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NEKOMEGAMINOMICON #3 ERIS 01/01/2021 (Fri) 00:41:25 No. 2660
(48.39 KB 527x802 photo_2021-01-01_02-00-24.jpg)
>>2660 Let's hope this one treats us more fairly, la~ I think NEKOMEGAMINOMICON #1 should be archived or deleted, la~ I had it archived, though, la~ https://archive.vn/OtYuD
(560.78 KB 858x1200 1586033200245.jpg)
>>2662 I really could use some better luck nya~ >NEKOMEGAMINOMICON #1 should be archived or deleted, la~ Why do you think that nya~?
(116.95 KB 967x1280 photo_2021-01-01_01-51-37.jpg)
>>2663 To save up storage, la~ Dunno, it was just a random thought, la~ We could leave it like it is currently under *locked*, la~
(42.21 KB 850x1202 photo_2021-01-01_02-15-12.jpg)
>>2664 Time to sleep, la~
(63.62 KB 798x743 photo_2021-01-01_02-14-34.jpg)
Hope this day will be better for you, la~
(1016.03 KB 500x500 1604260869522.gif)
>>2664 Sure nya~ >>2665 Good night nya~ >>2666 I hope this year and decade will be better or there was/is no real point to my struggle nya~
(24.26 MB 4026x5615 1590460274-0.png)
To celebrate New Years I've just been eating chocolate. Some whiskey would be nice nya~
(5.89 MB 960x1706 video_2021-01-02_00-21-24.mp4)
Like this, la~?
(28.81 MB 4031x5567 1590459755-0.png)
>>2671 I remember that video, and not quite, that's champagne. I still haven't had the occasion to have a champagne party in my life nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/great-pretender-997659/episode-16-585454 ... I wonder how big involuntary human trafficking is in Japan compared to other group of 7 countries... butt as this episode shows, even 'involuntary' human trafficking might not actually be involuntary nya~
>Lose all money on Livecoin to hack/exitscam >Decide to consolidate crypto investments >Sell DOT right before a major pump https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/polkadot-new/ ... I think I'm cursed. Why do I even try nya~
(84.60 KB 905x1280 photo_2021-01-02_02-30-01.jpg)
>>2676 Huh? Happy New Year, la~?
>>2677 Ya ya, butt I don't really see how this year will be better. I'm still stuck with my parents, and I seem to get fucked over at every turn. Also, the world situation seems to be going to hell too. I'm 31 now and have objectively failed at everything I tried to do over the last ten years and am worse for wear. I guess the only thing I have going for me is that I'm getting closer to finishing this bloody degree... and then I will start another degree... and become a teacher. Hopefully that will let me at least take care of myself if I run out of money chasing my passions nya~
https://www.amren.com/blog/2021/01/for-whites-to-survive-we-must-accept-each-other/ ... More correctly, Whites girls that have menstruated for the first time must be married to Aryan men, and polygamy should be normalised. This is the best and most natural way for Whites to survive. Who should a man marry his daughter(s) too? His best friend(s), and they should return the favour. White women can be independent and sexually liberated after 30 if they want, butt before that they have a duty to society if society is too survive nya~
(128.79 KB 640x1280 photo_2020-12-27_19-11-43.jpg)
>>2682 I'm watching some kind of random ass debates of muslims/black vs british, la~
(128.18 KB 905x1280 photo_2021-01-04_01-52-07.jpg)
>>2683 It's so hilarious, because there's only loaded answers and fallacies, la~
(83.31 KB 461x1280 photo_2021-01-04_02-12-42.jpg)
>>2684 LOL, stream needs to end as soon as certain ehnicity group named, la~
(111.08 KB 900x1200 photo_2021-01-03_19-15-09.jpg)
>>2685 Time to sleep, la~
>>2684 >>2683 >>2685 lol sounds like a fun Sunday night nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/higurashi-when-they-cry-new-310146/episode-13-264371 ... Women like males that are brave and willing to risk their lives for what they believe in nya~
https://youtu.be/ZRzl_994Tj8 ... Happi happi nya~
(15.80 MB 2759x4081 1590459166-0.png)
>>2690 Ahhh it's 2:30AM somehow! HELP NYA~
(55.50 KB 600x600 1609737637608.jpg)
>>2692 If you have any redpilling content/infographs, please do visit >>>/library/50 sometimes, la~
>>2694 Ara~ butt only if I find something good to share nya~
Now we know why there haven't been any kids born during the Strawhats voyage. Nami and Robin are too into each other nya~
(59.73 KB 678x1280 photo_2021-01-04_21-22-19.jpg)
>>2695 Now I know where to get my amused, this muslim is literally saying unironically that Scientific Racism does exist, la...? I have some material just curating it still.
>>2700 If you have to ban people from saying hateful things about you, you should probably just stop being so hateful. Alas the Jews never reflect on how they would react if treated like they treat the goyim. It never occurs to them. They are incapable of empathy either genetically or by 'virtue' of their culture, represented in essence by their fanatical promotion and defense of male infant genital mutilation nya~
https://www.deviantart.com/absentia-veil/art/Elf-810880389 ... She's not an Elf, butt an Aryan Ice Queen nya~
>>2702 If I was to make one improvement to this photo, it would be to change the positioning of her right hand, it distracts from her facial beauty with the perfect make up for the 'sunset' lighting nya~
Ahh it's 3AM again. Bloody hell why nya~?
Well whatever, (past) time to get to bed nya~
(172.33 KB 2000x2000 360qa.png)
AAAAAh, Archiving stuff is such a pain when you do it by yourself, la~
How do you deal with horniness?
(80.21 KB 1098x1280 photo_2021-01-04_23-10-24.jpg)
>>2707 Do push-ups until my muscles ache, la~
(82.03 KB 750x1150 photo_2021-01-05_07-55-44.jpg)
>>2709 Are you having trouble, la~?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corset https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corsetmaker https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hourglass_corset ... >The hourglass corset achieved immediate waist reduction, as it acted mainly on a short zone around the waist. Rather than attempting to slim the torso around the ribs, tissue could be compressed and redistributed above and below the waistline. I think I have a fetish for corsets. A corset that would tightly constrict and support (while standing) the region between the top of the hips and the bottom of the ribs is ideal nya~
(82.03 KB 750x1150 photo_2021-01-05_07-55-44.jpg)
>>2713 Can you give me more information on USA-China relationship, la~
>>2714 https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1346698217304584192 ... Well the CCP has infiltrated North America. There is a good chance the CCP will achieve world domination if Trump does not somehow stay in power. If Trump stays in power I fully expect a new cold war with China nya~
And... it's 3AM again right... I need to limit my 'consumption' and work on being a producer nya~
>>2717 It really is amazing how fast time flies just looking at art... hard to believe I spent a whole day doing just that nya~
Oh well, my lips are peeling and it is (far past) time to sleep. Good night/morning nya~
https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1346900434540240897 ... And Pence proves he is either a coward or was always kike controlled-opposition... is Trump more of a man than he was? Probably not. He puts on a better show though nya~
(1.02 MB 576x688 IMG_9902.MP4)
>>2720 Please stay safe, la~
>>2721 I keep quiet about most things, and only occasionally try to partially 'red-pill' my family that I am stuck with. Anything more than partial red-pilling is impossible given their submission to Yahwey. I also decided long ago that I would not be fighting IRL as I am not a soldier, and I had decided that I would fight via words while I could, recognising that as braver than the average soldier/policia who just follows orders. Now I have decided to care about only what is mine. I really need to work on moving forward that plan B escape... butt honestly there is not much more I can do than what I already have been doing given my chronic health problems...finishing my BA degree so I have the potential option of fleeing to Japan or another island refuge in the Pacific nya~
(90.26 KB 1280x918 photo_2021-01-07_01-47-09.jpg)
>>2722 Good to know, la~ You're one of my few friends I have, la~ I hope the censorship won't crack immediately, la~
>>2723 Thank-you, you are one of my few friends as well. After-all how many people post here? Not many nya~
https://nationalvanguard.org/2021/01/shining-some-light-on-the-invisible-race/ ... https://nationalvanguard.org/2021/01/national-socialism-today/ ... It's over. Vice-President Pence is a traitor. Trump has given up and wasn't willing to become Caesar... he told his MAGA followers in Washington to go home. Or he was always controlled-opposition like Pence. The Demsheviks/Demonrats have achieved total victory and stolen the election. The Republicants cucked out as expected nya~ ... https://www.amren.com/blog/2021/01/verified-hate-the-great-replacement/ ... https://www.amren.com/podcasts/2021/01/january-6-a-black-day/ ... Jared Taylor cucks out. Optics cucking is pointless when the snakes control the media. The time was now before Biden/Kamala got in, for revolution against the theft of the election. I've lost respect for this guy. If they can steal the election, they can still anything. The only solution at this point is violence. Specific targeted violence. Of course, I won't be involved. I plan to flee this accelerating and permanent collapse of Western Civilization nya~
https://boards.4channel.org/biz/thread/25632574 ... Losers are still shilling this scam after everyone with tokens on the first, and for the longest time only exchange, got fucked out of their tokens. FUCK LIVECOIN AND FUCK STAKENET/XSN nya~
Yay it happened again... so late. Whatever, 'night' nya~
>>2717 Given the topic of your consumption I daresay Voxxe herself decreed it, hmmm~
(350.86 KB 2500x2000 86415514_p0.jpg)
>>2707 Dealing with horniness is easy, nya! You do a cummy! You have a squirt-squirt! Horniness is a sign from the Goddess that we need her divine love!
