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(181.51 KB 571x139 sega cd vr.gif)

BANNERS Anonymous 05/04/2021 (Tue) 21:04:26 No. 18
If you have any cool banners, post them here and i'll add them. Maximum size is 640x140 and filesize of 1mb.
(988.54 KB 1500x1167 ClipboardImage.png)

If everything is working properly, there should be a new spoiler icon.
>>19 Well, it works. If anyone lurking here can think of a better one. I'll gladly replace this one for it.
>>20 How about one of the Happening Spaces from the N64 Mario Party games? Waifu2x wasn't too kind to 1 and 2's but 3's worked pretty good.
(28.80 KB 128x127 Sonic Shuffle Happening.png)

>>22 Here is also Sonic Shuffle's happening space
>>22 I don't know about the first 3, but I like the last one.
>>22 Not bad >>25 Agreed, I added it.
(15.79 KB 128x128 test again.png)

Testing again >>40 Thanks for choosing it.
Hewwo, please check out the new custom CSS theme for this board, hope you like it. It could use some work but I think it looks good so far.
>>77 The pop-up reply box is terrible and out-of-place. Doesn't fit at all, just looked like the default blue board style with glowing letters But the rest is nice. It has a certain geocities feeling that is very appropriate, though perhaps could still be better. I'm not sure how, I'm not a designer, but it at least hints at retro web design so you're close enough. At least for me. It's all about evoking that feeling
>>82 My god you are right, the reply box is quite out of place. I'll look into it ASAP.
>>83 >>82 What about now?
>>84 better
>>86 i'm glad you liked it.
(26.57 KB 640x140 Plumber Signal.jpg)

(55.94 KB 640x140 get tetris out banner.jpg)

(49.47 KB 640x140 gameboy escape banner.jpg)

I made some banenrs, hope they fit well
>>90 I love you, i'll add these right away!
(49.18 KB 640x140 Virtua Fighter banner.jpg)

(84.76 KB 640x140 vr 64 banner.jpg)

(67.22 KB 480x140 Sega Saturn banner.jpg)

More banners made.
>>94 Added

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