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(608.77 KB 1000x1800 vtuber6.png)
(656.40 KB 992x2595 vtuber4.jpg)
(484.28 KB 1760x1717 vtuber7.jpeg)
(899.63 KB 1280x1097 vtuber2.png)
3DPD Digging General Anonymous 01/23/2021 (Sat) 02:15:57 No. 52
Starting with Sena, the one that makes the most money by taking advantage of retards all over the world. Brought to you by the person who pissed off Mark bad enough to get him to rage openly in his Discord channel
(166.36 KB 1198x571 vtuber8.jpg)
(538.82 KB 2000x968 vtuber3.jpg)
(857.71 KB 1223x1000 vtuber1.png)
So assuming this is all legit, why should I give a shit about any of it?
>>54 Because it has become a phenomenon and is ruining peoples lives. It's an act of injustice and is also causing retards like the jannies on /v/ and /a/ to ban anyone discussing anti-vtuber sentiments. It will come for you soon enough
>>54 I fucking hate these cunts, draining the souls and wallets of almost hopeless young men.
>>56 >Because it has become a phenomenon and is ruining peoples lives. Fucking over the v-tubers themselves doesn't solve the problem those people have that made them willing to throw money at them in the first place. If you want to help them, advocate for them to get some kind of help. >>57 The fags who donate a bunch of money do it out of their own free will, they're never told to by any of the v-tubers themselves.
>>52 This isn't /cow/ or kiwifarms, you autistic faggot.
(418.50 KB 800x450 ClipboardImage.png)
>>58 Anon, these cunts sell these people the stuff that they can't attain IRL for whatever number of reasons and are unashamed about it. An entire generation going to waste donating money to worthless ugly cunts shrieking into a microphone. That's unnaceptable. >>59 You faggots told us to post this shit here, don't complain about it.
>>60 >Anon, these cunts sell these people the stuff that they can't attain IRL for whatever number of reasons So help them get what they what instead of trying to get rid of their fix. If you don't, they'll just go somewhere else to get their fix or blow their brains out. >You faggots told us to post this shit here, don't complain about it. <us
(197.93 KB 735x1000 AscendedChad.jpg)
>>61 >don't ban CP, ban the people consuming CP! ><us Yeah, we all get it, you're trying to fit in by getting needlessly spergy about a simple turn of phrase. Can you kill yourself now? I blame people for donating money to vtuber thots in the same fashion I blame casinos and sleazy drug dealers. The ones providing the vice knowing full well how addicting it is while taking advantage of their customers' low self control are the ones a society must root out. There will always be weak men, sure, but there are also naive men. Naive men don't deserve the punishment like weak men do, and the druglords/casino kikes/ethots/gacha producers prey on weak and naive men in equal measure - one submits willingly, the other less so, but don't confuse the former for consent any more than the latter does.
(346.12 KB 500x488 get a load of this guy.png)
>>62 >"don't ban CP, ban the people consuming CP! " <comparing v-tuber shit to CP <tells me to kill myself as he talks about how much he totally wants to help these people Sure faggot, I totally believe you.
>>63 Just using your logic against you, nigbrain.
>>61 No, I will attack the peddler. It's more efficient.
>mfw you will never be a woman I have to admit I'm really hyped, though. At this point, this thing is literally one blogpost away from becoming a dykecuck tier lolcow.
(30.21 KB 512x416 EpzdfOwW8AAW0fu.png)
>has hissy fit in the gamergate thread about vtubers >specifically seeks out the vtuber threads on /a/ and /animu/ to sperg out in them >causes an entire board to be made about the thing he specifically hates, just so he doesn't have to read about it in the gg thread >goes to said board to sperg out harder I'm starting to think that (You) have a parasocial relationship with being retarded.
(125.27 KB 246x335 smug 3.png)
>>68 What does a Deus Ex trailer have to do with Sena?
>>69 she's the girl narrating the event
>>68 Is that not Nyanners? It sounds like her, and she's credited in the video's info.