(27.09 MB 1280x720 SoraNoWoto-OP1.mp4)
>>2731 Wasting is bad though, I know, so if you can't bless another Voxian, find a way to bless yourself nya~
(501.39 KB 850x479 ErIDNHNXMAMpwFD.png)
>>2732 My bank has apparently rejected me buying bitcoins under the pretense that I'll be scammed, la~ When I just want to buy some coins to upload videos on LBRY, la~..... The endless turmoils of the Kali Yuga cycle slowly ascending to betterment has finally came, la~
(5.61 MB 464x810 Snail.webm)
>>2733 https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/library-credit/ ... Yes I looked at this before. There are many file hosting services using blockchain tech now nya~ >slowly ascending to betterment nani
(7.10 MB 1280x720 China.mp4)
https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/nano/ ... It's all so tiresome. I used to hold this. I seem to miss out on every single opportunity nya~
(846.48 KB 1500x2200 85714545_p0.png)
>>2732 >Wasting is bad though, I know, so if you can't bless another Voxian, find a way to bless yourself nya~ I dedicate all my cummies to the Goddess so they all flow back into her. Then she can use more of her innate female creative power!!
(912.33 KB 426x240 video_2021-01-08_00-24-11.mp4)
>>2737 Like, if you see the circle of ages, la~ You can see that the Kali Yuga is 'ascending' since it enters into a more prosperous, more esoteric and spiritual age, la~ And it is 'descending' when we're entering into it, because we fall from a better one into a more profound one, la~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3ZDcj0kF_0&feature=youtu.be
(44.81 KB 1280x793 photo_2021-01-07_09-26-51.jpg)
>>2738 Good night, la~
>>2737 Ah yes, I was aware of the concept nya~
(227.93 KB 1528x764 tweeten-1609890544880.jpg)
>>2742 This is from Strike Witches, la~
>>2743 Yes! You're right! I was trying to capture the fertility Goddess ritual scene butt it didn't work, also, SIEG HEIL NYA~!
https://bitcointreasuries.org/ ... Institutional adoption is beginning, butt I still think BTC is a scam. BSV is the real Bitcoin nya~
(22.16 KB 599x336 photo_2021-01-09_00-58-51.jpg)
>>2745 The fall of the republic and the rice of the technocracy, la~
(2.20 MB 1500x1181 3atcg.png)
>>2746 rise*
(79.09 KB 850x1123 photo_2021-01-09_01-54-01.jpg)
>>2747 What happens now, following a purge, la~
>>2747 >>2746 >Technocracy https://youtu.be/2In0LPZMelI ... A real Technocracy would be awesome... too bad it is really the final fall of the Republic and the rise of the Globalist Anti-White Neo-Communists-Plutocrats nya~
>>2748 What happens now, is the fall of the US from world leadership, and the rise of China and to a lesser extent, the EU. Russia will be continue to made out to be evil and possibly even 'White Supremacist' nya~ ... Mr. Z is pretty good, butt his concept that WW2 was inevitable and that an isolationist North American would have to go to war with the Third Reich is irrational. The only reason the USA went to war with the Third Reich was Roosevelt, a communist sympathiser, was president. Furthermore, if the USA never embargoed the Empire of Japan, Japan wouldn't have attacked nya~
(35.22 KB 576x421 photo_2021-01-08_19-32-01.jpg)
>>2749 Well, I'm going to bed, la~ Good night, la~
>Globalist Anti-White Neo-Communists-Plutocrats Perhaps the Synagogue of Satan and their puppet Demonrats/Demsheviks is simply the best way to describe who won the 2020 USA election. Good night nya~
(275.09 KB 1261x911 Biden-Jews.jpg)
(4.02 MB 2989x2326 Jews-China.png)
>>2752 ...and by won I mean stole nya~
Propaganda, controlled-opposition, infiltration, and false flags are the name of the game. The snakes of all varieties will use any means of gaining power nya~
>>2753 >>2756 For you nya~
https://youtu.be/CQeBkEndKHc ... If only Japan had attacked the USSR instead of the USA nya~
https://youtu.be/q942-tKSs30[Embed] ... He need makes to make a new video now nya~
OK, I'm going to have to start going to bed earlier, I'm tired of feeling so disgusting nya~
(2.99 MB 640x474 1610183496124.gif)
>>2766 I go to bed at like 2~3 am, my time, la~ What time is it for you when you go to bed?
>>2767 About 2AM last night nya~
>>2768 ...butt I have health issues so there's that nya~
Ahhhhhh I wish I could be free nya~
>>2770 https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/hortensia-saga-tv-782525/episode-01-459868 ... Another generic fantasy anime. This time without a demon lord butt a rebellion against the Crown instead nya~
>>2749 https://youtu.be/U8nloIpp4fM ... What do you think of Objectivism especially compared to Technocracy nya~?
(1.11 MB 975x731 ErRl5sgXIAIA1Fk.png)
>>2773 Many people wish it was so, la~ >>2768 Haven't read much about it, la~ So I don't have any opinions on it so far, la~ >>2769 Can these be cured, la?
>>2759 >>2774 If Japan had just done what they were supposed to instead of opening up another front in WW2, history would be very different nya~ ... >Can these be cured, la? I'm sure they can be, with the right knowledge and power. I would say about half of my health problems are due to living without freedom and love nya~
(92.15 KB 808x1280 photo_2021-01-09_19-59-09.jpg)
>>2775 How would you define humanism, la~?
(1.94 MB 1280x720 1610229916424.mp4)
>>2776 Now they will never shut up about it, la~ >>2775 You need to get your health fixed, asap, la~ Never play chance when it comes to health, la~ I warn you!
>>2777 It's all propaganda. This is what happens when you let Satanist Jews control the money supply, and therefore anything that can be bought including the media and the minds of the weak willed. Regardless, it's amusing because the lying media was supporting the BLM and Antifa riots. Butt Whites aren't permitted to... anything... were not supposed to live essentially. Agenda #1 in North America, the EU, UK, Australia, and NZ is to exterminate Whites... why? Because we are ruled over by Satanist Plutocratic Jews nya~
>>2778 Naturally the Satanists view 'Nazis' and 'Pagans' as their greatest threat, followed by radical Libertarians... and NOT Christians amusingly nya~
>>2776 There are many definitions, butt fundamentally the original idea of Humanism was that humans individually and collectively decide how to live, and that humans should choose lifestyles that bring the greatest happiness. So forexample, does the policy of mass-immigration and anti-white propaganda bring happiness? No? Then it should be opposed. Does circumcision bring happiness? No, it replaces pleasure with pain. There is literally no good reason for the practice. There are, however, bad reasons nya~
Basically, Humanism chooses to ignore non-Humans. Objectivism could be considered a subcategory of Humanism nya~
>>2781 Humanism also encourages that individual living humans make their own decisions, rather than the written wills of the dead. Therefore, there are no 'commands' only suggestions. I see the appeal of this kind of Humanism (self-determinism) and the appeal of Christianity (immortality by 'grace') nya~
>>2782 Voxxe gives both to those who have the heart to listen nya~
(76.20 KB 1280x906 photo_2021-01-10_01-12-30.jpg)
>>2782 >>2781 >>2780 Thank you, la~ Your knowledge belies your age, la~ >>2783 The ever benelovent Goddess to those who worship her, la~
(2.67 MB 790x4692 Family2.jpg)
(2.90 MB 790x4692 Family3.jpg)
(7.79 MB 1133x8891 Family1.jpg)
(189.62 KB 1250x1250 1605769768-0.jpg)
>>2786 >Mom 'Diana,' my crazy adoptive half-Japanese (British Father) Mother with a fetish for Aryans with blonde or red hair, who abducted me as a baby from a hospital, forged adoption papers, and took me back to Japan with her. Lucky for her Japan has few real rules regarding international child abduction... or maybe she just has 'contacts.' Turns out I'm not the first nor the last she has 'adopted.' Diana makes a point of avoiding men due to her uncontrollable urges nya~ >Older Sister Jade is 16—butt has a fake ID and can pass as a legal adult—and sometimes prefers an intimate change from group sex with the family, hence the cheap motels. Mom would feel cheated if she found out so we keep it a secret. She is the leader of a girl band nya~ >Younger Sisters Sonya is one year younger than me, 11, and Quinn is one year younger than her, 10. Sophia, 7, treats Mom and Quinn as her personal servants and they are more than happy to comply. Sonya tries to take the role of Mother for her, butt in the end, I'm the only one she listens too, and even then only when I 'play' with her nya~
(156.76 KB 850x534 1607615847509.jpg)
>>2788 https://unboundedcapital.com/blog https://craigwright.net/ ... The case surrounding Craig Wright 'Satoshi Nakamoto' is truely bizare nya~
>>2790 ;_;
(68.17 KB 1047x809 photo_2021-01-10_23-30-17.jpg)
>>2791 I'm sorry to hear that, la~
>>2792 https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/shimeji_simulation_ch20#3 ... Yes, it is very depressing, butt it's fine, don't mind me nya~
https://youtu.be/X7xh9SCHd3A https://manganelo.com/manga/vinland_saga ... I think this is an interesting possibility... in fact, I wonder why it didn't happen in our timeline nya~?
