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猫女神ゆりアリャナ#3 LYRIA 02/04/2021 (Thu) 05:16:26 No. 3192
優生学はだめなんだよ、このナチスめ。 無駄な抵抗はやめるんだよ。 黒ん坊と混血ハーフをいっぱいつくろうではないか。 それでこそ新の平和が訪れるにゃあ~
(25.42 KB 1280x720 1610989382070.jpg)
>>3194 死にゃ〜
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/redo-of-healer-uncensored-615522/episode-04-336194 ... Do you like power and revenge fantasies? I would like to take revenge, butt in the end, the best way for me to do that is to become truely free and happy for once in my life nya~
Edited last time by Voxxe on 02/04/2021 (Thu) 20:01:00.
(31.78 KB 500x560 photo_2021-02-03_20-51-58.jpg)
>>3201 Here we go again, la~
(286.19 KB 840x1024 BSV-ATOM.jpg)
>>3202 BUY BSV nya~!
https://mysterium.network/ ... The dVPN is finally finished nya~
(52.99 KB 905x1280 photo_2021-02-05_00-09-47.jpg)
>>3205 Good, la~ Let's hope they stay 'free' and don't cuck like other libt*rds had done, la~
>>3205 Much wow normies are still buying Dogecoin even after the meme pump... I'm not buying anymore crypto because I need some cash in-case there is a short-term crash nya~ >>3206 Well, yes, the devs are from Latvia, I believe, and thus are less likely to cuck out compared to Western Urope or North Acucka nya~
>>3207 I guess I shouldn't have underestimated the power of memes and dogo lovers nya~
>>3208 Butt I would have ridden the Doge dildo if I knew you could buy it on Robbinghood nya~
(138.87 KB 942x1280 photo_2021-02-05_00-19-37.jpg)
>>3208 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-en4nEV5Xc&feature=youtu.be Nothing to be done about it now, la~ But next time you should invest even a little bit when you see trends such as these, la~
>>3209 Never enough time, information, processing power, or energy nya~
>>3210 Always easy to talk about the retrospective. Remember that many people have lost money on Doge due to buying in too late nya~
(55.60 KB 805x1280 photo_2021-02-05_00-18-59.jpg)
>>3212 Maybe, if I could buy bitcoins of any kind then I would've had few in any and then just let them stay there, la~ Though, not everyone thinks the same way I do, so yeah you're right, la~
>>3213 I think I've learned that it is good to stay aware of what normies are doing and using, if only to know how to profit off them. Buying coins with direct FIAT pairs seems like one such strategy nya~
(74.33 KB 871x1280 photo_2021-02-05_01-00-04.jpg)
(71.86 KB 905x1280 photo_2021-02-05_01-13-53.jpg)
>>3214 Well, they are the ones who are a majority, but are just dormant about most things concerning like this, la~ Think of them as just a mass of people who can be moved around like a sack of potatoes, la~
>>3215 I agree nya~ ... https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/canada-proud-boys-terrorists-1.5899186 ... In other news Cuckanada designates a cuckservative group a terrorist group. BLM and Anitfa which burned down cities, established separatist zones, and killed people... not terrorists but great people... I'm sorry but I am not willing to wage a losing war as an isolated 'terrorist.' I will be moving to Asia as soon as I finish my bloody degree nya~
GME is over-over nya~
https://www.huniepot.com/post/642236167309459456/huniepop-2-release-faq ... I downloaded the first game at one point... I forget why I didn't finish it... oh that's right, school, attempting to get a gf, and then having my desktop PC die. I really have bad luck nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/dr-stone-stone-wars-802545/episode-04-321017 ... Ara~ Chrome survived his baka by being brave, something Tsukasa likes nya~
(269.71 KB 1920x1080 DOA_x_KEIJO.jpg)
https://lingeriefc.com/ ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keijo_(manga) ... https://keijo.fandom.com/wiki/Keijo!!!!!!!! ... I want to make Keijo a reality. I will make Keijo a reality unless someone else does it first. I would change the name and rules slightly nya~
(296.19 KB 1600x1610 1612554050599.png)
I tend to agree. However, I think the new normal will be the top of the last peak. So around $20K. I've missed out because I was waiting for the BTC correction nya~
(75.86 KB 726x1280 photo_2021-02-05_15-53-43.jpg)
https://archive.vn/iWsJR CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Planned legislation to establish new business areas in Nevada would allow technology companies to effectively form separate local governments.
>>3230 Neato nya~ ... https://www.seasteading.org/active-projects/ ... I am interested in setting up a platform above a seamount in the Pacific thus creating a Microstate like Sealand... too bad I'll need like $1 Billion USD to do it. I guess If I am meant to do it I will be blessed with these funds. If I had the money I would certainly invest in liberty nya~
>>3193 <When did you get into crypto I heard about BTC when it first came out but my parents convinced me it was a scam. DASH was my first big crypto investment. Through a combination of very bad luck, scammers, and poor decisions, I am not rich nya~ Through a combination of very bad luck, scammers, and poor decisions, you changed your investment? <I want to start getting into it .I would recommend PIVX right now. They just finished enabling the privacy function, and the price is already rising nya~ What's PIVX, and any others I should invest in, I don't post on /biz/ do to all the shitposting and don't want to be a newfag?
>>3232 >I heard about BTC when it first came out but my parents convinced me it was a scam. DASH was my first big crypto investment. Through a combination of very bad luck, scammers, and poor decisions, I am not rich nya~ >.I would recommend PIVX right now. They just finished enabling the privacy function, and the price is already rising nya~
(98.00 KB 640x885 1606286693982.jpg)
>>3232 BSV is a good buy right now, as is ATOM, RLC, and MYST nya~
(3.95 MB 445x250 $$$.gif)
>>3234 https://archive.vn/AmGM5 ... I was waiting for BTC to fall, butt that might not happen now nya~
>>3235 Welp I've gone all in crypto and sold my stable coins. Bought some BSV, ATOM, ROSE, and MYST. I am betting 100% on an inflationary depression and neo-Communist faux-pandemic 'Great Reset' only time will tell if I've made the right decision for once or not. Originally I had thought there would be a crash in BTC, butt now I'm not so sure with the $1T+ stimulus nya~
>>3236 I sold low and bought high butt whatever, If I am right that 'loss' will be insignificant nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/kings-raid-successors-of-the-will-787054/episode-19-701548 ... Hero-kun can't do it without his healer-priestess childhood friend waifu nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/yuru-camp-season-2-386467/episode-05-475931 ... Comfy, and touristy, butt it's past time for bed. Good night nya~
(332.44 KB 1068x1086 1612561432335.jpg)
(966.10 KB 1212x982 1612576035709.png)
>>3239 I've been thinking about how fucking cursed or perhaps simply unblessed my life has been from the beginning. Almost everything has been about money and beliefs about life after death. I find myself wondering why I am so attached to this life and world. I feel like I must struggle and survive as long as I can. I want to redeem myself. Butt maybe that is just my pride... that I thought I had long lost, talking. I want revenge, but I have no way of taking it, and it won't give me back the peace and contentment I have lost. The world is one in which joy and hope is continually drained only to be replaced with despair and emptiness. Death to satan, death to despair nya~
>>3240 Who am I butt an accumulation of memories, memories that are distorted and drained with time, and easily lost. I remember no time before birth or conception. Similarly, I will remember no time after death. If I was born once, I will can be born again. Butt without memory of the past life, what is the purpose? What is the purpose of it all... of anything... to suffer meaninglessly? To suffer for a purpose that even if fulfilled, will be forgotten? To suffer for the strengthening of the WILL nya~?
(34.63 KB 960x540 photo_2021-02-05_22-51-39.jpg)
>>3241 That's why you try to assert your WILL more onto to the world, la~ You may not physically continue to exist but you'll continue to exist metaphysically, la~
(558.36 KB 460x259 Cat-Pat.gif)
>>3243 Perhaps nya~
(315.47 KB 1000x1000 sea-serpents-iii.jpg)
(153.22 KB 1080x1086 öykü.jpg)
>>3234 Okay, do you believe or even know what Murphy's law and Herod's law? Do you you hike or do walks in the woods?