Some related copypasta I found on cuckchan pol today by some SEA posters (God bless their heart) on the Vtuber question THIS PASTA IS BANNED TEXT ON /jp/ >kiara is an SJW twitter activist whore who also shared a video with a pro mentally ill tranny message on facebook >mori is an SJW tranny braphog >amelia has an ugly BF mori calliope sjw tranny MY NIG https://files.catbox.moe/rfkrrx.png Mori pretty much supports BLM and ACAB (she follows quite a few pro-ACAB and pro-BLM accounts on twitter, most being pronoun bios). kiara is a fucking whore but at the very least I hope that 300k yen was worth it for one time.fucking old men AS AN ESCORT holoen hololive sjw mori kiara They're two foreigners living in Japan, without the ability to have personal lives because one is a shut in and the other is a failed idol who garnered hate for her underhanded tactics. MORI HATES IDOLS likes it now cuz $ https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S26198779#p26207184 https://dic.nicovideo.jp/a/%E3%82%B1%E3%83%BC%E3%82%AD%E5%A7%AB%E2%98%86%E5%84%AA%E6%B5%B7[Archived Copy] https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/S10083863#p10084379 ・2011年来日した際、友人宅に宿泊していると言っていたが配信した際、塾講師(FX生主)の部屋 と酷似していると話題になり祭りになる。(のちに実際に宿泊していたことが判明) ・後に塾講師が留学費用としてケーキ姫に30万円振り込んでいたことが判明。 ・さらに塾講師とオーストリアで性行為に及んでたとことがカツトシ(ケンカ生主)により判明する。 ・さらに吹っ切れたカツトシがケーキ姫とのエロイプ画像をつぎつぎ流出させる。 ・そのほか男性生主との行為が次々暴露されてニコ生を一時休止。のちに優海に改名してニコ生に颯爽と復活。 ・現在は日本で在住?しながらライブ活動などをおこなっている AMELIA BF DOXX https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S27143362#p27145030 https://archive.is/LGKgz Ina'nis bf https://files.catbox.moe/e75zmr.png ina is an SJW traitor who alongside kiara is attempting to force trannies like that tranny shark artemis into the vtubing scene and ina is running atelier live as a manager REMOVE ALL WHORES FROMHOLOLIVE FUCK YOU JANNIES IMAGINE DEFENDING AND SIMPING FOR USED GOOD WHORES FOR FREE holocn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul8E90RHAsI https://imgur.com/a/4YT3D9jhttps://i.imgur.com/eYDKzaR.png >JP has to compete with this amelia mutt https://files.catbox.moe/9eh6l0.webm https://files.catbox.moe/umvf2n.webm https://files.catbox.moe/cxzhqd.webm they're all fake sjwburriko whores Honkler 2021-Feb-06 21:25:12 c6b848 No. 25888 >>25887 >>306804677 kiara sjw whore mori sjw It's not like she was innocent in the whole NND drama thing. She essentially used the guy to set a foothold in Japan and dropped him the moment he outlived his usefulness to start sleeping with other NND influencers for clout. but she didn't seem to have any issue with using everyone she could for clout or housing when she was in Japan and sure pissed off a lot of people. The NicoNico scandal went down during her first visit to Japan when she was 15? That's… pretty icky. So then she left Japan after the scandal broke out and then came back later and joined Tone Jewel but was forced to graduate due to, mainly, harassment from jrcach? Also, it seems like people were quite supportive of her after she graduated but then over the years people around here started really disliking her? At leastthat'stheimpression I gotfrom reading thearchives. Whatwasthe reason for that? The only things I've seen were the screen caps of her emo posts on tumblr. https://streamable.com/k7o5na Here's a clip where Gura wants Jay to treat her like a common prostitute. Total fucking YAB right there simp tranny jannies on /jp/ are fucking seething and furious since they made the old pasta BANNED TEXT ina is an sjw traitor attempting to force more western degeneracy and trannies into the vtuber industry like that tranny shark Artemis alongside kiara amelia is a spic 3DPD whore who has an extremely ugly boyfriend mori is an SJW tranny loving whore who is another ACAB BLM indoctrinated retard who farted on stream, hates idols but is only doing it for the money and to push her garbage songs kiara posted some commie shit on FB and posted some pro tranny shit and is a turbo SJW austrian whore with bad teeth and a failed idol career who was known for ripping her fans off and worked as an ESCORT for 300k yen THE AMELIA 3DPD ARMPIT VIDS ARE ALSO CONSIDERED BANNED TEXT REMOVE ALL WHORES AND SJW WHORES FROM HOLOLIVE AND HOLOEN KIARA IS A WHORE WHO FUCKED MEN AS AN ESCORT mori sjw Of course, also, she sounds like a really passive agressive >Also, you may tell me how you would like me to play the game in chat but that does not guarantee that I will do it, thusly, if that frustrates you to an extent in which you begin to experience symptoms such as but not limited to: heart palpitations, quickened heart rate, heavy breathing, intense bouts of sweating or otherwise and are furthermore beginning to feel the onset of either mental and/or physical discomfort, well, as t Kiara is not too good at it either, but she keeps stroking her ego and desperation to keep being "niihon idol". In the past she was a fugly white idol in Japan who was milky as hell, and throughout this day still remains to be one. She would talk a lot of shit about others in public, including Venus and would send anonymus hate. She also started sleeping her way to stay in Japan eventually, later then posting pay2get nudes and showing pictures of herself in bra. Most of the milk about her was on pull or old cgl boards so now its a bit hard to find everything, but that bitch still remains to be toxic and fake kek. She would make puppet account on pull to wk herself or wk herself on imageboards, so no wonder she started pretending to be a whiney menhera to earn the worst fanbase out of all holos (redditors who post gore to wk their queen and argue with jp, trying to turn people against other holos). She has such strong ego that she even made a wiki page about herself just to have it nuked later. And through all years shes always been known for doing "I CRY IM SO SAD I HATE MYSELF" for money and attention which she keeps doing now. She cant sleep her way to get more subs in hololive, so she leeches off yuribaiting and making her useless talk show instead, inviting only popular holos and making shitty interviews about things that even newfags know sena gurasnappingonchat andthreateningtoban them if they say she's DRUNK again https://streamable.com/ur7off Ever heard of those idoltakus in Japan, Vtubers just make these kind of weeb virus go global Otakus have their own variations: >anime/manga otakus, the most common one, your common /a/ denizens >guntakus (pun for Military in Japan, and word gun). Military and weapon lovers, discussing guns, having airshits & real guns, military history and reenactments. Literally /k/ denizens >Transportation otaku (those who loves japanese transportations, I like trains, JR, Shinkansen), literally /n/ denizens. remember Barisaku conquest on KyoAni. Still fat, but at least they go outside and mingle with nature. >idol otakus, those who obsessed with idols (anime seiyuus, celebrities, idol groups), lurk over /jp/ on seiyuu, idol threads Hololive is no different than idolgroups in this case (contract with Cover, which is as same as idol agency in Japan). HoloEN is just one global marketing to foster worldwide idoltakus where weebs around the world will worship these 2d avatars, not just in Japan.
