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猫女神ゆりアリャナ#1 バステト 10/01/2020 (Thu) 05:03:35 No. 334
>>660 It is truely sad that there are so few pro-Aryan news sources. Just as a single individual, a people without a voice have no future nya~
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/danmachi-season-3-886055/episode-02-436414 ... There are always outliers, the problem is, general policy cannot be made for outliers without dire consequences. Exceptions, perhaps, can be. A Familia should have the right to take an outlier as a 'ward.' A Familia would be collectively responsible for all the actions of their wards. A ward would always be required to have supervision by at least two members of the Familia who posses greater martial ability than the ward. As for whole groups of 'civilised monsters,' they should be given stewardship over parts of the dungeon and permitted to prove their loyalty to the adventurers by helping them. As for whole groups of 'civilised monsters' that want to live on the surface... this is simply too dangerous. The average monster, let alone an intelligent one, is far stronger than the average human. A future where these 'civilised monsters' genocide or enslave humanity is more likely than one of peaceful coexistence. In conclusion, groups must be treated separately from individuals nya~
>>670 Nazi newssources aren't pro anyone, they just want you to die a glorious death on a battlefield on the behalf of your masters.
(1.12 MB 900x900 1428001446863.jpg)

>>672 What nazi newssources? I don't know any. Who are the masters you're talking about?
>>673 Any newssites broadcasting the white genocide conspiracy are nazi funded, you masters are just rich racists.
>>674 Butt the White genocide conspiracy is indisputable fact given available demographic data and mainstream propaganda. Also, it's ironic you say what you do nya~ ... Any news sites broadcasting anti-White propaganda are Satanist funded, your masters are just rich anti-White racists nya~
>>676 >the White genocide conspiracy is indisputable fact given available demographic data and mainstream propaganda Wait how does these prove targeted mass killings on whites? Low birthrate doesn't count as genocide as you should know. Also I've seen no anti white propaganda on my newsources, just anti nazi. Not all white people are nazis, just the violent and stupid ones.
(5.15 MB 1280x720 genocide.webm)

>>674 >Any newssites broadcasting the white genocide So none. >you masters are just rich racists You really should grow out of that slave mentality even if you are a nigger. Modern world no longer need uneducated slave laborers. And there is nothing wrong with being rich or racist, those are actually virtues. >>677 >Low birthrate doesn't count as genocide See vid related for the actual definition of "genocide".
>>678 Yea, whats happening to white people doesn't fit that defenition. Amount of white people is still growing globally.
>>678 >there is nothing wrong with being rich or racist, those are actually virtues. Yea keep simping for them, they'd let your whole family die if they made a penny out of it.
>>677 >>680 https://www.zerohedge.com/political/white-supremacist-narrative-unravels-whitmer-kidnap-suspect-attended-blm-rally-another ... The fact that 'Nazis' and 'White Supremacists' are 'created' to be the greatest enemy by the 'normal/majority/monopoly' media in White founded (and still White majority... until the boomers die off) nations says it all. All 'Jews' who practice circumcision AKA genital mutilation worship satan. Some are more serious about it. Some are more powerful. The Synagogue of Satan (S0S) won WW2... and from their perspective, all Whites are potential 'Nazis' (a word coined by a 'Jew' just like the word racism). Therefore WW2 has not really ended, because for the S0S it won't end until all Whites are extremely debased or exterminated. Likewise, for us WW2 won't end until the 'jewish' cult' AKA S0S is eliminated from all positions of power. Kiss my a-ass nya~
>>679 Whites were at their peak before WW1. Whites have continuously declined as a percent (%) of world population since the conclusion of WW2. They have also declined as a percent in their respective White founded nations. USA, UK, France, Germany, ect nya~
>>683 I say 'the conclusion of WW2' butt I really mean the end of formal governmental resistance against the SOS i.e. the destruction of the Third Reich nya~
South African history: >Small stone age tribes resembling the Australian aborigines. They are not Zulu. >Dutch speaking settlers arrive >Whites almost instantly become the majority in South Africa >British Empire wages a brutal war of conquest against the Dutch settler states. The Rothschilds were already in-control of the Empire at this time. The Empire generally treated other White competitors worse than the jewish, 'noble savage.' >Rich capitalists betray their race (or are Jewish) and bring in Zulu labourers in great numbers. >Blacks (mostly Zulu) now outnumber Whites in SA >Formal conflict in WW2 ends and White rule is now evil thanks to the victory of the S0S >White government in SA demonised for maintaining power while Whites are a minority. >White government capitulates to 'democracy' and 'equality.' >White supremacy is ended in SA >What replaces it? Democracy? Equality? No these are not an identifiable group... >Black supremacy replaces White supremacy in SA and the country slides from being a first world country into shit, just like Haiti and Rhodesia before it. >The same shit is now coming to Europe and NA. I could go into more depth, butt the story of history is simple really. Civilisation is emergent from biology. Average biology is important. Democracy is not always good. Equality is a lie, ect nya~
(69.34 KB 797x1159 2lrbj.jpg)

>>685 >>685 What's called 'hate-speech' is merely a 20th century name for the old crime of blasphemy. Despite there being clear refutations of the 'tabula-rasa' and proving that there are genetic differences in races, expecting (((these))) people to accept that is sort of naive, la~ It's like expecting them to do "We're sorry, it's true, we are all a bunch of shills, we'll go work as taxi drivers now?" despite the tons of propaganda machines that they have, la~
>>687 Indeed, and it's laughable that people think you can have 'hate-speech' and even 'hate-facts' and yet still claim you have 'free-speech' nya~
This aversion to 'hate' too, is Orwellian. Not being permitted to express emotions is dystopian. Hate is merely the - to love's + nya~
>>682 Yea I wasn't expecting better answer than incoherent conspiracy theory babbling anymore. It's like you are drowning in an olympic sized swimming pool of your own puke and feces. Your dream society is some middle aged peasant society where you rape your own children and you dare to think of yourself as the pinnacle of the western society. Deporting you from any country would rise their average IQ by at least 50 points.
>>683 The percentage of people having their brains reduced to mush from being shaked too much as baby you personally hold is declining yearly, but you still aren't getting any smarter.
>>685 History of white race >greeks fucking little boys >romans being generally corrupt and megalomaniac pieces of shit >yo lets kill all the cats so rats run free >actual genocide of whole continent >ok, we realised we've been a bit shit let's blame jews Am I strawmanning good yet?
>>687 It has been scientifically proven that people believing in racist conspiracy theories are on average more dumb, violent, and criminally inclined than the median. Like how idiotic can you be, instead of hating rapists, you hate black people because some of them rape, and in the end you dont give a shit about rape. Same with the jews, you hate jews as a whole because some gang on the top happens to be jewish, but when our white leaders do same shit, you either lick their shoes or somehow try to find some vague jewish connection. It's like blaming people for being mormons because they know some mormons. You use your hate wrong, you waste it on people having nothing to do with the issues. There's nothing wrong with hate speech, as there is nothing wrong with guns, but when you start to use them on innocent civilians you become a war criminal.
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/the-journey-of-elaina-635960/episode-02-594175 ... Will Elaina make a girl fall for her in each city she visits? What a player nya~
(2.87 MB 2192x1591 2lrcg.png)

>>694 Why does he keep resorting to name-calling or character assault, la~ Why does he keep projecting his insecurities on others, la~ I fail to understand the mind of lefties, la~ What is this anime, la~
>>696 >boo hoo what a meanie If you want to understand me please just read what I said and answer that instead of crying about ad hominems in an eristic argument.
>>696 NPCs are programmed to attack anything that challenges their programming. The vast majority of humans never challenge their programming. Male Aryans are most likely too, butt even then, the majority do not challenge their programming nya~
>What is this anime A witchy anime nya~
(1.19 MB 1000x1265 2lr7u.jpg)

>>699 Can you refute the claims about races, la~ >>692 That gives me a lot to go...
(233.75 KB 1280x1082 photo_2020-10-08_02-53-32.jpg)

(168.69 KB 960x1280 photo_2020-10-08_02-53-31.jpg)

>>701 Lalalalalala?
(112.53 KB 1280x908 photo_2020-10-10_00-27-06.jpg)

Prominent french nationalists are entering into a post-national era : they now are considering using coming troubles to claim an internal secession in order to build one or many ethnostates, Burgundy being the first one and serving as a founding myth, la~
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/the-day-i-became-a-god-492732/episode-01-880821 ... Turns out Odin likes taking the form of a pink haired loli, wearing nun-cosplay, and hanging out in Japan with some random Japanese boy nya~
(383.94 KB 2048x1396 2lr27.jpg)

>>701 Time to sleep, la~
>>706 Good night nya~
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/love-live-nijigasaki-gakuen-school-idol-doukoukai-294307/episode-02-843837 ... The backgrounds are more detailed than the first and second love live anime, butt this third one seems to be missing something. Or maybe I'm just tired nya~
I won't stop struggling to achieve a body and life I am happy with nya~
>>698 You challenge your programming if youre programmed to challenge your programming, you were just reprogrammed.
(12.63 KB 800x800 zY21v11.png)

(30.12 KB 230x230 9824984297865.png)

>>712 Its nothing personal, life is simply better when there aren't any niggers, jews, faggots, feminists or communists around.
>>713 Maybe because you keep constanly picking up fights with them for no reason. If you'd just ceased being annoying nazi creep they wouldn't bother you as much. You keep doing it to yourself.
(30.21 KB 376x468 347548492.jpg)

>>714 You are too much of a negative force upon humanity to be tolerated, tolerating degeneracy is what got us in this mess in the first place. If you don't like to be despised, try looting less stores, rape less, stop stealing so many bicycles, stop trying to destroy the nuclear family, stop leeching on the welfare system, don't have low IQ genetics, stop promoting homosexuality, if you insist on being a commie, no one is stopping you, feel free to give up your private property and fuck off.
>>715 >You are too much of a negative force upon humanity to be tolerated I'm just being negative force upon you. You hate a major portion of humanity, I just hate nazis, so don't you act morally superior. >tolerating degeneracy is what got us in this mess in the first place. What mess? You're so vague. > If you don't like to be despised I'm ok being despised by you, the feeling is mutual. >try looting less stores Never looted one, or even think of it as a good idea >rape less If you knew how to read, you'd know I expressed above that I hate rapists and don't care what happens to them. >stop stealing so many bicycles How many I shouldn't steal? >stop trying to destroy the nuclear family You can have a nuclear family if you like, just let other people try different stuff >stop leeching on the welfare system Who do you think the welfare system is for? >don't have low IQ genetics I have lots of genetics, I bet even you do. >stop promoting homosexuality Why? Stick a finger up your ass. > if you insist on being a commie, no one is stopping you, feel free to give up your private property and fuck off. I'm not a commie ffs. Also from what I've heard they are not even after private property. Anything else worrying you?
>>716 What you call "nazis" are simply straight white people, you soulless lesbian, the sides are drawn and you chose team "nigger" with all the rape, looting, poverty, gazillion made up genders, and other leftist cancer, enjoy.
>>717 No, I like straight white people, most of my friends are straight white people. Nazis are totally different. You know you're fighting against strawmen right?
(865.25 KB 626x1888 1420406112447-1.png)

>>718 I'm not a nazi though, i just hate degenerates.
>>719 Is "white supremacist" more suitable term for you. You are using all of their talking points so what seperates you from them? Self identification?
(76.98 KB 574x620 trunks.jpg)

>>720 Nah, i'm just a straight white person that hates degenerates. Glad we cleared that up, guess we're cool now.
>>712 Behold, clear evidence of intent to commit genocide against Whites nya~
>>721 Nazis are degenerates, do you hate them too?
>>722 No, whites are alright, it's racist pigs I'm after.
https://soranews24.com/2020/10/09/women-in-japan-to-be-allowed-to-buy-morning-after-pill-without-a-doctors-prescription/ ... Sex is increasingly just another recreational activity like any other, or it would be if prostitution and incest were legalised. In fact, why aren't they legal? That said, I think it would be best if people had their first time within the context of a loving relationship... or at least a formal relationship with the expectation of love, such at parent-child, or marriage nya~
>>728 >I think it would be best if people had their first time within the context of a loving relationship... or at least a formal relationship with the expectation of love, such at parent-child ...
>>731 ...?
(13.84 MB 480x480 1588150716-0.webm)

>>724 Testo, la~
https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/yuru_oyako_ch10#1 ... Will Tayaki tell us why mama married papa in the first place? Butt yeah, women actually don't care about sexual fidelity from men...except for those who have been ideologically programmed to care. It is men that want sexual fidelity from women. What women want from men (for long-term relationships) is primarily money or protection if necessary. Girls are different in that 'confidence' and 'being cool' can be enough. Male-female relations are primarily darwinistic in nature. Perhaps this is why same-sex relations actually seem more pure nya~
>>733 You know your advocating for raping children do you?
Interestingly, my Dad has long since stopped being the breadwinner of the family. He hasn't had a proper career since... wow, over 20 years ago. I'd wager that my Mom would have left him if they weren't both hardcore 'Christians' nya~ >>736 Uhh, no. Children are their parents property. Can't 'rape' what is yours. Just like marital rape is fiction nya~
>>736 What is 'legal' rarely has anything to do with what is logical and moral. It is legal to cut off a child's genitals partially (circumcision) or more recently—completely. Neither of these things are moral, because causing pain is immoral. Meanwhile 'incest' is immoral because...? Why exactly nya~? Eugenics? I doubt you believe in that, and there is birth control nya~
(162.97 KB 850x742 7236046652.jpg)

>>725 You don't make sense, look up the definition of word "degenerate", nazis even supported eugenics, can't get much more anti-degenerate than that. Just imagine, a segregated world without multiculturalism, no racial conflicts, imagine tranies receiving treatment for their sexual pathologies before they mutilate and kill themselves, no pervert parades to indoctrinate children, imagine what United States could accomplish if they stopped wasting resources on feeding useless, lazy, dumb niggers and would use that money to colonize our solar system. Don't you have any idealism in you?
(29.15 KB 400x335 Yuri.jpg)

https://www.yuritimes.com/ ... The most important news source nya~
ni nya~
>>739 You see who you're standing with? You use serious misrepresenting and lies to make my side look bad, while the poster above you unironically advocates for pedophilia. Wake the fuck up, your utopia is just a manson cult.
>>737 Children also get fucked up and traumatized for life if you fiddle them. You just want to have sex where the other participant can't refuse. Basically you're a rapist creep.
>>738 You don't decide what's moral except in your own personal moral system, and in your personal moral system it's somehow ok to make your kids suffer from lifelong depression and ptsd, and other stuff victims of child abuse report. Please don't reproduce, the real world isn't like your loli hentai.
>>743 Actually its your side that has most pedos, about one third of homosexuals are pedophiles, your side is ugly to the bone.
>>746 >projecting this hard I've never seen a gay person advocating for anything more than consensual gay sex. If they really were pedophiles they at least have the decency to not act on their impulses unlike you kidfiddlers.
>>746 Like wtf, you have an actual real life white supremacist pedophile in the thread who wants to rape children, and you keep crying about gay people instead of calling your piece of shit friend out :DDD How can you be this biased
(14.32 KB 250x406 1451777760664-1.png)

