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(436.32 KB 900x900 1620362525186.jpg)

Anonymous 05/07/2021 (Fri) 21:49:14 No. 53
Snes games
(1.49 MB 1024x576 ClipboardImage.png)

Has anyone played Terranigma? I've heard people say that it's like Zelda but better like Okami but for 2D Zelda.
(68.12 KB 510x396 BetaDinosaurLand2.jpg)

(1.41 KB 256x224 SMWCageBirds.png)

(296.00 B 16x16 SMWMapKoopaling.gif)

(2.26 KB 256x224 SMWNoYoshi2.png)

(1.95 KB 64x65 SMW_kuppa_car_2.gif)

Super Mario World being the console's signature launch title was probably the worst thing that happened to it development wise, most of the levels outside of Special Zone would be vastly improved with more slopes and/or additional enemies. >>63 Decided to go through the first tower out of boredom. The combat is far above LTTP, there are different moves for the spear when you're mashing A, jumping, and running which all have different uses. The first tower didn't require the use of these that often so I imagine the rest of the game hopefully gets better with weapon use in addition to enemy behavior. I died once trying to experiment the dash move with the spear against the knights but I was able to shit on them with the basic stab attack. Overall decent Zelda clone, I don't know about the rest of the game but I didn't see any actual puzzles.
>>66 >no actual puzzles Sounds like an interesting spin on the formula. I might give it a try once my sd2snes arrives.
>>53 The fact that Chrono Trigger never got an actual anime series is a crying shame, as well as the fact that most if not every fan project was C&D'd and the fans were too cowardly to just continue work anyway, release it, and just eat whatever nonsense lawsuit Squeenix would throw at them, assuming the threat wouldn't be a bluff. I need to pick up a legitimate copy again; I've been editing some footage with ffmpeg, and doing so keeps making me want to play it again but I don't allow myself to play pirated copies of games that are still in circulation (that vile PC port of the mobile remaster unfortunately counts towards this). I need to pick up either the DS or PS1 port to remedy this, I'd much rather live with sluggish load times than what the mobile remakes did to the game's visuals in every aspect. Speaking of awful PC ports of SNES classics, is the PC port of the mobile port of the DS remake (ridiculous) of FF4 decent enough to bother to playing from start-to-finish? Or should I look into getting the Complete Collection for PSP?
>>69 I feel like Toriyama is too old now to work on one or if we do get one is with a different art style like that CG Dragon Quest movie that came out recently and absolutely nobody liked.
>>63 I played part way through Terranigma a while ago, but it didn't really pull me in. You can think of it as the third in a series following Soul Blazer and the Illusion of Gaia. It has a very unique story line about remaking Earth from prehistory to modern times, but the translation was clunky as shit, and if you chain together the dash attack with the right timing, you are completely invincible.
>>100 I forgot entirely and completely that it was part of a trilogy. Guess I'll have to play through the other ones first then!
>>101 There’s hints here and there that the games take place in the same world, but the plots are completely unrelated, so it’s not necessary to start from the beginning if you don’t want to.
>>63 It's not shit like Zelda. It's more like a SoM clone.
(78.60 KB 640x463 illusionofgaia-coveru.jpg)

>>135 When I saw the words " SoM clone" on the home page I assumed you were talking about Illusion of Gaia. I was close.

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