>>3251 >Do you you hike or do walks in the woods? Yes nya~
(120.09 KB 642x509 1612736838618.png)
>>3253 https://explorer.iota.org/chrysalis/visualizer/ ... What a fucking troll. A fucking 2 stage PnD nya~
(231.53 KB 460x455 aXowqbz_460s.png)
>>3254 He's the ultimate rich troll, la~
>>3255 Welp, colour me surprised. That kind of double pump and dump chart never happens, evidently Doge + Musk is an exception. Whatever nya~
>>3256 >never happens By that I mean, they never happen so close together nya~
torrent on nyaa.si instead of using kiackassanime
>>3259 If I want to keep an anime for posterity maybe. Otherwise, I don't give a fuck nya~
https://exhentai.org/s/1b50ad1727/1818042-1 ... lol, if that is Japan, I think they'd be arrested for public obscenity nya~
https://exhentai.org/s/1c4cf8f8c5/1783645-7 ... Aaaah I came way too soon, and wasted so much cum. No fun nya~
https://exhentai.org/g/1816619/fa7c7ddadd/ ... Lewd... and comfy? Nyaaa~
(1.61 MB 300x300 (「・ω・)「.webm)
https://www4.gogoanime.pro/anime/non-non-biyori-nonstop-m9mv?ep=5 ... So comfy, butt past time for oyasumi nya~
https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/avalanche/ ... TFW didn't hold because I thought the stupid name and logo would kill the coin. I guess I'm just not meant to be rich. So fucking annoying nya~
https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/iota/ ... This has potential nya~
(102.82 KB 796x1280 photo_2021-02-08_06-17-48.jpg)
>>3270 More gambling, la~
>>3271 Life is a gamble. I suppose I won to exist in the first place, butt everything after that has been one loss after another with just two notable exceptions nya~
(94.81 KB 920x1280 photo_2021-02-09_01-59-59.jpg)
>>3272 Yes, but you increase your chances of 'winning' and 'losing' by fulling certain conditions, la~ Getting a gf, degree, having connections, etc, la~ Only after a disaster can you be resurrected, la~
(86.51 KB 720x1280 photo_2021-02-09_00-14-36.jpg)
>>3273 I say 'Evolve and let the chips fall where they may', la~
(825.04 KB 1075x939 ClipboardImage.png)
Blacks planning to buy Mein Kampf and read it, la~ Now I know I'm in the wrong timeline, la~ Also time to sleep, la~
>>3275 Ha ha what a world nya~
>>3273 For sure, nothing in this world is fair or let alone 'equal.' TBH after providing food and shelter my parents and birth family have only dragged me down. I could never do what I actually wanted do to their belief system nya~
Parents chose to only have male homestay students because they didn't want 'us kids' having sex. Always cucked, either by my parents or more recently by my poor health/luck—partially caused by my parents. BTW the first of the dudes my parents have accepted for money has arrived. He's Japanese, butt doesn't strike me as one for small talk. Whatever nya~
I think the lesson is to do more of what I want to do, and less of what I don't want to do, while balancing the financial/physical reality I have to deal with. You really can't be truely 'Alpha' if you have to follow someones orders/rules, butt you can be more or less Alpha. Life is better as an Alpha nya~
>>3279 I've historically rejected being a Beta in favour of being a loner. Butt, being alone is sad and boring after a while. So the only option is to try to be an Alpha stud, and if I fail at that I'll become Newhalf-Neko nyahahahaha~
https://www.amren.com/features/2021/02/the-transformation-of-germany/ ... https://www.amren.com/blog/2021/02/tom-brady-donald-trump-white-privilege-goat/ ... https://www.amren.com/blog/2021/02/not-a-lie-but-a-distortion/ ... https://www.amren.com/news/2021/02/remarks-by-president-biden-on-americas-place-in-the-world/ ... https://www.amren.com/news/2021/02/a-black-woman-will-be-the-worlds-top-trade-official-for-the-first-time/ ... https://www.eurocanadian.ca/2021/02/cartoons-justin-trudeau-calls-for-vaccinations-wuhun-immigrants.html ... https://www.eurocanadian.ca/2021/02/harvard-prof-claims-immigrants-rarely-contribute-public-good-western-nations.html ... https://nationalvanguard.org/2021/02/the-germans-have-a-word-for-it/ ... https://nationalvanguard.org/2021/02/to-blend-in/ ... https://nationalvanguard.org/2021/02/close-your-eyes-and-think-of-england/ ... https://nationalvanguard.org/2021/02/competence-zero/ ... https://nationalvanguard.org/2021/02/the-mestizos-are-coming/ ... https://nationalvanguard.org/2021/02/a-lovely-sight-wall-street-vampires-on-the-run/ ... https://nordicresistancemovement.org/live-20-00-nordic-frontier-180-gamestonks-and-jews/ ... https://nordicresistancemovement.org/love-your-people-banner-action-in-stockholm/ ... https://nordicresistancemovement.org/the-future-will-be-what-we-want-it-to-be/ ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epic_Games ... https://exhentai.org/?f_search=female%3Aoyakodon%2C+english ... https://exhentai.org/?f_search=female%3Amother%2C+incest%2C+english ... https://exhentai.org/?f_search=female%3Amilf%2C+incest%2C+english ... https://exhentai.org/?f_search=female%3Amother%2C+inseki%2C+english ... https://exhentai.org/?f_search=female%3Amilf%2C+inseki%2C+english ... https://exhentai.org/?f_search=female%3Afemales+only%2C+incest%2C+english ... https://exhentai.org/?f_search=female%3Afemales+only%2C+inseki%2C+english ... https://exhentai.org/?f_search=female%3Afirst+person+perspective%2C+english ... https://exhentai.org/?f_search=male%3Afirst+person+perspective%2C+english ... https://exhentai.org/?f_search=female%3Afemdom%2C+male%3Acrossdressing%2C+english ... Have fun, although I would recommend unselecting 'western,' the 'west,' with rare exceptions, can't even produce good erotica anymore nya~
Edited last time by Voxxe on 02/09/2021 (Tue) 06:24:58.
>>3282 https://exhentai.org/g/1836957/3543c3aa17/ ... When a sister learns how to treat girls from her brother nya~
Edited last time by Voxxe on 02/09/2021 (Tue) 06:40:01.
>>3283 https://exhentai.org/g/1820013/4b2df37d50/ ... Ara~Ara~ now this is one real viral pandemic I can get behind they're going to fuck 'Americans' 2 niggers and 2 white guys next, and turn them into females lol nya~
>>3285 https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/cardano ... https://www.youtube.com/c/charleshoskinsoncrypto/videos ... https://archive.vn/sL70T ... Time to GTFO of Binance, don't want to lose money on yet another scam exchange nya~
>>3286 https://graph.org/Livecoin-Hack-or-hack-Current-state-12-26 ... I achieved my goal of GTFO Binance too bad that took forever nya~
Butt now I'm free of Binance. Fuck yeah nya~
(10.18 KB 255x255 photo_2021-02-09_23-23-27.jpg)
>>3288 Congratulations, la~ This is worthy of celebration, la~
(78.92 KB 943x1280 photo_2021-02-10_04-13-42.jpg)
>>3291 Good night, la~ Hope this night is gonna be calm for you, la~
(92.49 KB 703x1024 20210209_032131.jpg)
>>3252 👍🏻, I can't hike where I'm at now. Thoughts on this?
(4.02 MB 1700x1927 Persona_SIEG.png)
>>3292 Good night, and thank-you, I will do my best to find some inner peace in this world that makes it so difficult nya~ >>3293 All non-Aryan males should be put on female hormones to live out their lives as ladyboys nya~!
>>3293 The CCP is preparing for war. This requires the production of 'masculine' and aggressive pawns that will obey orders without question nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/black-clover-2017-779724/episode-163-810143 ... Yami protects his posse in nihon-jin style, and 'Gray' is basically Cinderella nya~
(29.87 MB 720x1280 video_2021-02-10_16-07-23.mp4)
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, archiving never ends, la~
(40.41 KB Disgusting.mp3)
(84.29 KB 810x1119 20210210_072105.jpg)
(96.24 KB 803x1280 20210210_072109.jpg)
(240.77 KB 896x1080 China_NatSoc.jpg)
>>3294 >>3295 And yet you want to move to Japan, when chang want's to make up for "da centuly of humiliashun" against the west and Japan? Xi and the CCP want china to be "numba wan" and have the glory of being the sole world power and having a empire where everyone not just in Asia bow down to them but the whole world and sinophiles and 5th columnist chinks love it. >>3301 You lurk kohl?
(152.81 KB 827x1168 photo_2021-02-10_22-07-54.jpg)
>>3302 As of recent, I've been barely on there, la~
>>3303 mosty just here and cuckchan now?
(1.13 MB 997x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3304 I like this place, la~ Also, I'm visiting only /lit/, /g/ and kraut/pol/ & brit/pol/ on /pol/, la~ I visit other chans too, la~
(224.11 KB 1440x1800 2021.webp)
(394.46 KB 1441x1112 d2b41C1.jpg)
(2.49 MB 1126x2241 National Epics 5x5.png)
(1.01 MB 1920x1276 Tahkuna_looduskaitseala.jpg)
>>3305 The names of those ibs, I might know some of them?
(96.95 KB 1280x720 photo_2021-02-11_04-37-22.jpg)
>>3306 Well, yeah, you do, la~ On weekdays I watch /yuri/ anime with my /yuri/ anons from smuglo.li/yuri/, la~ Yeah, mostly those on the webring, la~
>>3307 It depends on what board(mostly /b/s & /pol/s) on the webbring or what ib that patch made that gets shilled. I lurk sometimes 9 and sleepy but they're almost dead and turned into drama, there's now a new patchchan. https://crabbucket.xyz/b/catalog.html
(83.70 KB 850x1274 photo_2021-02-10_22-31-21.jpg)
>>3308 Drama is what kills most ibs unfortunately, la~
(13.04 MB 1280x720 mari language.mp4)
>>3309 I know. Since you're a /lit/fag, do you have any pdfs of good books?
(48.14 KB 576x768 photo_2021-02-11_03-31-40.jpg)
>>3310 What do you like to read, la~ Imma go to sleep for now, la~ Good night, la~
>>3311 Do have any pdfs of national epics?
https://archive.vn/Chjqs https://archive.vn/pt381 ... Moving anything on ETH right now costs fucking $50 nya~
https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/everest ... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvW9R1_GgJ2h9ThBJEa_ahw/videos ... https://youtu.be/rZrEJfNEdHw ... Looks like I found the Illuminati Mark of le Beast coin. I would buy some butt the damn ETH fees are too high nya~
>>3315 Fucking Synagogue of Satan Satanist Kikes nya~
https://archive.vn/dQxKF ... Biz is lit nya~
(98.48 KB 891x827 1613032422065.jpg)
https://archive.vn/z64hs ... So... it's a scam pretending to be illuminati nya~?
Aaaahhh I can't buy EXRD using uniswap nya~!
