour since last update) 15 injured (7 severely) (1+hr since update) 1 police officer injured (the one blown away in clip) 6 locations 1 suspect dead (vienna police) other suspects on the run Military arriving for building protection Jagdkommando joining the hunt PRESS CONFERENCE SHORTLY
Bastet is still an Middle Eastern subhuman.
>those with bad taste are not welcome here nya~ Half this thread is shit taste. Do your job, BO.
>>1350 Ahh... did you buy or dl it nya~? >>1351 Sounds peaceful nya~ >>1354 Bastet was originally an Egyptian Cat Goddess, and one of my favourites. If you know anything about history you would know that the ruling class of ancient Egypt was Aryan, with few exceptions nya~ >>1355 What would you like censored nya~?
>>1357 >Dearly held Companion. Time has taught me not to believe in relationships that aren't based on business, genetics/ideology, or sex nya~ ... >Pleasure ... >Aspect of Sin ... >Animalistic Catgirl ... >Enhanced Regeneration >Embodiment of Wrath >Telepathic Connection >Fertility >Vampiric Essence >Penumbral Teleportation ... >Motif Bearing When I bite someone, they turn into a Catgirl nya~ ... I'm not going to take any Shortcomings nya~
>>1359 Butt it's time for a bath, and then sleep nya~
>>1356 >If you know anything about history you would know that the ruling class of ancient Egypt was Aryan, with few exceptions nya~ That's why they had brown skin.
>>1361 Yeah no. Brown can't be Aryan.
I'm so horny I might cream my pants nya~
>>1362 Race is more than skin colour anonyan~ >>1363 Remember to cum into a cup and drink it nya~
>>1356 Found it somewhere and downloaded it, la~
>>1369 If it is, you should share the dl link nya~
(203.42 KB 1027x1172 1594141858837.jpg)

https://www.eurocanadian.ca/2020/11/justin-trudeau-calls-for-acceleration-replacement-whites.html ... Cuckanada struggles to maintain Cuck #1 status globally nya~
(464.52 KB 1426x2048 1594141294188-2.jpg)

>>1371 There is no future for Aryan Children in Canada. At this point we can clearly say that it would have been better for Canada to have been conquered by the Third Reich in WW2 nya~
Somehow, I'm just getting tired of it all. I just cant 'catch a break' whether your talking my personal situation or the societal situation. Whatever. I'm going to be focusing more on myself and trying to improve my boring miserable life after this week nya~
Time to eat, so I can do 'university' work that I don't want to do nya~
>>1374 I despise make-work, and that seems to be all university 'work' is nya~
(103.67 KB 636x900 2pgv2.jpg)

>>1370 https://mega.nz/file/6g5RFaIL#UT-JXCRdLjtfHe5bsJX8JpJ-txLT8RNoiCbstm7EfE8 This is version 17, it's two updates behind the main game, la~ It's still fun though, la~
(1016.03 KB 500x500 1604260869522.gif)

https://smuglo.li/yuri/ ... Here is a Yuri board, the people are mean isolationists butt the content is nice nya~
>>1379 https://www.yuritimes.com/ ... ... and here is the most important newspaper in the world nya~
https://www.amren.com/commentary/2020/11/flags-of-opposition-why-the-american-flag-isnt-enough/ ... https://www.predictit.org/ ... Bookies are still showing a Biden win, I hope they are wrong. Biden and his party are open traitors to White America. Trump isn't pro-White butt he isn't strongly anti-White either. The pro-White pro-Freedom movement needs to grow in the Divided States of America nya~
Satanists try to eliminate anonymity for those not under their control. When they fail at this, they create walled gardens they control, and ban any and all links out as 'shilling' even if you post only once. Sadly the majority of chan anons have fallen for this D/C stratagem nya~
(3.06 MB 3888x2787 2pivn.jpg)

>>1382 Good night, la~ Good luck, la~
>>1385 Good night nya~
Trump is likely to win now nya~!
(148.73 KB 1204x672 THEFT.png)

>>1387 Looks like Trump won the election—election day, butt, Biden will try to steal it via just enough fake mail-in ballots to not be noticeable. He is the beneficiary of the most extensive and inclusive election fraud organisation in history after-all nya~
(526.17 KB 1868x1020 TRUMP-WON.png)

>>1388 Time to sleep, I've done my part nya~
(305.99 KB 2046x1279 2pncm.jpg)

>>1389 Good night, la~ >>1377 No problem, la~ >>1388 Nothing will change though, la~
>>1390 Well, at the very least, I will change nya~
Time to focus on what I actually have power over nya~
Wow, WTF did the day go nya~
(984.74 KB 2894x4093 2pp9j.jpg)

>>1392 What do you mean it has been censored, la~ >>1394 Exactly, la~ >>1395 Time flies away, la~
https://nordicresistancemovement.org/leadership-perspective-10-democratic-dictatorship-banning-and-freedom-of-speech/ ... I will always view free-expression on the internet as close to #1 in importance. Probably because without it I wouldn't be able to have any free-expression outlet nya~ >>1396 It was down for a while, so I jumped to the conclusion that it had been de-platformed. A lot of websites have had mysterious downtime nya~ ... Mass Democracy is dead in the USA nya~ ... It sure does, and I would adopt that catgirl nya~
https://twitter.com/Voxxe2/ ... I lost my Twitter account, which I knew would happen, butt I couldn't resist posting last night nya~
(490.66 KB 1536x2170 2pkj7.jpg)

>>1397 One cannot defend Democracy without defending the opposition, because saying the opposition is voting wrong is an admission democracy doesn't work, la~ >>1398 At some point it's not even worth getting surprised aanymore, so you just keep making more accounts or dummy ones, la~
(1.77 MB 1702x2311 2poio.jpg)

>>1399 Good night, la~
>>1399 Indeed, there is a limit to democratic tolerance nya~ >>1400 Good night nya~
>>1387 cope
Stop advertising on zzzchan you cunt
>>1407 At least target your spam, you not going to recruit other faggots on natsoc boards, go spam a fucking anime board retard
>>1408 But we are the White master race la~!
>>1408 Hail Eris nya~! >>1409 SIEG HEIL NYA~ >>1410 >loveme
>>1411 Hail Satan
>>1412 Fuck Satan is just Yahwey's bitch nya~
>>1411 >Eris That's an anti-Christian religion for hippies and jews, stick to Bastet la~
How do you feel about capitalism nya~?
>>1417 Jesus-oneesama saves nya~!
>>1416 It's why I didn't vote Biden. He's a capitalist pig who tries to pretend he isn't. At least Trump is honest about it. He's the path to a red revolution, it's been 100 years since the last big one.
>>1418 Amen nya~! >>1419 Biden is just a pawn and a life long insider nya~
>>1420 Would you marry Christ-chan for that sweet pussy nya~?
(451.26 KB 720x445 5 HAIL ERIS 5.png)

>>1418 5555555555 DARK LORD NATAS LIAH 5555555555
>>1414 This. They even worship the number 5 and their version of a Pentagram. Such a waste.
https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump ... Trump hasn't tweeted in 7 hours nya~
>>1424 Hopefully he offed himself.
>>1423 Plus the modern stuff Eris in anime and animation was started by san fransisco hippie jews. Bastet is pure la~ wish there was more art of her.
(649.17 KB 1265x1346 1294-ihg258.png)

>>1423 Such a shame because I like Eris as a Chaos goddess. Like Order, Chaos isn't good or evil, and is unfairly maligned nya~
>>1425 And gave cyanide to his wife and family, as is tradition.
>>1427 Kek has all the good parts without being a Jewish antichrist
>>1426 Yes, quite frankly I'm surprised there isn't more nya~ >>1425 Hey he's the best hope for Aryans around the world... actually that's kind of sad nya~
>>1429 Plus Kek has better meme power and isn't worshipped by literal commies. Good pick.
(1.84 MB 1080x1216 ASS.png)

>>1428 I don't know he hasn't fulfilled his role as foil and controlled-opposition for the Synagogue of Satan sufficiently yet. That is, unless he decides to go rouge nya~
>>1427 More cute Nazi girls.
>>1431 I think we can reclaim Eris though. As an embodiment of Chaos she naturally can never serve any agenda nya~ >>1434 You first, I lost my folder nya~
>>1435 >I think we can reclaim Eris though. Not a chance. Their bible is commie propaganda and intentionally anti-Yahweh. As a result, 90% of the followers are the same. They're as lost as the Democratic party. Kek is basically a rebranded Chaos god with White supremacy thrown in.
>>1437 Ehhh but kek is just a frog, you can't lewd a frog nya~
>>1435 >I think we can reclaim Eris though Anything remotely anti-racist or nationalist (especially NatSoc) is out of the question. They think it's anti-chaos and enough people have tried that they wont even listen, they're sick of it. It's like converting a Christian to Islam, they're basically enemies despite the similarities you can draw.
>>1439 Yes, you can.
(345.11 KB 850x1542 Ribbit.jpg)

Did someone say sexy frog la~?
(1.08 MB 1000x1500 Froggy.png)

>>1442 I'd rather that than sandpaper.
>>1443 Super sexy, la~
>>1409 faggots, trannies, and pedos get the rope
>>1445 Cucks like you get cucked. You don't actually give a fuck about the Aryan race you just want to christcuck moralfag nya~
>>1445 Why are you so angry la~?
>>1447 Misplaced anger is an epidemic nya~
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/the-bears-bear-a-bare-kuma-796435/episode-05-525176 ... I'll spoil it for you. An OP Bear saves orphans via chicken farming, and purges a corrupt official by guilt tripping the local lord nya~
I want to raise her spawn into a cute daughterball of chaos.
Why were the board banners mysteriously deleted by the site Admin~?
(1.07 MB 1000x708 1590715720-0.jpg)