>>747 >>748 Buthurt gay niggers detected. Statistics don't lie, your side commits most rapes, thefts, has lowest IQ, has retarded views on economics, is most accepting of anything unfit, ugly, dishonest, stupid and evil. The day you'll see yourself in a mirror will be a sad one.
>>749 What fucking side, I'm not siding anyone who rapes like you are.? Do you actually care about rape or are you just virtue signaling? You cannot even condemn people advocating for actual pedophilia and keep building strawmen informed by /pol/ memes. You are such a fucking hypocrite.
>>749 How difficult concept it is to you, that peoples actions and thoughts determine how fit they are to society? Instead you hate a whole group of people when someone with same skincolor, sexuality, or religion does something bad, but then just let totally murderous creeps off the hook because they are "on your side". I don't want to live in a white ethnostate where everyone is excused from raping children just by the virtue of being white right winger.
(108.55 KB 714x900 2lz30.jpg)

>>749 I'm still waiting for his refutations of the claims on race and probably I'll wait till Nevermore, la~ There is plenty evidence against human neurological uniformity. By the standards that most people apply to most questions of fact, the answer is obvious---and has been obvious for at atleast 30 years if not a hundred.
(143.40 KB 682x586 1434376515055.png)

(629.92 KB 940x690 1452241031507.jpg)

(134.89 KB 940x690 WOMD.jpg)

>>750 There you go with your dishonesty again, pedo degenerate. Its you yourself who started referring to your side, see: >>743 >make my side look bad Your low IQ is showing. >>751 Rape less kids, homo nigger. >>752 It takes less effort to come up with retarded bullshit than to to explain why your bullshit is retarded. What is it EXACTLY about race you don't understand?
(2.29 MB 1807x3402 2lzst.jpg)

>>753 I think that you've misunderstood what I was talking about. I meant that he still hasn't refuted the claims of race that were poised here. You're shooting at somebody who argues for the same thing as you, that is human neurological uniformity is debunked, la~
(404.30 KB 250x179 09814.gif)

>>754 I'm sorry, guess i lost my composure there.
(85.28 KB 750x618 photo_2020-09-23_06-48-38.jpg)

>>755 Nah, when debating with leftists, you should never lose composure but always try to rephrase the questions and be on the attack. If one of them says you are an racist, the best response to them is "Maybe so, but can you refute x?", la~
>>753 You cannot actually take a stand against pedophilia and rape can you? I can say pedos and rapist are shit without losing the support of my side. For some reason you can only talk about black rapists and gay pedophiles, perhaps because your ranks consist of straight white equivalent of them?
(330.67 KB 2108x2953 98409840985705.jpg)

>>756 Thanks for the tip. Its all so very tiresome, i keep caring less and less about convincing someone and sometimes resort to jewish tactic of being the first one to cast blame, to make them go in to defense, these debates are always going in circles and stir away from reaching a consensus. Perhaps its true that one can not reason someone out of a position they were never reasoned into in the first place. And its sad knowing that it is idealism and good intentions that drives leftists. Indeed, stupidity is the root of evil and evil is never self aware. >>757 It seems you're under the impression that i'm some kind of ambassador for the white race, i can't speak in the name of all white people. But personally i think that rape is a crime and crime is for niggers (as statistics shows). Regarding pedophilia (prepubescent children), i consider it a disorder same as homosexuality.
>>758 Again >But personally i think that rape is a crime and crime is for niggers You still cannot say that rapists are bad without associating it in a group of people. That's just like when some feminists say kill all men because 90% of rapists are men. Cannot you just bring all rapist to justice without looking at the race, instead of hurting loads of innocent people who never raped anyone? >Regarding pedophilia (prepubescent children), i consider it a disorder same as homosexuality. Difference is that you cannot act on pedophilic thoughts without abusing people as you can have gay relationship without hurting anyone. Hence pedophilia is considered a disease, and everyone having it should seek professional help.
(79.35 KB 292x587 1381693244946.png)

>>759 If you were against rape, or crime in general, you would also be against niggers. But since you like rape and other crime you also like niggers. Homosexuals have shorter lifespans, homosexuality is a disease, but since you like people being sick you also like homosexuality. Why are you so twisted and evil, lol?
>>760 Once again you didn't say you are against rape. How difficult that is for you? Remember that majority of black people don't rape, so prosecuting them would be wasted effort if you actually wanted to stop rape.
>>759 >you can have gay relationship without hurting anyone You're asserting this in the face of enormous evidence to the contrary. Anal sodomy is a destructive and dangerous practice. Almost as soon as it began to be normalized in modern nations we saw one of the worst epidemics in modern history. Saying "But in this specific case no one was hurt" is akin to saying "but in this specific case the child consented." Even if true, it would have no bearing on the soundness of the general rule.
>>763 https://www.zerohedge.com/political/dont-let-media-win-election ... Control of the media is 90%+ of politics... With it, you can make anything you want evil/good... logic be damned nya~
https://www.jpost.com/opinion/combatting-antisemitism-why-the-world-needs-to-adopt-the-ihra-definition-645275 ... https://nordicresistancemovement.org/public-action-in-norrkoping-on-yom-kippur/ ... Antiaryanism is a far greater problem than antisemitism. Is antisemitism an issue in 'semitic countries (Israel and Muslim countries)? No... perhaps anti-Arabism or anti-Jewism. After-all, Arabs and Jews are both semitic cousins. Let me be more specific... is 'antisemitism' an issue in Israel? No? Then it is not a problem. Jews can always move to Israel and freely mutilate their dicks there. Is antiaryanism a problem? Well yes, look at many an Aryan founded nation, and you find open and celebrated hate against Aryans. Antiaryanism is the true scourge nya~
>>736 And what of it? Have you tried not only having officially sanctioned opinions, nyanya??
>>762 One more post without condemning rape. You could just own up to it and say you like it you know. You ok with giving people free condoms to easily prevent AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases? Also how about butt sex in countries with very low amounts od AIDS? Truth is, nowdays gay sex is safe, widely accepted, and even healthy if you happen to be a gay person. Your view of AIDS as the "gay virus" is informed by at the time homophobic mainstream media and just incorrect. Also, why do you need to bring up ancient and largely solved issues to have a case against homosexuals, haven't you really got anything better?
>>765 You using term aryan is stupid. If you say you're "an proud aryan" of course people are going to hate you because you give off a major nazi vibe. Nobody actually hates actual white people, minorities are just saying that white people just stop act like they know what's best for minorities. Is that really too much to ask?
>>766 Well at least you're honest.
>>769 >>765 Just adding that nobody hates white people EXCEPT actual POC nazis, which I'm also against because fuck nazis. Every group have their dipshits.
>>766 BTW do you think that the developements of VR and AI tech allows pedophilia to become more tolerated, if people practice it safely in their cyberbubbles?
>>761 Of course i'm against it, but are you? Why would you want world to be overrun with low IQ aggressive savages just because some of them turn out alright? Who said anything about prosecuting niggers? Why not just segregate them? Why don't niggers want to live with their own kind and always try to shit up white man's life? I live in a white country and i don't want your nigger problem in my country. Why can't you just admit that world would be better without jews, niggers, tranies... Why this marxist obsession with equality? Does it feels like justice to you to make successful, hard working people suffer just so that scumbags could prevail, doesn't history provide enough examples why that's a bad idea, why do you want world to suffer so much?
>>774 Oh man you are really struggling. >Of course i'm against it, but are you? Yes. I clearly stated that above. >Why would you want world to be overrun with low IQ aggressive savages just because some of them turn out alright? Same reason I don't advocate murdering are males altough theres enough frozen sperm to get rid of the majority of global violence for once and for all. Oh and your characterization is false, I bet you are worse than an average black person in both IQ and civility. >Who said anything about prosecuting niggers? Why not just segregate them? Segregation is essentially prosecution. >Why don't niggers want to live with their own kind and always try to shit up white man's life? Some do, some don't, same spectrum of idiocy exists in all races. Black racists hate whites as a group because some white people are racists and vice versa. You truly are a part of the problem. >I live in a white country and i don't want your nigger problem in my country. I don't have a problem, and apparently neither do you. Why are you complaining, are you afraid of unknown? >Why can't you just admit that world would be better without jews, niggers, tranies... False, it wouldn't be better for me, and certainly not for them. Probably not for you either, because with all the scapegoats gone, you have no one else but yourself to blame for the crippling failures you've made in life. >Why this marxist obsession with equality? This has nothing to do with equality at this point, you want to remove groups from society for no reason and I don't. Like does "a right to exist" really sound like some dystopic communist dogma? It's just like in 1984 where people... existed O_O >Does it feels like justice to you to make successful, hard working people suffer just so that scumbags could prevail, doesn't history provide enough examples why that's a bad idea, why do you want world to suffer so much? Right back at you. Why DO you want to make huge amount of honest working POC and LBTQ+ people suffer and elevate racist populist lying shibags in power? Haven't we tried this before? and before you say I didn't answer the last question I'm just adding: "no, yea sure, no I don't"
(4.69 MB 640x360 civic nationalism.mp4)

(251.15 KB 1067x696 6824864276467.jpg)

>>775 >Same reason I don't advocate murdering are males altough theres enough frozen sperm to get rid of the majority of global violence for once and for all Civilization without males would collapse, you are ungrateful and shortsighted. >Segregation is essentially prosecution. Segregation is segregation, even some niggers advocate for it these days. Multiculturalism is white genocide, white people don't flee to Africa to leech on shitskins, its the other way around and according to demographic trends this will eventually lead to more niggers and by extension more poverty, crime and suffering. > You truly are a part of the problem. Or perhaps multiculturalism simply doesn't work? There weren't any riots or looting where i live. Multiculturalism brings suffering and destroys diversity of culture, why advocate for it? >you want to remove groups from society for no reason and I don't But you do, though demographics.
>>776 >Civilization without males would collapse, you are ungrateful and shortsighted. No it wouldn't if they just poofed away, but if you start a systemic plan to remove them, then the societal inner conflict would probably grind the system to dust. Same applies to minorities. >Segregation is segregation What part of your rotten brain thinks this sounded smart. Segregation is prosecution because most people don't want to be segregated, not even most whites. As said even some blacks are racist scum. You didn't answer that btw. >Multiculturalism is white genocide It truly isn't, white genes will be fine. >white people don't flee to Africa to leech on shitskins 1. white people fleed to america to commit an actual violent genocide. 2. they also brought black people with them to just sit in a sunbed and sip on their root beer while black people do all the actual work that built the country. Wouldn't you call that leeching? >by extension more poverty, crime and suffering. You cannot really extend stuff like that. Crime rates have been dropping globally almost everywhere irregardless of demographic shifts. You are such a slimy sketchy little worm for trying to draw false associations to groups of people for your own benefit. >There weren't any riots or looting where i live. Well why do you complain then? Anyway, are we talking about the George Floyd riots, since weren't they caused by systemic racism against black people rather than multiculturalism? >Multiculturalism brings suffering and destroys diversity of culture Wait wtf are you saying here? Didn't you think that monocultures work better? Isn't this a good thing for you? >why advocate for it? I'm not even a multiculturalist, I'd prefer if cultures could merge and assimilate easier, but xenophobia on both sides isn't really helping the cause. >But you do, though demographics Wtf is this notion that the ratios of all ethnicities around the world must stay exactly the same or it counts as genocide? Also no one is suggesting deporting white people, killing them, or preventing them from reproducing. How exactly am I removing the white people? By wanting to give them good enough living conditions that they don't have to worry about their children dying so they can put all their effort in 1 or 2 kids?
(64.15 KB 720x696 IMG-20200811-WA0020.jpg)

P.s. can't refute the Holy Trips
(74.16 KB 800x600 535464589329845.jpg)

(7.10 MB 720x480 usa vs sweden crime stats.webm)

(240.93 KB 680x1444 233.jpg)

>>777 >No it wouldn't if they just poofed away Actually it would go something like this: Every non-European nation would completely collapse and swarm the last bastions of technologically advanced civilization who had at least some women trained and educated in fields necessary to maintain and develop core infrastructure. We have practically entire continents where women are unable to drive, sail or fly, so all transportation shuts down. Food, energy and materiel stops moving entirely for almost the entire planet. Hundreds of millions die from starvation as farms come to a halt and their produce cannot be distributed more than a week's journey by foot away. Yet more die to disease as, again, entire continents with a handful of women trained in medicine. The grand exodus from Africa and Asia carry diseases wiped-out in the West and epidemics spread. Strategic reserves of fuel deplete as oil fields burn out of control or simply sit idle and it becomes a race for a handful of scientists, engineers and machinists in European countries to train a massive workforce to fill the gaps in gas, solar and turbine manufacture. Hundreds of thousands of women choose suicide, rather than suffer through the loss of fathers, brothers, sons, husbands ect. Militaries, border patrols and even police are entirely depopulated without enough women with the disposition to fill even the higher ranks required to field much more than local forces. By the time Western nations start to recover, mass columns of refugees from the world over start entering their undefended borders. In a few months all resources are drained and millions more die. In the end anywhere connected by easily traversable land and sea connections is overrun and eventually decays into semi-nomadic tribes. The few sufficiently advanced civilisations to survive will be in places considered too cold or difficult to reach by hordes of desperate refugees - perhaps Switzerland, the Faroe Islands, northern Norway and Finland, Siberia, Iceland, Greenland, parts of Canada and Alaska. >Segregation is prosecution because most people don't want to be segregated, not even most whites. That's wrong and you are not most people. Its natural for parasites to not want to be segregated, parasites are bad. >white genes will be fine. Maybe, but that doesn't mean that we should surrender our homes and the future of our children to an invading horde of violent, low IQ rapists that are turning our countries in to the shitholes they fled in the first place. >white people fleed to america to commit an actual violent genocide So you want to genocide them as a ravage or something, why not start with yourself amusing you're not a nignog or jew? >they also brought black people with them Funny, pic related. >You cannot really extend stuff like that. Sure i can, statistics exist. >Crime rates have been dropping globally almost everywhere irregardless of demographic shifts. Wrong yet again, see vid related. >Well why do you complain then? Because i care. >weren't they caused by systemic racism against black people rather than multiculturalism? No. Burning down your own cities and is not an acceptable reaction to some criminal dying from an overdose. >Wait wtf are you saying here? See third pic. >I'm not even a multiculturalist, I'd prefer if cultures could merge and assimilate easier That's multiculturalism. >Wtf is this notion that the ratios of all ethnicities around the world must stay exactly the same or it counts as genocide? Where did i say that, stop putting words in my mouth. >How exactly am I removing the white people? By being a leftist that supports multiculturalism, you are a bright example why giving women a right to vote was a mistake. >By wanting to give them good enough living conditions that they don't have to worry about their children dying so they can put all their effort in 1 or 2 kids? Huh? Having more shitskins and degenerates will give white people better living conditions?
>>779 >immature fantazising about your own in groups importance in an adaptive world. Also tldr. >That's wrong and you are not most people. Its natural for parasites to not want to be segregated, parasites are bad. Most white people aren't racist bigots even if you'd love them to be and you know that. Also calling whole groups of people "parasites", "low IQ", and "savages" purely based on their ethnicity is just the kind of emotionally loaded language I've come to expect from dumb right wingers. You said above that you are living in a white country, how can you make such assumptions without even seeing black people yourself? You've just been infected by parasitic propaganda memes. >invading horde Yea just like mongols with horses and weapons and actual army and... wait you gotta be shitting me? >So you want to genocide them as a ravage or something What, I never said that? How did you come to that conclusion? >Funny, pic related. Quick googling reveals that pic related is bullshit. >Sure i can, statistics exist. If you knew shit about statistics, you'd know what extrapolating means. >Wrong yet again, see vid related. https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/statistics-explained/index.php/Crime_statistics#intentional_homicides_in_the_EU-27_in_2018 Anyone can put misinfo on mp4 >Burning down your own cities and is not an acceptable reaction to some criminal dying from an overdose Well you should know that Floyd, who didn't die from drugs as has been stated in official records, was just a spark, and the riots were caused by much wider systemic issue of police not valuing black lives in situations where lethal force wasn't necessary. You know those pics where police caught actual armed school shooters alive right? >See third pic That's again just a propaganda meme. There has been large migratory movements before, why hasn't that situation happened yet? >That's multiculturalism No, it's multiethnicism. Btw, should we also abolish things like youth culture and nerd culture, if cultural differences in society are the root of all evil? >Where did i say that, stop putting words in my mouth You weren't the one screeching about population replacement and white genocide conspiracies. I'm so sorry, I mistook you for that idiot. >By being a leftist that supports multiculturalism White culture is a culture, so as a multiculturalist I should support it too right? I still don't see how not being hostile towards everyone else endangers anyone. >Having more shitskins and degenerates will give white people better living conditions? You misunderstand my point. White folks birthrate is down, because they have safe and happy enviroment, birthrate of other races is above that because they have shittier conditions. Now, if you really belive white deserve to stay as big percentage of world population as theyve been you got two options: 1. Make life shittier for white people, so their birthrate goes up 2. Make life better for everyone else so their birthrate goes down Why you keep choosing the first option, do you hate white people?
(7.69 MB 569x320 westisbest.webm)