(141.79 KB 1280x1280 photo_2021-01-08_20-06-04.jpg)
>>2794 No matter how many times we wish it, it will never come true, la~ This is reality, la~
(75.81 KB 1280x960 photo_2021-01-10_23-58-50.jpg)
>>2794 What do you think about the recent censorship, ram up, la~?
(135.30 KB 1280x1272 photo_2021-01-11_00-43-45.jpg)
>>2796 Fuck, I should've given the money to you, so you could buy it for me, la~ Fuck, la~
(64.25 KB 765x1080 photo_2021-01-11_02-39-44.jpg)
>>2797 ;__;
>>2795 Ahh yes, butt it is interesting to think of possibilities. For-example if I had sold my BSV yesterday and bought again today I would have doubled my money. Butt I didn't sell... Why not? Because I thought given past trends, the top was not in yet, and if I sold, I might be priced out. Also BSV is only a very small percent of BTC despite being far better technologically so I expected a longer period of rise. Also getting coins out of cold storage and to an exchange is not easy nya~ >>2796 I think the closest analogue to what is going to happen (butt worse due to critical race theory i.e. anti-white genocidal dogma) if there is no pro-Constitutional revolution before Biden gets formally sworn in as President... is when the Bolsheviks took over Russia... or the when Mao initiated the 'Cultural Revolution.' The 'Democrats' don't believe in democracy at all, they are really Demonrats/Demsheviks, and the Republicucks are controlled-opposition.The narrative will be produced similarly to how a Hollyjew movie is produced. All alternative narratives will be demonised as 'Nazi' and purged. These are the darkest of days. It will take them a while before they actively target your average White though nya~
>>2801 https://www4.gogoanime.pro/anime/laid-back-camp-8wnn?ep=1 ... Even more comfy, butt, I don't think I would want to go camping by myself nya~
(953.26 KB 1754x1240 5091cec4ee98cd3045fc79093aecc32e.jpg)
>>2803 Good night nya~
https://twitter.com/JacobOracle ... Wow the censorship is going into hyperdrive. We are going full Judeo-Nigger-Commie, more commie than the CCP nya~
(111.61 KB 1530x721 1610315895907.png)
(132.33 KB 768x624 1610081492112.jpg)
(737.05 KB 1080x1036 1610396592011.png)
(1.66 MB 1440x2560 1610322029748.png)
>>2810 Ara~Ara~
(94.77 KB 853x1280 photo_2021-01-11_22-44-31.jpg)
>>2811 Jesus christ, clearnet 8kun is down, la~
(46.09 KB 626x1280 photo_2021-01-12_01-15-49.jpg)
>>2813 Bruh, all chans should just delete their /pol/ boards and no more political talking or something, la~ I just want to talk to people at this point, la~
>>2815 ...So basically, I'm back where I started, butt I also learned that many other professions can get you into the country if you have relevant expertise, for example, an engineering degree and a job offer for an engineering position. Butt right now everything is closed due to the fake pandemic nya~
(1.79 MB 857x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2816 There's a new internet being built, la~ The same game who made WWW is the main dev, https://solidproject.org/ , la~ Jesus christ, how did come to be this bad, la~
>>2818 https://sentivate.com/ ... Neat, this is also of interest nya~
(86.81 KB 1060x1280 photo_2021-01-08_20-24-36.jpg)
>>2819 Hmm, NAS is looking more alluring every time, la~`
(80.30 KB 1280x833 photo_2021-01-11_22-12-02.jpg)
At this point, do whatever you have to do, la~ Goodnight and TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH, ;__;
>>2820 NAS nya~? >>2821 Thank-you, may you as well nya~
(42.66 KB 919x606 1610418853518.jpg)
(119.32 KB 1794x871 1610419170750.png)
(107.77 KB 1068x547 1610419819975.jpg)
(170.21 KB 1125x1040 1610420306496.jpg)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurtosis ... I don't get trading analysis (TA), the best I can say is X pattern means X is likely, butt these are unusual times nya~
https://explorer.iex.ec/mainnet ... Hmm so this means RLC isn't being used really yet... nya~
(178.53 KB 1200x1129 JEws.jpg)
https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20210112/p2g/00m/0na/076000c ... Fucking Bill 'Satan' Gates. Can the Japanese elite really be so ignorant? Or are they already compromised... miiiii nya~
https://farmfolio.net/ ... Interesting nya~
Ahhh how is it so late. I hate how time passes so quickly, butt it is time for sleep nya~
(81.04 KB 877x1280 photo_2021-01-06_22-09-40.jpg)
>>2822 Network Attached Storage, la~ So that I can make my own Fediverse, la~ God, I hate 4chan faggots, la~ They intend to migrate to other chans so they've gotten alternatives where to go and posted them publically in a thread, la~ I'm already taking care of my health, I eat mostly healthy food and I exercise, la~ >>2828 This seems a rather peculiar project, la~ >>2830 Good night, la~
(910.96 KB 800x1000 43452302_p0.jpg)
I've learned that Japan doesn't accept foreign teaching degrees, thus there is little point in getting one nya~
>>2832 >Guys Miii nya~
>>2833 It depends on the school. Many simply require a college degree in anything and you are hired, simple as that. I assume that the higher-end schools are more stringent but once you have your foot in the door advancement is easy.
>>2835 Yes, dear, to be an ALT. Butt, I was interested in being a full high-school teacher a back-up if being an idol/idolm@ster isn't feasible nya~
>>2831 Umu nya~ >God, I hate 4chan faggots, la~ They intend to migrate to other chans so they've gotten alternatives where to go and posted them publically in a thread, la~ Please direct them here, so they can be Voxxe's faggots nya~
I have now hidden /voxxe/ from prying search engine eyes. That said, I would appreciate if Voxians did spread our links around on the censored social media: https://8chan.moe/voxxe/ ... 4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion/voxxe/ ... We need some young freedom loving blood nya~
Edited last time by Voxxe on 01/12/2021 (Tue) 21:59:24.