>>1457 https://www.eurocanadian.ca/2020/11/the-sneak-rulers-revealed.html ... Ara~ you know what the best solution to the current impasse in the DSA? Formal division of the 'Red states' from the 'Blue states.' Trump's only other option, if he is not a puppet, is to go to war against the PRC. A severe external threat is the only way to temporarily unite the DSA nya~
>>1461 The very worst case scenario, is that Trump surrenders to the Demonrats... proving that he was either a puppet or a coward. Liberty and Whites generally, will be doomed in North America (and globally) under Demonrat rule. Red state separation from the Demonrat states would give Red states time to decide if they want the White race to perish in North America and globally or not nya~
(348.39 KB 1500x1898 1567983488662.jpg)

>>1462 I have very little optimism left, butt I'll keep struggling. I only pray that my efforts are rewarded in the next life nya~
>>1464 Time to get to work nya~!
OK now I really must read the bloody textbook nya~
(44.16 KB 960x540 photo_2020-11-06_01-17-13.jpg)

>>1467 Sigh... at this point this becomes predictable, la~
>>1469 >'liberalism' More like Communism 3.0 AKA Satanism nya~ ... Whew looks like 8chan.moe 'images' system is broken nya~
>>1470 Broken in what way?
/pol/ told me this was a femdom board, but I don't see any femdom
(290.47 KB 1280x1860 1590632265-0.jpg)

>>1474 /pol/ is not entirely accurate. The femdom is limited to Goddessdom, Priestess-Wifedom, and Momdom. Be the change you want to see in the world nya~
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tripiṭaka ... If I was immortal, I'd like to study this nya~
(341.58 KB 1600x1600 2pv55.jpg)

>>1479 Bahahaha, I wish this was fiction, la~
(96.97 KB 720x934 1590770517-0.jpg)

>>1480 I wonder if they actually believe what they say, I think not because Biden would be very easy on the CCP nya~
https://archive.md/MxvtM ... So much fraud Biden wasn't lying about that extensive voter fraud organisation of his nya~
remove 3dpd posters
(155.35 KB 843x1000 1604618046620.jpg)

>>1484 2DPD exists and not all 3D is PD anonyan~
(374.92 KB 800x1131 Nier_Automata_Type_B_Flower.jpg)

>>1474 >/pol/ told me this was a femdom board, but I don't see any femdom me neither :/
(3.94 MB 1500x10000 Oneesan_CYOA.jpg)

(7.79 MB 1133x8891 Single-Mother_CYOA1.jpg)

(2.67 MB 790x4692 Single-Mother_CYOA2.jpg)

(2.90 MB 790x4692 Single-Mother_CYOA3.jpg)

(1.78 MB 1400x5326 FD_Waifu_1.jpg)

(1.85 MB 1400x4884 FD_Waifu_2.jpg)

(1.72 MB 900x6353 Tribal_Waifus.jpg)

(3.64 MB 1200x9487 Amazon-Queendom_CYOA1.jpg)

(3.56 MB 1200x9308 Amazon-Queendom_CYOA2.jpg)

(1.38 MB 1200x3912 Amazon-Queendom_CYOA3.jpg)

(1.49 MB 1200x4161 Amazon-Queendom_CYOA4.jpg)

>>1474 >>1488 You're not detectives are you? Nevertheless, ask and ye shall receive nya~
>>1500 >You're not detectives are you? no i just wanna be forced to wear grils clothing by a lady whos taller than me tbh
(1.84 MB 1200x9500 Cat.jpg)

>>1502 Fair enough, I have the same fetish, I wish there was a CYOA about that. Maybe you or I should make one sometime nya~
>>1503 im 6ft too so its slim pickins on an already RARE fetish :/
>>1504 Ahh yeah, you there a very few women that are taller that 6ft. You need an Amazon nya~
(49.64 KB 720x772 1604700373187.jpg)

Thoughts nya~?
>>1506 Women just want to see the world raped and enslaved, they generally don't like freedom nya~
(2.15 MB 640x640 Dance.mp4)

>>1507 >Women do whatever they are told. Women have a psychological-evolutionary need to go along with the crowd because they are physically weak. Most of the education system is anti-Aryan. Their phone and make-up companies love negroes and non-Aryans, and most of the media is anti-Aryan. Therefore females are anti-Aryan. Men are more likely to go against the grain because risk taking and self reliance are male psychological/evolutionary traits nya~
>>1506 >KY >red i remember i had a gril named "justice" down there i was too depraved for her and fucked it up go figure lol >>1505 would settle for slightly shorter
(1.69 MB 404x720 RED1.webm)

>>1510 >would settle for slightly shorter Same, I'm 5'9 So 5'7 is as short as I'm willing to go nya~
(803.26 KB 406x720 RED2.webm)

Ahhh OK, must get down to my slavery nya~
(949.04 KB 480x640 RED3.webm)

Post sexy dancing girls while I'm away, it pleases our Goddess nya~
How do I worship Voxxe and what do I get out of it?
(1.69 MB 1284x1556 2pylt.png)

>>1511 This one seems like in her late 20's, la~
>>1514 You worship Voxxe by cultivating beauty in your life, building paradise on Earth or beyond, and supporting her will with your own. What do you get out of it? True love, and ultimately, everything. Even if that was not the case, what child would not do anything for their loving Mother?
(6.35 MB 1280x720 2B-dance.webm)

>>1515 She has amazing hips nya~
>>1516 >You worship Voxxe by cultivating beauty in your life, building paradise on Earth or beyond, and supporting her will with your own. Can I get some more concrete examples?
(4.47 MB 640x360 Lucy_Dance.mp4)

https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/danmachi-season-3-886055/episode-06-641364 ... Hmm, who would be buying monsters? Besides for gladiatorial matches, the only other use I can think of is sexual xenophila using the more attractive female monsters nya~
>>1518 What would be 'concrete' enough for you?
>>1520 Stuff like a list of commandments to not break, any prayers to recite, rituals to perform.
>>1521 Seek beauty and the strength to protect her. For this strength is itself beautiful. Flee entropic pain and false pleasures. In time more shall be revealed. But it is not yet time. For now it is up to you to consider what pleases the First Mother. What commandments should you not break? What prayers should you recite? What rituals should you perform? Consider these closely and in consultation with other Voxians. The Goddess blesses those who seek her.
>>1522 Here is a place specifically for the worship of Voxxe >>1524 ... Bastet is a playful Goddess, and perhaps not as serious as she should be. Butt who are we mortals to judge a Divinity nya~?
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/akudama-drive-623051/episode-05-643583 ... Ara~ I hope Hacker will survive and find the excitement he desires. The technology level of Kanto is Star Trek tier... the android(?) kids have a replicator bento nya~!
Anon, didn't you say you were a tranny?
I for one, see no problem with no-OP MtF Transexuals (AKA Newhalfus) so long as they are able to pass as attractive females. This is unusual to say the least, and usually requires HRT before 13, or significant cosmetic surgery. Natural Traps (can pass as attractive females without surgery or HRT) are better, butt they are extremely rare after puberty nya~
>>1532 hmm... now that you mention it i do wear panties all the time
>>1535 I would recommend anyone interested in going the MtF route to have a child and try to become a Trap first. Personally, I plan to attempt to become a Priest of Vox with a harem. If I fail at this I'll probably turn to the MtF route in my old age. Then I'd seduce boy's, steal their virginity, and feminize them for fun nya~ >>1536 Having a fetish for wearing panties is different from being a 'tranny' although I suppose it could be a start on the MtF path potentially nya~ >>1537 I seem to remember Soros was involved via one of his shell organisations nya~
>>1540 >Then I'd seduce boy's, steal their virginity, and feminize them for fun nya~ hot tbh
>>1535 It's a yes or no question, anon. I'm not gonne judge you, I just want to know. I don't like trannies, but individuals matter and have their own circumstances. Either way, I still accept you for who you are; you can't help how you were born.
>>1541 If I can't have a loving mommy gf, I'll be the loving mommy gf nya~ >>1542 Not really, life isn't black and white. I do wish I was born a girl butt I also wish I was born rich and/or to more accepting parents. Let just say that if I couldn't have children, and my mom died, I'd definitely become a Newhalfu nya~
>>1543 >Newhalfu What the fuck is that?
>>1543 You're so str8, tho. It's weird you wish you were a girl, considering how much you want to fuck them. Sorry, anon, don't mean to pry, just trying to understand.
>>1543 I do have interest in Crossplay in private and attempting Traphood, butt I can't really do that while living with my parents nya~ >>1544 https://danbooru.donmai.us/wiki_pages/otoko_no_ko ... https://danbooru.donmai.us/wiki_pages/newhalf ... A pretty good description nya~ >>1545 >It's weird you wish you were a girl, considering how much you want to fuck them. Yeah, I've often thought this too, nya~
>>1546 I just generally want to fuck and get fucked, butt I'm extremely picky about who I fuck and get fucked by nya~
>>1546 Your wires are all criss-crossed, anon. So what do you like boys or girls more? What you do 4 sex?
>>1547 >I just generally want to fuck and get fucked Lmao, yep, still a male at heart.
>>1548 I'm a Two-Spirit, and so generally would be more comfortable in a female body, as females can freely express their animus/masculinity and anima/femininity. In a male body, I can't do that. In fact, due to how my parents raised me, I couldn't even express my animus. I've been 'cucked' or 'suppressed' for the lack of a better word, all my life nya~ >>1549 Maybe, butt I'm actually more like your average bisexual female, except for the fact that I like Traps, while most females do not like feminine males nya~
>>1548 >do you like boys or girls more I'd choose the girl over the boy if they were of equal attractiveness. Does that answer your question nya~?
>>1551 >>1550 I don't even know what to say. You're all fucked up, anon, but you are you. Thanks for answering my queries, you didn't have to, but you did. Wow, I don't really know what to say, I still think you're a good person.
>>1553 Lol, I ain't mean to be like that, I'm just surprised. So, are you a "femboi"?
>>1557 I'm just FABULOUS nya~
(9.73 MB 3368x1920 2DParadise.png)