>>780 >reading is hard >Most white people aren't racist bigots Again, you are not most white people, you're just some deluded leftist cunt. >What, I never said that? How did you come to that conclusion? Clearly you have never stopped to think what will be the eventual outcome of supporting cultural-marxism utopism. >Quick googling reveals that pic related is bullshit. Only it isn't and you're a lying sack of shit. >If you knew shit about statistics, you'd know what extrapolating means. What a retarded sentence, but i'm sure it made sense to you. >https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/statistics-explained/index.php/Crime_statistics#intentional_homicides_in_the_EU-27_in_2018 Did you even look at that data yourself, it says that homicides in Sweden are increasing and conveniently there wasn't any data on rape, and nowhere was mentioned how much or that crime was committed by each race/ethicety. >why hasn't that situation happened yet? What situation, situation of some old dood traveling the world and having an experience? Did you even read that comic? >No, it's multiethnicism. So if you're not a multiculturalist, does that mean you don't believe that cultures, races, and ethnicities, particularly those of minority groups, deserve special acknowledgment of their differences within a dominant political culture? Because that's the definition of multiculturalism. >should we also abolish things like youth culture and nerd culture Nope, i find that question unrelated to the topic. >cultural differences in society are the root of all evil? Cultural differences are not the root of evil, but some cultures are better than others (vid related), muslims in their culture practice cutting off clits, do you want that culture in your homeland? >You weren't the one screeching about population replacement and white genocide conspiracies. I'm so sorry, I mistook you for that idiot. ???? >White culture is a culture, so as a multiculturalist I should support it too right? Multiculturalism doesn't work in favor of white people, because white people don't flee to shitskin countries to leech on niggers, but shitskins do, since their IQs are too low to elevate themselves to the same level of prosperity. >I still don't see how not being hostile towards everyone else endangers anyone. Wouldn't you get hostile if a nigger walked into your house uninvited and announced that it is going to live there, and that you should feed it at the expense of your own children? So your solution to decreasing white birthrates is introducing more niggers, that's ethic replacement, ethic replacement is genocide, you are a genocidal lunatic and yet you pretend that your agenda is somehow morally superior to mine. And why should white people waste resources on uplifting subhumans, wouldn't it be better to let nature take its course. The solution to illegal immigration is simple, all we have to do is protect our borders, but that requires political will, so less retarded leftists in charge and that requires less retarded leftist voters, and that requires less brainwashing through jewish owned media. White countries should learn from Japan, aging population is temporary, but nigger is forever, once on invasive species gets introduced in environment it slowly replaces natural inhabitants.
>>777 >they also brought black people with them Getting enslaved was the best thing that could happen to those niggers, just compare the living standards in Africa and the USA today. If white people enslaved them, then they should say "thankyou, master".
>>781 >reading is hard No, your prose is shit and I was afraid I would vomit on my new rug. >Again, you are not most white people, you're just some deluded leftist cunt. Yea I'm not most white people and neither are you, wtf do you even mean by this statement. I was just stating that most white people aren't insecure nazis who blame all their own incompetence on majority. >Clearly you have never stopped to think what will be the eventual outcome of supporting cultural-marxism utopism. Is everything not nazi cultural marxism these day? I'd pick the dullest corporate dystopia over your stupid fantasy realm. >Only it isn't. From what I've seen, those numbers cannot be right, could you tell me how they ended up using those numbers in a propaganda meme? >What a retarded sentence So besides not knowing what extrapolation means, you also cannot understand english. Figures. >Did you even look at that data yourself, it says that homicides in Sweden are increasing and conveniently there wasn't any data on rape, and nowhere was mentioned how much or that crime was committed by each race/ethicety. My orginal claim was homicides are going down in most places, one counterexample doesn't really affect the validity of that. Anyway, I'll check that graph when I have more time. If you are lying again, or unable to read the data you'll never hear the end of it. Also why do you wanna know ethnicity data, are you so hung up on race that even if violent crime goes overall down, you still keep thinking immigrants as only harm? >What situation? Everyone being the same everywhere, are you misunderstanding me on purpose? >you don't believe that cultures, races, and ethnicities, particularly those of minority groups, deserve special acknowledgment of their differences within a dominant political culture? Yea sure, no special aknowledgement, but right to exist and have your own culture while adhering to local laws. Nobody's forcing you to become a muslim you know? >Nope, i find that question unrelated to the topic What is there so hard for you, in school nerds and jocks can't understand each others culture and it leads to violence. Should we just prohibit all culture? >muslims in their culture practice cutting off clits No I don't approve that, but it's also not something a muslim absolutely must do. So I can take them to my homeland, prohibit all the fucked up shit by law and in 20 years you got reformed european muslim faith about as harmless as protestants. >???? Your brain seems to really struggle to keep up, do you want to take a day off? >Multiculturalism doesn't work in favor of white people, because white people don't flee to shitskin countries to leech on niggers, but shitskins do, since their IQs are too low to elevate themselves to the same level of prosperity You are repeating yourself. Yes multiculturalism doesn't exactly favor white people, but on the other hand it doesn't destroy them as you seem to believe. If white people ever fall to less dominant position, wouldn't it be good to have a culture where minorities were respected? >Wouldn't you get hostile if a nigger walked into your house uninvited and announced that it is going to live there, and that you should feed it at the expense of your own children? Weirdly that has never happened to me. Is that common in where you live? Here they usually move to your neighbour and eat their own food also. Oh you gotta rant there, I'll answer that on the next one.
>>781 Oh boy you really cannot comprehed even simple concepts. >So your solution to decreasing white birthrates is introducing more niggers, that's ethic replacement, ethic replacement is genocide Lets do an example. You have an secluded island where there lives 100 white people. Then you bring in 10 japanese people to the island because you don't have such a biased kneejerk reaction towards them. Now the total population of the island is 110, 100 whites and ten asians. No white people have magically disappeared. Ok, then let's give the islanders some time to reproduce. Let's say the japanese have twice the reproductive rate of whites or something ridiculous like that. After a while, there's 150 whites, 20 asians, and 10 halfbreed kids. Then whites start to complain about being genocided for no reason, a bloody and futile civil war breaks up with severe casualties, and japanese get thrown of the island. After all the mess you have 88 traumatised white people left. Was it really worth it? >why should white people waste resources on uplifting subhumans, wouldn't it be better to let nature take its course Because they aren't subhumans, they are very capable of finding ways to survive in the hell geopolitics has provided them, and antagonizing most of the worlds population just leads to more terrorism. >The solution to illegal immigration is simple Yea yea, close the borders, yada yada. How about legal immigration, does that suit you better? >once on invasive species gets introduced in environment it slowly replaces natural inhabitants You suggesting black people are better at everything so they steal all the niches? You are seriously doubethinking so hard you're gonna set off the smoke alarm soon.
(50.58 KB 947x951 IMG-20200725-WA0001.jpg)

>>782 You sound just like a guy who goes around raping people and insist they enjoyed it.
(275.25 KB 499x764 06-june-1940-17.jpg)

>>784 Show thy hooked nosery, la~
(31.21 KB 640x479 IMG-20200815-WA0004.jpg)

>>786 Thanks for well thought out answer, I take it as a compliment that you view me as one of the world leaders.
>>785 >Pic This is a thing, butt the prime purpose of this 'conspiracy of conspiracies' is to delegitimate factual conspiracies. For-example, the 'conspiracy fact' genocide against Whites and the existence of the Synagogue of Satan are undermined by the spread of, say, flat-earth as a conspiracy. The Satanists then say that all conspiracies don't exist because of the one flawed conspiracy they spread and tell everyone that every source of information that doesn't come from them is 'conspiracy' and 'not factual.' Satan is described as the prince of the power of the 'air.' Air as an 'element' could also refer to the nature of information. The whole world is deceived nya~
(2.09 MB 1920x1080 2m4l3.png)

>>787 Hooked nosery confirmed, la~ Shifting topics, Equivallancy fallacy, refusing to refute claims, la~ Good to know this place has value for shikes to join, la~
(14.80 MB 2865x3280 2m03z.png)

>>789 Also endless critique just like the Talmud professes so, la~
>>788 Somehow only you can determine which conspracies are the real deal. Such humility.
>>792 Snakes and rats... yummy nya~
>>794 Go cut your body more to appease your master satan nya~
>>789 If there was some claim I was supposed to refute please be free to bring it up again. I don't want to leave you with a misconception that anything you belive in has any correlation woth reality.
>>792 Yea I'm also a 3000 year old reptilian and eat flies for my breakfast. You monkeys are really stupid if you think you got any time for your childish racial quabbles.
>>796 I'm not the one who talks about satan all the time or even belives in his existence. Lol
>>799 >>798 >>797 Actions are louder than words satanist. You have made it clear you are an antagonist. Nothing you say should be taken at face value nya~
>>800 I often think about paid shills. What a sad existence. Obviously they will be replaced with Shill AIs when the technology is available to the SOS, CCP, ect nya~ >>795 Here is the right song nya~
(61.54 KB 720x871 IMG-20200906-WA0001.jpg)

>>800 >I'm not gonna belive in whatever you say anyway This is why you're losing, you cannot even consider your opponents points because your worldview is so damn fragile. It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. Said some supposedly white dude in greece some time ago. Not that you would know about that, cause you don't even know shit about your own culture and the things that make it great.
>>801 Where can I get paid for this? This is too fun of a hobby... Wait is this why you cannot change your mind even when overwhelming evidence is against you? Because your bosses would kill you? I'm so sorry, I hope the life gets better for you eventually.
>>803 Gonna second this, mercenary shilling seems like a potential way to give more credence to the field of memetic warfare. Making money for psychologically manipulating cultural zeitgeists seems like an interesting way to live. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memetic_warfare
>>804 Didn't that hit mainstream 2015 tho? At this point shilling is probably a big business with sophisticated methods, botfarms and all that fancy shit. Every side of the conflict has to divert at least some resources for mass brainwashing.
>>805 Also when you get enough people ideologically invested they start to do it for free, and it kinda snowballs. Both SJWs and Alt-right is a fine example of this happening, and what do you know, we find ourselves in different sides of cultural warfare shouting past each other without considering what is making the opponent so worried they spend hours of effort to defend their most likely misinformed worldview. Don't get me wrong, you people are fucking wrong and disgusting, but some of you actually care about stuff and don't want it destroyed, and even if your methods of protecting it is very misinformed and dangerous, there's still a tiny scared human inside all the memetic shelling.
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/ikebukuro-west-gate-park-691911/episode-01-302825 ... Gangsters help take down a guy selling cannabis... yup. Couldn't they have found something more serious? In the end it's not the drugs, butt the people using them. Drugs are just a tool nya~
(486.37 KB 848x1200 EftEyPbUcAINISZ.jpeg)

Fuck it got late again nya~
Guess I'll just go to sleep. Don't want to bother anyone else this late at night. Although, that means I'll have to clean the sheets again. Oh well nya~
(7.10 MB 1440x2960 2m8ps.png)

>>818 Sweet dreams, la~
(647.14 KB 1280x1763 SCyNtXS.jpg)

(105.79 KB 1080x1320 IMG-20200930-WA0000.jpg)

>>807 You are just stealing lefist terms, aren't you even ashamed :D
>>784 >Lets do an example. You have an secluded island where there lives 100 white people. Then you bring in 10 japanese people to the island because you don't have such a biased kneejerk reaction towards them. Now the total population of the island is 110, 100 whites and ten asians. No white people have magically disappeared. Ok, then let's give the islanders some time to reproduce. Let's say the japanese have twice the reproductive rate of whites or something ridiculous like that. After a while, there's 150 whites, 20 asians, and 10 halfbreed kids. Then whites start to complain about being genocided for no reason, a bloody and futile civil war breaks up with severe casualties, and japanese get thrown of the island. After all the mess you have 88 traumatised white people left. Was it really worth it? Still awaiting some white genocider to debunk this model. Can't see how it's wrong.
>>811 That's gay, la~
(486.61 KB 2188x4096 2m9ne.jpg)

>>823 What's there to debunk? Are you implying that we should write an novel series? I love novels, man. I'm currently reading several of them, do you like reading too?
>>823 That's easy. The birth rates for whites is less than 2, leading to a decline in population. In the analogy, 9 whites and a mulatto get born while 20 die off. Net loss: 11 whites. Meanwhile immigrants have a far higher birth rate than 2, causing rapid population growth. You must have been brainwashed well to not realize such a simple fact. Even if the white population didn't dwindle due to low (and still declining) birthrates (again, it does), becoming a minority in their own countries is already a big problem. The "problem" minority groups that are growing rapidly don't have the same laissez-faire stance on culture or race as whites as a whole do and will use state power oppress white people in what used to be their lands. This is because of (((media efforts))) to paint whites as a target group, but also because of formation of cultural enclaves that prevent cultural exchange and deradicalization and facilitate hatred of their percieved oppressors.
(13.53 MB 1280x720 IMG_9577.MOV)