>>3322 Oh well, fuck it for now nya~ ... https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/redo-of-healer-uncensored-615522/episode-05-410613 ... lel this is just boring at this point, MC is too OP. Butt it begs the question... if you use drugs to get some one wanting to fuck you, is it rape? That could just include alcohol nya~
(55.32 KB 723x1023 photo_2021-02-11_09-35-02.jpg)
>>3312 Unable to send any pdfs here, la~
(20.51 KB 853x480 photo_2021-02-11_17-32-53.jpg)
>>3328 It says this file format is not supported, la~
>>3329 What file format you're using?
https://archive.vn/Ol7Ug ... Whew, I should have gotten into app design out of highschool. Butt she's a Jew chosen for her role so whatever nya~
>>3322 I tried again, twice, and it looked like it would work, butt no, the transactions failed and I lost another $20 nya~
>>3330 Pdf?
https://archive.vn/4TSJS https://archive.vn/OMZeo https://archive.vn/Cx0Hk https://youtu.be/ral7ErrO0kE ... Everest (ID) is such a fucking scam, just look at the video. Hahahahaha, to bad I can't post on /biz/ because my IPs are range banned, otherwise I'd warn the fools to avoid being scammed nya~
>>3335 Hmm I'm having difficulty dl-ing it... I guess the scammers don't want evidence left behind nya~
>>3334 https://archive.vn/fgXUC ... Lead engineer left in June 2019. Two other faceless engineers. Yep scam nya~ >>3336 I can't dl the video with 4k Video Downloader. Looks like they fucked with the code to make it so evidence can't be recorded nya~
>>3337 Yep it failed to download. EVEREST (ID) is 100% SCAM nya~
(133.59 KB 1280x1280 photo_2021-02-09_22-32-12.jpg)
>>3338 Stop hurting your finances, la~
>>3339 I didn't invest in Everest (ID), butt I was tempted because it seemed like LINK 2.0, butt I was wrong. I have however been unable to buy eXRD like I wanted due to brave wallet and/or uniswap fuckery nya~
(87.96 KB 615x1280 photo_2021-02-11_23-55-01.jpg)
>>3340 Anon.cafe is down, la~
(808.66 KB 690x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3342 I'm trying to find out, la~
(36.87 KB 155x186 checkem.png)
(271.31 KB 400x595 WehrwolfBuchcover1939.jpg)
(38.08 KB 501x585 chinese jew.jpg)
(332.70 KB 327x369 lativan goddess.png)
https://archive.is/yqzMI Thoughts? >>3333 Nice Quads, and the files weren't working before? Do you have a English copy of 'Der Wehrwolf' by Hermann Löns (English the Warwolf) I can't find it for free only the German version, also art/illustration books mostly older ones, collection of Slavic, finnic, Baltic myths and national epics? http://www.gutenberg.org/files/22824/22824-h/22824-h.htm
What if the Empire of Japan remained allied with the UK after WWI. What if https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Ford ran for President on the Democratic ticket with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Scott as his Vice-President? What if the Empire of Japan still attacked Pearl Harbour. What if the USA joined the Axis. What if nya~?
>>3344 https://web.archive.org/web/20090226210356/http://www.rastko.org.rs/knjizevnost/njegos/njegos-mountain_wreath.html Mountain Wreath, Serbian national epic. http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/5186 Kelavada - Finnish National Epic. https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/17445 Lāčplēsis - Latvian National epic. Baltics, hmmm...
(1.59 MB 894x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3345 Going in circles can be unhealthy, la~ Sometimes getting a long and comfy vacation is good, la~
(56.93 KB 1125x550 photo_2021-02-12_05-06-53.jpg)
>>3348 Communism really did a number on us, la~ And with it, it ushered this weird hyper-nationalism, la~ Time to sleep, la~
(91.40 KB 665x886 Bataan.jpg)
(756.57 KB 1200x800 bridge over the river kwai.jpg)
(23.22 KB 375x331 Bulgarian tamga.jpg)
>>3345 >What if the Empire of Japan remained allied with the UK after WWI. I doubt the Anglo-Japanese friendship could of lasted after Versailles with Japan wanting a empire in the pacific and wanting European colonial powers to end in Asia. Japan was butt blasted with Britain after WW1 because Japan thought that they should of gotten more territory/more recognition for their part in the pacific, and felt that they were racially equal to the Europeans(the diplomat at Versailles did)/ called for representative of Britain/France's colonies. And wanted a Pan-Asian Nationalist empire the "pan-Asian co prosperity sphere" and the destruction of European Colonial powers in Asia(mainly Britain, America, Netherlands). And only really signed the Tripartite pact with Hitler because of mutual hatred of Britain/America/USSR. They put Anglo,Dutch,French,Yankee colonials in concentration camps, where they used Dutch women for concubines and treated both White and Asian POWs like shit(i.e see the Burma railway, Bataan Death March, Wake Island massacre) and treated their "Asian brethren" like shit in China, the Philippians, Korea, various minorities in SEA and the Pacific Islands. > What if Henry Ford ran for President on the Democratic ticket with Howard_Scott as his Vice-President? Do you think he could of won? >What if the USA joined the Axis. The American elite were WASPs that were more anglophiles/philo-semitic than teutonophiles but there was attempt from Natsoc leaning German Americans such as in the German-American Bund to align with Germany. But the Bund leader Fritz Kuhn was announced as being "being unpatriotic" by Samuel Dickstein(a communist spy) along with Silver Shirt leader William Pelley. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Dickstein https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritz_Julius_Kuhn https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Dudley_Pelley >>3347 Thx tomorrow could you give me some Macedonian/Bulgarian myths?
>>3352 >I doubt the Anglo-Japanese friendship could have lasted after Versailles with Japan wanting an empire in the pacific and wanting European colonial powers to end in Asia. In this timeline, Britain/Rothschild sees the value of an alliance with Japan to counter the power of the United States (an anti-colonial power) and the Soviet Union (an 'anti-colonial' power), and basically grants them free range in China in exchange for leaving the Rothschild controlled European Empires alone. Britain is also more pragmatic and less ideological here, preferring to establish a formal military alliance with Japan rather than have another power take that role. Japan accepts, content to digest China without threat of embargo or attack from European powers. As they have the strong alliance with Britain, traditional imperialism dominates rather than (puppet-state) pan-Asian Nationalism. ... >Do you think he could have won? >The American elite were WASPs that were more anglophiles/philo-semitic Henry Ford was a very popular and yet 'anti-Semitic' figure (the Elon Musk of his era, better) and if he ran in the Democrat primaries he would have won on the premise of a new industrial revolution and well paying industrial jobs for every man. The Semites would have tried to sabotage and kill him, but Ford was aware of their tricks and would use the emergency of the Great Depression to cease control of the Federal Reserve to finance his great industrial expansion. Ford was still likely to still embargo Japan given that they were the major international threat/competitor to the USA of the day. He would, however, trade freely with Britain and Germany attempt to remain neutral once WW2 breaks out as in our timeline. ... Hitler would be even more aggressive than in our timeline, knowing that only the element of surprise was on his side and having no expectation that an alliance with the UK or Japan would be possible. His ally in the East would be Nationalist China, which would join the Axis. However, all Germany could provide as assistance once the war in Europe began would be an officer attache. Germany would make greater initial progress than in our timeline but would have had greater internal resistance in conquered territory as troops were spread more thinly. ... Japan would still attack the USA, feeling threatened by their presence in the Philippines, angered by their trade embargo, and comforted by Britains support... In fact they have even less reason not to attack the USA in this timeline. ... After Pearl Harbour, Churchill is initially stunned, butt decides to declare war on the USA, tired of having to avoid targeting American convoys trading on credit with the Third Reich and propping up their war effort. Mexico also opportunistically declares war on the USA. ... In the US the pulp newspapers run with 'JAPS SURPRISE ATTACK!' and 'BRITAIN BETRAYS! A STAB IN THE BACK!' 'MEXICO INVADES TEXAS.' The war declarations, especially by Britain and Mexico, come as unbelievable shocks in the USA. Ford declares an unlimited national emergency, and announces that he has accepted Hitler's initiation to join the Axis. He declares war on all the Allied powers, including Canada. ... With Britain and Japan controlling the waves and supporting the Soviet Union, the war lasts much longer than in our timeline. Italy switches sides to the Allies after the successful British conquest of Sicily only to be conquered by the Third Reich even with British support. A great deal of brutal fighting takes place in the Americas as well. The war ends once the USA develops nuclear weapons, destroying Nagasaki, Hiroshima, London, Moscow, and Vladivostok. With Churchill and most of the Royals dead, Britain desperately surrenders to the USA, fearing a Reich invasion. The Soviet Union never formally 'surrenders' but their entire territory is occupied by Reich forces after their chain of command breaks down. The Empire of Japan is the last to surrender. ... While the Third Reich simply annexes Europe, Turkey, and the Soviet Union, The USA annexes Canada and puppets the rest of the world by establishing the UWN (with the USA having the only veto) and a UWN military lead by a Supreme Commander appointed by and subordinate to the USA President. UWN member states must subordinate their armed forces to the UWN Supreme Commander. The UWN excludes the Third Reich, and only the Supreme Commander is authorised to engage State negotiations with the Reich.
>>3353 There are far more member states of the UWN than our timelines UN, as the right of peaceful succession by referendum is guaranteed (except within the USA itself). Free trade is enforced between and in each member state, meaning formal tariffs are forbidden but other means of protectionism are not. The Third Reich quickly 'acquires' USA nuclear technology, while the USA likewise does the same with Reich rocket technology. Under President Scott, a proto-Technate is formed within North America, however, the formal institutions remain Republican. An era of tense competition begins, but without the same ideological edge. Reich propaganda is freely broadcast in the UWN, but fails to achieve any great reorganisation of UWN societies, with Libertarianism becoming more popular in the UWN beginning in the 1970s. However, non-Aryans generally feel societal pressure to move to non-Aryan majority states, with, for example, the Back to Africa movement becoming mainstream..
>>3354 Jews find a homeland with the creation of the state of Israel (within the UWN), and are strongly encouraged to 'return.' Jews (and their cousin Arabs) are widely despised thanks to Reich media and truthful records, but the thought that every people should have a nation is extended even to the Satanic Semites, so long as their evil is never forgotten.
>>3355 The Semites of course attempt to subvert the USA and UWN like in our timeline, butt Reich media has everyone constantly on the watch for the scheming satanic kike, a recurrent villain in the vast majority of media.
>>3356 Dysgenic reproduction becomes the single greatest taboo world wide, with dystopian fiction picturing a Synagogue of Satan ruling over the earth and promoting, nay forcing, the rape and degradation of the Aryan woman by the nigger and other lesser races and the production of dysgenic spawn leading to a decline into utter barbarity not known in all of recorded history.