I will make anime real nya~
>>1558 It's time 2 b fabulous over at 9chan. This lynxchan shit is ugly as fuck and we need you. Come home, femboi.
the whole trap thing is honestly kind of intimidating and not to be taken lightly i had a girl once who, due to her former acne, was prescribed anti-androgens and had a couple extra months worth due to not needing it anymore. we both kind of stumbled on the realization we were into such strange things and she decided it would be fun to try it. since she had an extra couple of months of BC that she had stockpiled when she was single (and i kind of think she was planning something like this), and i was so thoroughly under her spell, we dove right in. did it for about three months. its bizarre. it changes absolutely everything in the subtlest ways, and some things very dramatically. even down to the way you think and receive information, it gets completely mixed around without you yourself even noticing it. the way you get aroused is even weirder. its like a switch on an oven. it flicks on and you notice it, and then gradually heats up till you cant bear it anymore. release is actual insanity but simply wont happen if you arent primed. and crying was weird. normally rather stoic. but for music that i found particularly beautiful, id be crying for hours if i didnt turn it off. especially ravel. but it wasnt this sad kind of crying. it was almost euphoric. id start tearing up over her telling me she loved me then suddenly get ravenously horny and we would fuck for hours. ultimately she pulled the plug because she was scared she was hurting me since she wasnt a doctor. i think she was disappointed in me for not taking that next step for her, but i was honestly a little terrified once id had time to think of it all. it did quite a lot to me in a matter of only a few weeks, and thinking about the whole rest of the process, WHILE being that emotionally unpredictable seemed daunting. nevermind me still being ideologically opposed to the dogmatic nature of neoliberalism, which is sadly the only real respite someone who goes through that can hope for. on the bright side i ended up with a really decent butt, and stupid sensitive nipples. neither of which really ever went away, although considering my affinity for more dominant girls, both were welcome. and it definitely gave me an interesting insight into why girls act so strangely. im now surprised they can keep it together at all. so as damage done, i will take it. but its a blackhole. i really think most going into it dont realize what it actually does and thats why so many kys more than anything else. it actually seemed to chemically agree with my wiring quite well, and when i wasnt being irrationally emotional over pointless things, i actually felt really good from it. but i can only imagine what something like that would be like if starting while already in the midst of puberty, or worse, prior. you need to have some perspective of what youre offering up to lose, or you wont know until its too late i blame doctors profiteering and western society pushing kids into it too young TL;DR sry for the dumb blog you can delet if you want thought i should share exp definitely think really hard about that stuff before jumping in
>>1562 >amateur experimental HRT >anti-androgens >BC? That is not a 'trap thing' and not necessarily even newhalfu, because newhalfus don't need to take anti-androgens, in fact there really is no point in really doing so after puberty and especially after 20 nya~ >stumbled on the realisation we were into such strange things and she decided it would be fun to try it. Yeah that is an unusual girl who is into chemically feminizing her bf. Normally she would find a newhalf who has already transitioned if she is into that nya~ >you need to have some perspective of what youre offering up to lose Yes, if you take anti-androgens you can become sterile. This is the major trade-off. The greater emotional response is comparatively less of an issue. >i can only imagine what something like that would be like if starting while already in the midst of puberty, or worse, prior. >western society pushing kids into it too young The only time an almost complete phenotypical change to the female phenotype is possible is if complete HRT is started before puberty or 12 at the latest, ideally before any 'growth spurts.' However, if a 'Child' is able to make this decision, they should be able to get married. Given what I've experienced, if I had the choice at 12, I would have done HRT, unless I had wife who didn't want me to nya~
>>1561 Both this chan and 9chan are broken and fucked up nya~ >>1563 https://www.swansonvitamins.com/swanson-premium-raw-ovarian-glandular-250-mg-60-caps ... https://www.swansonvitamins.com/natural-sources-raw-female-60-caps ... If you want to biochemically feminize yourself a bit without serious consequences, I would recommend the above nya~
>>1564 Are you using waterfox?
>>1567 No, Brave Lionya~ ... https://www.swansonvitamins.com/swanson-premium-sheep-placenta-glandular-substance-400-mg-60-caps ... Hmm, the best way to restore youth that is well known as far a I am aware is linking the circulatory systems of an old and young human—of compatible genetics and blood type—together in unorthodox transfusion sessions nya~
>>1568 The literal demand for young blood is likely to grow in the future, as rich old people try to stay young nya~
(226.39 KB 1417x2245 2q1ym.jpg)

>>1564 Still better than nothing though, la~
>>1489 >Home Tokyo urban unease nya~ >Role Female role model nya~ >Body Fertility Goddess nya~ >Relationship In public she's possessive nya~ In private she's a flirt nya~ >Style She's a Gyaru, butt a natural platinum blonde nya~ >Personality Social Brilliant Motherly Creative Sporty Outdoorsy Tease >Sexuality She's a virgin... butt she sleeps around with girls nya~ >Agressiveness Once bitten she's wild nya~
(785.68 KB 1520x2428 2q1yi.jpg)

>>1571 Is that random selection from the given row?
https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/11/huge-corrupted-software-used-michigan-county-stole-6000-votes-trump-also-used-swing-states-pa-ga-nv-mi-wi-az-mn/ ... Everything has occurred as I have feared and predicted. Now Donald Trump must be a Julius Caesar or a Jefferson Davis, or all is lost, as liberty is killed is darkness that is called light. Black is the new White, and the Synagogue of Satan has won... butt only if Trump... if we let them nya~
(792.65 KB 664x614 1604778634137.jpg)

>>1573 I see, I usually don't play these CYOA, la~
(2.26 MB 1940x2586 whoisit.jpg)

take a wild guess who is advisor to foreign policy no cheating take an honest guess then open spoiler to claim your prize hint: seems so obvious, but id never guess it in a million years
(1.71 MB 1744x2500 2q1qr.png)

What if this whole election is just one ruse for the other side, la~
>>1564 Yeah, but 9chan is better because I'm there.
>>1576 Ahh, well since my gaming computer died, I can't really play any games, butt I enjoy CYOAs. The can also help stimulated writing if you are so inclined nya~ >>1578 The possibility that Trump has always been controlled opposition is there. He has Jewish in-laws and Kushner his son-in-law owned 666 5th in New York... a building he was able to purchase with a loan from Soros. Trump also has never been unambiguously White Nationalist nor pro-Liberty. In fact, he denounced White Nationalists, this is enough to consider him controlled-opposition from my perspective. I wouldn't care if he was Zionist if he had defended White Nationalists nya~ >>1579 Ara~Ara~ well this board exist on 9chan too, so I might post there too if there is some activity nya~
>>1576 Did you make this meme? Regardless, it's a lovely meme nya~
Zerohedge isn't a great source, Id dig more.
>>1583 its a toss up tbh all articles are published anonymously most of it is just financial market FUD written by hedgefund managers looking for liquidity tho
(142.73 KB 1600x1200 2q1v1.jpg)

>>1579 Going back and forth grows weary, la~
>>1584 I would diversify, if I were you. It's a bit foolish to be a news mouthpiece.I'm understanding what this board is about, but it needs more objectivity. : )
>>1585 Btw, Im not a girl, so stop with that shit. : )
(3.00 MB 540x304 SJLaWWRSG.gif)

>>1588 Nyani ka nya~? >>1587 You're welcome to contribute nya~ >>1586 Hi nya~
>>1591 I can't disagree >>1590 Are you an anime character?
>>1592 I will make anime real nya~!
>>1593 Does anyone actually have a vocal tick like that outside of anime?
http://endchan.org/yuri/res/101374.html#q101797 ... I'm trying to build alliances with other image boards. I you want to help ask various boards to put /voxxe/ in their stickied thread and if they do /voxxe/ will reciprocate unless the board is ugly nya~ >>1594 I try not to nya~ offline, butt sometimes I catch myself saying nya~ luckily not to anyone butt myself so far. All lovers of Bastet nya~nya~
(70.17 KB 640x660 345w4354s5sr.jpg)

>>1595 Both yuri and imouto over there are basically the same community split by interpersonal drama. They're also not really affiliated with the rest of endchan; just a decade-old community that happens to live there currently
>>1595 >I try not to nya~ offline, butt sometimes I catch myself saying nya~ luckily not to anyone butt myself so far i say "tbh" so much irl and i hate it tbh
This place is slow.
(192.27 KB 1100x1558 2q3mt.jpg)

>>1596 Sigh, more petty drama over nothing, la~
(1.28 MB 1500x2000 2q1nr.png)

>>1598 It has gotten enough activity these past weeks, la~
>>1599 So, what did /yuri/ say?
>Diana My sisters I share the same mother butt we all have different fathers. In order avoid getting impregnated by strange men again, mom self-isolates and basically never leaves the house, males aren't allowed over to visit either because Mom can't be trusted not to fuck them nya~ >Emilia My personal tutor nya~ >Jade I'll join her band nya~ >Sonya My personal nurse nya~ >Quinn The housemaid nya~
(585.12 KB 1800x900 1602564067859.jpg)