>>830 He gives a really silly example, he fails to realize that eventually conflict will arise by the two parties no matter how much he advocates for these minorities. It really gives a smell of The Culture of Critique, where the main point is just to critique continuously while trying to see how to benefit it. So there's no reason to answer honestly to him.
>>820 So you are saying Whites can only be ashamed? Imagine 'Good Night Black Pride' or 'Good Night Jewish Pride' or 'Good Night Gay Pride.' People that want you to live without pride want you to live as a slave if at all nya~ >>821 WTF LOL nya~ >>822 Leftists are right that systemic racism exists tho, it's just anti-White nya~ >>824 Ara~Ara~ lately I've been longing to get roughly fucked by a beautiful Trap while wearing a wedding dress nya~
>>830 How is low white birthrate caused by immigrants? With your numbers white population would be dropping to nothing even if you didn't bring in new people. You gotta remember that there's still more whites alive now than ever before, you can't just assume they'd just stop reproducing for no reason. Again, I stress, how is this caused by immigration? Then you start babbling on how second generation immigrants, who go through western schools and are surrounded by western values somehow when getting a chance will just snap and with voodoo magic turn the society into xenophobic, women hating, sexual minority oppressing totalitarian theocracy. So you want to make the same totalitarian theocracy happen sooner to prevent them from doing that. How difficult concept is it for you to oppose all nazis, no matter the color. You aren't helping.
>>832 >eventually conflict will arise by the two parties You are here trying really hard to make it happen you dipshit. You just want people to die to feel better about yourself don't you?
>>833 >So you are saying Whites can only be ashamed? No, you know what is ment by white pride. Don't act more stupid than you are, it is really absurd. >Leftists are right that systemic racism exists tho, it's just anti-White Go and try to get shot by police.
>>832 >So there's no reason to answer honestly to him. :Ddddd You literally admit you keep lying.
>>838 How many cents per nazi link?
>>839 Those who fight the anti-White agenda are not wealthy and do not control the issuance of currency and so pro-White shills are essentially non-existent. I choose to spread pro-White links as an act of defiance against the genocidal satanic agenda nya~
(3.75 MB 2967x2766 85021779_p0.png)

>>835 You're trying even harder to facilitate things, do you get a high of dopamine when people die for you, la~ >>837 Hehe, you admit to endless critique and lies, la~
(58.17 KB 720x1440 IMG-20200702-WA0001.jpg)

>>840 So you're just an useful idiot then. Lol.
>>841 You're trying even harder to facilitate things, do you get a high of dopamine when people die for you Whaaat? Who has died for me? I'm just trying to annoy you so you don't have time to kill my friends. >you admit to endless critique and lies I didn't, and regardless, why is critique a dirty word for you? Like do you rather just think uncritically?
>>845 Satanists are so tiresome, you can win an infinite number of logical arguments against them butt it's like water sliding off an otter's back. This is because they are never actually engaging, rather words are merely tools to attack. They do not have universalist morality butt this society does so they use the words of universalist morality to attack. In the end we all have interests. News media is ultimately not about the truth or communication, butt enshrining power by controlling the norm nya~
>>847 You haven't won a single logical argument yet tho.
>>848 Denied. Communication is impossible without a base level of common values. When facts are denied, logic fails. Even when communication is possible... doesn't mean consensus is. Only war is left, communication by other means. Might is Right. Open war between those who are pro-White vs. those who are anti-White may be the only way Whites have a chance of surviving as a group... this is since anti-Whites control the financial-media complex nya~
(2.02 MB 3144x1988 85016548_p0.jpg)

>>845 So you think nothing at all, then? If so then your patterns seems understandable, la~ Your frens will do that to each other, la~
(3.39 MB 2647x4184 85016354_p0.jpg)

>>851 Any interesting anime in this season that has caught your eyes, la~
>>851 Although, to be fair, Jewish supremacy will continue with Trump2020 nya~ >>852 Nothing amazing, yourself nya~?
(220.93 KB 710x1000 2mauf.jpg)

>>853 No, not yet.
(6.41 MB 2894x4093 2mavi.jpg)

Time to sleep, have fun, la~
>>853 Better that they're in Israel than anywhere else, i say. I highly doubt you can get anything done in politics these days on a 100% anti-jew platform, not in the West atleast. If the satanists are afraid it's a good thing
>>849 >Only war is left I came to the same conclusion. They really aren't human.
>>857 >They really aren't human. Perhaps, butt 'humans' are fully capable of every evil. As niggers and satanists are included among 'humanity' I really want nothing to do with 'humans' nya~ >>856 Israel, or with their favourite pets, the Black Africans nya~
>>861 If you have to rely on censorship to stop people from hating you... what does that say nya~?
>>862 Regardless, I for one, say that Whites need to learn from the Jews, and adapt some of their best strategies... rather than merely rejecting everything about them nya~
>>863 For-example 'antisemitism' is a useful concept. What if we were the create our equivalent, 'antiaryanism,' and mimic their strategies of 'combating' 'antisemitism' nya~?
>>864 >What if we were the create our equivalent Such concept already exists, jewish hatred towards gentiles or jewish supremacism if you will is called "loxism".
>>849 This makes you an uncivilized savage. You just refuse to communicate because you cannot handle the truth and proceed to violence. Rioting black people have at least something they are trying to communicate with their actions.
>>850 So you gonna kill my buddies because you think they are gonna kill each other? They aren't, how fucking murderous and bloodthirsty you are? Do you have any humanity left in you, or has your nazi programming been completed?
>>856 >100% anti-jew platform There's your fucking problem, you don't even offer any actual solutions besides removing the undesirables and hoping things will just work after that. Check out the history of third reich to see how that worked out.
>>860 Sorry, a honest question. Does "a satanist" just mean "everyone I don't agree with" to you? Doesn't that make you satanist for the majority of the world?
>>861 >The best education about Jews comes from their own mouths >posts buncha nazi propaganda links You can't make this up :D
(103.02 KB 750x751 IMG-20200602-WA0003.jpg)

>>866 Why don't you just hate jewish nazis and leave the innocents out of it?
(276.49 KB 621x1038 2meye.jpg)

>>868 But I don't think they are gonna kill each other, even now as we are talking there is probably some negro or muzzdog going and killing each other somewhere in the West, la~ Is your denial of reality proof that the communistic programming is complete already? In this aspect, how are you more bloodthirsty than me?
>>873 Sure, there's murderers around. Could you go after the actual people who do bad things and leave my friends live happily without targeted propaganda campaings against them?
(3.68 MB 1500x2000 2me9v.png)

>>874 I mean, I'd reduce the immigrants and deport most of them due to increased violence and problems in the countries. There's also prices going up and wages going down(because 3rd/2nd world immigrants would work for less...). Besides giving these groups of people second guesses should be more than welcomed due to their tendency of violence and the level of immigration we have nowadays is quite disturbing due to modern technology that didn't happen in the past. Even I have no issues with the races on an individual level, but mass of these people in a different country creates problems, as reality likes to dictate this, la~ My Idealogy is Accelerationism, because this neoliberal bioleninistic system needs to be burnged ground and if you don't support the collapse then you're just a liberal, la~ Because most communists and natsocs/dissident rightists believe that they can replace the hand that feeds the people, la~ This is impossible because this system is meant to cater to the common people the masses as much as possible and directly, so they'll never replace the hand it feeds them. la~
(127.50 KB 796x1280 IMG-20200522-WA0002.jpg)

>>875 There's still one thing I don't get. The discrepancy between >I'd reduce the immigrants and deport most of them due to increased violence and problems in the countries. and >this neoliberal bioleninistic system needs to be burnged ground and if you don't support the collapse then you're just a liberal. People of all colors are fed up with the system, how can you at the same time think that: >immigrants are ruining the society >immigrants should be deported because they are ruining the society >society should be ruined I don't necessarily agree with these premises, somebody up there just mentioned logic, so I'm curious to see how you handle some.
(265.50 KB 499x910 08-aug-1940-15.jpg)

>>878 Well, if we talk about the other two, then Ideologically they'd be Natsoc or symphatetic to the ideology, la~ You can't understand the discrepancy because your viewpoint cannot understand the difference between people, there's a big hole about "humans" in communistic views because you don't apply the trait of "evolution" to humans but only to animals and everything else, Natsocs are just the logical extreme of this trait applied to humans, la~ They're(immigrants) ruining the country not the *system*, they're helping the neoliberal elites consolidate their grasp more, atleast in Natsoc views that is. My views are to unironically expedite this process by allowing more immigrants so that they are machete wielding menaces and criminal gangs moving so that even the 40-year old Boomers and other common people understand that there is something wrong with this system(which they haven't understood yet because they're conditioned so much). Because at the end of the day, neither fascist nor communists will ever attain power, we'll just continue to get liberals like Trump/Biden/Merkel and etc. So the best solution for marxists/communists etc would be to vote for a Free market Capitalist President for more class tension and for Natsoc's it would be more Immigration President. We are not the generation that is going to built something, we are the generation that will be the starting the spark for the collapse of the system not countries, la~
>>885 https://www.jpost.com/opinion/why-oppressive-regimes-succeed-on-social-media-645492 ... https://www.jpost.com/opinion/trump-is-using-scare-tactics-and-disruption-for-the-2020-election-645745 ... https://www.jpost.com/us-elections/why-are-israeli-us-jews-divided-between-trump-biden-analysis-645859 ... https://www.jpost.com/opinion/you-gotta-love-the-haredim-645714 ... https://www.jpost.com/judaism/christianity-deeply-rooted-in-judaism-new-bible-translation-claims-645791 ... https://www.jpost.com/diaspora/antisemitism/ex-neo-nazi-calls-for-solidarity-with-jewish-muslim-women-645799 ... https://www.jpost.com/diaspora/antisemitism/jewish-agency-welcomes-facebooks-ban-of-holocaust-denial-content-645854 ... https://nordicresistancemovement.org/schindlers-list-a-total-disappointment-for-everyone/ ... https://nordicresistancemovement.org/the-cultured-thugs-nordic-resistance-movement-videos/ ... Spiders, snakes, rats, semites, negroes... the downfall of civilisation. There are 3 major races on this planet: Blacks ('sub-saharan'), Aryans ('European'), and Asiatic ('Mongolian'). Most ethnic groups are from one of these races, or a blend of these races. However, there is a fourth important race, the Semites. The Semites include primarily the Arabs and Jews. They are generally adept at deception and linguistic intelligence. Their primary method of competing with their more numerous racial competitors is infiltration. The Aryan race under Hitler openly identified the Semitic threat. The Asian race, in contrast, seeks unity with them (thinking that they can assimilate them), with the exception of the Japanese. This is why the program of genocide against Aryans has gone into overdrive since Hitler... and it has only accelerated after the fall of the Third Reich... a disaster for the Aryan race. Now the Aryan race's only hope is rapid disintegration of central governments, such that new pro-Aryan jurisdictions can emerge... since coup d'etats are to difficult at this point nya~
>>882 Evolution was a big part of kropotkins theory, but not the way you ment. Applying actual evolutionary theory is bit dubious, since the timeframe of civilization is around 10 000 years, which is a very short time in evolutionary scale, and the last actual geographical barrier for gene exchange ceased to be when columbus went and personally raped every single native american. Most differences you see are due to the very rapid cultural evolution and memetic exchange, which made it possible for stupid monkeys with plastic brains to radically reinvent their whole ecological niche and create bazillion new ones. Also I don't quite get the difference between "the system" and "the country". Are you one of those anti-globalists who think the global trade networks can just go boom and your country would be just fine and produce everything by itself? I love your "vote your opponent"-stance. It is so twisted and obviously not pragmatic.
(86.82 KB 960x736 IMG-20200522-WA0001.jpg)

>>886 >The Asian race, in contrast, seeks unity with them (thinking that they can assimilate them), with the exception of the Japanese. Lol china is right now genociding muslims, how can you be this wrong.
>>889 Islam is not a race. They are stationing Han Chinese soldiers in the homes of the 'muslim' women to assimilate them via rape/mixing nya~
https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2020/10/15/the-earl-raab-elections/ ... Jews fight for their interests, and their interests alone. Aryans should learn to do the same. Although, I believe an alliance with Japan is ideal, as the nation remains honorary Aryan nya~
>>890 Shit, that sounds fucked up.
>>892 Yup... then again it's just classic conquest. Historically, it was the norm to kill (or castrate) all the males of a different ethnicity and take their women and girls as slaves nya~
>>891 Did you know that average aryan can grow 5 feet tall and lays its eggs inside its victims mouth, where they incubate for two months before the naked, blind aryan larvae bursts out of their eyehole and begins to hunt for hamburgers.
(1.32 MB 1034x2027 2mgwm.png)

>>878 It is pragmatic, Capitalism by itself is auto-creating, auto-destructive, all Accelerationists, whether left or right-wing intend to do is speed this process up. The state is a social construct, in order to prevent a war everyone to everyone by everyone, it's an arbiter of justice/injustice/law enforcer etc, the country on the hand is biological because it encompanies the meaning of those living in it... And your knowledge of evolution proves that you aren't applying this trait to humans despite in an earlier convo where you said everyone is humans, la~ Which one is it? Am I right to call Africans animals and that Whites&Asians are the only humans or am I wrong? Which one is it? Are you trying to prove me correct or what, la~ As I said, we're only expediting the process, the trade system will collapse by itself and get replaced by something.
>>895 You are babbling, get some sleep.
(1.20 MB 3000x4000 2mgwn.jpg)

>>896 Very sound, la~~
(1.03 MB 1359x872 2mgjt.png)

>>891 While I may not have found an interesting anime to watch, I've found an interesting manga to read. It's called Omniscient Reader, la~
(215.76 KB 1280x1166 photo_2020-10-13_18-41-49.jpg)

(1.83 MB 828x1200 2m4et.png)

There are interesting developments currently on-going in SA, la~
(28.99 KB 1080x445 IMG-20200829-WA0008.jpg)

When encountering a national socialist in the nature you should not be alarmed. While known for their violent behavior, when not provoked, a national socialist is actually very dull and peaceful animal. Just start walking away from the national socialist, while shouting slurs at it to keep its mind occupied. If a national socialist ever gets a jump on you, an idiotproof method to deter it is to point at random direction and call its mating call "jeeeew, jeeeew". After the animal has been tricked you should flee the scene rapidly, because in heat national socialist can cause all of the other animals flee in disgust and you might get trampled.
>>894 >>896 >>901 Just look at this goblin kike shill, such tiresome nonsense, only a very degraded spirit could buy such shit nya~ >>898 Ara~ do you have a link nya~
https://www.eurocanadian.ca/2020/10/teaching-anti-racism-becomes-core-mission-university-western-ontario.html ... Universities are the new 'cathedrals' and 'racism' is the new original sin. I think the best hope is for the system to collapse quickly so there are Aryans left to start over. This doesn't mean supporting 'accelerationism' or shooting yourself in the foot nya~
>>902 It's nonsense only for the uneducated mind. I've been reading quabbalah for almost a minute now and I can feel it giving me special powers. NOW I SEE THAT MY MASTER HAS MADE THE CLIMATE CHANGE HAPPEN SO EVERYONE SHALL HAVE TAN. MUAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAVAHAVA
>>904 Yes, we do education to spoil your kids minds with SCIENCE and CRITICAL THINKING. How terrible of a sight it must be for a parent when their offspring sheds their familys traditional brainwashing to become part of THE GLOBALIST AGENDA. Actually they have in university cellars bunch of jars where they store their students souls. I'll been there. They were tasty.
>>906 >NOW I SEE THAT MY MASTER HAS MADE THE CLIMATE CHANGE HAPPEN SO EVERYONE SHALL HAVE TAN Hah! I knew you were the servant of Satan from Puyo Puyo SUN! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAx8ACxHhJk
(788.90 KB 872x1109 2mhh0.png)

>>905 The constant violent farm attacks have boiled over, la~ It seems the Boers are slowly starting to stand up, la~ The EFF a hand of the ANC government is arming up, too, la~
(770.94 KB 2311x4096 2mhcl.jpg)