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/higurashi-when-they-cry-new-310146/episode-19-411427 ... Rika is solidly the one at fault for forgetting her promise, although, Satoko also shouldn't have rejected Rika's (few) offers. Rika's paradise is Satoko's hell... and Satoko desires Rika far more than Rika desires Satoko. To begin with, Satoko and Rika should have lobbied to have the same room. The only reason Satoko managed to enter the academy was with Rika by her side all the time... Rika will pay the price for hurting the one who loves/hates her most nya~
>>3358 I think there is also a secret hidden in Satoko's name. Sato = village while ko = child... Rika leaving the village is the same and Rika leaving Satoko—at least in Satoko's mind nya~
>>3359 The real problem though, is that Satoko hadn't be making love to Rika when she was beside her all those years... so that she wouldn't forget her. Platonic love only goes so far nya~
>>3360 Good night/morning nya~
(1.47 MB 1059x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3352 It's called Epic of the Forgotten(Bulgarian) and I haven't seen an fully english translated work, so this one is only partially. http://www.slovo.bg/showwork.php3?AuID=283&WorkID=10651&Level=1 Here's one from the Baltic States(Estonia) called Kalevipoeg with other tales, la~ https://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/hoe/index.htm
>>3353 > the United States (an anti-colonial power) and the Soviet Union (an 'anti-colonial' power), Should of said the United States (an 'anti-colonial' power if it's a rival nation) and the Soviet Union (an 'anti-colonial' power). >Henry Ford was a very popular and yet 'anti-Semitic' figure You can't find anyone from boomers to historians that don't suck FDR's cock, zoomers don't give a shit, all they know about FDR was that he "saved" America in the 30s. And that boomers will forget that 80% Americans before the bombing of Pearl Harbor didn't want to join the war, and I've heard that newspapers were shut down if they criticize joining it(Don't quote me on that,could just a factoid). America was all ready helping Britain out in 1940 before the official signing of the Lend Lease Act and joining in. But everyone even pacifists act like fighting in the war against the Axis was the most "patriot" thing to do and the most 'American' thing to do, "punching nazis is American like apple pie". And the fact that we helped communists during that war with supplies and allow them to take half of Europe and allowed for the domino effect to take place in the third world, despite years before being anti-communist since the October Revolution and being 'enemies' for 46 years afterwards and having a "red scare" in the 50s, but no one except natsocs care about this. >>3354 >>3355 >>3356 >>3357 Ok. >>3362 Thank you, I knew about Kalevipoeg before just didn't have a pdf, more on Bulgarian history.
(132.29 KB 1008x1200 photo_2021-02-12_05-25-57.jpg)
>>3363 The Three Brothers and the Golden Apple https://spellbinders.org/story/the-three-brothers-and-the-golden-apple/ I can't find Bulgarian folk tales/myths in English and there aren't that many, la~
>>3364 Okay, what about native american/inuit myths?
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/dr-stone-stone-wars-802545/episode-05-116542 ... Strategic Science vs. Tactical Brawn war begins nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/kings-raid-successors-of-the-will-787054/episode-20-483741 ... Soo... are they ever going to explain why MC's mother was killed, and not protected by the previous generation of heroes nya~?
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/hortensia-saga-tv-782525/episode-06-177585 ... Ara~ I'm a bit surprise they can't tell Marius is actually Marielle the princess. How old is she supposed to be here nya~?
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/wixoss-divaalive-402639/episode-06-920455 ... So one girl sabotaged their team in order to make her love interest depend on her. Pretty sly nya~
https://archive.vn/XMocd ... Welp, the Kikes and their plan of world domination marches ever forward. I really fucking hate this world nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/yuru-camp-season-2-386467/episode-06-397712 ... So comfy, maybe life innawoods wouldn't be so bad with a waifu nya~
>>3371 Good night and sweet dream nya~
https://www.youtube.com/c/Nyanners/videos ... I was around when the lewd Catgirl VTuber has her pre-debut on 4chan as a loli going 'pomf' on the bed. How time flies nya~
Oh no I didn't go to bed... ahhhh must escape VTubers and sleep nya~
(1.53 MB 786x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3365 I'm sorry, I don't know any because I haven't yet read any of them, la~
(21.76 MB manofgenius.pdf)
(873.24 KB 737x858 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3379 Currently I'm reading The Man of Genius from Cesare Lombroso, la~
(866.60 KB 2151x2400 bundy the foid killer.jpg)
>>3380 >Believing essentially that criminality was inherited and that criminals could be identified by physical attributes such as hawk-like noses and bloodshot eyes, Lombroso was one of the first people in history to use scientific methods to study crime. "But muh social-economic problems are the only cause for people to become criminals and that we need to give them gibs!" I don't believe that criminality is just caused by inheritances, I think that they'll just be some people who become criminals regardless of inheritances and social-economic problems. Just because you have family that were criminals doesn't mean that you'll become a criminal. Same with serial killers and mass shooters being from unstable homes, alot of serial killers grew up in staple homes and lived normal lives.
(1.81 MB 750x1250 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3381 I mean, sure. It's more of an accumulation of things, every little bit just adds to the increase of someone becoming a criminal, la~ But, it's much more easier to discern criminals on several things, and just be done with it, la~ Hence why, either physical features or socio-economic problems dominate the political discussion, la~ Trying to reason in a polarized society is bullshit and useless, because if someone is 60% this and 40% that you can't say "Oh but his problems arose from this but we have to into this too" this displays weakness, la~ Either something is or it isn't in this society, la~ I.E, centrist positions about issues like this only work in a functional and racially/culturally homogenous place, la~
(1.07 MB 807x958 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3381 I'm not trying to offend you in anyway, to be honest, it's just that I'm getting tired of trying to reason for solving problems, just set binary options and act upon it and then see where the chips fall, la~
>>3382 What gives you the idea that I would want to know the basis of what caused people to be criminals, I just said that criminality could come out of various things? >centrist positions about issues like this only work in a functional and racially/culturally homogenous place, la~ Well I don't live in a functional racially, culturally homogeneous place. >>3383 >I'm getting tired of trying to reason for solving problems, just set binary options and act upon it and then see where the chips fall Since when have you stopped reasoning for these types of problems?
(1.62 MB 900x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3384 Since people have become so polarized, and being aggresive about making your points across by pointing to some problem as 100% caused by a certain factor, gets you to be more favourability/sane(?) la~ I can see that I'm already thinking in binary options even now as I am typing this, la~
>>3385 There's somethings were you could point to a problem and say 100% that problem is caused by a certain factor.
(2.03 MB 1024x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3386 Yeah, I'm pointing out that this exact issue about criminality is made to be 100% caused by certain factors simply due to the increased polarization, la~ I do agree with your stance/approach and it's really pragmatic but the political current is not made for it, la~
>>3388 A clear example of this is the Leftists vs NatSocs, one uses socio-economic factors for causing it and the other uses studies/IQ infographics to blame what's the cause, la~
>>3387 >>3388 >>3389 Okay, definitely on modern e-debates with race realism/racial problems, it's gay and retarded that even race realist 'deniers' admit that there is at least some genetic difference between humans just really small and pointless and that race problems are caused by evil whitey and that we need gay tranny black communist co-ups to fight against evil white capitalism. When race realists/white nationalists bring up various different studies on race even from government documents, they can just dismiss it off the bat, with it has "been disproved" or that that RR/WNs are misusing it for their own (racist)gains, and can just use "muh social-economic factors" and "white discrimination" for when those studies are brought up.
Happy Lovey-Dovey nya~
>>3392 Rosetta still wins the prize for being the sexiest and most alluring I have no doubt she would be the first to take MC's virginity, especially if MC started getting too close to anyone else nya~
>>3397 Ahh butt yet another Valentines has passed without some serious love. How very depressing nya~
>>3398 Time to sleep. Good night nya~
(91.32 KB 906x1280 photo_2021-02-13_20-41-49.jpg)
>>3390 That's exactly why both sides are gaining more and more followers, la~ It's the moralizing factor, la~ And both sides have things to legitimaze their claims, la~ The WN's point out how the institutions are discriminating against them, the lefties can point out how the people in power are white, la~ So both sides point each other as 'evil' and gives meaning, la~ Whichever side wins, it's going to be horrible, la~
(1.30 MB 700x700 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3402 I was fucking gassed. Everything is fucked. Should I pay $15 a month to get a phone plan just to use dating apps? Is there even any point if I still live with my restrictive parents past 32 and so am by definition a soul crushed loser/beta? I fucking hate Bumble, matched with a cute redheaded stoner twice, and she never messaged me once. My parents married when they were 21. Ahh my brain is fucked. Time to shovel snow nya~
(2.30 MB 480x480 video_2021-02-14_21-25-33.mp4)
>>3403 >>3404 You have my condolences and best wishes that you'll succeed soon in your pursuit, la~ >>3405 This looks an very amusing project, la~ Just like the Ocean-city one, la~
It's so annoying when people don't let you complete what you meant to say. It feels yucky nya~
>>3407 Thanks la~ .. Yes, quite la~
>Valentines day >No love, only frustration Sad, I hate feeling like this nya~
>>3410 There were only 3 women on Bumble within my city that meet the minimum qualification of, "want kids someday." Sad nya~
I want to be hooked into a computer and have images of hot girls forced into my brain! I want to cum forever!
>>3413 Sounds like a Huxlean dystopia nya~
>>3400 >why both sides are gaining more and more followers WN gaining more follower's? >The WN's point out how the institutions are discriminating against them, Yes, anyone that's not a retarded faggot knows that the elite aren't "white supremacists" and that WNs do get fucked over by the feds and their families constantly. <the lefties can point out how the people in power are white "White", alot of the elites are jews, mischlings(part jews),the whites are jew lovers, and there's some shabbas goy non-whites in there. Why do we need more blacks and browns to rule over a majority white country, just because there's some black and browns?
(1.35 MB 1072x1040 final1.mp4)
>>3421 Good night, la~
>>3422 Afternoon. Well it looks like the the half-German (Mother's side) half-nigger (Father's side... note: a Somali just impregnated the German race traitor slut mother, he otherwise has never been in the picture) has arrived nya~
(1.18 MB 1280x720 Just Nezuko.. but.mp4)
>>3423 Is his house-stay temporary, la? >>3424 I think it's because our origin myth is a poison that needs to be removed a new one must be forged if we need to have moral standards again, la~
>>3425 Temporary yes, but also potentially long-term (high school) nya~ ... I agree, I am just so frustrated with how unlucky I am, and how powerless I am over my own life. I need to fix this or nothing will get better nya~
Okay, I'm feeling yucky, time to shave and wash the sheets nya~
>>3414 It's not a dystopia if everyone's happy~
>>3428 We could make you feel pleasure constantly with drugs and VR. You could be said to be happy. It would be you own personal 'utopia.' However, to the external observer, you would just appear an addict. The scenario described in that comic is similar to the quantum physics cat in that it is both 'utopian' and dystopian at the same time. It is, most certainly dystopian in the sense that nothing is created. You are isolated. Your existence means nothing to anyone else. You leave no mark on the physical world. Sounds sort of like my life butt I've experienced far more pain and far less pleasure nya~
(1.34 MB 850x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3429 I'd deny that world even if it means that I'd have to get a bullet straight to my skull, la~
>>3429 Would Voxxe blessing everyone with her divine presence be a utopia?