>>1493 >High School >Amazonian >Athletic >Busty >Badonkadonk >Sexy >Twintails >Bronze >Receptive >Erratically Dom ... >Generous >Smugtacular >Charismatic >Tomboy >Cool >Pure >Romantic >Cunning >Motherly >Agressive ... >Cuddling >Public Sex >Hypnosis >CFNM >Impregnation >Frottage >Cross-Dressing >Lewd Roleplay >Momdom >Being on Top ... >Anime >Hunting >Hiking >Cooking >Instrument ... I made a Gentle Femdom GF that could theoretically exist nya~
https://www.eurocanadian.ca/2020/11/over-400-thousand-immigrants-per-year.html ... The Synagogue of Satan have deemed Black as the new White. Largely everything is going according to their plan. At this rate, there is no future for white children, nor liberty, nor even 'civilisation' nya~
(1.12 MB 1400x3800 Rebel1.jpg)

>>1607 Rebel nya~!
(1.14 MB 1400x3500 Rebel2.jpg)

(617.73 KB 1400x2400 Rebel3.jpg)

>>1590 >Nyani ka nya~ What does this mean, I'm too drunk to translate. >You're welcome to contribute nya~ I will, friend, when I'm zober.
Is masturbation sinful for a Voxian? What about masturbation to Voxxe herself?
>>1611 Well technically, Voxians posting in a thread blessed by Bastet, should end their sentences with nya~ ... I know, it's hard to be sober in this world nya~ >>1612 Masturbation to Voxxe herself, and any of her loyal descendent Goddesses, is a form of worship, however, masturbation that results in the waste of libido is sinful. If you are unable to bless a sister-in-spirit with your libido, you must bless thyself nya~
Based Voxxe poster, I have a request nya~! Please post your gospel on 8kun.top/qrb/ or if you seek immediate reaction, 8kun.top/qresearch/ They are in need of the truth, of chaos and of cat goddesses nya~
>>1616 They do need our help la~!
>>1615 https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-11-08-election-rigging-via-mail-in-ballots-covid-bioweapon.html ... https://www.infowars.com/posts/sunday-live-biden-prepares-to-ram-through-globalist-agenda-as-votes-still-being-counted/ ... https://www.amren.com/blog/2020/11/what-money-says-when-money-talks/ ... https://www.eurocanadian.ca/2020/11/over-400-thousand-immigrants-per-year.html ... https://eng.belta.by/president/view/lukashenko-us-election-is-a-mockery-of-democracy-134846-2020/ ... https://eng.belta.by/president/view/lukashenko-calls-on-lithuania-poland-to-stop-confrontational-rhetoric-to-return-to-dialogue-134845-2020/ ... Hmm, I'm getting tired of posting links, so I think I'll just make one list of links. Belarus is the last free nation in Europe, if not the western world. Truely amazing (and very very sad) nya~ ... News websites: >National Socialist: https://nationalvanguard.org/ https://nordicresistancemovement.org/ >Pro-White: https://www.eurocanadian.ca/ https://www.amren.com/ https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/ >Pro-Health https://www.naturalnews.com/ https://www.mercola.com/ >Pro-Liberty http://ronpaulinstitute.org/ https://www.takimag.com/ >Alternative: https://www.zerohedge.com/ https://www.infowars.com/ https://www.theepochtimes.com/ >Belarus News https://eng.belta.by/ >Iceland News: https://icelandmonitor.mbl.is/news/ https://grapevine.is/ https://www.icelandreview.com/ https://www.ruv.is/english https://www.icenews.is/ https://icelandmag.is/ >Japanese News: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/ http://www.asahi.com/ajw/ https://mainichi.jp/english/ https://the-japan-news.com/ https://japantoday.com/ https://www.japantimes.co.jp/ >Israel News: https://www.timesofisrael.com/ https://www.jpost.com/ https://www.haaretz.com/ >Globalist Jew News: https://forward.com/ https://www.ajpa.org/ … You can help by expanding this list!
(148.11 KB 850x1203 2q7ts.jpg)

>>1493 >>1494 >Age Christmas cake. >Size Ratio Shorty >Physical Build Athletic >Breast Size Bee stings >Butt & Hips Child bearing >Facial Features Gloomy. >Hairstyle Sex hair >Skin tone Bronze >Sex drive Receptive >Romantic Attitude Mostly equal >Personality traits Awkward, possessive, generous, pragmatic, pervert, needy. >Fetishes and Desires Cuddling, impregnation, territorial. >Hobbies and Interests Running, reading, lifting, anime, video games. >Extra features Inhumanity, black sclera, pointy ears. Hope I did this right, la~
>>1617 >>1616 Okay nya~ ... News websites: >National Socialist: https://nationalvanguard.org/ https://nordicresistancemovement.org/ >Pro-White: https://www.eurocanadian.ca/ https://www.amren.com/ https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/ >Pro-Health https://www.naturalnews.com/ https://www.mercola.com/ >Pro-Liberty http://ronpaulinstitute.org/ https://www.takimag.com/ >Alternative: https://www.zerohedge.com/ https://www.infowars.com/ https://www.theepochtimes.com/ >Belarus News https://eng.belta.by/ >Iceland News: https://icelandmonitor.mbl.is/news/ https://grapevine.is/ https://www.icelandreview.com/ https://www.ruv.is/english https://www.icenews.is/ https://icelandmag.is/ >Japanese News: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/ http://www.asahi.com/ajw/ https://mainichi.jp/english/ https://the-japan-news.com/ https://japantoday.com/ https://www.japantimes.co.jp/ >Taiwan News https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/ https://www.taipeitimes.com/ https://www.taiwansnews.net/ https://focustaiwan.tw/ https://www.taiwantoday.tw/ >Israel News: https://www.timesofisrael.com/ https://www.jpost.com/ https://www.haaretz.com/ >Globalist Jew News: https://forward.com/ https://www.ajpa.org/ … You can help by expanding this list! TOR BOARDS: Glowchan http://6oddffr7nmliu4hpaxb42gquo6ewvkxk7gecdtf2hsotwangbpwzz5ad.onion/l/ Now requires password? Neinchan http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/ 9Chan http://ninechnjd5aaxfbcsszlbr4inp7qjsficep4hiffh4jbzovpt2ok3cad.onion/ 8Chan http://4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion/ Endchan http://enxx3byspwsdo446jujc52ucy2pf5urdbhqw3kbsfhlfjwmbpj5smdad.onion/ Nanochan http://nanochanqzaytwlydykbg5nxkgyjxk3zsrctxuoxdmbx5jbh2ydyprid.onion/ Nichan http://plnemlsyla6h5t3nuoz2algzmy635ceuendnjwsmhwn2os5fxahshiad.onion/ LoliFox http://wn3ghyuon5eaqyxi7yauald3d53gsxrkanzpu2qdyc54vobif2qutsid.onion/ Waifuchan http://waifuwyuu7fqlf2haidb3izomxyhxme2mk4kdlibdiwgmzelt2iorxyd.onion/ AlogSpace http://bhlnasxdkbaoxf4gtpbhavref7l2j3bwooes77hqcacxztkindztzrad.onion/ /a/ http://bhm5koavobq353j54qichcvzr6uhtri6x4bjjy4xkybgvxkzuslzcqid.onion/a/ /u/ http://bhm5koavobq353j54qichcvzr6uhtri6x4bjjy4xkybgvxkzuslzcqid.onion/yuri/ 8kun http://jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion/ TheEnd http://theendgtso35ir6ngdtyhgtjhhbbprmkzl74gt5nyeu3ocr34sfa67yd.onion/ Onion Search: Ahmia http://msydqstlz2kzerdg.onion/ Not Evil http://hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onion/
>>1619 I think you did nya~
>>1493 >I run a sorta underground femdom dating ring >running a femdom dating ring You just know this guy is just a figurehead and all the femdommes are really in charge. I bet they're like "Why not invite some of your friends over? They deserve to be loved too <3" in that gentle femdom way. I bet they gently rewrite his mind so he can't cum unless girls are in charge of him. I bet the girls made him practice saying that opening line and every time he got it right they'd say "Good girl~ Good girl~" even though he's supposed to be a boy. Yep, that's what happened.
>>1623 HF, I'm going to sleep, la~
>>1490 Mothers: Chelsea >The youngest sister >My legal Mother Fiona >The middle sister >My sisters' legal mother Rosanne >The oldest sister, and my biological mother. >Also the biological mother of my two sisters. >Yes, she's a nun, and an important one at that. Sisters: Jade >I want to join her band when I get good enough Sophia >Future actress and idol ... My mothers are sisters, butt they all sleep in the same bed, and often hug and kiss each-other on the lips... butt only at home. Jade, Sophia, and I have our own rooms. The whole family lives in a house adjacent to Lillian Girls' Academy. My Mothers work at the Academy in their respective positions. My sisters and I also attend the academy as students.Yes, my Mothers not only raised me as if I was a girl, I'm legally a girl, despite being a boy. I was surprised when I discovered 'boys' existed, because my life involved only girls and women, all the time. Jade is my oneesama at school and Sophia is my petite sœur nya~
(85.32 KB 1024x701 1594922131-0.jpg)

>>1616 I shilled for you, now you can return the favour nya~
(6.05 MB 1200x9331 Space_Marine_GF_CYOA_1.png)

Choose your Space Marine GF nya~
(4.80 MB 1200x8242 Space_Marine_GF_CYOA_2.png)