(27.48 KB 236x667 1610491380593.jpg)
>>2837 No, if they're really smart. They'll come on their own, la~ >>2838 While I do want some people here too, I don't like full on spergs, la~
(116.71 KB 905x1280 photo_2021-01-12_18-07-52.jpg)
Time to go to bed, la~
>>2839 >full on spergs If they cum I can always just ban them nya~
Well... looks like I'm stuck at 'home' for at least another year and a half at least to finish my degree. Honestly, I'm so fucking tired of lacking freedom and love in my life nya~
(2.82 MB 480x270 rika window.webm)
Ehh it's still before 1AM butt I can't figure out what to watch so I'll just go to bed nya~
https://www.amren.com/features/2021/01/are-we-all-domestic-terrorists/ ... Yes. This is the USA equivalent of the Bolshevik take over in Russia, with the added twist of explicitly anti-White propaganda and policy. The Neo-Communists (kikes, non-Whites, and traitors) want to kill us (Whites) all butt they fear blowback by going to fast. Hopefully they have gone to fast nya~
>>2847 If I scrape the whole amren site, how much data in GB do you think it is, la~
Swap the beer for butts and I'd agree. As for that... I have no idea, you could contact the site admins and offer to back up their content and if they say yes, you could probably get them to answer your question nya~
(112.33 KB 1000x770 photo_2021-01-11_18-51-59.jpg)
>>2849 Fuck, it's 3 am again, la~ This is becoming my staple sleeping routine, la~ I got 1 year older, 2 days ago, la~ Have good time browsing the net today, la~
>>2850 >Fuck, it's 3 am again, la~ It happens. I'm trying to get to bed before midnight, butt I'm not there yet nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/kings-raid-successors-of-the-will-787054/episode-12-151310 ... MC's strongest desire was for his Mother, butt it seems he has a substitute in the form of his party's Priestess. If she died he would no doubt turn into a Dark Knight nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/kings-raid-successors-of-the-will-787054/episode-14-675832 ... The Dark Elves are plotting, butt the princess still hasn't caught on nya~
(987.26 KB 2000x2000 763bcb37c1a134d21018e0ca26c03ad9.jpg)
https://www4.gogoanime.pro/anime/hortensia-saga-3m26?ep=2 ... Nononaria has twintails going on nya~
https://boards.4channel.org/biz/thread/25946056 ... They keep on shilling this scam even after the main 'exchange' stole all investors funds. Fuck you nya~
>>2868 https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/stakenet/ ... XSN is a fucking scam. If I had access to my funds now I could have sold for $15 000 USD. FUCK XSN AND LIVECOIN NYA~
>>2869 Indeed, I'll cheer you on, la~ Despite not knowing what is wrong with XSN or whatever, la~!
>>2870 Thx, that's sweet nya~
(54.24 KB 649x1080 photo_2021-01-15_00-17-03.jpg)
I hope your day will be enjoyable, la~ I want you to enjoy peace and stability a lot, la~
>>2872 Thank-you, so do I nya~
>>2872 I hope your day was/will be pleasant. My day certainly could have been better, butt it isn't over yet nya~
(86.19 KB 827x1280 photo_2021-01-15_01-52-15.jpg)
>>2874 My days are always comfy, la~ If only I could share some of them with you, la~ Why are NatSoc's/Fascists/Futurists always angry or immediately to critize AnCaps...
(65.50 KB 764x1280 photo_2021-01-14_08-05-13.jpg)
Good night, la~ Stay safe out there in the USA, la~ Don't go anywhere near you know what skin-coloured people, la~
>>2876 >My days are always comfy, la~ Lucky you nya~ >always angry They are essentially reactionaries. Naturally, when they do not approve of the direction of the 'progress' they will be upset nya~ >>2877 Thank-you and good night nya~
>>2883 おやすみなさいにゃ〜
>>2886 Stop trading for the current moment, la~ Just save for now, la~ I don't want to lose a fren, la~
>>2886 Here are some of the likely Livecoin/XSN scammers nya~
>>2887 I just really hate the world and myself nya~
(618.81 KB 568x620 1610596833115.png)
>>2889 Stop that thinking or we'll be having issues, la~
(77.77 KB 1031x1280 photo_2021-01-13_17-04-13.jpg)
Why do I feel so nostalgic for a place I never knew, la~ What is with this gloom, la~
>>2890 Very kawaii satania-tan nya~ >>2891 What place? I'm just gloomy because I'm unlucky in life. Especially financially, butt also in health and love. I've always thought that with enough money I could find love. I still think it would be better to have money than not nya~
https://www.amren.com/features/2021/01/a-startlingly-smart-book-on-intelligence/ ... I felt smart in grade 10 when I received A's in every class. Since then there has been an increasing realisation that I was not and am not smart enough. Certainly, not smart enough to achieve even basic happiness... given the circumstances nya~
>>2888 Ahh I want to execute Draper-kun nya~
https://youtu.be/bIPsS66bZYw ... Wow, Ron Paul was banned from Facefuck, teh neo-commies strike again. Imagine my surprise nya~
(98.47 KB 848x1199 photo_2021-01-16_02-38-53.jpg)
>>2892 I suppose, but chasing one thing too much will have the opposite effect and it will make you feel even more empty and ad infinitum, la~ I just want a friend irl to talk random things about, la~ Why did we have to be born continents apart, your constant depressive thinking worries me a lot, la~ I think I might've gotten an unhealthy attachment towards you as a friend, la~
>>2896 >irl Ara~ butt I think I'm only able to be the way I am here because we aren't IRL nya~ >your constant depressive thinking worries me a lot, la~ I've been unlucky in life nya~ >I think I might've gotten an unhealthy attachment towards you as a friend, la~ Ara~Ara~ that's so sweet, luv you 2 ; > nya~
(174.33 KB 783x1094 photo_2021-01-16_03-46-20.jpg)
>>2897 Good night, do take care of yourself, la~
>>2898 Good night nya~
https://www4.gogoanime.pro/anime/scar-on-the-praeter-o2zj/ep-2 ... It's Japanese Detroit, with superpowers, butt sans niggers nya~
(93.30 KB 865x1200 photo_2021-01-16_19-17-22.jpg)
>>2905 That's a funny analogy, la~
https://www4.gogoanime.pro/anime/world-trigger-2nd-season-9vv8?ep=2 ... Feels like some inspiration was taken from Tron nya~
(101.96 KB 1280x1156 photo_2021-01-14_19-11-46.jpg)
>>2910 https://movie-night.autizmo.xyz/ Watching movies with people from Fediverse, cuz why not, la~
(93.53 KB 850x1250 photo_2021-01-17_03-10-54.jpg)
>>2907 Yes, la~ So shall be done, la~ Roma Invicta!
(115.24 KB 1280x730 photo_2021-01-17_04-16-02.jpg)
>>2911 Well, the stream derped so dunno if it will continue but I'm going to sleep, la~
(50.00 KB 480x409 1587685220-3.jpg)
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/yashahime-princess-half-demon-166746/episode-01-848868 ... I find time travel where the travellers all work NOT to change history lame. The whole appeal of time travel is that the past COULD be changed nya~
(62.20 KB 864x1056 photo_2021-01-17_22-36-23.jpg)
>>2923 Love Live & Anarchy: https://www.lovelifeanarchy.com/videos/ Media2Rise: https://media2rise.com/ Some interesting sites that I've found, la~
>>2924 https://www.amren.com/blog/2021/01/white-men-americas-greatest-asset/ ... This Black man should be President of Liberia, and led an exodus there for Black Americans nya~
>>2924 What is your favourite post there nya~? ... https://nationalvanguard.org/2021/01/in-defense-of-white-supremacism/ ... SIEG HEIL NYA~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/kimetsu-no-yaiba-781061/episode-08-677105 ... So some 'demons' are closer to vampires... interesting nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/kimetsu-no-yaiba-781061/episode-10-771593 ... I'm sorry... I thought MC's ribs and leg was broken... how could he just run around after nya~?
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/kimetsu-no-yaiba-781061/episode-11-381020 ... I don't get it... why didn't MC bring his sister into the house with him. Nezuko can't do anything in the daylight... weird nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/kimetsu-no-yaiba-781061/episode-19-485062 ... Awaken special abilities on the brink of death... if only nya~
https://nationalvanguard.org/2021/01/shofars-for-trump-christians-who-think-theyre-jews/ ... lol, this would certainly include my own family. Personally I'm fucking done with it, butt until I can support myself, and own my own property, I'm not truely an independent adult. I do suffer to a certain degree from Stockholm-syndrome. I won't deny it. I imagine that if I had actually found someone that really loved me I would have been able to leave my birth family behind. Butt that has not happened yet nya~
>>2934 Can't you find an mainland European gal through some dating app, la?