The religious implications of the modern era, of course, beg to differ and loudly proclaim that all living things have an inviolable right to exist, that every kind is good in its own way, and the higher creatures have an especially hallowed nature, la~ Yet, these all are the property of Nature and are ruled by her laws, la~ This means that what serves the powers of the higher creatures as food, is for the lower creatures their right to existence. And these are without rights, la~ The cows, for example, that furnish the higher beings with milk to drink must be provided by the lower beings, the bulls, and if the cows have calves, these must die so that their mothers can provide milk, la~ The mice in the granary and the oats belong to the sparrows and their chicks; there is nothing here that belongs to the weasel, which makes its home here and must live by the rules of this property, la~ And if the sparrows, by chance, find themselves without the wherewithal to survive the winter, it is all too bad for them, la~ Nature has no pity. She rewards and pushes to the fore those who serve her, and the rest she does away with, la~ We must adopt this cruel philosophy of Nature and recognize that everything in existence is a link in the chain of existence, and all of these links are connected and dependent on each other. The higher exists only through the lower and the lower exists only through the higher, la~ They all form a chain, a ring through which Nature binds everything together and makes it one entity. And this entity is not the gilded individual that I am, but Nature herself, which is the only thing that really exists, la~ The white man is great because the negro is lower than him. If the negro rose and wiped out all white men, the balance of nature would be destroyed, la~ Nature would become entwined again, and as a consequence of the new balance, the negro would be lower than the white man once more, la~ Everything in Nature is a battle, and it is through this eternal balancing that she maintains her existence, la~ Nature is the force that created everything: the mountains and rocks, the seas, the plants and animals and ultimately man, la~ She is the world, and it is on this world that men depend to survive. Man lives not for himself but so that the chain of existence can continue and so that Nature herself can live forever, la~ The jew, no matter how hard he tries cannot break this chain, he cannot create equality, nor can he ever hope to stand on the same level as a pure Aryan. The jew is a link that should and will one day be broken through the greater power of Nature herself, la~ We must stop trying to break the chain. We must accept the fact that we are the superior being, and that we have been given power over the lesser beings, la~ We must accept the fact that we are Nature's chosen ones. We cannot break the chain, for if we do, we will die and so will all those underneath us, la~ This is the law of nature, and the word of God. To break this would be to commit sacrilege, la~
>>834 >How is low white birthrate caused by immigrants? Wew lad. Either you've never read up on a theory you claim to know enough about to debunk or you're intentionally strawmanning. Low birthrates are caused by several factors including the evaporation of the family unit, the "emancipation" of the female, no incentives to invest the effort into raising a child, especially for middle to high income classes and more. These stem from a blend of media shilling and government action. If there were no immigration, the coming underpopulation would cause governments to work on raising the birthrates, meanwhile importing migrants or allowing their growth will mean "non-racist" efforts to increase birthrate will also raise their already high rates, causing an unsustainable population explosion. Furthermore, the depopulation will have a less tangible effect. Despite these people mostly being low income, the shrinking population of whites will be far less economically relevant than without an imported lower class. >all that screeching about muh poor innocent minorities I really hit a nerve there, didn't I? I personally know several people who worked in migrant centers. Every one of them has become disillusioned about how incompatible our cultures are, and all of them have some horror stories to share. I'm going do assume the only "minority" people you know have a high income and are possibly from some intellectual field. However, these people are not representative of their people as a whole. >go through western schools and are surrounded by western values Do you even know what a cultural enclave is? Reread the last sentence in >>830 once you do. There are already many schools in America and Europe where whites are in the minority. Remember the series of police raids on mosques that found stockpiled weapons? You're also forgetting about Taqiya, which allows muslims to lie to non-believers about and conceal any aspect of their religion they want. >make the same totalitarian theocracy happen sooner to prevent them from doing that If you were to be transported back into 1942's Germany, would you rather be a confirmed white, or a confirmed jew? >oppose all nazis, no matter the color Having natsoc convictions in not a prerquisite for adhering to the theory of white genocide.
(1.30 MB 1414x2000 61191576_p0.jpg)

>>912 >the "emancipation" of the female Hello what board is this?
Ahn~ I came nya~ Kinhasu is a good artist nya~
Sweet dreams nya~
(32.77 KB 670x516 IMG-20200924-WA0003.jpg)

>>908 My master isn't satan tho, satan is a little shite who sometimes comes to the office to complain about getting all the shitty jobs and is usually laughed off because he smells like piss.
>>911 Lol not everyone can be "the chosen people" you're just envious.
>>920 Women are the chosen people and God is a girl.
>>912 >Low birthrates are caused by several factors including the evaporation of the family unit, the "emancipation" of the female, no incentives to invest the effort into raising a child... So what's your solution, enslaving the women again? One thing that keeping the western society ahead is the doubling of the workforce, caused by womens rights. If you want back to middle ages, move to saudis or something. >underpopulation would cause governments to work on raising the birthrates Not necessarily, same jobs can be done with fewer people because tech exists. People just don't want make more people, you shouldn't force them. > I personally know several people who worked in migrant centers. Every one of them has become disillusioned about how incompatible our cultures are, and all of them have some horror stories to share. Seriously. The migrants in the center have had no education about the language, culture and whatnot yet. Of course they are incompatible at that point. Not every immigrant has arrived a month ago, and you shouldn't treat them as such. >Do you even know what a cultural enclave is? I do, do you know how a cultural enclaves are formed? >Whining about muslim belifs Nazi belifs are still worse, I don't love abrahamic religions, but you're basically an analog to future ISIS member in our society, so either deradicalize yourself or shut the fuck up. >If you were to be transported back into 1942's Germany, would you rather be a confirmed white, or a confirmed jew? But we're not in 1942, this is more like late 1920s when we actually still can prevent the tragedy. After the immideate nazi threat is down, we can start worrying about muslim fascism, so thanks for wasting our energy you fuck. >Having natsoc convictions in not a prerquisite for adhering to the theory of white genocide. Sure whatever, just start hating nazi muslims and nazi jews rather than the whole group, and whites shall be fine.
>>921 No, god is a ginger and ginger people will prosper under his rule!
>>913 I've lost track? Wasn't this the incest hippie murdercult board?
>>922 >>923 >>924 >three-post samefag Stop
>>925 No u stop
White Genocide is a fantasy book written by J.R.R.R.R. Malkien Jr. and it's pretty rubbish. It feels like such a gimmick to bring in real world implications of overt racism displayed in magical fantasy settings and describing with a gritty detail how northern orcs meet their ends in snowy work camps, oddly reminding the reader about the horrors of stalinistic gulak. Over all the book loses much of it's potential by not detaching itself from the usual fantasy "good versus evil" narrative, and just lazily pointing out the bad guys behind the scheme without appreciating the actual human (orcish?) tragedy that usually leads to such situations. I would have loved if the book delwed a little deeper into fallacies and predjuices behind the racism rather than the usual "racism bad"-narrative. Overall I give the book 2/3, would not read again.
(2.04 MB 1878x1950 2migx.png)

>>920 Unlike the others, I have nothing but pity for you, if we met in life I would feel sorry for you. It must be empty to live an life like yours, constantly trying to fill it up meaningless baubles. I can't bring myself to hate you, I can just feel pity for you, la~
>>928 My life is fine, how are you?
(247.37 KB 1355x2919 2mlaq.jpg)

>>929 Haah, there's nothing but pity for you, la~
>>930 You said that already. Repeating stuff don't make it true.
(1.04 MB 3000x4721 2mmgd.jpg)

>>936 Was it a busy day, la~
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/danmachi-season-3-886055/episode-03-767254 ... Ara~ I think it's kind of lame how they have all sorts of different LQ monsters just suddenly get along, even if they have sentience. Would have been better to have a few higher order monsters exposed to some sort of power, and/or one divergent subspecies of a higher order monster nya~
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/the-journey-of-elaina-635960/episode-03-687537 ... Ara~Ara~ yes, this reminds me a bit of Grimm's Fairy Tales and Kino's journey, the sweet darkness nya~
Time to sleep, sweet dreams nya~
>>940 nazi pedophile cult in action.
>>935 You cannot defeat racism if you don't stop being racist.
>>934 How do you know? Telling their plans to schizo nazis seems quite irresponsible for a aecret society.
>>932 Oh you trying to do the email thing again?
>>947 >>948 >>949 >>950 Do Jewish shills add anything to your life nya~?
>>951 It takes me under one minute to write this post, I am very good at writing.
>>951 *shells
>>952 >>953 This Jewish shill thinks so nya~
>>954 Isn't it very weird how you cannot even movk me without mistaking me as jewish, which is not even a bad thing in my worldview. Like I can easily say that your breath smells like your diet consists of mainly used diapers without even breaking a sweat. When did you notice your brain stopped working?
Btw how sore are you to remove my images :D
>>956 >>955 You act like a kike shill, so even if you are not physically one. You are spiritually a kike shill nya~
>>957 I prefer the term satanist for summing up the various sorts of snake like scum nya~
>>958 Answer my questions and stop doing circular logic with buzzwords you've rendered meaningless by overusing them. How did you get this sick?
>>958 >>959 Oops this went to >>957
>>958 Are you a boomer brainwashed by mainstream media or what. Do you know what was the satanic panic?
>>961 Oh no it's the notorius "no, u"-fallacy. You even copied that from me, I remember using that before.
>>961 https://www.amren.com/videos/2020/10/have-afrikaners-reached-the-breaking-point/ ... So what will they do? They are a minority, all they can do is wage an asymmetric separatist war of independence. It will be brutal will a very slim chance of success. Actually this is what all Aryans as a group will face if nothing is done before the boomers die off nya~ >>962 You are genocidal anti-White scum, die in one of the fires you start. Funny how you constantly change angles, now you admit the MSM is brainwashing. You don't care about logical consistency so long as you do your allotted shilling. Snakes and rats nya~
>>964 >You are genocidal anti-White scum Keep strawmanning > you admit the MSM is brainwashing There's nothing inconsistent about that.
>>965 >I don't support all the views of all the articles I post. I just do it because these sources are some of the few sources opposed to the genocide of Aryans So you are purposefully sharing nazi propaganda to prevent people from hating and killing off white people. How dumb are you?
Yo, here's an article about waffles being actually poisonous and why you shouldn't eat them. It's not part of mainstream media, therefore it has to be true! https://meatspin.com/
>>968 >>967 >>966 All so tiresome nya~ ... https://soranews24.com/2020/10/17/new-pantene-commercial-interviews-japanese-trans-individuals-about-difficulties-of-job-hunting/ ... You see, everyone is actually somewhat bisexual, butt most conform to darwinist-societal expectations. Strictly lesbian/gay/straight people do not actually exist, these categories are social constructs. Not everyone is uncomfortable with their sex and/or assigned gender role(s) butt some are. Everyone has a feminine and masculine side. When we are forced to suppress one or the other, or both, we suffer... sometimes a biological female has a stronger masculine side, we calls these girls, 'tomboys' and they are accepted. The same should also be true for the reverse, and no physical mutilation should be required. Regardless, there shouldn't be any laws granting 'protection' to so called 'LGBT' just like there should not be any laws granting anyone 'protection' because of their race or sex nya~
https://www.jpost.com/diaspora/antisemitism/orban-says-jewish-groups-give-his-opponents-a-pass-on-antisemitism-645997 ... https://www.jpost.com/diaspora/following-facebook-twitter-will-now-ban-holocaust-denial-645994 ... Jews are far too powerful outside of Judea 'Israel.' If you want to know who rules over you ask who you cannot criticise. 'Antisemitism' anyone? If you want to know who is taking away your life and liberty, the answer is organised jewry controlled by the Synagogue of Satan nya~
>>970 If a group of people get attacked more than average population, isn't it legally thinking rational to grant them extra protections, since the attacks on them are motivated by their identity? Do you want to have that extra protection on everyone, or just the people who need it?
>>972 >grant them extra protections By doing this you are undermining equality of opportunity. With regards to the law, individuals should be judged as individuals, not the category they fall under. Butt I suppose this is just my British sense of justice nya~
>>971 Jews are a group of diverse people with diverse opinions, just as white, black and whatever people are. You are grouping them as one monolithic group for no reason. If you wanna attack the bankers, say "the bankers", if you hate the politicians, say "the politicians".
>>973 Ultimately, might is right... in practice, the strongest collective/group is right. Currently the Jews and their Satanist Elite are the strongest group, amazing nya~
>>974 Nope, Jews have far higher in-group tendencies and act as an ethnic group, a tribe, and a cult. However, like an onion, there are more sects the deeper you look into the abyss. There are many demons after-all nya~
>>973 >By doing this you are undermining equality of opportunity. How so? If you get fired because your boss hates gays, there isn't an equal opportinity to you.
>>976 How do you know?
(2.69 MB 1080x1714 2mql3.jpg)

>>976 JEWS are a RACE (a matrilineal inbred ethnicity) ; JEWS are a RELIGION (based on RACIAL SUPREMACISM); JEWS FUNCTION as a RACE (they self-organize around the concept of `chosen people`) Lalalalalaala~
>>979 >a matrilineal inbred ethnicity How is that more inbred than requiring both of your parents to be jew to be counted as jew?
This is why being Jewish is not purely a racial thing, it also involves cultic elements like male genital mutilation and etcetera... although the Semitic race definitely exists as the fourth most numerous race and is tied with Asians as being the second most important race nya~
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/one-piece-779470/episode-946-295461 ... Oh no, big Jewess has regained her memory nya~
>>983 >racial importantness scale I'm assuming you put whites on top. Why?
>>986 Because most of the anime girls are white-colored so obviously white is the anime race. Duh.
>>987 I'm worried about japanese
Fascism is based on the principal of Nature's order, that is to say hierarchy. Those who oppose this principle, whether intentionally or unintentionally, are the cause of disarray and unhappiness, ultimately resulting in chaos, la~ The man who opposes hierarchy, whether he be motivated by ignorance or stupidity, is the man who brings about suffering. He assumes a flaw in the natural order of things, a flaw that cannot and must not exist. For what the ignorant and stupid do not understand, is that suffering is something necessary for survival of the fittest, la~ And when the fittest survive, so does the whole. The Aryan is the elite of the world, destined to rule and conquer and maintain a strong chain of order. All others are to be classified as uncivilized, barbarian and inferior. The Aryan is the master of these lesser beings, and it is his purpose to maintain this order, la~ The inferior work to sustain the master, the master does not sustain the inferior. Through this, the whole chain is kept alive. We must stop trying to break the chain. We must accept the fact that we are the superior being, and that we have been given power over the lesser beings. We must accept the fact that we are Nature's chosen ones, la~ Our relationship to the lesser beings is one that is similar to that of God's relationship to humanity, la~ We are the superior beings, power was given to us from God, and it is our right to maintain this order. Because it is our destiny to do so, la~ I find it interesting that the lower creatures have been made aware of the concept of freedom, yet they do not have the capacity to understand it, la~ How can something have the desire for something, yet not have the capacity to understand it? I believe it must be similar to how we enjoy the sweet taste of food, yet do not have the capacity to understand nutrition, la~ We simply enjoy the taste. But this is not true for all lower creatures. There are those who desire freedom, yet also have the capacity to understand it. If these lower creatures are able to understand the concept of freedom, yet lack it, then it can only be our duty to give it to them. It is simply a kind and generous thing to do. But these lower creatures must be made aware that we are still their superior. If they cannot acknowledge this fact, then they are unworthy of freedom, la~ It is our duty to take away their freedom if they do not acknowledge our right to it. If they cannot learn to acknowledge our right to rule over them, then how can we allow them to be free? To do so would not simply be kind or generous, it would also be irresponsible, la~ A responsible superior being would never give unlimited freedom to those that they are responsible for. The responsible thing to do is place restrictions on the lesser beings, la~ So, if we are to be responsible, we must place restrictions on the lesser beings. If they protest these restrictions, it is our right to restrict them even further until they learn their place, or destroy them, la~ This almost never works though, we learned this from segregation. The lesser beings will always protest and resist. It is just the nature of the lesser beings to do so. In fact, I heard a quote from an Earth philosopher during my last brain-washing session, la~ I believe it was Jean Jacques Rousseau, one of those 17th century European philosophers, who said: "Any man who says he is free, yet has restrictions he may not leave, is not free." To create a society without restrictions, you must first build it under the same restrictions, la~ Why not implement this into our system of government? The only beings with "freedom" in our society are the productive members, and those that gain freedom by proving their worth to the republic. All others are restricted in some form or another, la~ Why not give these restrictions a positive rather than negative name? For instance, the most obvious restriction would be that of not allowing the inferior races to become productive members of society, la~ Do not think I have gone back on my word about white worker rights either. Any white man can become a productive member of society in one way or another, the only restrictions are on lesser beings. The lesser beings cannot, by their very nature, ever be productive members of the republic. Or at least not in the same way as a true human being, la~ So worker rights for them is useless, for they cannot be productive members in the way a human can. They should, quite frankly, be happy that we allow them to be productive at all, la~
>>989 Only thing resembling fascism in the nature is ants, so I'm pretty sure that fascism and brains cannot exist in the same society.
>>989 Ok so correct me if I'm wrong but the meat of this babbling is: -fascism is good because natural hierarchy. -in natural hierarchy everything stays in its place cuz everyone submits -if you don't submit you are bad, unnatural and dumb -White people are on top so white ppl good -White people just need to maintain the order -Other people dumb cuz they don't be on top and also don't submit -Freedom is about submitting, if you don't then you bad at freedom -Also only whites can freedom really cuz freedom also about being productive, and only whites can be productive If I've not misintepreted this too badly, I think the first thing to note would be that submission is very unnatural in most cases. Licking ass when somebody's trying to kill you is evolutionarily speaking, very dumb.
(337.05 KB 750x1050 2mv6k.jpg)