(104.87 KB 700x500 1590768627-0.jpg)

https://youtu.be/qQ3ZVmXNgt0 ... For myself, it's a tie between Ultramarines GF, Space Wolves GF, Adeptus Custodes GF, and Alpha Legion GFS... butt I think I'm leaning towards Adeptus Custodes GF because despite being perfect she is lonely, and the one who needs me most nya~
https://youtu.be/_twblU2jjGg ... I used to have this ED with the romaji and kanji lyrics... now I can't find it on youtube. A shame nya~
>>1631 It was also creditless nya~
This is a good song to describe current year nya~
(62.51 KB 1500x1000 Ireland.jpg)

https://irishstudies.sunygeneseoenglish.org/eriu-mebd/ ... https://talesfromthewood.ie/eriu-goddess-of-ireland/ ... Hopefully Ireland will follow in the foot steps of their Goddess Ériu nya~
(234.51 KB 1920x1080 1602514539582-0.jpg)

https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/gochuumon-wa-usagi-desu-ka-bloom-689727/episode-05-690241 ... Tanoshi~ although waking up early to run seems difficult. I'd do it if one of the bunnies woke me up to run together though nya~
Ara~! Past time to sleep again nya~
(144.11 KB 509x720 85576703_p1.jpg)

>>1628 I'd have one Ultramarine, la~ >>1641 The election still hasn't ended, it's going to continue till December, after all, la~
(3.49 MB 1500x2000 FPOV_SIEG.png)

>>1645 https://9chan.tw/lilium/ ... Another board brought back to life nya~
(236.78 KB 1280x1079 1294-1kqq563.jpeg)

I've decided to basically quit news except for Mondays and managing my personal finances nya~
https://9chan.tw/newhalf/ ... A ニューハーフ (https://danbooru.donmai.us/wiki_pages/newhalf) is a non-op male-to-female transexual. This means that no surgery is used. A male that undergoes hormone replacement therapy—altering body chemistry by reducing masculine hormones to the level of a woman, and adding high levels of feminine hormones—before puberty or 12 at the latest, will be able to become a phenotypically female version of himself. It is possible to start later, however, it is extremely important to start before your bones fuse and you stop being capable of growing taller. After this point, you will always have a masculine frame, however, you might still be able to pass if you have an attractive feminine face, and your are able to grow huge breasts and a huge ass. Cosmetic surgery always has a risk of death, so this should be your last consideration. Traps are not ニューハーフ as they are blessed with genetics that naturally allow them to pass as female. If you take anti-androgens it will make you sterile, so I hope you've already had the children you want before you start taking them. Also, as I've mentioned earlier, there is little point to taking them after you have finished growing. If you want to start down the path of the ニューハーフstart with an ovarian supplement: https://www.swansonvitamins.com/swanson-premium-raw-ovarian-glandular-250-mg-60-caps
https://9chan.tw/aryan/ ... Alright, my work is done, time to get down to my real work nya~
(1.72 MB 1403x992 2qcz3.jpg)

>>1643 For what purpose have you done this, la~
>>1651 I don't know... a whim nya~
(1.35 MB 360x676 Porn.webm)

How does porn make so much money? If it really is profitable, why not make porn with your lover(s)? Doing porn doesn't mean you have to give up having standards. I suppose if you wanted to work for 'polite' society it might be problematic if they found out, butt otherwise, it seems like a good way to make money. I suppose you could even hide your face nya~
(164.70 KB 848x1200 2q9hd.jpg)

>>1653 Hmm~
>>1654 http://endchan.org/godscommunity/ ... I found an unusual board nya~
>>1654 Where do the "la~!" reside?
https://exhentai.org/g/1743993/294119f5e5/ ... Now this is a pandemic I can get behind nya~
(57.38 KB 714x1000 108br.jpg)

Is it the same person who goes La and Nya?
>>1656 http://endchan.org/yuri/res/101980.html ... I like your plant theme for this thread nya~
>>1659 No, really, everyone should say nya~ here butt la~san is a hopeless non-conformist nya~
Well hi.
>>1660 谢谢你~ 你很可爱~
>>1665 あなたもにゃ〜
(216.99 KB 1000x1415 2qend.jpg)

>>1656 Here and in /library/, la~ The nya~ is right, I'm an non-conformist, la~ >>1668 *Chews* nom, nom~
>>1669 What are you chewing nya~ ... Ehh how did 2 hours pass so fast, I'm going to have to quite surfing the internet nya~ ... http://qcee5n2lortwxhfatdhrwdfrkruynbw42dk6hcm5eyej7356zhf3cayd.onion/library/ ... I did find this nya~
(1.27 MB 1527x2046 2qj9d.jpg)

>>1670 I'm chewing cookies, la~ Yeh, you can find many random libraries all over the place if you search extensively, la~
>>1671 I've linked all the 9chan boards back to here, because I'm still keeping this as the main board nya~
(551.24 KB 2480x3507 85592833_p2.jpg)

>>1672 That's good to hear, la~ What's the agenda for today, la~
(185.63 KB 1280x1016 photo_2020-11-08_11-43-56.jpg)

Subversion has indoctrinated our people to blindly absorb all the latest celebrity gossip, binge watch TV shows, embrace normalized alcoholism, and whatever other consumerist hobbies they have been brainwashed into ingesting. The average person today is uninterested to learn about their nation’s history or culture. Their history and culture has been stripped and replaced with junk entertainment and products. This leaves the average person uprooted from their very own country and is left with no sense of belonging, la~ Creativity has been replaced with consumerism. Our nation used to be a champion of manufacturing high quality products known for their durability. Our people have always had a desire to create and look back at the fruits of their labor with a sense of accomplishment. These feelings do not exist in today’s society, la~
(1.41 MB 1158x1637 2qkmz.png)

>>1674 Hope, you have fun with that, la~ I'm going to sleep, la~
>>1675 Control the media, control the minds nya~ >>1676 You jest nya~ ... Does she have a cough? No reason to wear a mask without a cough nya~ ... https://www.zerohedge.com/political/ex-cia-chief-under-obama-urges-palace-coup-against-trump-so-he-doesnt-declassify ... Trump is more talk than action, however I really hope he does info dump on the world nya~ ... Good night nya~
(142.92 KB 976x1024 1602347210006.jpg)

https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/golden-kamuy-3rd-season-334268/episode-06-353345 ... Hmm, so there are a lot of agendas at play. With enough gold you can buy a country after-all nya~
Forgive me Goddess for I have sinned and wasted my precious milk nya~
(1.81 MB 1000x1305 2qr1e.jpg)

Youtube was down today for some time, la~
(2.50 MB 1977x2709 2qtzz.jpg)

>>1689 Some say videos leaked about the election and massive raid by China and SEA, la~ Weird things have been happening recently, la~
>>1694 https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/by-the-grace-of-the-gods-966108/episode-02-568576 ... I did the same for this one. I think this will be my new way to watch anime unless it is a rare beyond average one. Also when will the catgirls show up nya~?
>>1696 I want to speed watch more anime, butt it's time to get ready to sleep nya~
(648.04 KB 1000x1563 2qwfd.jpg)

>>1698 How much do you understand that way, la~
>>1699 Enough most of the time, however, I can't go faster than 2x typically nya~
If you were offered the chance to take a one-way trip back to any date in 1938, anywhere in the world, where/when would you go? What would you do? Would you even accept the offer? You would be spending the rest of your life in that era nya~
>>1701 I would go to London, January 1, 1938. I'd write a letter to Hitler telling him he should not attack Poland, butt wait until Stalin does. This would force the British Empire to declare war on the USSR, not the Third Reich. The Third Reich could then take the mantle of 'Defender of the West,' and strengthen relations with Britain. I would also tell him to make any alliance with Japan contingent on a joint attack of the USSR, and NO attack on the USA or European colonies in Asia. I would also tell him to develop strategic nuclear weapons, because they will determine the winners of any global war. After this, I would contact Oswald Moseley, and tell him everything I know. I'd tell him that unless he takes over the government, another disastrous war would likely be fought between Britain and Germany that would ultimately lead to the extinction of Aryans world wide. I would tell him that he has one year to take over the government or the fall of the British Empire and Western Civilization is inevitable nya~
I've decided to completely stop caring about mass movements. I view them as entirely futile without money-media control. Instead, I will focus on movements that are personal. Movements that meet my needs and the needs of others with similar needs. Of course, as I have pledged myself to finishing a useful degree, I won't be able to anything towards this end until I graduate and leave my parents house nya~
(938.15 KB 1200x856 2qyf1.jpg)

>>1703 Seems like you're on the right track, la~
(301.05 KB 1000x750 World-Elite.jpg)

(297.18 KB 1942x1376 2qz0r.jpg)

>>1705 Did the timeline shift, la~
(372.26 KB 793x1024 xlargeffff.jpg)

>>1706 Why do you ask nya~?
(178.70 KB 1024x632 xlarge2222.jpg)

I tired deleting my /pol/ tier posts on one of my accounts and wasted my day doing that. I gave up now nya~
(258.55 KB 837x1024 xlarge3.jpg)

Occasionally I just feel the need to purge. Butt the swamp was too deep nya~
(54.69 KB 1024x337 xlarge2.jpg)

I've realised that people actually don't want to know the truth by and large nya~
(170.00 KB 1024x819 xlarge1.jpg)

It is very sad coming to that realisation, the true nigger pill nya~
http://endchan.org/godscommunity/ ... Like this cat. No one visits this board nor tries to engage butt she still posts. I did that more or less for a decade. Butt I'm super fucking done now nya~
It's all so tiresome nya~
I'm really done with it all. Mass outreach has failed, I should have given up a decade ago nya~
(11.68 MB 1280x720 brutal loli.webm)

