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King of Shitposting

Category 4 Hurricane Florence (SURVIVAL GUIDE) Boliever 09/12/2018 (Wed) 07:00:08 Id:2ebb13 No. 127242 [Reply]
Cat 4 Hurricane Florence is right behind the corner for the states of NC, SC, VA, and MD. There can be only one experienced weatherman and father of four talented enough to cover the news – Frankie MacDonald. He is informative and to the point in delivering accurate information verified by real scientists from UNC Wilmington. Hurricane Florence is a Category 4 storm with winds up to 130 miles per hour. Wilmington is already under evacuation; Myrtle Beach will be stranded upon landfall. Will the East Coast ever be the same after the big one? Only time will tell.
The supercell can't supercede human will.
(124.47 KB 600x446 1459310647517.jpg)
Any anons here live in that area? Stay safe out there
(104.78 KB 1280x720 disgusted frankie.jpg)
>>127243 >check other videos >he makes roblox and brony videos

(197.49 KB 799x1200 IMG_20180829_185859.jpg)
(122.09 KB 1024x576 IMG_20180829_185913.jpg)
(143.55 KB 1500x500 IMG_20180829_185843.jpg)
ALL IN THREAD Boliever 08/30/2018 (Thu) 05:11:53 Id:6b8b39 No. 126310 [Reply] [Last]
IT'S THE BIGGEST INDIE SHOW OF ALL TIME 'Emenating live from the sears centre on Sept. 1st" who's >going >watching >snoozing during cody matches >not giving these flippy cunts a minute of my time Here's the card so far Main Show 7pm edt / 6pm cdt FITE, Honor Club, PPV, /woo/tube NWA World Heavyweight Championship Nick Aldis (c) vs. Cody ROH World Championship Jay Lethal (c) vs. Battle Royal Winner

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>tfw you find out Cody Rhodes is married to a nigger
>>126968 >WWEfag is salty What a shock.
(281.18 KB 640x1136 1463598948923.jpg)
>Meltzer gave Cody vs Aldis 4 stars

(194.88 KB 1600x900 Riott Squad deserve better.jpg)
(108.52 KB 1200x675 liquid2.jpg)
(78.35 KB 1200x675 haitch wrinkles.jpg)
(106.22 KB 1200x675 what4.jpg)
RAW - 9/3/18 Boliever 09/03/2018 (Mon) 21:08:26 Id:b22a34 No. 126714 [Reply] [Last]
All Out Edition The Bella Twins return to clash with The riotttttttttt Squad >They’re baaaaaack. This coming Monday night on Raw, The Bella Twins return to the ring as a tandem to face The riotttttttttt Squad in tag team action. >Ruby riotttttttttt, Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan seem confident, gleefully (and maliciously) welcoming the twins to “Monday Night riotttttttttt,” but they would be unwise to underestimate the veteran Bellas. >Which two riotttttttttt Squad members will tangle with Nikki & Brie, and how might this battle change the complexion of WWE Evolution, where The Bella Twins join forces with Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey to face the torment-loving trio in a Six-Woman Tag Team Match? Braun Strowman forges imposing alliance >Braun Strowman might have given up his Money in the Bank contract this past Monday night by announcing he is cashing in on Universal Champion Roman Reigns inside Hell in a Cell on Sept. 16, but he seemingly gained two new allies in Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre, joining them in brutalizing all three Shield members. >The Monster Among Men, The Showoff and The Scottish Terminator will meet The Hounds of Justice at WWE Super Show-Down, but will we see these triumvirates collide this Monday night? Shawn Michaels weighs in on Triple H and The Undertaker’s WWE Super Show-Down match >“Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Christian, Ric Flair and other WWE Legends have already weighed in on the final battle between Triple H and The Undertaker at WWE Super Show-Down on Oct. 6, but we’ll soon hear from WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, who’s making his return to Team Red this Monday. >HBK has a long history of in-ring competition with both The Deadman and his longtime friend Triple H, and he even served as the Special Guest Referee of their End of an Era Hell in a Cell Match at WrestleMania XXVIII. Will The Showstopper take sides as The Cerebral Assassin and The Phenom prepare to collide one last time? The Revival challenge The B-Team for the Raw Tag Team Titles >The Revival have kept The B-Team on the defensive in recent weeks, defeating the Raw Tag Team Champions in both one-on-one and tag team combat, and this coming Monday night, Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder will finally have the chance to back up their “Top Guy” bluster should they capture the titles from Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel.

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>>126827 You do know that Haitch and Taker don't have to follow the script, right?
>>126843 >Jinder returns to RAW in 2016 with some om shanti jobber gimmick >Jinder moves to SD and becomes the WWE champion in 2017 for 6 months >Jinder returns to RAW in 2018 with some om shanti jobber gimmick
>>126890 alexa truly is for sexuals

Gahoole Boliever 05/06/2018 (Sun) 20:20:01 Id:6f8ce4 No. 115249 [Reply] [Last]
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>>126967 Toni storm lost in the fucking UK women's tournament to some tall aussie chick she's gonna become the next Booley and never get booked for feuds
(2.87 MB 6096x7620 8tqy2yi01cf11.jpg)
>>126969 >UK tournament Doesnt really matter tbh. >Become the next booley She actually wins, I dont know if you've heard but she's in the finals of this years MYC, and guess what SHE'S WINNING
>>126970 She's gonna lose just like you will this october