>>3432 Most certainly, the highest utopia nya~
>>3433 Perfection is found in the eternal struggle to reach perfection, even in the divine presence of Voxxe, this remains true nya~
(588.88 KB 744x930 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3434 I want to have the freedom to fail also in my pursuit, too, la~ Also, time for me to sleep, good night, la~ Good wishes to you, la~
>>3435 Failure is just part of the journey. We may never find what we seek in this life. Sweet dreams nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/otherside-picnic-918292/episode-07-593338 ... The girls share their first night together and play on a beach on the otherside nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/kimetsu-gakuen-valentine-hen-716888/episode-03-758059 ... Heh that was pretty accurate. I was popular in elementary school because I could run fast nya~
>>3438 https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/kimetsu-gakuen-valentine-hen-716888/episode-04-457704 ... Sadly, no... yet another Valetine's Day has passed with no love butt virtual love nya~
https://www.marketbeat.com/stocks/NYSE/GME/short-interest/ ... https://www.marketbeat.com/stocks/NYSE/ag/short-interest/ ... Hmu, I wonder where we can find a highly shorted stock with meme potential that we want to buy nya~
(1.68 MB 800x451 3p7kh.gif)
>>3440 I think the craze has passed about it, la~
>>3441 Yes, a momentary insanity, butt lighting does occasionally strike twice nya~
(51.45 KB 564x540 1613503738862.jpg)
(98.48 KB 891x827 1613032422065.jpg)
(1.77 MB 2400x1812 1613504185794.jpg)
Wow, amazing how fast time can pass doing fuck all on the computer nya~
(1.78 MB 918x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3444 This is life, and we're wasting every second of it, la~
>>3445 Ahn~ fuck me harder nya~
https://youtu.be/sVYfJF9vmT0 ... https://youtu.be/7M_6HK7sgMM ... What scenario do you like better nya~?
https://exhentai.org/s/11f3db6b8e/1827158-72 ... Ara~Ara~ I wonder how many generations of incestuous reproduction it would take to start seeing negative effects. I suppose it depends on what you start with nya~
>>3453 https://exhentai.org/g/1837292/c6301394fd/ ... Well regardless, If you're the same-sex you don't have to worry at all nya~
https://exhentai.org/g/1823758/68ba5d21e8/ ... It was prostitution after-all, butt free prostitutes can choose their client nya~
Ahhh watching the markets takes to much fucking time, and I fucking zone out. AHHHHH I HATE IT NYA~
https://archive.vn/4FPIZ >The White House no longer has to publish executive orders or provide an explanation behind their policies and procedures... https://archive.vn/UnHpG >Agencies can now interpret the law as they see fit and not rely on a standard definition of said law. ... The Neo-Communist take over of the (now) USSA is complete. I hope I will be able to escape. If not, it's innawoods for me nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/hortensia-saga-tv-782525/episode-07-961332 ... All is lost... how will the MCs escape this time nya~
>>3460 Butt really, the Princess made so many naive mistakes this episode, and Lord-kun was a fool too for giving into her nya~
>>3461 None of the party seemed to understand the concept of a covert mission nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/redo-of-healer-uncensored-615522/episode-06-411521 ... So while MC gets his revenge, he leaves his childhood village undefended and let's his Mother get rapped to death, yup. This anime is kind of like Game of Thrones, only good for shock value. It is far worse in many ways than Shield Hero, which would have been better if he had made Myne his slave nya~
(109.96 KB 1920x1080 3e8d070a300ba9309efbd3d775436c5b.jpg)
https://exhentai.org/g/1800006/3b1484854b/ ... Tutoring doesn't pay very well, butt I'd consider it for the perks nya~
https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/ https://www.reddit.com/r/livecoin/ ... Both are kill, just like my money and all of my hopes and dreams nya~
>>3466 Yay nya~
(1.36 MB 811x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3468 Me no understand anything except that you've lost money(?), la~
>>3469 In this specific case, I've maybe lost potential gains, that is all nya~
>>3470 https://www.eurocanadian.ca/2021/02/the-cult-of-blackness-in-woke-england.html ... Might as well becalled the cult of >>>/interracial/ by which they mean being cucked by niggers . It is seriously disgusting and quite obviously kike-elite cuck propaganda. Meanwhile a true grassroots meme like https://9chan.tw/pink receives zero attnetion nya~
Looks like the site admins resized the board's banners. To bad, I liked them big nya~
(2.12 MB 1020x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3473 I haven't noticed any difference, la~ >>3472 The advertisements here are still overly majorly European, but from time to time, I see an ad poster with European Man & Asian female, la~
>>3474 Ara~ strange nya~ ... https://lokinet.org/ ... I want to use this butt I don't know how nya~
(1.53 MB 1200x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3475 Nvm, after leaving and entering the board, the size has been changed, la~ I've asked the Lokinet community on Telegram how one would use Lokinet on Windows 10, la~
>>3476 I wonder if my VPN was interfering I tried both Brave and Firefox browsers after the LokiGUI supposedly connected. Butt it still didn't work nya~
I found a funny post on a banned channel nya~
So... I procrastinated and managed to get nothing really done today. Again. It just makes life harder later. I miss having classes in that it forced me to pay attention to the BS nya~
(5.60 MB 800x450 8-bits.webm)
I can't stop listening to this nya~!
(16.00 MB 1280x720 Cosplay.webm)
>>3488 Well I managed to uniswap most of my USDC and ETH for EXRD nya~
>>3491 Time 2 sleep, sweet dreams nya~
(1.20 MB 905x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3480 A /lit/ board devoid of political spergs, la? Is this the light, la~
(2.40 MB 1073x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3496 What's this, la~
>>3498 I don't know just getting rid of random browser clutter nya~
https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts?tags=project_rocket_girls ... Now we have progressed from ships to rockets, next step, starships with AI waifu interfaces nya~
(52.64 KB 1000x662 photo_2021-02-16_01-01-36.jpg)
>>3500 I wish we stopped giving gazillions to africa, stop giving loans to gender-queer, lesbian 14 century buddhist studies, la~ https://guidetokulchur.org/
>>3501 >giving gazillions to africa Yes this is a problem. The West's full embrace of dysgenics will mean the Chinese will inherit the Earth. The Synagogue of Satan would eat each other if they won after-all... Butt, don't worry Ellen-sama will save us by developing consumer starships with warp-drive nya~!
Holy fuck the 'German' half-nigger guy, product of his white slut race traitor mother, keeps fucking staring at me. Fucking look somewhere else. It's all so fucking tiresome. Why do I have to eat at the same table with and break bread with a fucking racial enemy proven repeatedly over and over again through history. I have less than zero interest in making nice with a half-nigger. I have no problem with even the Chinese... but the fucking niggers... with how the politics are how could you invite one into the house? WTF DAD YOU BOOMER JEW-NIGGER LOVING CUCK. I hate having no power over my own life. I hate how the last 10 years and even current events did nothing to change my parents opinions. They will still invite a nigger to live with them, and bend over backwards for him. Changing what they do and say. Doing there best to 'not be racist,' and 'include' him. I FUCKING HATE IT. THEY NEVER GAVE A DAMN ABOUT ME, HOW I REALLY FELT, AND YET THEY PLAY ALL NICE FOR THIS RANDOM NIGGER. I FUCKING HATE THEM ALL nya~
>>3506 All my efforts to get them too wise up failed. They probably never even read 1% of %1 of the articles I sent them. They just buried their heads in the sand. I don't have to follow 'rules' that 'hurt me.' I don't have to play nice. I'm fucking sick of playing nice. It would be better if the slut mother of the half nigger fucked big cats, so the half nigger abomination was never born nya~
For so much of my life the only place that has been somewhat 'safe' has been my room. Yet again, my room is the only place I can feel comfortable, even if it is only a lukewarm comfort nya~
>>308 Mom comes wonders why I left dinner early. Asks what's wrong. I can't say the truth. That I was disgusted by the conversation (about how my parents met and sexuality) and the circumstances (the nigger present). I've never been able to tell her the bloody truth. Because I've always been powerless. I told her I didn't need to tell her what was wrong, and that it wouldn't change anything if I did. I told her she didn't specifically do anything wrong. She's a woman, one that has always obeyed the Alpha is her life, whether that was her Dad or her Husband. No if anyone is wrong, that would be Dad, Mom's husband. Dad bears all the responsibility for being a fucking boomer jew-nigger loving/appeasing cuckservative cuckstain nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/dr-stone-stone-wars-802545/episode-06-183611 ... Yay, Chrome-chan escaped with the help of Yellow-chan. I didn't know that a battery + sweat makes bleach nya~
Goddess, I can't use the overboard anymore because of the niggerkikez and infantkikez on this chan. I think it might be time to leave for greener pastures nya~
Stock Market Crash התרסקות שוק המניות Black Tuesday יום שלישי השחור The Great Depression השפל הגדול Rampant Speculation ספקולציות משתוללות Hyper-Inflation היפר אינפלציה Abolishment of the Gold Standard ביטול תקן הזהב The Federal Reserve הפדרל ריזרב The International Monetary Fund קרן המטבע הבינלאומית Stock Market Crash of התרסקות שוק המניות 1973-74 Energy Crisis of the 1970s משבר האנרגיה של שנות השבעים The Secondary Banking Crisis משבר הבנקאות ה Steel Crisis משבר פלדה הלטינית Israel Bank Stock Crisis of 1983 משבר מניות בנק ישראל De-industrialization דה-תיעוש Outsourcing of Labor מיקור חוץ של העבודה Sweatshops סדנאות הזעה Negative Commodity סחורה שלילית The Long March Through the Institutions הצעדה הארוכה דרך המוסדות Dot-Com Bubble בועת נקוs Energy Crisis of the 2000s משבר אנרגיה משנות האלפיים September 11th Stock Market Crash 9/11 התרסקות שוק המניות Subprime Mortgage Crisis משבר משכנתאות הסאב - פריים Mortgage-backed Securities ניירות ערך מגובים משכנתא Collateralized Debt Obligations התחייבויות חוב מבוטחות Rating Agencies סוכנויות דירוג Jewish Cronyism קרוניזם יהודי The Revolving Door הדלת המסתובבת Lobbying Firms חברות לובי The Hedge Fund Rent-Boy Scandal שערוריית שכר הדירה של קרן הגידור Brexit Stock Market Crash התרסקות שוק המניות של הברקזיט Cryptocurrency Crash קריסת מטבעות קריפטו 2018 Stock Market Crash of קריסת שוק המניות 2020 Naked Shorts מכנסיים עירומים Fails-to-Deliver נכשל במסירה Market Manipulation מניפולציה בשוק 动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门
https://medium.com/oasis-protocol-project/a-rose-for-valentines-day-1d4aa890d9c4 ... Here's a Google tier crypto, butt I won't buy if I can't hold it off Binance nya~
(23.04 MB 4043x5568 1590459698-0.png)
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/higurashi-when-they-cry-new-310146/episode-20-913375 ... I really know how Satoko feels. Regretting the critical turning points in life. Butt, I don't have the same 'idyllic' childhood to return to like in the Satoko of this timeline nya~
(797.07 KB 510x719 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3515 How much more do you need before you're able to self-sustain yourself, la~
>>3516 Too much... I keep making stupid mistakes, losing 1BTC by trading on Livecoin, buying technically superior BSV when I should have just held BTC, almost losing everything on my computer due to magnetic interference... at least this is what I suspect. Or maybe Lokinet just fucked up my computer and it fixed itself when I installed it. Either way I was forced to write down all my passwords and it is now very very late or rather early nya~
>installed it. Meant to say 'uninstalled' nya~
>>3516 https://www.eurocanadian.ca/2021/02/what-really-happened-at-strathcona-high-school.html ... Neo-Commies will be Neo-Commies. This is why I'm seriously considering moving to Japan. But first I need to marry a Japanese girl. Of course, I'd prefer a beautiful Aryan blonde/redhead, butt I really want to GTFO of North America nya~
https://www.interpals.net/Itsyasamin ... Reminder that ancient Iran pre-Arab/Islamic conquest, was a homeland of the Aryans (where they received the name) who were mostly platinum blonde. This girl has some of the colouring but her non-Aryan facial structure shows Arab/Turkic/Mongol influences nya~
(1.36 MB 1500x1400 1605049121-0.jpg)
I think I will just spam Japanese girls with this message: 結婚しよう!一緒に赤ちゃんを作りましょう!; >
(1.32 MB 590x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3521 Why not try for a Russian one instead and probably settle in Vladivostok, la~
>>3522 Russia is too unfree from my tastes, despite being less anti-White (more traditional Civic-Nationalist) nya~
I bet these posts will be deleted nya~
>>3515 Does Satoko's uncle still tear up that little pussy in the new series, la~?