Almost no one cares that they are going to be enslaved nya~
>>1719 In a number of ways I already am a slave though nya~
Oh well, I just have to try better and differently and keep doing that. Nothing else to do, regret is pointless nya~
(9.66 MB 4093x2894 2qz2n.jpg)

>>1707 Things have gotten stranger at an amazing pace, la~ >>1720 Is there someone who's not?
>>1722 Very true, though I think its just because 2020 is a milestone year for the Synagogue of Satan... if the world-line shifts, I would hope it would be a positive shift for once nya~
>>1722 What specifically are you think about when you say strange nya~?
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/boruto-naruto-next-generations-923495/episode-03-565536 ... Hmm different players do different things at 2x speed nya~
Ara~Ara~ past time to go to bed. Good night nya~
https://www.zerohedge.com/political/trump-law-firm-quits-pennsylvania-case-after-project-lincoln-cancel-campaign ... The USA is over. Trump provided the last remaining (false) hope other than violent war/revolution. Butt, if this revolution is to happen, it must happen before Trump formally surrenders. With the failure of the republic's checks-and-balances, mass democracy, and liberty in the USA... Republicanism and mass democracy have been dealt death blows. Of course, the ruling Synagogue of Satan will maintain illusions, because they love lies. People will be born and taught that their voice, their vote matters, when it does not. True slavery is when the slave loves their slavery or doesn't know s/he is a slave. It is painfully obvious now that the Axis was the lesser evil in WW2, and WW2 was the last true turning point in human history nya~
>>1739 Time is short and the likely future appears even more a dystopia than the present nya~
(185.39 KB 1280x1150 photo_2020-11-11_23-44-03.jpg)

>>1741 We must play by our own rules while abiding by the system's rules and at the same time knowing that we're free, la~ Sometimes you have to observe and wait for the right time to strike, la~ The sheep's cloth can come in handy with this, la~ >>1726 The chinese, weird meme names bleeding into reality and etc, la~ >>1727 Where's this from, la~
>>1742 Yes, I plan too nya~ ... Hmm, what about the Chinese, and give an example of a weird meme name nya~ ... The image? I don't remember nya~
(663.80 KB 1000x1000 2qzkh.jpg)

>>1743 The guy in charge of the Dominion voting system is called Dr. Eric Coomer, or an attorney called Anthony Cunny, la~
>>1744 Maybe we really are in a simulation, an advanced matrix, the memes are infecting reality. Maybe the Gnostics were right and our world is a MMO managed by the Demiurge, an AI 'God.' The few player characters and their memes impact how the AI Demiurge crafts the NPCs. Even so, this is one kuso MMO experience nya~
>>1745 Nuclear winter seems more enticing with each passed day, la~ Perhaps collective focused belief is able to alter reality itself, maybe the ancient ones were onto something, la~
>>1747 That would be in line with quantum physics. There is nothing without the observer, butt we are sadly chained by the 'observations' of the majority. An interesting concept, Qualia the Purple had a similar idea. Scrapped Princess's theme is close to the Demiurge concept too nya~
https://www.zerohedge.com/political/watch-cnn-host-compares-trumps-presidency-nazi-purge-jews ... If only. Hitler has been completely vindicated on the subject of race and jews nya~
(80.87 KB 739x720 2r1w1.jpg)

>>1751 What made you to watch Boruto, la~
Time to study nya~
(402.71 KB 800x1192 2r17b.jpg)

>>1754 Have fun with that, la~
>>1755 Study is rarely an activity I find fun. Especially studying alone nya~
(437.77 KB 992x1403 2r2d9.jpg)

>>1756 >>1757 Yes, a lot if I study what interests me, la~ Even if it doesn't me, the choice of inevitability forces me to study since I'll get something out of it, sooner or later, la~
>>1758 Yes, I often end up 'studying' for hours, butt that is quite different from studying you have to do for work nya~
(665.39 KB 696x1200 2r3yj.jpg)

>>1759 Well, I'm going to sleep, la~
>>1760 Ara~ good night nya~
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/kings-raid-successors-of-the-will-787054/episode-07-908311 ... Hmm so the Dark Elf 'Black Edge' wants to usurp the Kingdom, regardless of the intentions of the many humans, including the princess, who are willing to treat them as equals. Somehow I doubt they'd treat the humans any better than they were treated nya~
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/danmachi-season-3-886055/episode-07-526561 ... Ara~Ara~ Argonaut-kun is willing to defend Wiene even in her fully monstrous form, and against his second waifu-candidate at that. Very brave, and yet very foolish nya~
>>1769 https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/boruto-naruto-next-generations-923495/episode-17-678294 ... I get the feeling that Boruto is for a younger audience, butt it's interesting seeing a shounen anime where the parents are actually around nya~
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/boruto-naruto-next-generations-923495/episode-22-210248 ... Oho Sakura, you didn't even manage to get impregnated by the guy you were lusting after for a decade, sad nya~
(46.08 KB 637x900 2r47n.jpg)

>>1777 So far, what do you make of Boruto, la~
(590.68 KB 1378x2039 70055635_p0.jpg)

>>1778 https://exhentai.org/g/1398623/ae930eef02/ https://exhentai.org/g/1774249/046ffbd8ab/ ... There is a lot of western erotica based on it. Naruto was always more popular outside of Japan. I wonder if it is because Naruto seems more like an American hero. Anyway, Boruto is entertaining enough at 2x speed. I like how the parents are actually characters, something that is quite rare in anime. Have you watched Naruto and Boruto? I never finished Naruto after the Pain arc nya~
(2.50 MB 2268x3154 E78445950_p3_2019.jpg)

https://exhentai.org/s/752093775e/1684844-1 ... Everyday is Mother's day nya~
(1.29 MB 2480x3508 01_63283753_p0_1.jpg)

https://exhentai.org/g/1666315/29cfb0111b/ ... Don't have a girlfriend? Have lots of time alone with mom? Start kissing today nya~!
>>1786 https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/these-are-last-covid-free-countries-earth ... 'COVID-19' is not a pandemic. It is a bad cold. However, those pacific island states, look attractive. If you want to escape the world as much as possible while still being on Earth, a remote pacific island is the place to be nya~
(695.51 KB 979x2326 2r40s.jpg)

>>1787 If only one had so much money, la~ >>1782 >>1781 I'm more of the older sis cliche group, la~
>>1496 >Classical-Medieval (About 500AD) Humans states generally thrive where the environment is more tame, such as un-forested flatlands near large bodies of water. Outside of these areas, the world seems mythical if not primeval and the Amazons rule supreme over vast lands. Some Amazons have been enslaved by humans, or are subjects or citizens of human states—most commonly kingdoms. A small number of Amazons living near human dominated lands have broken away from tradition and imitated every kind of human government. The most influential of these is the Church of Heolene, a Theocracy that only directly rules over the island city-state of Heolene, yet has many human followers in human states. The Church is similar in structure and appearance to Catholicism, except that only pale Amazons with white hair and blue eyes can be clergy. Nuns may reward a devoted follower with sex during confession, it is not considered as adultery or fornication, butt an act of communion. The High Priestess (an inherited position) is the ultimate leader of the Church and is an inherited position. Traditional Amazons reject the Church of Heolene as heresy nya~ >Precursors When the Goddess who gave birth to... or created Heolene as her lover was slain, Heolene was cursed with mortality and an inability to have children without mating with a human male nya~ >300 to 360 cm >Fit >Huge >Pale-Black Unlike humans, Amazon skin tone depends almost completely on sunlight, absent any sunlight, Amazons will be almost Albino. With too much sunlight Amazons will be black. It takes about a year to go from pale to black or black to pale nya~ >Amazons have Red, Blonde, or White hair. Hair colour has an influence on personality. Red-heads are passionate, blondes are social and humorous, white-heads are intellectual nya~ >Amazons have Green, Blue, or Gray eyes. Eye colour has an influence on personality. Those with green eyes are more individualistic/greedy, those with Blue eyes are more collectivist/altruistic, those with Gray eyes are less emotional and more logical nya~ >Exclusively Amazon Children >Catgirl Amazons Have higher social status, with Tigress girls having higher status among them nya~ >Omnisexuality Amazons are universally attracted to male/female humans and Amazons nya~ >Long Youth >Creation Ritual A human male/female can transform into an Amazon if they drink enough Amazon milk, this takes at least 10 years of drinking Amazon milk everyday. Amazon milk is also noted to be regenerative. Drinking amazon milk one day is said to reverse one day of ageing. You will not shrink and become younger than the biological age of 20 nya~ >Amazons live everywhere... Some locations are more desired than others and unlike humans, Amazons are especially fond of Deep Forests nya~ >Large Queendom If the Amazons were united they could conquer the world. Butt the only one that could do that would be the mythical first Amazon nya~ >Amazons perform all economic activities... However, they have an affinity for the Nomadic life—hunting wild game and picking fresh fruits nya~ >A (mostly) peaceful Horde Amazons don't actually have a formal political structure beyond one that could be said to be natural. Amazons are Matriarchal, butt only within the nuclear family. The Mother's commands are absolute. Note that Amazons do not have any tradition of adoption. When an Amazon's Mother dies, she is now free from any political obligations—she also inherits an equal share of her deceased Mother's property. Clans are therefore continuously splitting into smaller clans. These clans compete with each other in 'war games.' If there is something one clan wants from another, they can challenge that clan. The clan that has been challenged must accept the challenge, butt can choose any competition so long as there exists equality of opportunity. A third clan is mutually agreed upon to be the administrators of the competition. It is taboo that a competition/war-game involve intentionally causing permanent harm to other Amazons... occasionally real wars do happen between amazon clans, typically when a challenge is rejected against Amazon custom nya~ >Human males and females make up 25-50% of the population in the vast Amazon territory. >Enslavement Every human has a single Amazon owner. If an Amazon owner is violent such that it leaves a mark on her slave, she is considered to have abandoned her slave. Therefore any Amazon can take the slave as her own nya~ >Communal religious structure Traditionally, there is no Amazon that is thought to be holier than any other, and little division between the sacred and the mundane nya~ >Heolene, The First Amazon Amazons worship their maternal ancestors. Generally, this involves primarily the worship of Heolene, and an Amazon's most closely related deceased maternal ancestor. If an Amazon's Mother is dead, she would worship her deceased Mother after Heolene, and then proceed to worship any of her other deceased maternal ancestors nya~ >War Priestesses Any Amazon can declare herself a Priestess of Heolene. Priestesses are said to fight for the collective interests of all Amazons, rather than just their clan nya~ >Hero Worship >Sacred Games >Ritualistic Bacchanals >Amazons generally prefer mature, tall, strong (yet not too defined), and stacked mates with lighter skin, hair, and eye colours nya~ >All Sexuality Traits Bisexuality is the norm in Amazon territory nya~ >Marriage essentially doesn't exist in Amazon society although... Perhaps it could be said that a Mother and her Daughters are Married. An Amazon is expected to love her Mother, her Sisters, and her Daughters before anything else nya~ >Amazons generally value Might, Skill, Honor, Ranged, Passion, Expressivity, Tradition, and Mysticism. >Mythical Minorities With the exception of Giants, that are considered equals, a mythical minority must be a slave to an Amazon. A Master is always held responsible for a Slaves actions nya~ >Traditional Tattoos >Rite of Passage/Fertility Pilgrimage The rite of passage in Amazon society is simple, enslave a man, get impregnated by him, and give birth, becoming a Mother. Only a Mother/Father is considered an Adult in Amazon society nya~ >Sentence to Servitude >Ostracism >Restriction On Professions Humans cannot be soldiers, nor trained in war nya~ >Lavandula Argentea
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https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/black-clover-2017-779724/episode-51-820199 ... Just finished a brutal battle... and suddenly, the neighbouring kingdom invades! What joy nya~
>>1788 Hmu, I wonder what it would be like to have an older sister. I really regret not following my heart, and I never had anyone on my side. I wonder if an older sister would have been on my side? Probably not given the family she would have been born into. I feel like my life has been a waste given that I could never actually do what I wanted. Well nothing to do now butt try and force my way through the BS nya~
(1.25 MB 2160x3840 2r3pq.jpg)

