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Welcome to /vyt/

This board is for any and all discussion relating to VTubers. Global rules apply, otherwise just try to stay on topic.

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Kiryu Coco Graduation Sad that it happened on her birthday.

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/aog/! Talk about the best vtuber! Annoying Orange

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Sperg Out Over not Understanding Vtubers

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VOMS Project

VOMS girls deserve some love, too. Especially our favorite tea kettle.

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I'm BO of /u/. If you want to post vtubers shipping or futanari you can come to my board

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3D General


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3DPD Digging General

Starting with Sena, the one that makes the most money by taking advantage of retards all over the world. Brought to you by the person who pissed off Mark bad enough to get him to rage openly in his Discord channel

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Banner Thread

Submit your banners!

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non virtual jewtubers

Not sure where to ask, do you have any good jewtube/other site creators to recommend? Vidya is preferred but not required.

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I don't understand a single word of what he says in his streams, but I like to use his videos as background noise because his voice is less annoying than the average nip's.

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Music and Remixes

For when virtual idols actually try to be idols.

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Hololive Global General

Basically a main hub to talk about chuubas when they're streaming or not. Basically any Holo outside the Japanese sphere; EN, ID you name it.

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I don't suppose this is a place for software recommendations and suchlike?

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MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM /co/!!! >>>/co/7744

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Anyone know a translation for Subaru's Zelda shit?

It seems hard to find translations of them playing actual videogames, and when it is they're all "best moments" when all I want is a full translation of their actual gameplay. Anyone got an idea where I could find someone for that, especially for Subaru's shit since most of her translated stuff are collabs or non-vidya stuff?