>>2935 Yes, dating apps... a major time waster, yet you can't do without them. Kind of like gambling on crypto nya~
>>2936 I'll need to get a phone plan just to subscribe to Tinder. Butt I suppose I should try all the free ones first. Trying to develop long distance 'relationships' with girls is nearly impossible because it is difficult to assert dominance virtually... I'm not in a position where I can appeal to adult women by flaunting my wealth... As for 16-18 girls in high-school, I have no way of meeting them other than on location based friend/dating apps... and it's all so tiresome. Basically my strategy has been to focus on money/school until I was in a position to be independent of my family before seriously looking for love. I've suffered frequent serious set backs in both. Maybe that was a mistake. I should have kissed Katie and Mary-Jane when I was 10 nya~
(68.53 KB 906x1280 photo_2021-01-18_21-30-43.jpg)
>>2936 We gotta do with what's available on our hands, la~ >>2937 You can probably get to know a girl by having her teach you her language by you paying her, la~ Apparently some people have met that way, la~
>>2938 Yeah, tutor x student is pretty common nya~
(161.66 KB 749x1024 9111.jpg)
https://www.eurocanadian.ca/2021/01/george-soros-karl-popper-open-society-and-its-enemies.html ... la~la~ it's sad that demon possessed kikes like Soros dictate mainstream western policy nya~
(23.04 MB 4043x5568 1590459698-0.png)
(97.98 KB 1024x698 Follow.jpg)
I'm just going to accept that I'm unlucky, dumb, weak, tired, poor, ect and always will be. This way I can stoping the pain when my hopes are crushed nya~
(88.86 KB 795x1184 photo_2021-01-19_21-15-55.jpg)
My disdain for 4channers has generally increased, la~ >>2947 I'm poorer than you, la~ What should I consider myself in that case, la~
>>2948 >My disdain for 4channers has generally increased, la~ What happened this time nya~? >I'm poorer than you, la~ What should I consider myself in that case, la~ Hmm... the thing with money is that how much you need depends on your goals. I've just had very poor luck with investing. I'm really far away from owning a house here in the USA at 31. Not that I want to live here... this country is going to hell. I'm planning on moving to Japan once I finish my education... if the borders are even open... nya~
(657.97 KB 2894x4093 3jcw2.jpg)
>>2949 They would be open but only for those who've taken the needle, la~ It's an issue I have with them, because they might take down /ic/ resources that were posted simply because of their petty jealousy of not letting others succeed, la~
>>2951 >They would be open but only for those who've taken the needle NEVER NYA~ >/ic/ resources What are these nya~
(412.30 KB 680x600 Eool6j0UwAAvDlY.mp4)
>>2952 Courses/books/references etc... for how to draw, la~
(1.38 MB 1751x1648 wum5sfojod8x.jpg)
>>2953 Time to sleep, la~
>>2953 Ara~ that is interesting. I want to draw too butt there is so little time in a day nya~ >>2954 Oyasumi nya~
(42.65 KB 1080x608 photo_2021-01-20_07-40-27.jpg)
>>2953 Falling down, falling down, la~
(558.36 KB 460x259 Cat-Pat.gif)
>>2958 What happened today... besides the fall of the Republic and formal Neo-Communist take over of the USA... nya~?
>>2960 The fall of the 70 year old peace and stability we had, la~ It's time to get turbulent again, la~ On a side note: the useful idiots are back at it, again.
(245.58 KB 1681x2802 Christian-Rome.png)
>>2961 I hope the commies, niggers, sandniggers, spics, kikes, ect. eat each-other nya~
(50.70 KB 944x1280 photo_2021-01-21_00-28-50.jpg)
>>2962 I wish too, la~ I'm going to bed, la~ Stay safe, la~
(7.01 MB 3000x1744 LL_Mafia.png)
>>2963 Good night. I'll do my best nya~
https://www4.gogoanime.pro/anime/redo-of-healer-8rvv?ep=2 ... What is the point if she doesn't remember, lol so lame nya~
>>2966 https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/redo-of-healer-uncensored-615522/episode-02-872784 ... What is even the point of showing this censored lol. Even so it should be a hentai or something nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/hortensia-saga-tv-782525/episode-03-302626 ... Hmu... so where did the undead and that spider-man monster come from nya~?
>>2973 >>2972 Butt first, some lewds nya~
(62.89 KB 853x1280 photo_2021-01-21_02-23-42.jpg)
This whole day had been taxing on the body, la~ Imma go to sleep head first, la~
What happened today nya~?
(72.45 KB 1025x928 CgOUFXE.png)
Here we go again, la~ The anti-white snakes who moderate Wikipedia are at it again. Grab any facial reconstructions while you still can, because they won’t be around for long. Obscure Russian anthropology forums will soon be the only place to find reliable and accurate facial reconstructions of ancient Europeans.
(71.92 KB 841x1280 photo_2021-01-21_15-30-03.jpg)
>>2987 Time to sleep, la~
>>2987 The agenda is beyond your typical genocide. The agenda is to completely erase Aryans from history. The Synogouge of Satan never sleeps nya~ >>2990 Good night nya~
I went a little crazy today. Being stuck between my crazy familia's Jew-Christian religious beliefs and the Neo-Commies that rule this society is driving me a little crazy nya~
https://www4.gogoanime.pro/anime/kings-raid-ishi-wo-tsugumono-tachi-oz5z?ep=17 ... Interesting how they just discarded the Dark Elf revenge plot, that was bit of a surprise nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/yuru-camp-season-2-386467/episode-03-283213 ... So chill I'm freezing. So warm I'm on fire. No, just comfy nya~
(156.52 KB 800x1014 EaGQmsDVAAInPDM.jpeg)
>>2995 Oyasumi nya~
I have to remember that even if I fucked up today, there is always tomorrow. I can always try again then... and if I still fuck up, whatever, life is fucked up nya~
Ah, I truely hate my birth-family and their religion. Just like I truely hate this society and their 'religion.' I have always been stuck between two hateful things. I also hate how I am too weak and unlucky to transcend these hateful things. All I have in the end, is passionate hate nya~
>>2999 I promise myself, for my own sanity, that the next time I leave 'home' will be the last. I am only 'home' to finish my formal education. That is all. After I do that, I will leave 'home' nya~
(103.40 KB 1280x720 photo_2021-01-23_08-38-55.jpg)
>>2999 >>3000 This USA hyper-individualism really has did a number on many things, la~ I hope you won't get burned by your own rashness, la~
>>3003 Being 31, I would say that I am far from 'rash', I am less 'hyper-individualist' and more 'will-to-power.' If I had been born a girl my life would have been so much better, and so much easier nya~
(75.84 KB 719x1280 photo_2021-01-23_21-12-33.jpg)
I meant that it has done a number on the relationships between friends & family, etc, la~ And in rashness, I hope you don't overreach it and get yourself ousted by your parents and will have to live somewhere by paying rent, la~
(5.40 MB 1280x720 0eftNyG47LAyi8Jc.mp4)
>>3005 Until you've secured the means to live the way you want, la~
>>3005 >>3006 Indeed, fuck renting too nya~
Happiness is a peach nya~
(117.03 KB 960x1280 photo_2021-01-24_03-14-00.jpg)
>>3008 If only so, la~
Personally speaking, this world is/was already a dystopia. The fact that it is going to get worse... oh well I guess nya~
(74.10 KB 620x543 1611530622068.jpg)
>>3013 We went from believing in God Then to the "Death of God" And now we are at "I am God" I want this cycle to end already, la~ It gets worse with each day passed, laa~
(1.34 MB 1280x945 1587847817-0.jpg)
>I am God I wish nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/boruto-naruto-next-generations-923495/episode-183-414307 ... Boruto's fucked without plot armour or some serious weaponry nya~
(61.12 KB 750x1000 photo_2021-01-25_23-25-27.jpg)
>>3019 There's always some kind of plot armor for the MC in shonen anime, la~
>>3022 Yeah, IRL as a kid you think you are the MC of the world. Butt 99.9999999% of the time all you are is the MC of your own life... at best nya~
(189.62 KB 1250x1250 1605769768-0.jpg)
>>3024 How can we get more catgirls or cowgirls in this thread. I want to corrupt enlighten the youth nya~
(542.07 KB 640x631 1605218101420.png)
>>3024 Happy year of the cow to you too, la~ Impregnation and Pregnancy for some reason turn me on so much, la~
>>3026 >Impregnation and Pregnancy for some reason Literally the most natural fetish of all, you hardly need a reason, butt if for some reason you do, 'survival' is a good one. All life must reproduce, it is one of the fundamental definitive qualities of 'life' nya~
(2.83 MB 2000x1405 _02.png)
>>3035 Seriously, I have great regret about how I've wasted my life thus far. I want this board to make billionaire too, for the glory of the Goddess nya~
I honestly believe now that you should spend your life doing something you are truely passionate about, followed by having a (large or small) family. Money is a distant third. If I had been accepted for who I was by my birth-family, i would not feel so... I don't even know how to express this emotion... it's just so absurd nya~
(136.02 KB 800x899 redhead.jpg)
>>3036 Everyone wants to be something they're not. That's universal. You were born into a nightmare world. That's unique to you. You have to ascend and become an elite like the rest of us level-headed right wingers are focused on. We need to become an elite. You must not let your regrets inhibit your daily action. In order to free yourself from inaction, you must be pleasant and nice to yourself. That means accepting yourself for who you are, including your past and present faults & failures. At the same time, you must ruthlessly pursue self improvement. You must scorn your vices and hate them like the devil they are. You must scorn your own indolence. You must fervently pray. Do not despair over the frustrations of today, be they personal or political. We once took over the entire world with pre-modern technology. It is an easier task to create a network of right-wing dissidents than it is to take over the world using astral navigation. It is easier still to create a business or line of work which you can profit from :) >>3037 Money ain't a distant third, regrettably. Try to find where passion and profit intersect, and understand that discipline & self-control are required once you find that crossroad. Exhume your past. If you were rejected by your parents, exhume that. Seek your inner child. Be kind to them! You are worthy on your own, despite whatever flaws you have. *** One thing for Voxians to keep in mind is that our enemies don't self-critique like we do. That they are mindlessly bold and confident is a great strength. It brings them energy. To some extent, you must adopt this same philosophy. Don't ruminate on your mistakes like they are wounds. Forget about them for today & tomorrow. There will be time for reflection soon enough, but if you're weighed down by your mistakes, you must release them from your brain. Treat yourself like you are completely innocent of all accusations you usually level at yourself.