>>902 https://mangadex.org/title/49366/omniscient-reader-s-viewpoint I found it recently, so I'm not that far in it, la~
>>986 Along with the concept of individual freedom, 90%+ of science, technology, and the beautiful arts were discovered, developed, and created by Aryans, nya~ >>987 This, of course, is what really matters though nya~ >>992 Thanks nya~
>>989 Hercules came from thence into the region now called Scythia, and, being overtaken by storm and frost, drew his lion's skin about him, and fell fast asleep. While he slept, his mares, which he had loosed from his chariot to graze, by some wonderful chance disappeared nya~ On waking, he went in quest of them, and, after wandering over the whole country, came at last to the district called "the Woodland," where he found in a cave a strange being, between a maiden and a serpent, whose form from the waist upwards was like that of a woman, while all below was like a snake. He looked at her wonderingly; but nevertheless inquired, whether she had chanced to see his strayed mares anywhere. She answered him, "Yes, and they were now in her keeping; but never would she consent to give them back, unless he took her for his mistress." So Hercules, to get his mares back, agreed; but afterwards she put him off and delayed restoring the mares, since she wished to keep him with her as long as possible. He, on the other hand, was only anxious to secure them and to get away. At last, when she gave them up, she said to him, "When thy mares strayed hither, it was I who saved them for thee: now thou hast paid their salvage; for lo! I bear in my womb three sons of thine. Tell me therefore when thy sons grow up, what must I do with them? Wouldst thou wish that I should settle them here in this land, whereof I am mistress, or shall I send them to thee?" Thus questioned, they say, Hercules answered, "When the lads have grown to manhood, do thus, and assuredly thou wilt not err. Watch them, and when thou seest one of them bend this bow as I now bend it, and gird himself with this girdle thus, choose him to remain in the land. Those who fail in the trial, send away. Thus wilt thou at once please thyself and obey me nya~" Hereupon he strung one of his bows- up to that time he had carried two- and showed her how to fasten the belt. Then he gave both bow and belt into her hands. Now the belt had a golden goblet attached to its clasp. So after he had given them to her, he went his way; and the woman, when her children grew to manhood, first gave them severally their names. One she called Agathyrsus, one Gelonus, and the other, who was the youngest, Scythes. Then she remembered the instructions she had received from Hercules, and, in obedience to his orders, she put her sons to the test. Two of them, Agathyrsus and Gelonus, proving unequal to the task enjoined, their mother sent them out of the land; Scythes, the youngest, succeeded, and so he was allowed to remain. From Scythes, the son of Hercules, were descended the after kings of Scythia; and from the circumstance of the goblet which hung from the belt, the Scythians to this day wear goblets at their girdles. This was the only thing which the mother of Scythes did for him nya~
>>994 Scythia has an abundance of soothsayers, who foretell the future by means of a number of willow wands. A large bundle of these wands is brought and laid on the ground. The soothsayer unties the bundle, and places each wand by itself, at the same time uttering his prophecy: then, while he is still speaking, he gathers the rods together again, and makes them up once more into a bundle. This mode of divination is of home growth in Scythia. The Enarees, or woman-like men, have another method, which they say Venus taught them. It is done with the inner bark of the linden-tree. They take a piece of this bark, and, splitting it into three strips, keep twining the strips about their fingers, and untwining them, while they prophesy nya~
>>995 ...When they came on their way to the city of Ascalon in Syria, most of the Scythians passed by and did no harm, but a few remained behind and plundered the temple of Heavenly Aphrodite. This temple... is the oldest of all the temples of the Goddess, for the temple in Cyprus was founded from it, as the Cyprians themselves say; and the temple on Cythera was founded by Phoenicians from this same land of Syria. Butt the Scythians who pillaged the temple, and all their descendants after them, were afflicted by the goddess with the “female” sickness: and so the Scythians say that they are afflicted as a consequence of this and also that those who visit Scythian territory see among them the condition of those whom the Scythians call Traps and ニューハーフ nya~
Sweet dreams with elder sister nya~
>>996 >were afflicted by the goddess with the “female” sickness Oh nooooo
Sweet dreams with older brother nya~
>>991 >>991 >>991 Protect your fucking worldview.
>>993 >Along with the concept of individual freedom, 90%+ of science, technology, and the beautiful arts were discovered, developed, and created by Aryans You are hella biased, but true, white people have been largely responsible for scientific developements for a while, but that wasn't always the case and won't be forever. Art is subjective and it's stupid for you to mention it. Anyway, why do we use science for the ranking, rather than religion, military power, population and other stuff that affect the actual geopolitical pecking order of the countries?
Even if the white genocide plot was happening just the way you say, it's a fucking stupid ass plan. I'm a white person, and no one is threatening my life (except nazis), nobody is preventing me from reproducing and forwarding my white genes, and absolutely no person ever has prevented me from expressing my own white culture (except, you guessed it, nazis). If you personally keep threatening to kill people and they do same to you, fail at social life for being insufferable misogynist nazi and lower your chance to ever get laid except by rape, and redefine your culture to be about hostility towards everyone, middle age values, and illegal behavour, then people shitting on you aren't attacking your race, they are attacking you. You just want a government to order you a submissive waifu to make more white children with your bottom of the barrel genes just for your virtue of being white, instead of having to develop fucking social skills to not drive every female in the shouting distance the fuck away from you and your creepy ass behaviour. I'm ashamed to share a planet with you.
https://summit.news/2020/10/19/sony-corporation-net-worth-45-billion-endorses-black-lives-matter/ ... Impressive cuckery demonstrated by the Whites and Asians that work for Sony... although perhaps the executives are Satanists nya~
>>1007 For reference, in case you didn't already know, BLM is a Communist Black Supremacist organisation nya~
(1.29 MB 1075x1518 85120057_p0.jpg)

>>1009 That should've been obvious to those who had read history, la~ Since their symbol for the organization is akin to the old Bolshevik symbol, la~
>>1010 Thats like saying nazis were a hindu supremacists or something. Why don't you trust BLM when they say what they're actually about? I don't need to strawman you like you always strawman everyone. I wonder why.
(2.27 MB 2894x4093 85119512_p1.png)

>>1010 Communism as an actual effective ideology is dead. Utterly dead. The reason why is because modern communists are highly low quality people. No that's not a dig on "le dumb commies". A vast majority of communists are unemployed, unmarried, have serious mental disorders, and lack the ability to control their emotions, and they refuse to solve these problems because they believe all these problems are a result, at least partially, of the society they live in rather than themselves. If you are a worker: it doesn't matter how good somebody is at debate or how well read they are with theory, you don't follow people who are utterly worthless, that is the same reason why Richard Spencer had no support from effective white men as he thought he deserved. In actual communist revolutions, the people who funded or fought in them where highly masculine, highly effective people. They wouldn't waste their time with people like Vaush or thoughtslime and throw them to the side the second they get in the way with almost no resistance. The only group of people dedicated to self improvement are neolibs/neocons, and to an extent we are starting to see the young right embrace radical self improvement which might be what saves it. China calls itself communist but it's practically a post-political managerial society at this point. No communist worth their salt is seriously going to point to a country that is more racially oppressive and financially oriented than any western nation and call it "real communism." Communism at this point is effectively a marketing tool for neoliberals to give useless people something that keeps them from killing themselves while also turning them into an effective force of destruction, la~ In summary: bioleninism. Communism in the modern era is a meme for evil people. Look past it and focus on who we're really dealing with, la~
>>1012 I agree in everything here except the point that nazis are any better (they very much aren't, have you seen them?). Also that some form of performative historic form of masculinity is important for anything else than pointless aesthetics is ridiculous. You don't need muscles to tell the fully autonomous killer bot to go and wreak havoc. p.s. If you still care about aesthetic male beauty pic related.
>>1013 Freedom™ is the oldest fucking propaganda buzzword there is. What model of Freedom™ are we speaking here? Most people seem very fond of 90s models of Freedom™, but me myself saved a bunch of money to get me a brand new 2020 Freedom™, with drink holders. You gotta be envious of my Freedom™, I doubt your vintage model of Freedom™ even works anymore.
(1.98 MB 768x432 1600687133090.gif)

>>1016 >>1015 >>1014 So tiresome nya~
Ahh time passes so quickly, butt I have to do stuff nya~
(243.57 KB 1176x644 As-a-Mother.jpg)

Love this meme nya~
>>1017 You are the one repeating the same sentence. How is it always the scurbs with no confidence, emotional skills or ability to form sensible sentences the ones who think they are part of master race :D
>>1017 P.S. Why you keep deleting my images? What you're afraid of?
>>1019 It's quite good satire, I'll give you that.
>>690 The fact that you only have insults is further proof you've lost the argument and are a retarded shitskin or kike. >>693 Ah yes the same scientists who want to put you in a machine to make you "less racist" the same scientists who tried to claim that the world is nothing but 50% chance of simulation, the same scientists who are also owned by big banks and corporations. You are useless idiot.
(2.13 MB 1506x1754 2mzua.jpg)

>>1021 Time to sleep, have fun everyone, la~
>>1024 Good night, ara~ is that for us to share? My daughter and I love strawberries nya~
(369.04 KB 1329x1200 Ea3N1GvUwAADejY.jpeg)

https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/mutually_unrequited_twin_sisters_ch09#1 ... Kawaii nya~ ... Ara~Ara~ it's already so late... I should think about getting to bed. I shilled some of my social media links, however it seems no one was interested. Oh well... I've finally started to realise that I really don't like the vast majority of people. One of my goals in life, probably my second, is finding some people I do like nya~
>>1023 >you only have insults >retarded shitskin or kike Even my insults are better than yours.
(3.68 MB 3480x3108 2n3ab.png)

>>1031 What is scary, la~
>>1033 Aura-vampires. They are more common than you'd imagine nya~ ... https://boards.4channel.org/biz/thread/23391711 ... It is interesting when you think about it. Most people now spend most of their waking time looking at a screen. I'm one of them nya~
Looks like anon.cafe is down nya~
>>1035 Are they kill?
>>1036 I don't know, but it seems /fascist/ has founded a bunker here nya~
>>>/v/131444 I kind of want to play this game, butt IRL nya~
(1.22 MB 640x360 heed my words struggler.mp4)

>>1037 I hope anon.cafe comes back, la~ I enjoyed using the board /comfy/, la~
Well I've procrastinated the day away. Better stop now nya~
(513.25 KB 1347x2000 2n4ah.jpg)

>>1041 Check your Minds, la~
>>1042 What am I looking for nya~?
(462.23 KB 707x1000 2n3g5.jpg)

>>1043 I gave you an link to a playlist of my YT channel, la~
(13.11 KB 300x301 cSDPYit.jpg)

How does it feel to be a bottom of the barrel fascist? Your ideology offers you nothing but endless bootlicking all the way to your untimely death in a pointless war caused by your great leader having a sense of diplomacy akin to a 5 year old. If you are lucky you manage to rape somebody before kicking the bucket. You truly are "degenerates".
>>1044 Ara~ I see it now nya~ >>1045 Again, you openly show how you believe Whites are not permitted to have Pride in their Race, while you do not demand Blacks and Jews/Arabs do the same with, "Goodnight Black/Semitic Pride." Antiaryanism is a major scourge nya~
>>1046 Post-WW2 (end of formal international war) fascism and 'neonazism' are direct responses pervasive antiaryanism and systematic anit-Aryan racism nya~
>>1046 I was talking about fascism, not whites. The propaganda pic was there just to annoy you. Yes I'm against all fascists, and you should be too for the reasons stated above.
>>1047 Wait how limiting war to non white countries is anti-white?
>>1049 >>1050 Right so you are against BLM then? If Whites did the same thing they would be called racist nazi white supremacists nya~ ... Well, time to sleep. Always feel so empty at night. Not enough freedom and not enough love. Sweet dreams nya~
>>1051 I'm against the portion of BLM who are black supremacists, but I find most the stated aims of the organisation reasonable and worthwhile. Also I'm restating the question you didn't answer. How is the historical peace in white countries, but not elsewhere, after ww2 somehow a global agenda AGAINST whites and not FOR them. P.S. people would love you more if you were less of a nazi.
(7.58 MB 640x360 lol.mp4)

>>1051 Lol, look what I've found, la~
(6.63 MB 2900x2440 29082522_p0.jpg)

>>1052 >P.S. people would love you more if you were less of a nazi. Wrong, FAGGOT
https://nordicresistancemovement.org/mothers-in-the-struggle-part-2-of-2-vera-oredsson/ ... Seems to me like the Nordic Resistance movement is the most successful pro-Aryan movement globally at the moment. What do you think nya~?
>>1058 https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2020/10/21/why-its-important-for-trump-to-win/ ... I don't like Trump, butt it's far better for Whites that he win than Kamala. Accelerationism is a policy that only makes sense when Whites are 88%+ of the population, and there exists mainstream media that will report and deliver the truth nya~
>>1056 Still waiting for a Strike Witches Gatcha nya~
>>1054 imagine getting so triggered by ad homs that you forget to answer the actual points.
>>1059 So how do you plan to magically increase the white population?
>>1062 I'll fuck everyone HARD, what else nya~?
>>1064 Well if they consent, go for it!
Time to bathe and go to bed. Sweet dreams nya~
(77.64 KB 600x897 2ncpj.jpg)

>>1072 GAS, GAS, GAS, la~
>>1073 I've had enough. All the beautiful chocolate anime girls belong to me nya~
(1.53 MB 1826x1604 Eir-WcbXkAIeCOE.jpeg)

