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Retrocomputing game thread Anonymous 05/09/2021 (Sun) 02:14:25 No. 55
So /vr/, what's your favorite retrocomputer? I'm fond of the MSX and Amiga.. Both have some great games (especially the Amiga, check out Turrican). What's your favorite
Goddamn it, forgot to add "retrocomputers" at the end.
I haven't played that many reto computer games to make a proper judgement but the Commodore 64 seems to have the most active community and I've seen some sick demos and hardware pushing homebrew.
I played a bunch of ZX Spectrum platformers, they are fun for what they are like Jet Set Willy. These games are seriously unforgiving and probably amongst the hardest games i've ever played. The controls are simple and often satisfying when remapped using an emulator, this kind of experimental game design that tries to make out the best out of weak hardware is fascinating and completely gone nowadays. God bless the brits.

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