Invest in SEA real estate and robotics nya~ >>3038 Truth! Hail Voxxe nya~!
(78.07 KB 828x797 photo_2021-01-26_19-12-39.jpg)
>>3040 Hahahaha, la~ I can't do this anymore, la~
>>3042 Ara~Ara~ yes, I will try to keep my pro-White Niggerpill news posts to Mondays only from now on. BTW my parents are going to host a Muslim Nigger from Germany (born to a blacked white whore) for the money. Which means I will literally have to live in the same house with a nigger dysgenic product of the fall of western civilisation. Yay nya~
>>3043 Ara~ my grammar is off there a bit. Oh well, I guess I just need to embrace diversity nya~
(245.55 KB 1681x2802 Christendom.png)
>>3043 All my efforts over the last 10 years were pointless. My parents will still host a nigger, in their own house. Cuckistanity is pure cancer. The fall of western civilisation was baked into the cake as soon as the Western Roman Empire adopted it as the official religion.
(100.22 KB Good-Jews.pdf)
>>3045 Amazingly, it still took the Jews 2000 years to be in a position to genocide the Aryan race globally nya~
(51.73 KB 1280x720 photo_2020-09-08_06-15-04.jpg)
>>3043 I think I said this before but I'm going to say it again, I'm able to host you if it gets really bad for you, la~
(32.03 KB 1031x1015 photo_2021-01-27_02-18-29.jpg)
Time to sleep, la~ >>3047 Hope you don't have a breakdown, la~
(44.26 KB 511x461 Circumcision.jpg)
>>3047 >>3048 It's okay. I have a lock on my door. If the nigger nigs, it'll be okay nya~
>>3049 Ahhh butt really. I am too fucking unlucky nya~
>>3047 That makes me happy. If I ever achieve more than my bare minimum goals, I will sent you some PIVX or BEAM nya~
(239.48 KB 960x960 blonde.jpg)
>>3043 >>3044 >>3045 lmao dude you're a faggot lmaooo. Someone has to say it. so you've been redpilled for 10 years, and you don't have the option of living outside your parents house? wtf is wrong with you bro. dis nibba blamin' Christianity for the fall of the West, meanwhile he hasn't even figured out how to EARN MONEY in 10 years!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Stupid faggot nya~
>>3058 Tell me what I got wrong here - Your parents are taking in a non-white man, and you don't have any options to move out despite being redpilled for 10 years which puts you at 25-35 years old. - You deny the divinity of Christ, believing that Europe would somehow be stronger if it was never baptised by Christianity. Dude you're a fucking faggot. You're going to deny Christ and blaspheme the traditional European religion for pussifying Europe yet you can't even get your shit together enough to move out of your parents house when they choose to take in an immigrant. Also you tried to redpill your parents for 10 years, lmao. They probably think you're some kind of racist loser. Look I'm not trying to be mean you just have to face the fact that your a blaspheming sodomite faggot. That's what you are. White people don't need your help AT ALL to save themselves, we'd be better driving you into the middle of a Winter forest and dropping you off to get hypothermia and die. You put your heart on your sleeve and then blaspheme Jesus Christ like you're some uppity jew, you're gonna get told that you're a faggot, stop posting nya~
>>3058 The fundamental truth here is that Christian Europeans are stronger than you, we're more put together than you, we're better looking than you, we're more dedicated than you. You're a fucking worm and you deserve to be bullied and even completely ostracized from the right wing entirely. You, Greg Johnson, Richard Spencer and the rest of the Racist Liberal Squad are going to burn in hell while good God Fearing Christian men will preserve themselves, their families, and if they end up in gulags and die, they'll spend eternity in Heaven with Christ.
(728.54 KB 828x915 unknown.png)
>>3060 Money printer will soon go BRRRRRRRRRRRR, la~
(10.24 MB 640x352 IMG_1766.mp4)
Sleep sleep nya~
>>2756 >>2757 Yeah same old gay false flag, we even had a branch of the "boogaloo boys" the weekend after I wrote that post in my state's capital, that did nothing at all but posed in front of the state house for the cameras. >>3043 >>3045 Why host him he's not even Christian and by the way it sounds like your parents don't even know him? How much is he going to pay? How old is he and how old is your parents? If you;re a neet why didn't work out to at least put this muttfag in his place? I recommend buying both a bat(a fishing bat is really good) and a good size knife.
(101.78 KB 1148x990 GME-C.png)
(312.64 KB 1162x1124 GME-A.png)
(317.53 KB 1148x1380 GME-B.png)
(153.20 KB 591x927 GME.jpg)
(184.92 KB 602x737 GME4.png)
(232.70 KB 942x1288 GME1.png)
(393.14 KB 2754x2974 GME.png)
(1.11 MB 2754x2974 GME2.jpg)
(56.20 KB 1264x570 GME9.jpg)
(82.14 KB 1156x408 GME5.png)
(184.92 KB 602x737 GME4.png)
(1.60 MB 1484x3987 GME3.png)
(1.61 MB 2777x2700 GME7.png)
(56.20 KB 1264x570 GME9.jpg)
(52.61 KB 608x317 GME11.jpg)
(361.06 KB 480x326 GME10.png)
(512.80 KB 1404x2045 GME12.png)
(2.03 MB 2254x3555 GME8.jpg)
(399.66 KB 1197x842 GME13.png)
(1.41 MB 2254x3555 GME14.jpg)
(50.21 KB 828x652 GME15.jpg)
(265.54 KB 750x867 GME16.jpg)
(373.72 KB 580x1703 GME17.png)
(89.64 KB 694x960 1611879759997.jpg)
Welp, whatever, I keep on fucking up. Hopefully one day I'll get it right nya~
(1.06 MB 1024x576 video_2021-01-26_10-52-33.mp4)
>>3058 Lol, Bitchute's shadowbanning starts, la~
(13.64 KB 251x92 ClipboardImage.png)
(77.76 KB 720x164 ClipboardImage.png)
(913.69 KB 826x857 ClipboardImage.png)
I've just about it had it, la~
>>3067 Who still care's about gamestop in 2021 lol besides consolefags and those who lost their stocks?
https://discord.com/channels/725851172266573915/804189364052688931 ... Oh no... yeah I think all centralised services will be censored. I just wasted a day, butt I learned about short selling and the power of the hive mind nya~ >>3077 Did you buy? I didn't because it had already gone up 200% when I saw it. Now it's 800% lol. Fucking hell nya~ >>3078 https://financhill.com/most-heavily-shorted-stocks-today ... There is an attempted short-squeeze going on nya~
>>3079 I always fucking get screwed or miss out nya~
>>3080 Buy GME lol nyahahahahaha~
https://www4.gogoanime.pro/anime/higurashi-when-they-cry-gou-zm6l?ep=17 ... So Satoko was the looper... with red eyes... is she possessed? My guess is that she is a Yandere who really wanted to stay with Rika forever, at all costs nya~?
It can't be helped if I won't get lucky, butt I can stop wasting so much of my time on trying to get rich nya~
>>3086 In the end I'm really not that smart, not that lucky, and not that healthy... butt still, I need to start using my time more wisely nya~
(82.81 KB 790x1024 photo_2021-01-29_12-28-43.jpg)
Where would one buy Dogecoin?