>>3525 Oh, was that part of the original? The abuse is never implied to be sexual, and in the current time line it never happens at all nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/shingeki-no-kyojin-the-final-season-615098/episode-11-630375 ... History is history. Trends are trends. Butt individuals are individuals too. Still doesn't mean I would host a Black guy in my house nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/boruto-naruto-next-generations-923495/episode-187-363878 ... Looks like Boruto has found his Nemesis destined to destroy Konoha nya~
>>3453 They're already doomed la~ They condemned their island paradise to turn to hell on earth the moment they let the nigger on the island nya~
>>3530 You spotted that I see ;) Yes, even a niggress is still a threat because she will give birth to niggers nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/mushoku-tensei-jobless-reincarnation-280419/episode-07-782215 ... MC is pretty blessed in his second life, having his efforts rewarded nya~
>>3532 I'm guessing that Mrs. Redhead wanted to marry MC's Dad which is why he is disliked nya~
>>3533 Next episode is 'turning point 1' is that where you would have the first choices if this was a VN. Butt really MC has already made his biggest choice by leaving home nya~
>>3534 This anime is already better than most isekai, although having MC born with magical talent, adventurer parents, and a noble extended family is perhaps a bit much. Butt in the end all fiction is some sort of wish fulfilment so c'est la vie nya~
>>3535 Time to sleep pyon~
>>3536 Butt first, some high-level non non nya~
>>3538 Butt now it really is past-time for bed. Sweet dreams nya~
https://www.dating.com/ ... A rare dating site not owned by the Jews butt non-Jewish Russians? Still, amusing how the choose a 9/10 platinum blonde at the poster girl. That is appealing since unlike Match group, they aren't actively promoting WFBM ala blacked.com and >>>/interracial/
So I was thinking about alternative courses of action to moving to another country (Japan). Why? because I'm on the dole, and until I actually am independently wealthy, it's painful to consider giving up the dole. One of these, involves moving out my parent's jew-nigger loving place and renting in a smaller/cheaper town. Next, I transfer all of my assets somewhere that can't be ceased by the government in the event of divorce. Then I scour the internet for a Ukrainian mail order bride that is appealing. Despite not being wealthy, a Ukrainian woman might still view me as her ticket to North America. I ask her to prove her devotion by flying here. Then I suggest we have rough sex so she can get impregnated by my seed, and give birth to my child... and in exchange, I promise to marry her. If she agrees and pleases me, and if I have more than less trust in her, and like her, I might actually marry her, if not she can fuck off, and I repeat the process. If I do marry, and then she doesn't have sex with me or divorces me right after she gets citizenship, there is little to nothing that she can take... to further level the playing field, I might legally change my sex to female. So if it came to a court battle for child custody it would be more of an equal fight. Tl;Dr I hate this loveless life where true Romance doesn't exist and lately young men have become more appealing, I've said it before butt if I can't become a stud family man, I will become a trap/new-half virgin hunter Ara~Ara~
(1.34 MB 1280x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3543 You'll need a lot of resources and will to pull through that, la~
>>3544 I would certainly not be able to speculate on investments anymore if I moved out on my own nya~
Mass Democracy and Republicanism has failed for the last time in history (as far as I'm concerned) with the fail of the USA and the rise of the USSA. Tiered Democracy and Direct Democracy in small states is still an option, but mass democracy just shifts power to media and the money powers that own it. Republics are always destined to fall to Plutocrats and/or Communists—in the case of the USSA, both, more specifically, the (Jewish) parasitic banker class one established, takes over from above via (talmudic) cultism/tribalism, and from below using communist subversion and weaponising the forces of dysgenics and jealousy.
https://exhentai.org/g/22030/0ab98a19ce/#c4171460 ... Not really incest... besides I would even go as far to say that homosexual incest isn't incest. The same way I would say that the only real sex is (unprotected?) penis in vagina nya~
https://exhentai.org/g/85590/fbd9679ff8/ ... https://exhentai.org/g/171670/6d00d90acc/ ... https://exhentai.org/g/391611/7f79c3f44e/ ... Before homosexuality became as accepted as it is today in the urban developed world, it was common to marry a direct family member of the true object of affections that was otherwise off-limits nya~
https://medium.com/@_unwriter/the-metanet-starts->84f255a65782 >Why build cats on the blockchain when you can build Schrödinger’s cats on the blockchain? Meow~
Well, I placed a bet on ETH continuing to collapse. Because fuck $100 ETH fees nya~
>>3556 Aaahhhhh sweet night nya~
https://interpals.net/Mariya-zimina ... She's hot, butt I already bored her and she stopped replying. A shame, I could use a Doctor to heal my heart nya~
https://www.whitedate.net/ ... I think I might make an account on here 'as a woman,' butt right now, I have work to do nya~
>>3560 >I love the concept of male elves looking like female elves except for the the presence of male genitalia and the lack of developed breasts. Immortal and beautiful, truely the superior race. >What qualifies as effeminate? If an elf is functionally male, butt can appear as an elf female, and yet is stronger than a bearded heavyset dwarf, is the elf really effeminate? ... Well, what do you think nya~?
(1.12 MB 850x1246 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3558 Willful ignorance to some events sometimes can do well, la~ >>3561 I lack knowledge in this area, la~
>>3562 >Willful ignorance to some events sometimes can do well, la~ How so? Ignorance may have been bliss in the 1950's, butt recent events have changed that nya~ ...
So because this board never has attracted new users, I've unlisted it for now. I also think I'll take a break from posting nya~
>>3565 I've realised what I need to do. I need to finish my fucking degree and move out of my parents house. I've been terrified my whole life. Terrified of my parents. The police state is less scary. I'm tired of it. Until I have even the most basic independence—a place of my own to live, I have no freedom nya~
(100.22 KB Good-Jews.pdf)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacque_Fresco >grew up in a Sephardi Jewish household >He left home at the age of 14, hitchhiking and "jumping" trains https://www.thevenusproject.com/ ... Good Jews can exist, butt they are nearly non-existent. Was Jacque Fresco a good Jew nya~?
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/black-clover-2017-779724/episode-165-543991 ... Jewish Devil worshippers attempt to realise hell on Earth through kabbalistic ritual magic... is really this fiction?
So I bet that ETH would crash butt it is back up. I'm really no good at this gambling thing nya~
https://exhentai.org/g/952779/1e58645ad2/ ... I've always found the incest taboo strange outside of unprotected reproductive intercourse. If anything shouldn't it be more normal to show your love physically to your family outside of perhaps 'true incest' nya~
https://exhentai.org/s/8935b37325/963563-17 ... So I learned that inseki in the context of this site, means non-blood related incest nya~
Wow a fucking hour passed reading yuri inseki, ouch, must get to bed nya~
I really must find my own space. I am tired by being ruled by fear nya~
>>3581 I am so tired of being ruled by the fear of my parents, external society, lack of money, and lack of love. I will be abstaining form those things that don't help me achieve my own space, which is my number 1 objective nya~
https://www.deviantart.com/absentia-veil ... https://mangakakalot.com/read-ky9kk158504893091 ... https://scan-vn.blogspot.com/2020/02/about-visual-novel-reader-new.html ... http://vnr.aniclan.com/ ... https://community.wanikani.com/t/visual-novel-reader-adds-furigana-and-machine-translations-to-visual-novels/45482 ... Thinking back on my past, I always knew that compromise wasn't possible with my parents. I should have found a way. I will find a way to have my own space... to have some inner peace nya~
https://youtu.be/20HwDBavxJ4 ... A nigger impersonating a Norse Goddess. Eww nya~
>>3585 So TBH the BSV news is disappointing. I expected something more than more legal suits. So Craig lost money in a hack, so did I. Twice. Of course, 'justice' is only available for those with resources. BSV is still the best Bitcoin butt it's all so tiresome nya~
(625.83 KB 720x511 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3585 That guy is def a diversity token, la~ >>3584 This will help those who want to play VN but don't know the language, la~ >>3566 One thing at a time, la~
>>3586 https://kotchan.fun/chat/int ... Literal niggers on kotchan, and in the room beside me a German nigger 'homestay brother.' Is it too much to ask to not have to experience niggers nya~?
