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(163.58 KB 875x1273 ccdn0001.jpg)

Wholesome doujins share threads. Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 06:31:12 No. 9
Remember to post your wholesome hentai here after you finish jerking off. Sharing is caring :3 https://hentai2read.com/your_smiling_face/1/
Edited last time by heartboner on 08/10/2020 (Mon) 13:18:13.
I get raging love boners when reading ecchi romance manga but usually hentia never builds up the characters long enough. It would be nice to have cute vanilla hentai with at least 15-30 pages of build up.
(683.00 KB 1280x1831 01c3.jpg)

(771.40 KB 1280x1806 01c2.jpg)

Anything by this guy https://exhentai.org/g/1595826/5dadfb7496/ https://exhentai.org/tag/artist:miitoban or this https://exhentai.org/g/1471233/8f2f4b8171/ https://exhentai.org/tag/artist:miyamoto+issa Is super vanilla >>33 You should try VNs or hrpgs. Many of them have hours and hours of building up before sex happens
>>36 Try funbag sideboobs story 2. It takes forever till you can fuck so in the game
(118.44 KB 499x499 1435117426327.jpg)

>>36 >wholesome monstergirls hmm, that's nice
(23.58 KB 606x455 embrace.jpg)

>>9 Is there any good doujins that focus on Asuka and Shinji's relationship? I'm in a mood for a good shipping doujin.
(367.87 KB 1200x1694 05.jpg)

(307.97 KB 1200x1694 07.jpg)

(360.42 KB 1200x1694 15.jpg)

(300.80 KB 1200x1694 26.jpg)

(590.70 KB 1063x1500 3.jpg)

(626.33 KB 1063x1500 5.jpg)

(638.60 KB 1063x1500 22.jpg)

(998.92 KB 500x300 1450337720570.gif)

>>50 This sounds bittersweet. Nice.
(416.95 KB 1200x1734 05.jpg)

(443.42 KB 1200x1742 06.jpg)

(356.08 KB 1200x1744 12.jpg)

(541.09 KB 1280x1879 02.jpg)

(626.17 KB 1280x1876 11.jpg)

(629.60 KB 1280x1882 16.jpg)

(410.90 KB 1200x1733 sayanouta.jpg)

(202.35 KB 400x400 saya waggle.gif)

(433.88 KB 1111x1600 16.jpg)

(398.27 KB 1111x1600 17.jpg)

(406.75 KB 1111x1600 21.jpg)

Fetish: forehead licking https://nhentai.net/g/81809/1/
(417.28 KB 1000x1413 1.jpg)

(468.98 KB 1000x1413 2.jpg)

(415.43 KB 1000x1413 3.jpg)

(440.32 KB 1000x1413 4.jpg)

(247.58 KB 1280x1808 1.jpg)

(305.55 KB 1280x1809 6.jpg)

(354.77 KB 1280x1809 7.jpg)

(382.26 KB 1280x1809 9.jpg)

(562.81 KB 1307x1847 15.gif)

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