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(234.53 KB 1280x1808 p51.jpg)
Drop Me A Line pervert 08/13/2020 (Thu) 16:20:48 Id:d42308 No. 66
Don't know how else to reach you, so I'm dropping a thread here. Feel free to delete once you've seen it. Saw that you're dissatisfied with some things, including the LynxChan engine and the amount of traffic to your board. I'd be happy to take feedback regarding the site's functionality. There's a lot we're unhappy with, too, and we're working on developing ourselves or collaborating with Stephen to improve. We'd really like to hear what you feel needs work. Otherwise we're just writing code in an echo chamber. If there's anything else in particular I can help you out with, you can also feel free to reach out. My personal e-mail is codexx@cock.li, and you can drop by >>>/site/ any time, anonymously or not. I'd really like to hear your thoughts.
The only real problem I have with 8chan is how unfriendly it is for tor users to participate in. Every post requires at least one captcha no matter what, and if you're on tor, it triples. Also your site reputation stinks like shit, from mark to blacked acid and the first thread on meta is a gross tranny picture.
>>66 >Lynxchan engine Nothing wrong with the Lynx engine its the only one that's getting updated anyways. You and Acid are doing fine job in adding more features to the site where other alt chans I've been to never did that. >the amount of traffic to your board. Not the BO of this board but I think that's a universal problem with every board on 8ch moe in general outside of /v/, and occasionally /co/, /monarchy/, /abdl/, and /t/ getting some traffic. >>67 >Site's biggest issues are Mark and Acid There's nothing wrong with the 8chan.moe admins(they have taken a offhand approach with regards to moderation, made improvements and are funding the site). The real problem lies with the site's traffic. 8chan.moe isn't being shilled enough outside a few drops in the alt chan scene, the site needs new blood.That's the only way we're getting more anons here that would want to post in boards like this. You gotta pull some of the anons that like the niche.
>>69 >There's nothing wrong with the 8chan.moe admins
>>67 What do you mean? Tor users require the exact same number of captcha's as regular users. You do a captcha for block bypass then you can post until your node changes or a few hours have passed. You don't have to fill out 3 captcha's, what are you talking about? This board has captcha's enabled for all posts but most don't. Acid being a faggot is a good reason though. Fuck Acid.
>>67 >Every post requires at least one captcha no matter what Blame the BO for forcing captchas per post. Captchas can be modified to appear only when making threads or be completely disabled in the board. >and if you're on tor, it triples That happens to me on the clear domain as well. Captchas fail a lot because half of the time you can't tell if a character is a O or a 0. Not to mention annoying bugs related with Vanwatech that cause "failed connection" errors or doubled captchas from time to time. >>69 >the Lynx engine its the only one that's getting updated anyways Wrong. Some Vichan forks still get updates, and independent projects like Meguca, Infinity Next (used by 9chan) and JSchan (used by Fatchan/Zchan/ZZZchan) have active development. Acid only chose Lynxshit because it's easier to deploy than the alternatives.
>>67 >every post requires a captcha for Tor This is a board setting. There was discussion of having Tor users fill out a captcha for each post, but we abandoned the idea. Most spam comes in over VPN anyways. If there's anything else you feel makes Tor browsing difficult, please let us know. >>72 The Vanwa issues are annoying and will hopefully be resolved soon. Failing that, we've been discussing what other configurations would work. Might also be able to make LynxChan more fault-tolerant. Other imageboard engines have some nice features. Tor support was non-negotiable out of the box though, and the ability to modify the frontend and write addons has been a major boon. I'll talk to Stephen about the captchas and see if there's anything we can do about dropped connections.
>>72 >blame the bo Nigger I'm the BO. I can't do shit.
>>75 Check the Manage Board link in the bottom left corner.
(21.40 KB 662x209 ClipboardImage.png)
>>75 There is a "Captcha Mode" dropdown on the board management page, just below the board message and location flags field.
>>77 Shit I'm retarded, I turned that shit on myself and forgot about it.
>>81 It happens. Please reach out to us if you have any other difficulties. We're here to support you.

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