>>3089 The meme pump is over so I would recommend not buying it nya~
https://fenixinternational.com/ ... TFW can't buy OnlyFans nya~
(63.94 KB 640x760 photo_2021-01-29_08-09-44.jpg)
>>3091 Who are these guys, la~
>>3092 OnlyFans devs... fuck organisation takes too much fucking time nya~
(40.52 KB 720x629 photo_2021-01-29_10-57-42.jpg)
>>3093 I see... I feel like you should atleast have several dogecoins in case, la~
(85.23 KB 904x1280 photo_2021-01-23_19-46-13.jpg)
Fuck this country, la~ Agh, why can't I buy neither stonks nor crypto, la~
>>3094 https://discord.com/channels/725851172266573915/804189364052688931 ... It's too late, I should have taken the autism on the WSB Discord seriously when I first saw some autist/bot spam Doge nya~
>>3095 I love the butterfly lingerie and hair clip butt the hips could be wider and butt bigger... as for stalks and crypto you might have gotten fucked by buying to late so don't feel too bad. Mining crypto might be the way for you to get into it. Or accepting payment in crypto for some service/product nya~
https://www.ortex.com/symbol/NYSE/GME/short_interest ... http://isthesqueezesquoze.com/ ... Looks like the squeeze is squoze. I was to late nya~
>>3108 I told you to buy some, la~ Why you no listen, la~ I was trying to buy some but my country didn't allow me, la~
>>3109 I don't buy into massive pumps typically, by the time you posted even /v/ was talking about it. Too late nya~
I don't know what I am looking at nya~
>>3108 >your broker is lending your shares out to people who want them, like the hedge funds you're betting against. depending who your broker is you can call them and tell them to stop, turn off margin trading, set limit sells at stratospherically high prices, or go get a real broker. >your broker is selling your information, like your sell price, to anybody who can pay for it. if you set a stop-loss sell at 100, and some other gambler set a stop-loss sell at 115, then a hedge fund wanting to drive the price down can start to chain-trigger stop-loss sells until the prices reaches a level low enough to allow them to escape the short squeeze. >>3111 https://financhill.com/most-heavily-shorted-stocks-today ... https://twitter.com/inflammateomnia ... https://fintel.io/ss/us/gme >0 short shares available as of Thursday >>3111 The data is for the 15th... I'm worried about an inability to get the real time % of shares shorted for GME... while professional traders have subscriptions... informational asymmetry.... nya~ I might gamble on Monday nya~
>>3112 So much contradictory info nya~
(118.87 KB 800x633 cheburashker thinking.jpg)
(12.75 KB 300x228 1.jpg)
(139.56 KB 768x1024 kelly_bubblebath_023.jpg)
(62.14 KB 430x353 ondol-2.jpg)
>>3079 What am I looking at here I'm not a /biz/fag?
https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/gme ... Again the data on the short interest is for January 15! That isn't very helpful nya~
>>3114 Just people trying to make money. Another game of musical chairs and informational asymmetry, butt this time their is somewhat of a united front against an over shorted stock (GME) nya~
>>3116 Ok, what crypto should I get into?
(3.56 MB 1500x2000 Nino_PIVX.png)
(777.58 KB 3840x2160 PIVX-ME.jpeg)
>>3117 BSV, ADA, SNTVT, EXRD, BEAM, PIVX, ATOM, RLC... all these are promising projects nya~
>>3118 Always do your own research (DYOR) though... I was recently scammed by the Russians at XSN/Livecoin and lost a lot of money despite the project looking incredibly promising nya~
>>3118 >>3119 Ok thx, goodnight.
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/hortensia-saga-tv-782525/episode-04-572954 ... Ara~Ara~, seems like the brown loli waifus? were berserker assassins all along nya~
(13.67 MB 1280x720 IMG_6986.MOV)
>>3129 Whew I must admit, I'm surprised Doge isn't already back before it started, probably because of Elon being a fucking troll nya~
Edited last time by Voxxe on 02/01/2021 (Mon) 06:58:16.
https://youtu.be/HAKetLKjCP8 https://youtu.be/3zTR4ayDG38 ... TFW no Aryan waifu to make love to every night-day in Hyperborea nya~
>>3133 Have you become the lesbian catgirl goddess yet nyaa~
(125.11 KB 960x960 1612163965961.jpg)
>>3134 One day nya~
(611.52 KB 951x900 cat_by_gasaiyoshi-dalrayt.png)
>>3135 頑張れる!
(540.51 KB 1400x1400 1611939907859.jpg)
>>3136 ええ、一緒にしましょうにゃ〜
Know that the decision you made at the time was the one that made the most sense with the information you had and remember, fate loves irony nya~
(64.71 KB 480x640 1612163663516.jpg)
https://twitter.com/inflammateomnia https://isthesqueezesquoze.com/ ... Yes nya~ >short interest: 30m (58% of float) by S3 Shortsight preliminary weekend data
(192.72 KB 667x1000 nyaa.png)
>>3138 Did you buy GME or XRP nyaa~
It's time to buy physical Silver or PSLV nya~ >>3140 No I fucking never buy anything that moons. Everything is completely irrational. Butt it's time for a silver moon. Also, buy PIVX for freedom nya~
(122.02 KB 800x500 PIVX.jpeg)
>>3141 See you on the MOON nya~
>>3141 You should have bought the XRP dip nyaa~ You can still get into it after the ripplebots try to crash it this week
(137.39 KB 1024x640 HODL.jpg)
>>3143 You should buy PIVX instead, for freedom nya~
>>3145 I don't even know what is happening, butt I want to ride this wave somehow nya~
>>3147 https://vittominacori.github.io/erc20-generator/ ... Gas fees are over $100 USD right now so I can't create my token... insane nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/mushoku-tensei-jobless-reincarnation-280419/episode-04-122464 ... Solidly the best isekai in ages... maids get horny too, and constantly hearing your parents/employers fucking would get to me. If anything MC is stoic as fuck nya~
Ara~ banned from loli /a/ again. Excessive rules are so fucking annoying nya~
Ahhh I should have been more aggressive and set market buys for Silver. Oh well, now I have resolved to actually get up when the market opens everyday so I can actually manage a little better. I have to stop fucking up and getting fucked in a bad way nya~
(612.23 KB 600x360 tweeten-1612209836155.mp4)
>>3151 What you're doing is gambling, up and down it goes, la~
>>3152 Life is a gamble, a losing gamble... so it appears nya~
https://www4.gogoanime.pro/anime/suppose-a-kid-from-the-last-dungeon-boonies-moved-to-a-starter-town-pnlj?ep=5 ... They need to do a better job with the comedy, 'dense depressive OP MC' only goes so far nya~
(83.03 KB 920x1206 photo_2021-02-02_19-11-49.jpg)
>>3157 How can you be so sure that she likes them big, la~
GME is over, as typical, by the time the average person hears about some money making opportunity, it typically too late nya~
>>3158 Have you even watched strike witches? It is the one trait, besides the instability of her magic, that makes her more than a 'Marry Sue' nya~ >>3159 Ba da boom nya~
(37.71 KB 665x1280 photo_2021-02-02_18-40-52.jpg)
>>3160 No I haven't watched it, thanks for telling me, la~ Hence why I ask, laa~
(592.50 KB 1920x1440 1612300213146.jpg)
>>3161 Strike witches is the most anime anime, so you should watch it sometime even at 2x if your short on time nya~
>>3161 She has pierced nipples... doesn't that make it hard for her to get milked nya~?