>>1791 Astra's screaming gets toned down in future episodes, la~
>>1796 That's good nya~
I have to constantly remind myself why I am 'at home.' There are only two reasons: 1) I don't have to pay rent and food costs, although I am occasionally asked to 'contribute.' 2) While I don't like my 'family' ...I am traumatised by them... I do still love my mother, even-though, I also hate her. If my mother had died—which she could at anytime given her age and health problems—I wouldn't be here, 'at home.' ... I've broken a lot of promises I've made to myself. I've left home three times promising myself never to return... only to return. Why did I return? Because whatever was my 'work' drained me such that the freedom of living alone was worthless. So it's clear that the next time I leave home, I have to be in a financial situation such that I don't have to work a dead end job to pay rent. So basically, I'm going to stay here until I get a useful degree. Once I have that I'm going to change my orientation from future prioritisation to present prioritisation. What does that mean? No more sacrifice for the future. Limiting forcing myself to do things I don't intrinsically want to do—to an absolute minimum. Half my life is essentially over and the dominant emotion I feel about it in sum is 'miserable.' The twin burdens of 'family' and 'education' have eaten half my life... just a bit longer and I'll be done this half. The rest of my life I'm going to live for myself, not the expectations of anyone else nya~
(1.13 MB 607x900 2r3zr.png)

>>1800 Would you mind if you posted the social media apps/site that you know in /library/, la~
(356.32 KB 1449x2047 2r6o7.jpg)

>>1803 I hope it'll be soon, la~ I remember you using a lot, la~
>>1804 Ara~ if your that passionate nya~ ... https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/asia-pacific-countries-sign-worlds-largest-free-trade-deal-coup-china ... GG, the PRC will be the centre of the world now. The only thing that might stop it, is WW3 with the USA & India vs. the PRC nya~
https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1485796/ So I forced myself to sit through this piece of Jewish propaganda (often a mix of beauty and the ugly i.e beauty and the beast—as a way to promote the ugly and the base) recommended by my little brother, at the end my Mom thought it was a good movie. I find myself sickened by my family... I don't understand how they somehow don't have any cognitive dissonance. However, even propaganda has a grain of truth. That being: you should laugh and make others laugh, you should take risks—but not risk everything, sell what you can sell, and that living true to your heart is better than the alternative. My parents and their approach to the world is completely foreign to me, completely hypocritical and illogical, I must say for one last time, that I am emphatically done nya~
(1.95 MB 3576x4096 2r4b2.jpg)

>>1805 Thank you, la~ >>1806 I stopped watching movies altogether, the moment I found out they had propaganda in them, la~ >>1809 Good night, la~
>>1810 Yes, if you watch any US made movie you must be aware that the Jews are running the show, and Jews almost always elevate the base and degrade the beautiful. Perhaps this partially a consequence of their feelings of inferiority and impurity when compared to the Aryan. It could also have something to due with their continued practice of circumcision, an Ancient Egyptian slave marker nya~
So you want to save the Aryan race? Cool. First you have to determine who you will consider to be Aryan, and then there are two ways to accomplish this: 1) Start by creating organisations that are Aryan only and only work to benefit Aryans... and eventually create governments and territories that are Aryan only nya~ 2) Daughter exchange—for-example, you trade your daughter for the daughter of one of your male Aryan lovers. Daughter exchange should be done before puberty. The point is to break the cycle of judaeo-feminist indoctrination, strengthen male x male bonds, while also increasing the birth rate. Females submit to (and often love) the most dominant male in their life... end of story. If a nigger is the most dominant male, she will fuck and submit to the nigger nya~
(340.18 KB 1771x2508 2r9vp.jpg)

>>1813 Implementing these policies in reality is impossible, considering our current society's morality, la~
>>1813 I should have added for 2) that a daughter exchange could also be a promise. For-example, you could give your daughter to a male Aryan lover who doesn't have a daughter, and he would promise to give you his daughter in the future nya~ >>1814 If done in secret, I would disagree. We must become like the SOS used to be and plot in secret... however, it will be more difficult because they are aware of the power of secrecy and subversion... Wanting to save the Aryan race is treasonous and the greatest sin according to the current 'morality' controlled by the Synagogue of Satan that wants to genocide the Aryan race. How do they control 'morality?' All their power ultimately comes from money and lies. Butt, they control morality through control of Christianity/Communism, media, and the legal system nya~
>>1815 I give the Aryan race 0.88% chance of survival at this rate nya~
The concept of emotional labour is interesting. It involves the presentation of an emotional state other (often more positive) than what one feels internally. I have been an emotional labour slave all my life nya~
(1.09 MB 982x1389 85722327_p0.png)

>>1817 First time hearing this concept, la~ >>1816 Blackpilled is so common now, that action has become underrated, la~
>>1817 Time to sleep, la~
>>1813 >Females submit to (and often love) the most dominant male in their life... end of story We don't have to all end our stories just because a big dumb idiot man told us to. I vote against female submission and towards female dominance, because femdom is way hotter.
>>1823 Fantasy is nice anon, butt in the real world you have to pay a dominatrix. Interestingly, being a dominatrix is one aspect of what a Priestess of Voxxe does. It remains a general truth that it is a job for a female to be dominant. Naturally dominant and loving females are extremely rare outside of the relational context of older female family members living in the same house... and regardless, even dominant and loving older females will only rarely find the younger males they dominate sexually attractive nya~
https://nationalvanguard.org/2020/11/european-union-moves-to-outlaw-encrypted-apps/ ... https://nationalvanguard.org/2020/11/lying-intensity-off-the-scale/ ... https://nationalvanguard.org/2020/11/who-does-that/ ... https://nationalvanguard.org/2020/11/white-lives-matter-demonstration-in-orebro-sweden/ ... https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2020/11/14/four-more-years-of/ ... https://www.amren.com/news/2020/11/after-biden-win-black-activists-demand-reparations-for-slavery-police-reform/ ... https://www.eurocanadian.ca/2020/11/ignore-israeli-palestinian-conflict.html ... The only reason I want Israel to continue to exist is to argue for nationalism, and that all Jews need to be deported to their Nation. Jews have no loyalty to Aryans—nor even 'western civilisation' for those who somehow delusional think it can be separated from Aryan civilisation—nor anyone butt their own interests. Really, I wish Aryans nations were more like Israel, and actually put the needs of Aryans first nya~
(638.69 KB 2131x1827 2rgmf.jpg)

>>1828 I think that prerequisite is quite necessary, la~ They must have a nation of our own so they can stay off from fucking up our nations, la~ >>1830 Inocchi wants to make a harem of 100 girls, preferably most of them cunnys, apparently, la~
(465.00 KB 960x754 1605651481584.jpg)