>>3587 Most definitely, butt he is also the formal head of the project lol nya~ ... Yes, I've been meaning to set VN reader up again but I don't know if my old labtop can handle it and my desktop died nya~ ... Yes... to rent a one room apartment in my city would take literally all of the money I receive from the gov't per month. So I guess I just have to endure my Father's jew-nigger loving rule. I'm doing my best to ignore the german nigger without being accused of being racist by the nigger like I was by a chink homestay 'brother' who was being aggressive with my mother. Frankly my parents would probably get raped and murdered if they lived in South Africa. I could totally see them get raped and murdered even here by hosting niggers. It's disturbing how they will just accept them into their home even after I spent 10 years sending them Amren and ect articles about niggers raping grandmas to death ect nya~
(1.64 MB 850x1217 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3589 Well, they've been indoctrinated from school to this point, la~ We've been allowed to break free from it forcefully through the internet, la~ Also, probably the blatant anti-white hatred helped a lot too in the process, la~ I hope you'll have a comfy night, la~ Good night, la~
(781.46 KB 881x1400 1613033365352.jpg)
>>3590 Good night nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/hortensia-saga-tv-782525/episode-08-801853 ... That rescue was really perfectly timed, the princess is blessed to been saved despite her foolishness, butt at least she cares for the people, which is enough reason to choose her over the other rulers nya~
(813.86 KB 1360x768 1614191329242.png)
Well, time to sleep nya~
(765.55 KB 1280x776 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3594 Good night to you, la~
>>3595 Good evening nya~
(1.25 MB 769x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3596 Good evening to you, la~ https://whoiswhite.wordpress.com/ Found this, hmm~
My parents are getting ready to celebrate Purim or the victory of (honeypots and) Jews over Haman and his followers in ancient Persia (Aryanland) nya~ >>3597 >4chan Yikes, that is obsolete. Good links in general though nya~
I'm actually going to go to bed at 11PM tonight. I want to make this the norm from now on. I feel like there is so little I can achieve in a day. I think I'll just have to accept my situation and myself for what it is and what I am. Yes I want my situation and myself to get better butt h8ting on myself for not being capable of being where i wanted to be in my life is not helpful. It could be I will never achieve my life's desire. If so, then it was never meant to be. Whatever nya~
(635.60 KB 683x1032 Current-Year.jpg)
I think I both need to get better at multitasking and yet also focus more on single tasks. Tomorrow I will shave and clean up my room. Then I will work more on assignments nya~
>>3600 Yesterday night I had trouble deciding what anime to watch. I should have just gone to bed. I want to watch a comfy anime before bed butt all there was was gore anime nya~
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/that-time-i-got-reincarnated-as-a-slime-season-2-377665/episode-07-252196 ... One problem with this anime is how there is functionally no differences between humans and the evolved goblins/orc-pigs/lizardmen. The only really difference is that orc-pigs are ugly, the goblins are green and often ugly, and the lizards are lizards nya~
>>3604 What is the point of having different fantasy species if they have no unique traits nya~?
https://www2.kickassanime.rs/anime/higurashi-when-they-cry-new-310146/episode-21-258062 ... So what did Satoko want? If Rika offered to help, why did she reject it? Evidently it was because Rika's attitude towards Satoko had changed. Satoko was no longer anyone special to Rika. Rika prioritised her new friends and life over Satoko as soon as she enrolled in St. Lucia. Why didn't Satoko just let Rika go? In Satoko's mind, Rika is the only one for her as her best childhood friend. She can't understand how she could become a completely different person after leaving the village. However, I do think they should have shown Satoko accepting all of Rika's invitations... and then have had Rika abandon Satoko by simply not inviting her anymore. As it is, the fault for the fraying friendship lies mainly on Satoko. Satoko evidently expected more attention to be paid to her even after rejecting Rika's invitations. I don't think a good job was done for St. Lucia's second loop, they completely skipped important events when Satoko could have made different decisions like in a VN nya~
(855.07 KB 614x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3608 >>3599 That sounds like a extremely good initiative, la~ Will you be able to keep at it, la~
>>3609 I hope so nya~
https://www4.gogoanime.pro/anime/laid-back-camp-8wnn?ep=8 ... Ara~Ara~ always comfy... well time to have my Midnight bath... I just wish I could have it outside together with lewd gals under the moon nya~
https://www.eurocanadian.ca/2021/02/manifesto-for-canadian-renaissance.html ... >Ban violent religions and cults. How about no. There are already laws against violence nya~ >Promote Christian values. How about no, Cuckistianity is the ultimate reason the elite Jews rule over us nya~ >Eliminate welfare fraud, remove most social workers. Sounds like a vague mealiness platitude nya~ >Replace all banks with localized credit unions. Hmm good luck with that. You're better off supporting PIVX nya~ >Encourage localized agriculture and businesses. ...and how will you do that nya~? >Tighten laws regarding marriage, divorce, and abortion. Again, more vagaries. If you want to restore Christcuck marriage, you have to erase marital rape as a concept and bring back fault divorce nya~ >Discourage Marxism and fraudulent social science. What a pathetic statement. 'discourage' hahahaha, how about exterminate? If you're White our enemies want you raped and dead, or at least (for females primarily) race mixing nya~ >Raise academic standards, tighten university admissions. Another ambiguous statement. Goddess this author needs to take the dildo out of his ass nya~ >Prohibit use of non-medical mind-altering drugs. So more mindless statism eh nya~? >Develop strong anti-trust laws. Yeah, no. Sorry but the private interest always trumps the public interest, and democracy is dead nya~ >Reverse the decline in European immigration. Wow, we get to 12 before the Christcuck even talks about race >Protect freedom of speech, press, and assembly. ...and fucking 17 before the statist Christcuck mentions freedom. In the end, religion is the highest form of politics. Everything is derivative of it nya~
(100.22 KB Good-Jews.pdf)
https://nationalvanguard.org/2021/02/the-good-jew/ ... Good Jews exist. Butt they are extremely rare, rarer than gold nya~
https://nationalvanguard.org/2021/02/race-not-country/ ... The Nordic Resistance movement is that last serious political force on Earth trying to preserve the Aryan race. It's too bad that I can't join them because of other disagreements nya~
https://nordicresistancemovement.org/love-your-people/ ... I love the appearance, and some inborn traits of my genetic people. Butt alas, I do not love them as they are now nya~
Thought experiment here. Take a Hollywood approved script and make both an anime (outsourced to Japan) and American live action version. Will the anime version be better by default? I don't think so. Both are likely to be shit because of the elite Jewish agenda nya~
https://exhentai.org/g/790406/9a50e29885/ ... The closest of friends nya~
I just read comments about anime instead of watching anime again nya~
>>3620 >White women that race-mix are the lowest of the low. Men race-mixing is no problem at all so long as they do not bring their mixed race offspring or non-White partners to White homelands. I couldn't care less about the age. Eugenics is the highest public good. I essentially agree nya~
Time to go for a walk nya~
>>3624 Ahh so tired. That was quite a 'walk.' More like a hike nya~
(1.89 MB 1168x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3617 Spiteful mutants in society are running amok, la~
https://exhentai.org/g/1854247/d3eb1dfcef/ ... She raped her sister and she liked it nya~
>>3628 Radical Eugenics is the way forward to the stars. The society that embraces the most radical form of eugenics while not undermining present and future strength in numbers will dominate nya~
>>3631 What is necessary is the establishment of a break away civilisation founded on eugenics nya~
Cancer like >>>/interracial/ aka Blacked.com chan version, is dysgenic and thus inherently anti-civilisation, and anti-humanity. Thus, it must be purged. All freedom of expression must be permitted except that which is dysgenic. Even the diaper, toddler, and cross-species (non-reproductive) beastiality fetish freaks are irrelevent compared to the dysgenic disaster of outposts of Judeo-Satanic pornographic content such as >>>/interracial/ nya~
>>3633 I can no longer browse the 8chan.moe overboard due to the existing that disgusting board. It's presence alone makes me wish to migrate to a chan lacking such infuriatingly disgusting dysgenic content nya~
>>3628 It's interesting how he talking about the racial foreigner undermining trust even between those of an in-group. The German nigger certainly does this for me. After seeing how the rest of my family members go out of their way to be kind to him, after being so cold to me, I can't help but view them too with added distrust and disgust. I don't know if this would be the same if say, a White student went to live with a Japanese family. I doubt it nya~
Clearly, I should have invested in ADA instead of BSV nya~
>>3640 I won't be selling my BSV unless a sudden spike up occurs. I also won't be buying more anymore. It's beyond annoying how CSW's big reveal was more lawsuits nya~
>>3647 おやすみなさいにゃ〜
Hello world. What do you want from this board nya~?
This will be my primary posting location from now on: http ://eight ch gaw4nnxcn66nszcgxzzvpjxnlfdv7djaxx5tcw25xlpyfjaqd.onion/voxxe/index.html
>>3652 NEW THREAD: http://eightch gaw4nnxcn66nszcgxzzvpjxnlfdv7djaxx5tcw25xlpyfjaqd.onion/voxxe/thread/2.html
(1.82 MB 954x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3653 What will happen to this one, la~
>>3654 It will still be here nya~
>>3655 You can still post here if you want nya~
It's hard to know what pictures to put on Tinder, I wish I had a real friend to help me with this... or even better if I had a true lover so I didn't have to bother. I think I would be able to pass quite well if I wanted to be a new-half. In fact, it's more of a challenge to look and act masculine/alpha. Butt, I want children, so maybe I need extra testosterone nya~
>>3657 That said, all the years of stress and staying up late has resulted in forehead wrinkles and seemingly permanent bags under my eyes. I wonder if I could reverse that with the right lifestyle and health/beauty treatment nya~?