Time for some sun nya~
(738.89 KB 1000x1159 Ek2pNg9U8AANYY1.jpeg)

>>1076 ...and a little run nya~
>>1078 Exercise your will!?
(2.29 MB 2313x4000 2nd95.jpg)

>>1078 LAllalalalalalaala, I hate the Daily Upload limit, la~
>>1080 Yeah, butt you have a nice library nya~ ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EasD0r1LtWY&list=PLDy36CG0wEC4A9Xeb4BOEbBa3nWkQvbkx ... Some weirdo posted the weird music videos above with this image and said 8chan.moe was fake. Weird nya~
https://youtu.be/nY2AXIx-GU4 ... Joe Bidden is classic politician here, always appeals to emotion, while Donald Trump constantly tries to catch him on his lies. Trump is no Adolf Hitler nor Andrew Jackson, butt the alternative is the end of the USA now nya~
(509.87 KB 1100x660 EkLjtkaVkAAfful.jpeg)

https://youtu.be/1RwZ7gSAEus https://youtu.be/B4eEu_Ymaqs ... https://youtu.be/IjvwhJSmyQ4 ... Both Blacks they have on here are pro-Biden. Notably Biden mentioned 'systematic racism' unfortunately not in the correct anti-White sense nya~ ... https://youtu.be/pidFPxne9o4 ... Interesting nya~
https://youtu.be/QUaFFzsiwCM ... Latin loli muh dick rap nya~
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/guraburu-993476/episode-03-232039 ... Ara~ didn't know Silva was 27. Seems Lyria has a complex regarding how flat she is. How old is she supposed be now nya~?
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/adachi-and-shimamura-326884/episode-03-379375 ... Aaaaa what is the story with the future alien girl, is this sci-fi or not nya~!?
>>1086 >>1087 >>1088 Literal shilling
(7.33 MB 4576x8712 85196895_p0.png)

>>1096 It's a spoopy sci-fi, la~
>>1097 Sadly, I'm not getting paid nya~ >>1098 Spoopy... nani nya~?
I hate my work (uni) and I hate where I live (home with my Jew loving birth-family that will bring up how much they support circumcision while I'm about to eat). I'm doing it all for the money, with the hope of freedom. I'm essentially the same as a prostitute that sells herself to guys she hates, for the money nya~
(567.22 KB 1016x1561 2ngli.jpg)

>>1099 It's my replacement for spooky, la~ >>1100 If you do nothing to improve your situation it will be even worse, hence you must perservere their lunacy and keep going upwards, la~
>>1101 >spooky Yes, is it sci-fi or mystery~? It reminds me of denpa onna a bit nya~ >must persevere their lunacy and keep going upwards Yes, if my life has any unified purpose, it is to transcend my backstory, defined by my birth-family, and formal education in subjects I largely have zero intrinsic interest in, and manifest my will nya~
>>1101 British Union fashion centre nya~ ... https://youtu.be/zAKYiZyEOdc ... Clap your hands up nya~
(324.85 KB 600x800 2ng1x.jpg)

>>1104 She's singing so fast, I can't even understand wtf she's singing, la~
(58.99 KB 564x800 2nd6i.jpg)

>>1105 Time to sleep, la~
>>1105 https://youtu.be/atFdRtLw2xo ... >marrying your maid Butt meidos are for just for domestic labour and lewd nya~ ... Ara~Ara~ then, a maid is already a traditional wife nya~!
(642.95 KB 1000x1416 EkMwhw6U8AAQjsq.jpeg)

https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/assault-lily-bouquet-943851/episode-04-462002 ... Why is a black haired 'China girl' from Iceland? Kinda wasting an opportunity to have a platinum blonde lily nya~
>>1112 Are you really surprised that main geopolitical enemy to the west is promoting conspiracy theories ripping countries apart? You really do hate your country and people, keep working for foreign agenda you brainwashed terrorist scum.
(1.52 MB 1771x1254 2nl2e.png)

Each day passed increases my dissatisfaction with this simulacrum reality... I hate it how there's no natural order to follow so everything is learned, la~
(136.34 KB 950x912 1603570911614.jpg)

>>1118 Look at this cognitive dissonance. Look the CCP knows all about planned genocide, they are doing it in Tibet and to the Muslims in China. So they know a genocide when they see it. The Synagouge of Satan that rules Europe, North America, and Oceania—by virtue of their victory in WW2—are intentionally systematically committing genocide against Aryans worldwide nya~
(1.08 MB 2284x2344 1603577698507.jpg)

The Synagogue of Satan (S0S) vs. The CCP that has seemingly broken free from the S0S's control. I have no cat in this snake fight. Butt, even the CCP are more honest than the SOS nya~
(980.76 KB 1440x1869 1603577544295.jpg)

>>1121 >>1119 The best thing we can do is keep struggling and calling out the lies. BTW why do they have black pubic hair? Guess they are bottle blondes nya~
(79.81 KB 1024x946 1603580443361.jpg)

I wonder if the S0S will ever pay for their rape and torture of Aryans. I suppose, only if we make them pay nya~
(253.76 KB 1600x1200 1589319519-0.jpg)

>>1118 Also wanted to inform anons that Kissinger (S0S member like Soros, Rothschild, et al.) and your beloved Demonrats—especially Biden lol—are the ones who have empowered the CCP such that it is now the main geopolitical enemy to the west—a fact only brought to light by Donald Trump nya~
>>1112 I really want anons to see this though. This is the first time the satanic-globalist agenda to genocide Aryans has been revealed on the global stage since uncle Adolf nya~
(405.58 KB 1000x2090 2nl3q.jpg)

>>1109 Yeah, la~ >>1122 This is the biggest problem with liberal democracy, la~ The only solution for the end of this system is actually increased violence towards high-end targets, because anything else is just playing withing the system sadly, la~ Unironically fedposters are right about taking it down but wrong in their target choice, la~
(1.44 MB 1500x859 2nktu.png)

Lalalala, watching seasonal Yuri anime, la~
>>1127 The only forms of democracy I can support at this point are specific types of Tiered Democracy or Electoral Monarchy nya~
(1.11 MB 1825x1175 2nl2z.jpg)

>>1131 Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater, la~
>>1125 Wtf kissinger wasn't even democrat
>>1120 >Peace and welfare is actually genocide Like seriously, where in west anything like what china is doing to muslims is happening to white people?
>>1123 What are you talking about? When did this happen?
>>1126 I'm a white person and every time I go out I fear for my life because I have slightly increased risk of heart disease. Why are they trying to end wars in far away countries while they should be researching medication for obesity in their secret goverment labs? No, I won't stop eating, fuck you.
(144.57 KB 1200x854 1603572110019.jpg)

>>1133 He's a S0S infiltrator who made the CCP and PRC what they are today, I didn't imply he was a demonrat you satanist shill. Political party matters little, ultimately, anyway nya~ >>1134 >Peace and welfare Strawman you satanist shill nya~ >>1135 Epstein's island for one nya~ >>1136 Nah, your a kike even if white... something I posted must have triggered him nya~ ... https://www.jpost.com/diaspora/lithuania-mints-first-euro-coin-with-hebrew-letters-646773 ... https://www.jpost.com/diaspora/antisemitism/albania-to-host-first-ever-balkans-forum-against-antisemitism-646837 ... https://www.jpost.com/opinion/anyone-who-thinks-trump-is-good-for-the-jews-is-a-freier-645875 ... https://www.jpost.com/us-elections/75-percent-of-us-jews-voting-for-biden-in-us-presidential-election-646219 ... More Jewish support = bad for the Aryan goyim. Deport all anti-Aryan/pro-Circumcision Jews to Israel nya~
>>1137 https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-anti-netanyahu-protesters-return-to-the-streets-march-from-knesset-1.9259010 ... https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium.highlight-i-lived-in-europe-and-i-see-no-reason-why-a-jew-shouldn-t-live-in-israel-1.9239188 ... Hey Jews, if you don't want to be hated, instead of trying to brainwash people to love you, why don't you just try to be less hateful. You know, stop trying to demand love from people you are trying to genocide? Maybe move to Israel and give that a try nya~
>>1132 Oh I want to watch that one too... unfortunately all my tabs disappeared so I'll have to find everything again nya~
>>1139 Average jew isn't really going around plotting to genocide anyone. Every ethnicity has genocidal maniacs, jews, whites, blacks and asians. We even have a name for these people, we call them nazis, and if we can ever educate people enough to shed their stupid racial biases, nobody is gonna genocide anyone. So do you want a genocide or no?
>>1137 >He's a S0S infiltrator who made the CCP and PRC what they are today, I didn't imply he was a demonrat you satanist shill. The china ordeal led to collapse of soviets and china becoming one giant corporation. You sound exactly like a pissed off tankie. >Strawman Are you seriously thinking that west has had less peace and stability than other parts of the world after ww2? >Epsteins island I'm all for prosecuting people behind that, but really when contrasted with child explotation going on in anywhere else, it doesn't really support the "attack on the whiteys"-narrative >Nah your a kike It is not for you to decide. Have fun with your schizophrenia.
>>1144 >>1143 https://www.zerohedge.com/political/joe-biden-brags-about-assembling-most-extensive-inclusive-voter-fraud-organization ... Contrats, Satanist, you win, unless the Repulicucks throw off their handlers and break free from being controlled opposition nya~
>>1146 Who controls the media you read controls your mind, not mine.
Do 4D feminine entities look at us they way we look at 2D feminine entities nya~?
(7.75 MB 300x419 85246832.gif)

>>1149 Let's not venture into areas such as those, la~
>>1150 ~If you look into the abyss... the abyss looks back nya~
(5.95 MB 1724x2692 2npl7.png)

>>1151 Do you hab more songs, la~
>>1148 Read that again. I don't read same media as you.
>>1152 Evil plan to keep people inside while theres a fucking plague lose :D These guys really seem like tough guys.
>>1156 >>1155 You are such a tiresome shill, I can't believe you are paid for your BS. Who are you targeting, those of IQ80? Niggers aren't on here nya~ >>1154 Ya, what kind of songs are you interested in nya~?
Hey yo, ~nya poster, I used to talk to you on onee & Xchan. How you doing these days? You should swing by and say what's up, we had some good chats, back in the day. https://9chan.tw/ckva/catalog
https://www.zerohedge.com/political/joe-biden-brags-about-assembling-most-extensive-inclusive-voter-fraud-organization ... https://www.zerohedge.com/political/outrage-after-wapo-says-treat-biden-leaks-foreign-intel-operation-even-if-they-arent ... https://www.zerohedge.com/political/elephant-room-florida-school-revokes-parking-privileges-student-trump-display-truck ... https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/biden-and-trump-promises-compare-and-contrast ... https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/americans-are-arming-themselves-military-gear-record-rates-heading-election ... https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/france-recalls-ambassador-after-erdogan-said-macron-needs-mental-help-dubbing-teachers ... https://www.zerohedge.com/political/vermont-goes-tone-deaf-free-speech-principal-fired-over-all-lives-matter-statement ... https://www.zerohedge.com/political/trump-immediately-fire-fbi-cia-directors-if-reelected ... https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/cult-brave-new-normal ... https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/renminbi-diplomacy-how-china-bought-us-government ... https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/air-force-selects-bae-systems-design-combat-drone-skyborg-program ... https://www.zerohedge.com/political/my-journey-zombie-apocalypse-lockdown-skeptic ... https://www.zerohedge.com/political/hunter-biden-ex-biz-partner-was-livid-over-5mm-side-deal-chinese-texts ... https://www.zerohedge.com/political/putin-defends-bidens-becomes-visibly-irritated-when-asked-about-35-million-moscow-payment ... https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/free-press-has-responsibility-be-fair ... https://www.zerohedge.com/political/why-equality-outcome-can-never-ever-work ... The closest you can get to equality of outcome would be a society of clones. However, even clones would start to diverge in abilities based on what they do nya~
>>1158 Heyy operator-chan, I'm still here, nothing really bad or good has really happened to me since those days at least. How are you nya~?
>>1160 Lot of shit has changed and is still changing, especially for the better. X went tits-up, I fucked off, been on a personal journey and decided to make a new board a couple days ago; miss those quality discussions with quality anons. I see you're doing alright on the board front; I was wondering where you were at onee when I came back a while later.
>>1161 Yea, I feel like so much has been lost. Butt maybe is was all meaningless too and that feeling of loss is just a result of meaningless time investment. I had a board on megu.ca and then shamik.ooo butt Lat or someone just deleted it one day. My board on Onee too was deleted butt it wasn't Sen's fault, I guess it's back now, butt all the effort I put it was just erased. Just like when I lost all the data on my main PC... never buy CCP Chinese products. I was on 9chan until the global mod deleted my board empire nya~ >miss those quality discussions with quality anons. I know that feel nya~
(8.95 MB Twintails.mp3)

>>1163 >Spelling mistakes I've had enough to type today nya~
>>1163 Nothing is really meaningless if it meant something to you; just because something was lost doesn't mean it was nothing and the fact that its absence left a mark proves it carried a weight in your chest. But that's life, nyaposter, you lose things, you get knocked down, but you get back up and as all good things end, new chapters are written and the story goes on; the highs and lows only make it more interesting. Anyways, feel free to stop by /ckva/ and shoot the shit, you're always welcome. 9chan is in new hands, now, anyways. I don't really know what this board is about, but if you tell me, I'll make sure to swing by and give it some activity : ) Keep your head up -/ckva/
(622.10 KB 1280x720 Catpat.webm)