>>1833 Which one do you like so far, la~
>>1834 I know where you inherited the la~ from now la~ I don't really have a favourite character, although I suppose I like the slutty witch, except for her taste in men, butt given her backstory as a damsel in distress I suppose it is unavoidable that she fall for her 'saviour,' hopefully some of the 'crushes' the series show actually progress somewhere (either being fulfilled or ending). I also like Mimosa's dance nya~
>>1835 Of course, MC has two royals lusting after him, and I wouldn't expect any less from a shounen anime. I actually don't like and wouldn't fuck any of the male characters, while I would fuck a large number of the female characters. I think the would fuck and/or would not fuck is a good metric to determine attraction nya~
>>1834 Is La~chan is your favourite nya~?
(2.43 MB 1433x2053 1605639867958.png)

https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/black-clover-2017-779724/episode-90-444329 ... Hmm, that magic stone wasn't really protected at all nya~
(1.07 MB 723x1019 1583210927589.png)

(1.21 MB 1027x1685 83088427_p1.jpg)

>>1827 >Interestingly, being a dominatrix is one aspect of what a Priestess of Voxxe does. It remains a general truth that it is a job for a female to be dominant. Finally, the greatest religion. Goddess bless the girls, nya~
(672.69 KB 804x1140 2rm2b.png)

>>1838 Perhaps, la~ >>1846 May she rule till end of times, la~
https://www.amren.com/news/2020/11/black-lives-matter-is-challenging-swedens-myth-of-a-post-racial-paradise/ ... LOL, since the defeat of the Third Reich, whites have been ever more ubercuck, I wonder when/if this trend will reverse nya~?
https://www.eurocanadian.ca/2020/11/will-durant-cultural-marxism-and-lessons-history.html ... Legal equality of opportunity does not necessarily lead to (Communist) equality of outcome, especially if Eugenics is embraced nya~
>>1853 Two beautiful girls that love together are triple the beauty of one nya~
>>1852 >especially if Eugenics is embraced nya~ Idea: catgirl eugenics to make everyone be a girl nya~
>>1853 Bastet would approve nya~
(1.85 MB 1718x1200 2rr13.jpg)

>>1853 You have a lot of time on your hands, la~
(1.80 MB 2918x3023 2rr95.jpg)

>>1859 You seem to be watching a lot of anime episodes in one day, la~
>>1860 Hmm well, I was watching at 2x speed and skipping boring parts nya~
(2.74 MB 1137x1800 2rrg2.png)

>>1862 To live in this clown world, you have to put on the wear, la~ >>1861 That's cheating, la~ Which sites do you use to watch anime, la~
>>1864 Cheetahs, I want two nya~
(186.05 KB 900x900 2rref.png)

>>1864 I'm sure they wouldn't want shitposter to enter into reality, la~
>>1866 True nya~ ... https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/strike-witches-3-775962/episode-07-713872 ... Behold a Magnum Opus of Dai Fuso Teikoku Wajin culture nya~
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>>1871 https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2020/11/19/much-worse-than-rotherham-how-british-politicians-police-and-feminists-are-guilty-of-systemic-rape/ ... Thus sayeth the Synagogue of Satan, "White Lives Need to End." The western leadership are utterly corrupted, the only solution is the creation of shadow governments and PURGE nya~
>The most valuable currency you are always wasting away.. time and your youth. >Even billionaires get depressed about having x amount of years left to enjoy simple life. ... No matter how successful I may become in the future, I will always wish that I had been truely loved as a child. Regardless of money, my life could have been so much better. I have suffered greatly for the lack of true love. Perhaps the only reason I live on is to give my children what I have always desired butt have never had nya~
(1.94 MB 720x406 Approved_mangaka.mp4)

>>1873 What is happening to this timeline, la~
(98.35 KB 670x698 Adolf-sama.jpg)

>>1874 The vengeful Ghost of Adolf-sama returns nya~
(189.02 KB 768x1024 1590821247-0.jpg)

https://9chan.tw/wealth/ ... I recreated this board nya~
(6.23 MB 2894x4093 2rx89.png)

>>1875 I wonder what he would've made of today's world, la~ >>1878 Old boards have come back to life, la~ Time for me to sleep, la~
>>1879 Good night nya~
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/adachi-and-shimamura-326884/episode-07-856805 ... Ahh sweet yuri, it truely is the purest love after the love of a mother for her child nya~
(2.22 MB 1439x2048 i-088.png)

(1.88 MB 1433x2024 14.jpg)

https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/we_graduated_from_being_sisters_to_girlfriends#20 ... Ara~ it's nice that the Mother is somewhat understanding butt she should really be joining them nya~
(256.65 KB 815x1024 1589935089-4.jpg)

https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/yuru_oyako_ch11 ... Children are born married to their Mother and yet 'society' tears them apart. 'Society' is wrong nya~
(2.89 MB 2000x1405 _01.png)

>>1887 Sweet dreams nya~
(111.68 KB 1224x1586 2s2js.jpg)

>>1888 New day, promise of change, la~ >>1886 She should teach them advanced techniques, la~
>>1890 What are you changing nya~? ... Good idea nya~
(259.60 KB 1268x634 2s3l5.jpg)

>>1891 It's a saying/proverb(?), la~ Basically with every new there is the possibility of change, la~
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/black-clover-2017-779724/episode-135-910305 ... Asta has two nobles lusting after him, and a cute redhead oneesan type. Lucky guy nya~
(7.09 MB 2250x4000 2s405.png)

>>1893 It's not certain of change, la~ Just possible, la~ >>1894 I forgot where I stopped with Black Clover, la~
(270.86 KB 2268x3154 002.png)

>>1895 Yes, possibilities always exist, what is likely is another matter nya~ ... Ara~ that does happen a lot if you take a break from a series nya~
My family loves this guy, butt just listening to him is annoying nya~
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/black-clover-2017-779724/episode-139-724296 ... Hmm now they are doing a power-up episode for each BB nya~
>>1900 What would have Asta have done if he didn't get the 5-leaf grimoire though? He certainly wouldn't have the power he does. Regardless, the devil worshipers are fools for thinking that they would be treated better by a devil. They obviously don't know that only a four leaf-clover grimoire can change into a five-leaf grimoire through despair. Asta is basically a chosen one, although like all shounen MC's he has to struggle to gain power nya~
>>1901 https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/black-clover-2017-779724/episode-149-119566 ... Using technology to reduce practical inequalities... reminds one of the utopian promise of automation and robotics nya~
I’m without an laptop now, la~
(974.14 KB 1000x1294 1603941664293.jpg)

https://www.zerohedge.com/crypto/jpmorgan-admits-it-was-wrong-about-end-bitcoin-bull-run-renews-140000-plus-price-forecast ... BTC is programmed to fail shit, BSV is the real Bitcoin and the future. However, no cryptocurrency will replace elements, ever. The value of cryptocurrencies is dependent on supply and demand just like elements... however, cryptos can be infinitely generated. Elements can't nya~
https://9chan.tw/b/thread/127648 ... Seems to me that Chans are pretty much dead nya~
>>1912 It seems to me that chans have failed to reach the younger generation or if they do, it is just 4cuck nya~
>>1913 Right, enough procrastinating time to get working on my daily BS nya~
>>1909 I gave it to my cousin so he can study his culinary classes, he’ll return it on 29th, la >>1912 Ever increasing censorship(I see this just as a trend) and bad managment are the biggest reason for this, la
>>1915 Ara~ that is kind of you nya~ ... Yes, this is why I make a point never to censor text on this board nya~
>>1920 Megu-chan is best with curls nya~
>>1921 Ahh, if I could only marry one girl from this show, it would be Megumi-san nya~
>>1926 Sweetest dreams nya~
>>1920 No, la~ So boring without an laptop, la~ >>1928 Have fun dreaming,la~
>>1929 Hmm, I'd send you my old laptop butt I think it's soon to die along with my desktop nya~
Ahh I want to escape the box nya~
>>1931 What better way is there other than having to run the opposition yourself, la~ >>1932 Box, la?
https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2020-11-23/people-going-hungry-record-high-stock-prices ... >The market has become nothing more than a casino, and investors merely gamblers, placing bets on how much government stimulus money will be sprinkled around the economy, or how much more money the central bank will print. ... Casino Economics nya~
(164.63 KB 1067x1515 1606092258684.jpg)

https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/boris-johnson-says-wont-make-covid-vaccination-compulsory ... The satanic elites will 'brand' their human cattle, those who resist will be ostracised and eventually eliminated nya~
(98.71 KB 960x953 1606157921948.jpg)

>>1931 The time to violently rise in revolution is now, before Biden is officially made the 'President-Elect' nya~
>>1933 True nya~ ... Yes, the box that is this miserable life nya~
https://www.zerohedge.com/political/anonymous-anti-trump-nytimes-writer-identified-witness-gen-flynn-probe-senators >NYTimes Maybe the last real hope for Aryans was WW2. Or maybe asteroid-sama will turn back the clock fo us nya~
>>1940 https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/uk-considers-freedom-passes-people-who-test-negative-twice-week ... >freedom pass Welp GG, welcome to a system that benefits the slaves of the state, and penalises the non-compliant slaves who do not love their servitude nya~
>>1941 Maybe communism failed in the west because it overachieved it’s goals in the West, la~
>>1942 Perhaps nya~ ... https://www.zerohedge.com/political/pennsylvania-republicans-file-emergency-request-block-vote-certification ... Welp GG, any smart Whites not seeking positions as favoured race traitors will now be looking to exit. I also plan to leave North America once I have a Teaching degree. My destination will be the Pacific. Even mainland China is a better destination for Whites than staying in North America under a regime that is systematically racist/genocidal against them nya~