>>53 YFM (aka "Korone") is a good girl. I wish her the best, from what I've seen of her so far, she's a sweet girl who has never done anything to deserve any hate. Unless something bad comes out about her, I'd advocate just leaving her alone and being nice, anyone who goes after her is a shitty individual. It's the holoEN five who I have a lot of problems with, they all have a history of really scummy behavior, even after joining hololive. Gura (Senzawa) scammed a guy who made the mistake of trusting her out of his money and never even did so much as acknowledge that breaking the law was a wrong thing to do. She's the "got mine and fuck you" type who thinks getting away with doing something wrong means she didn't do anything worth remorse "it's not a crime until you get caught". I share that attitude to the rules, and laws, but not to my morals, and my moral code says that cheating some poor autistic guy (bc let's be honest, the type of internet communities we get involved with are all full of us autists) who never did anything wrong to you and was actually trying to do good, is a shitty thing to do. Pay good unto good and evil unto evil, take two eyes for every one taken, vengeance is my name and you shall know me for I am the lord. God forgives, I do not. One thing to note a bout all these bitches who support Black Lives Matter is that they don't actually give a shit about the plight of the black man, and none of them care one way or another about Trump being a bad president. Girls like Nyanners jumped on that bandwagon because their current fanbase was not making them enough money/popularity/etc. These are hyper-socialized hipster bitches who wear the causes of the day like the latest fashions. They aren't "leftist sjw's", they are worse, "leftist sjw" implies they actually HAVE a political identity, that is wrong, they lack identities entirely, that is worse, because unlike someone who has a genuine identity or belief, there is no reasoning with these sorts, they are insane on purpose and don't give a shit that they are raving mad, so long as the madness makes them best fit with the masses. Their beliefs are whatever they perceive to be the most popular or personally advantageous. Worse, these are the types who confuse being immoral, and evil, and cruel, and irrational, and unreasonable, and aggressive with being strong, a mistake their male counterparts also make in their mistaken impression of the "alphachad" ***. *** A thug is not "alpha", they are "beta" (alpha refers to "first choice in mate for the opposite sex in our evolutionary history", a provider and protector, "beta males" are the second choice should alphas be unavailable, lacking either the protector or provider quality, this includes both soyboy cucks on one side and nigger bulls on the other, "omegas" lack both qualities, and so are "last choice", but frequently are also the types to not enter the pair-bonding/reproductive market by choice). Cluster B personalities on the "dark triad" who are more like a species of parasitic chameleons rather than human beings, incapable of caring for anyone else but themselves, completely lacking in any sense of their own identity. They will become any kind of person in order to latch onto others and drain them dry, right now it's thirsty weebs, about 80-90% of them male (that 20-10% female audience is just as thirsty, and just as pitiful, believe me). Some poor guys get victimized by them when they pretend to be his idea of a dream girl, only for the whole assumed identity it to be revealed to just be a mask for a monster.
>>72 So, the trailer trash with bf is a more decent/relative normal of this EN bunch. Sasuga Hololive audition!
>>52 >Mark :Literally who. And who are you trying to brag to? This thread smell like SJW incel from /r9k/ rather than vtubing >>72 There it is
(66.33 KB 1600x1600 1463783511737.png)
>>72 >Going to cuckchannel
I just find out this 'mental illness' insult is from 's anti-LGBT part. They change their insult word every year but still only have 1 target. That asshole we have here who keep calling everyone that is from /pol/ and use whatever new to anyone he doesn't like
>>52 Will this give me same feeling as when I see trumpers realize they have been donating to billionaire? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-o0NAu1L5Y

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