>>3162 I've been busy this year with archiving political content that has been scrubbed off from the internet and I've been putting it on https://odysee.com/@puffinkins:b , la~ I still have more to upload, la~ Naturally, no JQ/Hitler directly related videos due to ToS, la~ But yeah, when I'll have more more time, I'll watch it, la~ >>3163 They can be removed when it's time for family, la~
>>3164 >Naturally, no JQ/Hitler directly related videos due to ToS, la~ Sounds cucked, butt saving content from the Synagogue Ministry of Truth is a noble cause nya~
(71.58 KB 670x948 photo_2021-02-02_22-11-41.jpg)
>>3165 It takes quite some time, la~
>>3166 Yes, I would imagine nya~
(82.94 KB 985x1280 photo_2021-02-03_01-44-07.jpg)
>>3169 You have what it takes to finish it, you were able to get that far into it, you can go more, la~ And with this imma go to sleep, la~
>>3170 Good night nya~
(1.01 MB 2560x1380 DESU-PIVX.png)
>>3172 http://bhlnasxdkbaoxf4gtpbhavref7l2j3bwooes77hqcacxztkindztzrad.onion/robowaifu/ ... Send me sheilded PIVX and I will make a Cat Goddess AI nya~
TOR: http://toponibzxsjf6jsu.onion/ OnionLand Search: http://3bbad7fauom4d6sgppalyqddsqbf5u5p56b5k5uk2zxsy3d6ey2jobad.onion/ The Deep Searches: http://searchgf7gdtauh7bhnbyed4ivxqmuoat3nm6zfrg3ymkq6mtnpye3ad.onion/ Ahmia: http://msydqstlz2kzerdg.onion/ Torch: http://xmh57jrknzkhv6y3ls3ubitzfqnkrwxhopf5aygthi7d6rplyvk3noyd.onion/cgi-bin/omega/omega Tor66: http://tor66sewebgixwhcqfnp5inzp5x5uohhdy3kvtnyfxc2e5mxiuh34iid.onion/ Onion link lists/directories: http://donionsixbjtiohce24abfgsffo2l4tk26qx464zylumgejukfq2vead.onion/ http://us63c5r2z5mvk4mxfa3heejezqaj5wh4ivq6zr2mxs2uymbaslg4ctad.onion/ Hidden Wikis (different ones): http://hwikis25cffertqe.onion/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page http://hwikis25cffertqe.onion/wiki/index.php?title=Darknet http://wikiwy5iynqvyr4d.onion/ http://ztwljepiyvapjilq3w6swq6iniyq7duo2j2jddngbkfkufd2sz6ds7qd.onion/index.php?title=Main_Page http://zqktlwiuavvvqqt4ybvgvi7tyo4hjl5xgfuvpdf6otjiycgwqbym2qad.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page http://wikikbig7ni573g5.onion/doku.php Kiwi Wiki: http://py4ajiixzsrncplhbhv4kt44ibuzsqktezhmong6ureuz2mya6tsziqd.onion/index.php?title=Main_Page Leaf Wiki: http://lljcwddkoyjq3xxtchl7a4i3ig6wqrg7nfxuzbzj4k4tbnb6pnzq7kid.onion/index.php/Main_Page Tortoise Wiki: http://qezqo7c2mvdk2ml2ys626hlh7ezva75wwwoawcuc7xncp37kedumv2ad.onion/index.php/Main_Page lotus http://lotus4xjjfenvsmx5a27dd45gtv66txgdyv3bphtozkb25ltxwkdddyd.onion/ TOR ONLY CHANS: picochan http://picochanwvqfa2xsrfzlul4x4aqtog2eljll5qnj5iagpbhx2vmfqnid.onion/ osananajimi-chan http://wm2nle3vcbxlnugzshrr7mg2nkrha7y7us6rivqn7vgtfd6zflib66id.onion/ antares.chan http://l2sv2h6eoxdu6y6s.onion/ nanochan http://nanochanqzaytwlydykbg5nxkgyjxk3zsrctxuoxdmbx5jbh2ydyprid.onion/ neinchan http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/ nichan http://plnemlsyla6h5t3nuoz2algzmy635ceuendnjwsmhwn2os5fxahshiad.onion/ merlin http://zjhy6wrfw6ghawrhlzala64hrr2arery5jgfl7k64vlfiwuytdmljzad.onion/ cutie garden http://cutiewetgwj7ra6gthxl7m3qsphu7eccodx7pgrxki6vzap5udvpo5id.onion/cozy/ nagadashichan http://sexualjthwu5pbofyjtw2fo4ktz6ob5qq5crnqqbqlqrkc6osreouqid.onion/ paperchan http://a6pyumhy5pn5louoiqevddncjjqjsr6jefskzyta6ib3jl6mammtzcid.onion/ sugar and salt http://ygt7ufvto42phquzfqah4algqsxn5c2jonk72bvmpkhayrc3qdz2qpyd.onion/index.php the end http://theendgtso35ir6ngdtyhgtjhhbbprmkzl74gt5nyeu3ocr34sfa67yd.onion/
Ahn~ nooo I came way to quickly nya~
(175.69 KB 1024x962 COVID19.jpg)
>>3185 Sweet dreams nya~
(73.45 KB 854x1280 photo_2021-02-04_00-40-50.jpg)
>>3187 Syaaa? You're getting weird ticks like me, la~
>>3177 Neinchan is a honeypot, they delete any really good threads/posts nya~
(383.94 KB 1920x1080 fatso.png)
(21.78 MB 720x480 kultur terror4.mp4)
(27.25 KB 359x390 on the way to chad.jpg)
(486.54 KB 800x1209 Hermann_und_Heinrich.png)
>>3121 When did you get into crypto, I want to start getting into it?
(1.01 MB 2560x1380 SEND-ME-SHEILDED-PIVX.png)
>>3191 >When did you get into crypto I heard about BTC when it first came out but my parents convinced me it was a scam. DASH was my first big crypto investment. Through a combination of very bad luck, scammers, and poor decisions, I am not rich nya~ >I want to start getting into it I would recommend PIVX right now. They just finished enabling the privacy function, and the price is already rising nya~
>>3193 what do you think about REV? It’s market cap increased exponentially in the last 3 months but the price remained relatively the same. What the fuck is going on with it? (It’s a 1 billion MC btw)
>>3481 It's yet another ERC20. Fuck ETH, it's slow and so fucking expensive to make a single transaction. ETH will die, and unless REV can migrate so will it. Honestly I've never heard about REV until now nya~
(138.49 KB 1232x925 1608572387661.jpg)
>>3481 If you want a long-term hold, you can't beat BSV https://coingeek.com/i-just-solved-defi/ nya~
(144.57 KB 1200x854 1603572110019.jpg)
(222.62 KB 925x885 1601171783114.jpg)
(800.66 KB 1125x902 1608572365511.png)
(974.14 KB 1000x1294 1603941664293.jpg)
(3.01 MB 1742x918 1603912666350.png)
(99.08 KB 938x716 1608572600282.jpg)
(286.19 KB 840x1024 BSV-ATOM.jpg)
(15.48 KB 322x368 1612163058145.png)
(98.00 KB 640x885 1606286693982.jpg)
(511.80 KB 585x781 1606289126081.png)
>>3484 RLC is a good hold too, as a competitor to Amazon (AWS) nya~
(91.50 KB 997x496 1612209578069.jpg)
(66.59 KB 222x268 1612546328524.png)
(335.90 KB 603x961 1613683821458.png)
(462.30 KB 1047x1296 1612569487195.png)
(968.25 KB 1332x850 1612209245446.jpg)
(387.41 KB 981x1295 1612468741927.png)
(306.36 KB 1024x577 1612671968685.png)
(110.25 KB 1280x720 1612745280478.jpg)
(2.98 MB 4000x2844 1612994160495.jpg)
(370.09 KB 1389x2000 1612065065240.jpg)
>Can your Bitcoin do this ? Everything I am going to post is from 6 months ago until today. George Carlin Video on BSV Blockchain - This is an API call that takes the video right off the blockchain . Look how fast it loads https://media.bitcoinfiles.org/a89cd6b4eb4d9f510a9a7adf21bfd84ee63e4d9a6e6f1da99e7d82718870a484 Casino Games with no registration - Payouts right IN the wallet https://peergame.com/ A twitter were you are paid to post https://twetch.app A Brokerless ON-CHAIN Exchange - Where you can buy Stocks, Commodities and Crypto https://tdxp.app/market/BSV-USD A gaming platform where you play instantly without download, and gain BSV while playing https://satoplay.com/#! Another crazy Game where you literally buy your city on planet earth and advertise, get citizens etc. 24/7 https://coingeek.com/cityonchain-build-your-city-build-with-bsv/ This Modern Game is ON the Genuine Bitcoin Blockchain right now. https://www.cryptofights.io/ Slictionary - Define words and get paid - Compete against others to get the best definition. The Crowd Decides https://www.slictionary.com/ Archive a webpage on the blockchain FOREVER https://etched.page/ Add a money button to any website and get paid in 10 secs in BSV. Money Button is a client-side Bitcoin SV (BSV) wallet in an iframe. https://www.moneybutton.com/ That's on the Genuine Bitcoin blockchain
https://gematriaeffect.news/ ... Down the Rabbit hole nya~
I can't help but think how much happier I would have been if I was raised in ancient Celtic tribe as a hunter. Technology doesn't necessarily bring happiness nya~
(34.66 KB 801x526 GME21.png)
(195.84 KB 588x462 GME18.png)
(302.84 KB 1042x822 GME19.png)