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(2.65 MB 1720x2203 recommended retro jrpgs.png)

Recommended game charts and lists. Anonymous 05/04/2021 (Tue) 20:10:36 No. 1
First, therefore benis.
Do you have the loli game chart, anon?
(22.00 MB 3181x8665 loli games 3.4.png)

>>4 Always.
(177.99 KB 300x464 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6 Cool, thanks
>>6 Is there an /hgg/ version of this chart?
>>9 Are there even that many loli ero games? I have played quite a few but most are hardly games and use RPG Maker just as an excuse to have some CG events.
>>1 >(J) Japan-only but fan-translated >Final Fantasy 5 Good taste, but just how old is this image? Or was the OP for it unaware of the PS1/GBA ports, or do they not count despite being ports of a game that was originally for the SNES? Also, why are some of the screenshots perfect, but others improperly sized? Did he not take them all himself?
>>15 ever play Usagi and the dream island?
>>15 we got quite a few touching/molesting sims over the years (a recent one is Amuchan Developer) but their number is dwarfed by loli visual novels.
I'm pretty sure that there are no charts for old home computers like the Amstrad CPC or Speccy.
>>89 I'm guessing that it's not at all like Rabi Ribi?

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