>>1166 Thanks operator-san. This board is what it is, rather than tell you, it's better if you discover it yourself nya~ : >
(4.60 MB 960x540 Deutsche.webm)

https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/the-irregular-at-magic-high-school-visitor-arc-818924/episode-04-729679 ... Elite Japanese high schools have better magicians than elite North American military forces... lol, butt I like how Canada is absorbed by the US like it should be nya~
>>1159 >equality of outcome Nobody ever has advocated for that. Everyone will end up dead anyway, so wtf are you talking about. You really cannot handle the world without strawmanning yourself an nonexisting enemy and then suddenly everyone you disagree with belong to some spoopy omniscent jew satanist communist muslim hyper cabal with absolute control over everything except for few nazi newspapers you keep religiously sharing around (coincidence?), and even when they have all the resources and all the scientists under their control, somehow they still support idiotic naive ideas that happen to map exaclty on usual rightwinger strawmen of their enemies. Your enemy doesn't fit inside your head, and neither does mine. You fit so you aren't my enemy, you are just some poor motherfucker who got too much internet radiation too young and got abducted by nazi shills. There's no one great conspiracy against white people or something, there's multiple conspiracies, each with differing aims, some adjacent some contradicting, and if one of them ever gathers too much power others will ally up and knock that bitch back down. This is not my utopia, this is just how the fucking world works. I know you might be too far gone to understand what you are reading. So piss in your own eye until it is red and swollen you disgusting nazi fuck.
>>1171 >>1172 https://www.zerohedge.com/political/how-decades-media-and-faculty-bias-have-pushed-america-left ... If you are not a shill, nor a satanist, you are a product of your indoctrination like most sheeple nya~
https://nationalvanguard.org/2020/10/the-strange-case-of-a-judge-a-lawyer-a-paedophile-and-a-murdered-baby/ ... >Meanwhile the project to normalise paedophilia continues apace. You see paedophilia is normal, far more normal than homosexuality, humans are sexual and can feel sexual pleasure even before puberty. The problem is not 'paedophilia,' it is abuse: causing pain and denying pleasure. Fundamentally though, society is confused regarding love, sexuality, reproduction, and what constitutes abuse. A child is property of his/her Mother unless the Mother is married. A child can be given to another person via adoption or marriage. When a child becomes a legal adult the Mother and her marriage no longer have formal claim over the child. This is normally decided by an arbitrary age. It could also be decided through passing a 'test.' Legal adulthood is different from physical adulthood. By all rights, if a boy is able to impregnate a woman, he is biologically a man from the perspective of reproduction. If a girl is able to become pregnant by a man, she is biologically a woman from the perspective of reproduction. For the record, it is not paedophillia to be attracted to a human capable of biological reproduction. I generally despise how confused society is regarding sexuality, reproduction, and love nya~
>>1174 A 'pedophille' that has sex with a legal child without the Mother's permission is committing property crime essentially, and this crime should compensated the same way a legal divorce is. On that note, Marriage is a legal contract and the concept of one-size fits all marriage and no-fault divorce makes marriage a generally very bad contract for the the richer spouse nya~
Logically, in traditional marriage, spouses give each-other sexual consent permanently. This is the primary point of marriage. Given that marriage is also considered to be a complete union, it makes sense that in the event of divorce assets are split equally. The factors that make divorce possible is another issue, butt modernly, no-fault divorce exists and you can just divorce if you want to. However, what about the children? Is not a child, as product of the personal union of marriage, also party to it? That is, if a spouse can divorce a spouse, why cannot a legally adult child divorce his/her parent(s)? Logically then, if a child reaches legal adulthood, and chooses to divorce his/her parents s/he would then deserve a share of the family assets. In a family with 2 parents and 2 children, if one child divorces the family s/he would be owed 25% of the assets. Suffice to say, given that marriage is a choice, butt being born isn't, why does an adult child have less claim to family assets than a spouse does? This would certainly encourage parents to have better relationships with their children, especially as they near legal adulthood. So many norms in society are historical and arbitrary, few are consistently logical nya~
>You see paedophilia is normal, far more normal than homosexuality Both are arbitrary constructs. Especially because homosexuality like heterosexuality as 'orientations' do not exist. There is no value in considering orientation, just behaviour. Humans are all bisexual having a balance of anima and animus regardless of genotypical and phenotypical sex. When the phenotypical sex matches the typical/ideal anima/animus profile for that sex everything is great, butt when you have the inverse, you have body dysphoria and transsexuality. The more anima a phenotypical male has, the more interested s/he will be in presenting/behaving as a female, the reverse is also true. Females with more animus are treated far better than males will more anima due to darwinian selection. Paedophillia is defined (incorrectly) in practice as any sexual attraction to someone that is not a legal adult when you are a legal adult. Paedophillia it' cannot be a crime as it involves no action nya~
It is important to understand that pain and property rights form the basis of all conceptions of morality and justice nya~
(130.55 KB 712x1024 2nw82.jpg)

>>1180 Have you played any in recent times, la~
(1.39 MB 1200x1619 2nv86.jpg)

>>1182 What does thou need to create a board, la~
>>1183 Ara~ you want to create a board here nya~ >Board Creation is accomplished by registering a new account from the User Account option in the upper left menu.
(66.50 KB 1024x576 1603749959598.jpg)

Right, time to do something 'productive' maybe nya~
(115.60 KB 1000x1416 Making-Babies.jpg)

>>1185 Like making a younger sister nya~!
(292.57 KB 1908x1276 2nud6.jpg)

>>1184 Yeah, so I can put document some of the stuff I find online, la~ >>1182 You can make time for it now, la~ >>1186 Half-sis half-daughter???
>>1188 ; ) >You can make time for it Maybe someday, I have to check out my PC and maybe reinstall windows 7 on my old laptop because Windows 10 is too slow nya~
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/love-live-nijigasaki-gakuen-school-idol-doukoukai-294307/episode-04-670071 ... Idols are meant to be in Yuri pairs, not solo! If I was running an idol agency I'd make sure every Idol had a partner! Each pair could team up with other idols to put on events nya~!
>>1173 >you are a product of your indoctrination Sure, I don't deny that. My indoctrination is just objectively BETTER and MORE CORRECT than yours and the usual sheeples. See how you cannot anymore respond to any of the things I'm actually saying, and only complain about "shilling" without actually tackling anything I say. How shit your "indoctrination", or education must be if you cannot do any better. I hope your fingernails grow so long that you cannot scratch your own ass anymore .
>>1174 >children and women as property Why should people pay the husband/father if they hurt either, isn't there a huge risk that husband/father doesn't give a shit? >children can feel pleasure Suuuure, but children can also get drunk, it's not necessarily given that that is a good thing for their developement. >you should be adult when you can make babies Not necessarily. Having adulthood higher than that is useful, since people are not occupied by baby making and can learn shit that makes the society function
>>1175 no no-fault divorce makes marriage a shit contract for anyone.
>>1176 >Logically, in traditional marriage, spouses give each-other sexual consent permanently Fuck no. Why even marry a person if you cannot bother asking them consent every time? >marriage is complete union Na, it isn't, people living together and wearing shiny rings doesn't mean some sort of scifi brain fusion shit. Like how can you even divorce from a marriage done by blender? >children divorcing parents wtf, you arent legally bound to them after 18? I get the point that children should be legally allowed to have their share of the family wealth or something, do you think that parents would be more likely to support their children financially with the threat of "divorce" on the table? It seems to me like many children would end up just divorcing the day they hit 18 and go support their local drug dealer.
>>1177 Jung is an ancient witch doctor :D
>>1178 But they don't. There's loads of different moral systems with differing bases.
>>1200 You cannot possibly read all of these, since you obviously cannot read.
(198.33 KB 1280x961 photo_2020-10-28_00-52-13.jpg)

>>1202 Unironically, this is one of the things I support for accelerationism, la~
I went for a walk with Mom in the forest and looked at mushrooms nya~
Ahhh I don't want to work nya~
>>1200 BTW, the seasonal flu rates have declined because everything flu and cold like have been counted as COVID19. The if the cases and deaths from other causes have declined, it is likely because they have been counted as COVID19 deaths and cases. Of course they could just double count nya~
/voxxe/ is now sticky linked here: https://9chan.tw/ckva/thread/3
Biden 2020 nya~!
>>1211 https://youtu.be/Zg9Okmz4BGE ... 'Always blame others of what you yourself are doing,' seems to be a Satanist mantra nya~
https://nationalvanguard.org/2020/10/hyper-privileged-jew-sues-jan-lamprecht/ ... https://nationalvanguard.org/2020/10/slouching-towards-nuremberg/ ... The S0S will use you as a pawn if you let them, butt if you learn the truth or your usefulness has ended... You're next to be terminated because you know too much nya~
The food life, of course.
>>1212 How about "blame satanists for everything that happens"?
>>1207 They've fallen because of the quarantine, its actually very easy to figure out which coughs are from covid.
>>1216 Are you now defending Satanists? That seems like a difficult position to take nya~
As a child your parents are gods. As a teenager, everything is about your peer group. In your 20's you feel like you have all the time in the world. In your 30's you realise that you don't. In your 40's you know that this is your last decade of youth. This decade is when women typically lose what beauty they have. In your 50's, you're old, butt not old enough to be a senior. In your 60's people start asking you when you plan to retire. In your 70's people ask if you have a will or a succession plan. In your 80's you expect to die sometime soon. In your 90's you're surprised you didn't die in your 80's. In your 100's you're surprised you didn't die in your 90's. In your 110's you are a rare survivor and people ask you what your secret is. In your 120's... you are benefiting from life extension technologies, or you wouldn't be alive nya~
(891.46 KB 2614x4096 2o5vq.jpg)

>>1218 Good afternoon, la~
>>1220 Good morning nya~
https://finance.yahoo.com/news/tomochain-acquires-german-enterprise-blockchain-123000291.html ... Ara~Ara~ thankfully I never reinvested in this. The whole point of blockchain is immutability not, 'deletable features' nya~
(68.45 KB 530x451 photo_2020-10-28_07-48-46.jpg)

>>1222 I have created /library/, la~ I mean they're trying to mix decentralization with centralization, something like lbry.tv, la~
>>1223 Yes, I noticed, hopefully some anons who have time to read will drop by. Lition is now owned by the Chinese so regardless of any technicalities, my interest is gone nya~
>>1225 https://www.jpost.com/us-elections/75-percent-of-us-jews-voting-for-biden-in-us-presidential-election-646219 ... 75%+ of Jews support BLM, so they are just getting what they deserve as their golem turns against them nya~
>>1218 I'm just saying you are using satanists as a scapegoat for everything because the actual complexity of real world politics scares you.
>>1226 So as a minority you should be FOR oppressing minorities
https://www.jpost.com/international/thieves-steal-rare-nazi-uniforms-weapons-from-dutch-museums-647277 ... Cool nya~ ... >>1228 First, you are still defending Satanists. Second, there is such a thing as 'usual suspects' for a reason. The actual complexity does not scare me any more than death. Humans are inherently limited though, and thus have to rely on generalities. Only a divine being above all mortal strife would not be scared of the real danger of complex of real world politics, shill-san... and I'm done wasting my time on you for today nya~
https://www.zerohedge.com/political/nxivm-sex-cult-founder-keith-raniere-sentenced-120-years-prison *** I would like to study this cult if in depth if time permits. The world is ruled by Cults and conspiracies, the greatest one currently is the cult of the Dark Star AKA Inverted Saturn AKA the Synagogue of Satan, itself existing primarily within the cults of Talmudism, Kabbalah, and Mammon nya~
>>1230 Thank you for another non answer
>>1230 >>1231 Ara~Ara~ all these spelling mistakes, oh well nya~
>>1232 Reflected. I answered you Shill-san. If you don't understand, too bad. I don't care nya~
>>1234 Your answer was literally "humans are dumb and need to generalize so I need to be dumb and generalize". All your brain is good for is to act as a conduit for nazi newssites to share their links on this board. How does feel to get played by some actual shitty humans?
>>1235 Smart humans fight for their interests. I suppose this makes Jews smart. However, cutting and sucking bloody baby dicks might have cultic value, butt is probably detrimental for long-term Jewish supremacy nya~
>>1236 You are not fighting for your interests tho. You are just feeding propaganda sites with visibility like some brainless bot.
>>1238 Everything is propaganda shill, some is just more truthful or beneficial to me nya~
>>1240 https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/will-they-really-get-away-it *** Ara~ well, (((they've))) been getting away with it for a long long time, and (((they))) won WW2 so yeah, probably nya~
>>1240 I wish I was rich enough to have a couple of my own propaganda outlets nya~
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/the-bears-bear-a-bare-kuma-796435/episode-04-431664 ... Ara~Ara~ I'm more greedy than Yuna, I'd take those cute daughters and their beloved mother as payment AND I'd protect their smiles. That said, an opportunity for serious fetch quest to save the mother was missed nya~
Ara~Ara~ I really don't understand this, I could empathise with Mireille until she said this. If you want life so much that you would struggle as much as she did... how could you say that you just want a regular body? A regular body that will eventually get old, sick, and die? I would think the easy choice would be immortality... that which literally all religion lusts after. I'm disappointed nya~
>>1246 Mireille also doesn't realise that she already has someone who loves her... her daughter Risette. It doesn't matter how smart she is, Mireille-chan is a BAKA nya~
>>1247 Ara~~ past time for bed again! Good night nya~
>>1248 Good night, la~ >>1244 Cute, la~
(788.88 KB 750x1000 1602673577698.png)

>>1249 Good afternoon nya~
(3.95 MB 2200x2800 2ogav.jpg)

>>1250 The library is slowly being filled with things I've come across my times of surfing the web up to this point, you're more than welcomed too use it too, la~ Today was such an extremely eventful day for France, la~
(205.83 KB 1287x1800 2ohk6.jpg)

>>1252 The danger of bio-cultural estrangement is now offering a chance to all Europeans and European-Americans to see the bigger picture and shake off their local and territorial imperatives, la~ After all, what does it mean to be German, French, when 10~20% of the population is non-European and American-European when a bit over 30% is not American-European, la~
https://www.theepochtimes.com/about-us ... It's sad when one of the only news sources not openly anti-White is an anti-CCP Chinese one nya~
(194.43 KB 1280x1751 2oiei.jpg)

(145.98 KB 867x1200 2oiee.jpg)

Following the events and the new national lockdown starting tonight to fight against COVID-19, thousands of urbanites tried to flee from Paris tonight, causing around 800km of traffic jam in the area., la~
>>1257 Yes, many happenings in the DSA and France nya~ ... The only reason I had a 'home' to return too—even if it is at best lukewarm—is because Mom, whom I both hate and love, is here nya~
Have you tried picking mushrooms from the forest before? It is very dangerous to test mushrooms. First you need to identify if there are any known mushrooms that look like the one you want to pick. If you then think it's not posionous, you need to feed some to a pet mouse or rat. If the rat appears OK after a day, you can then do a skin test. If that is fine, then you can test the smallest amount on your tongue. Even then some poisonous mushrooms appear fine to eat while deadly toxins build up in your body. Scary nya~
https://www1.kickassanime.rs/anime/guraburu-993476/episode-04-505777 ... I want to play that candy-stick game with Rosetta nya~
>>1263 There was also one lolicon and a baka haha nya~
Ara~ there will, butt as long as you have each other, as a Mother-Daughter couple, you will find a way. Life, love finds a way nya~
>>1265 Sweet dreams tonight nya~
(434.43 KB 824x1200 2olth.jpg)

>>1266 Good night, la~
>>1267 Good afternoon nya~ ... I don't want to do my work. I really regret not being more radical with my life choices. It's really hard to constantly force yourself to do things you generally have very little interest and don't want to do nya~
https://www.zerohedge.com/political/senate-committee-verifies-bobulinski-evidence-bidens-so-why-msm-covering-it ... https://action-zealandia.com/articles/are-we-wrong-about-freedom ... No. If you think what exists in New Zeland today is 'freedom' you are delusional. I also see nationalists focusing on 'degeneracy' or 'sin' and failing to actually consider what really matters. Biological survival, eugenics, love, and freedom. This is why I could never join a nationalist party that I myself did not lead nya~
(52.58 KB 772x1200 2oml2.jpg)

>>1269 They are nationalists just as the lefties are communists, la~ Both sides are liberals larping two different idealogies, but arguing just how to consoom, la~
>>1271 Yes, the only solution is creating new families founded on shared values, and an understanding of how formal decisions are made. These families can grow into tribes, and perhaps eventually new States. There is no perfect human community. Butt I tend to think, after all these years, that I will only fit in one I create for myself nya~
(102.71 KB 1191x519 2oo9m.jpg)

>>1274 Actual monke labor, la...?
Ahh my Judeo-Christian birth-family is so tiresome. They are always like oh no! Halloween is a 'satanic' pagan aka not Jewish practice and girls dress up as rape victims... easter and valentines is when they would worship Astarte and have temple prostitution and orgies, ect... and you know what? I really don't care even if true. Even if it happens today. None of that has impacted me, besides not being able to play with the other kids. None of them were nearly as 'bad' as the circumcision my mother will even regularly promote in casual conversation while I'm about to eat nya~
>>1279 I want a family of my own, that accepts and loves me before anything else. A family that is more than lukewarm. I will continue to struggle to achieve this... something that seems so simple butt has always been so distant nya~