(3.23 MB 2560x1366 MILF.png)
Ara~Ara~ how bold Auntie is!
>>3660 Rudy fucked up, he needed to focus on kissing her on the lips first before attempting his lustful creeping. I feel like he missed out on the Eris route by failing to seduce her here. He also retreated from a political power play that would involve marrying Eris, without asking for the details, something I wouldn't have done. BTW I love these POV shots, this anime is the best isekai in recent memory nya~
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https://isthesqueezesquoze.com/ ... Seriously still saying the squeeze isn't over even when short interest is below 50% nya~? ... https://fintel.io/ss/us/PSLV ... You're far better off buying PSLV nya~
(1.47 MB 802x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3665 Lol, just saw the covid-19 economic relief for the USA, la~ You don't receive any if you're white, la~
>>3667 Yep, making anti-white institutional racism great in the USSA nya~
>>3653 Ahh I'm being lazy and posting here even though we have a new thread nya~
Wanna play a game except I really need to get to work nya~?
(313.07 KB 786x512 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3671 What is this game, la~
This is truth TBH nya~ >>3669 >https://www.cryptofights.io/ >>3672 Nippah~
(11.04 MB 2894x4093 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3673 I have to wait for the beta email telling me that I've been accepted, la~
https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/urus-token ... So this just listed today. I wonder what ETH gas fees are like today nya~? >>3674 Ara~ I suppose I should sign up too then nya~
(3.03 MB 1202x2064 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3675 Now, we just wait until eventually something happens, la~ I'm glad to know that you still have will to fight for life, la~
>>3676 Time to sleep, la~
>>3676 Ara~ there isn't really a better option is there mooo~ >>3679 Good night mooo~
(1.89 MB 1280x995 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3680 True that, la~
(121.35 KB 1274x1005 1614830076826.png)
(144.23 KB 1249x1253 1614831100027.png)
(150.77 KB 1155x862 1614830831349.png)
(392.86 KB 1086x718 1614829983200.jpeg)
(1.67 MB 1110x1382 1614833187364.png)
https://archive.is/CCFX8 ... こわいにゃ〜
>check overboard by accidental habit >blacked*TM livestreams Okay, yeah I'm done with this site. Remember that killing niggers and those who like/aid/support them is righteous holy war. Butt I'll forgive you if you are not righteous in this respect nya~
>>3703 Butt, alternatively, I will just use this chan for censored video game discussion nya~
https://archive.is/iuLOm https://youtu.be/RnfF7xIL-jQ ... Looks like Charles has a mind of his own. I can respect that nya~
https://archive.is/Vwr50 >Not your bank, not your money... https://archive.is/q61va >Silver manipulated
I am so fucking done with niggers and nigger lovers. They should all die nya~
>>3709 https://youtu.be/HgApJDy0eDY ... Cultural Jews, and genital mutilators, illogical fools, and sex role fanatics too nya~
>>3710 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clP4e6x-4hU ... I despise people who are obsessed with controlling the lives of others in every way except when it comes to what actually matters: eugenic reproduction. I despise those who cause pain, suffering, and hardship for their own children butt consider themselves righteous. Those who live only for the future or the past... and I despise myself for not being strong enough to transcend everything I despise nya~
>>3712 https://youtu.be/YH_rwqWny9s ... Love is despair. Love is hope nya~
(698.67 KB 1000x750 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3714 They don't even prefer themselves in real life, la~ Though that's a bold claim, la~ Also, every 'dark' man in Japanese anime is just a tanned Nip unless it's specifically mentioned they're black/nig-nog, la~
>>3715 Niggers destroyed Haiti, Rhodesia, and South Africa. Niggers have ruined the Caribbean and Brazil. Niggers genocided Whites whenever they were able/allowed too. I say we should not give niggers the benefit of the doubt. Even a 'good' nigger should be sterilised. Race is is far more than skin colour. A very darkly tanned Nip is not a nigger. The medium brown mixed nigger ('German' product of race-cuckholdry) in the room beside me is however, a nigger, the vast majority of his expressed traits come from his nigger father not his race-traitor mother. He is perhaps a 'good' nigger. However, for the greater good, in the future, all male niggers should be aborted or castrated. Black females should be sold to Chinese men. The product of East Asian male X Black female unions (Blasians) can actually be acceptable due to the dominance of the Asiatic phenotype nya~
(1.32 MB 827x1169 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3716 I'd rather have their entire continent barricaded and all of the current ones in European countries, shipped there, la~ And let Homo Erectus do his own things, la~
>>3716 Our enemies, Cultural Jews, Niggers, and other anti-Aryans, want to exterminate us. Isn't it about time we start fighting back? Other issues are irrelevant by comparison. A pro-Aryan pro-Eugenics movement unclouded by Jew-Christian morality and sexual D/C must be founded. Aryans should reign supreme in White founded Nations. Anything less is cuckoldry. Imagine if the CCP in China had the goal of replacing the Han Chinese with niggers. Hard to imagine right? Well, replacing Aryans with niggers and other non-Whites that can be programmed to be anti-White, is the official program in North America, Europe, and Australia/NZ. Controlling the means of communication and reproduction are paramount nya~
>>3717 That is certainly the simplest solution. However, the Chinese will almost certainly conquer the continent then. That is not the worst situation nya~
(282.02 KB 400x400 waifu.png)
https://waifulabs.com/ ... I made a waifu nya~
(292.38 KB 400x400 waifu (1).png)
(272.01 KB 400x400 waifu (2).png)
(284.73 KB 400x400 waifu (3).png)
>>3720 https://make.girls.moe/ ... Do you think she's cute nya~?
(260.64 KB 400x400 waifu.png)
(258.62 KB 400x400 waifu (1).png)
(272.12 KB 400x400 waifu (2).png)
(276.51 KB 400x400 waifu (3).png)
(275.66 KB 400x400 waifu (4).png)
>>3721 This girl is cute too butt I think my first was prettier nya~
(1.73 MB 1052x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3722 >>3721 >>3720 Either I have no taste or my standards are low, I think the ones from >>3722 are the best, la~
>>3723 Nya~ I like both I just find the first sexier nya~ . TFW I've never had bad enough grades to fuck sensei. Butt, I think sensei should only fuck the top 10% of students in the class to motivate the rest, in case sensei gets pregnant, it is a more eugenic policy as well nya~
>>3718 1. Jewish Supremacist >Clearly marked jewish society that preserves, names, and values jewish Superiority OR 8. Jewish Abolitionist >Changing institutions, dismantling jewishness, and not allowing jewishness to reassert itself :D
(1.75 MB 1017x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3726 Sorry, I'm not leaning into guys, la~ Are you set on getting only in Japan, la?
>>3719 Fuck, I'm tired, la~
(721.16 KB 1133x1600 025_025EN.jpg)
>>3727 Ha, baka baka. Butt nah, I might consider the Philippines as well. Myanmar is interesting from an investment perspective. As it is, I'll stay in the general area I am currently unless I have a strong reason to move. For example, what is the point in say, moving to the EU? Not really different on the important issues, from where I am now... I'll hit on White girls as well. I haven't had any success with any online TBH. They never respond. Not even any conversations. I wish I could go back in time. I fucked up every chance I had by being too timid. Of course, I only ever went after girls I found attractive, typically 7-9s. If I had aimed lower I probably could have avoided being forever alone. Butt nowadays aiming lower isn't any more likely to bring success. BTW I'd date/fuck me, I mean, fuck it. The half-Japanese, half french girl I sent this >>3726 canceled her account lol. 'Women' aka girls don't want normal conversation, butt they also don't want pick up lines, humour how the fuck am I suppose to know what they'll find funny?, or simply being extremely direct. It's all so tiresome nya~
(245.55 KB 1681x2802 Christendom.png)
Christianity, being descended from Judaism, destroyed or weakened European blood-tribalism, and is ultimately what makes 'White genocide' even conceivable. Europe was spiritually conquered from the outside and inside. The conversion of the Roman Empire to Christianity, sealed the collapse of Roman Western Civilization, and the nascent Germanic Western Civilization that could have risen from Rome's ashes. The 2nd Western Civilization of Christendom was a Dark Age, that only weakened with the weakening of the Catholic Church. This was due to the emergence of anglicism, Protestantism, and the renaissance in Italy. However, none of these neo-goy insurrections restored the blood-tribe. Eventually neo-Republicanism (people are ever forgetful and hopeful), Judeo-Plutocracy, and Judeo-Communism would supplant the Church's power further, butt more importantly, the Aristocracy's power, which, was the last true form of goy power. Only a return to blood and soil tribalism can save Aryan civilisation. How must this be achieved? First, the taboo against incest must be eradicated. This taboo was created by the Christian spiritual-invaders. Second, a cult of eugenics must be adopted. You might say these points contradict, butt in reality, they balance. The only outside blood brought into a tribe must be considered superior and blessed by every member of the tribe. The size of a tribe must be capped at 100, after that, a new tribe should be formed. The natural form of government is emergent from the naturally emergent family unit nya~
(1.43 MB 3000x1798 Ice-Age.jpg)
>>3732 I should mention that sexuality should be completely liberalised within the tribe. Even having some members of the tribe not reproduce, is not threatening as unwanted (by anyone) outsiders are not allowed in. Although, those who make vows should keep them. Vow making would not be mandatory, and is certainly unnecessary in this neo-Tribal system nya~
I certainly think that 'Layer 2s' that exist just to patch a faulty Layer 1 are 'memes' and bad ones . This is why I've shorted ETH. Too bad I again timed things wrong nya~
I fucking hate losing. I'm tired of losing nya~
>>3738 http://chng.it/vbSHVY6jgb ... I doubt anything will come of this nya~
(2.05 MB 904x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3738 Neanderthal people were right about solving problems, la~ Bigger stick does solve everything, la~