(121.05 KB 1200x675 I wonder who wins.jpg)
(81.10 KB 1200x675 JOE JOE JOE JOE JOE.jpg)
(98.83 KB 1200x675 KICKED.jpg)
(99.57 KB 1200x675 drink guiness beat charlotte.jpg)
Smackdown - 9/4/18 Boliever 09/04/2018 (Tue) 21:43:40 Id:50fbfb No. 126895 [Reply]
Becky Lynch is not a female Stone Cold Edition Triple Threat Match set as search for new SmackDown Tag Team Championship challengers continues >Last week, The Bar defeated The Colons and Gallows & Anderson to move one step closer to a SmackDown Tag Team Title Match against The New Day at the WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event. Sheamus & Cesaro’s opponents will be determined in a Triple Threat Match on this week’s edition of SmackDown LIVE. >Will it be a Happy Rusev Day for The Bulgarian Brute and The Drama King, who are seemingly back on the same page? Or will three-time champions The Usos or the unpredictable SAnitY put a damper on the celebrations? Will Samoa Joe actually go to AJ Styles’ home? >With a WWE Championship rematch scheduled between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe for the WWE Hell in a Cell event, The Samoan Submission Machine has continued to push the Phenomenal One’s buttons to try and throw the champion off his game. Joe crossed the line once again last week, calling the WWE Champion’s wife while AJ watched in the ring, saying he was going to pay a visit to the Styles home this week. Will Joe make good on his words? How will Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella bounce back? >Last Tuesday, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella were the targets of a 4-on-2 attack at the hands of The Miz, Maryse, Andrade “Cien” Almas & Zelina Vega, capped off with The Awesome One putting Bryan in the “Yes!” Lock and forcing him to watch as Maryse planted Brie into the canvas with a devastating DDT. >As their Mixed Tag Team Match at WWE Hell in a Cell rapidly approaches, will Bryan & Brie be out for payback on The It Couple? What’s next for Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch? >Becky Lynch made her intentions clear on SmackDown LIVE last Tuesday when she blindsided Charlotte Flair and said that she’d be SmackDown Women’s Champion when she has her way. >Will The Irish Lass Kicker continue her rampage, or will The Queen get the upper hand on her former best friend? Find out on SmackDown LIVE, this Tuesday at 8/7 C on USA Network
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>25 replies wew lad >>126899 >Kanellis vs Rhyno Let me guess, E C DUB had to job out?
>>126924 They could've used that old guy that used to manage the legion of doom. That would've been neat. >>126919 >Roman, the guy they want to be the face of the company is literally satan
>>126924 Because they realized no one likes 205 Live and the Loserweight division.

(180.15 KB 424x318 Hitman's considering it.png)
A Cytube channel Boliever 08/26/2018 (Sun) 20:02:59 Id:56db64 No. 126044 [Reply]
A few fellas from /bmn/ suggested to set up a cytube channel for us if we wanted to, even if it just for the big events (WrestleKingdom, Wrestlemania, G1 Climax, etc) What do you guys think ?
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>>126345 >the 3 people from 8/wooo/ vs >the dozens of retarded stoners with unfunny memes and political screeching from 420/wooo/
I have network, honor club, and njpwworld but I'd be worried about losing my accounts for rebroadcasting them
>>126062 >he doesn't know the nigga macro RETARDED NIGGAS

(108.83 KB 1200x675 Charles and Caramel.jpg)
(98.83 KB 1200x675 COLONS STILL EMPLOYED.jpg)
(96.79 KB 1200x675 OH WENDYYYY.jpg)
Snackdown - 8/28/18 Boliever 08/28/2018 (Tue) 23:21:29 Id:25e9ee No. 126200 [Reply] [Last]
Still in Canada Edition Charlotte Flair defends the SmackDown Women’s Title against Carmella tonight >After defeating Carmella and Becky Lynch in a Triple Threat Match to capture the SmackDown Women’s Championship at SummerSlam, Charlotte will make her first defense against former titleholder Carmella tonight on SmackDown LIVE. >The Queen returned several weeks ago, stopping The Princess of Staten Island from attacking Becky Lynch, who had earned a title opportunity by defeating Carmella. Afterward, Flair was given the opportunity to be added into the SummerSlam title showdown, and she took advantage by defeating Princess Mella. >At The Biggest Event of The Summer, Flair pinned Lynch to win the championship, sending The Irish Lass Kicker into a rage that saw her viciously attack The Queen and end their friendship. Two nights later on the blue brand, Charlotte and Becky once again threw fists in a wild melee and had to be pulled apart by nearly every woman on SmackDown LIVE. After the brawl, Carmella approached SmackDown LIVE General Manager Paige about getting her rematch, and her request was granted. >Will Charlotte Flair put the implosion of her closest friendship aside, or will Carmella take advantage and reclaim her title? Find out tonight on SmackDown LIVE at 8/7 C on USA Network! Do you feel the power of the New Day celebration? >One week after The New Day reclaimed the SmackDown Tag Team Titles, join the five-time Tag Team Champions as Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods celebrate their monumental milestone with the full Power of Positivity. Gallows & Anderson clash with The Bar and The Colons this Tuesday on SmackDown LIVE >The road to a SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match at WWE Hell in a Cell will begin tonight on SmackDown LIVE when Gallows & Anderson, The Bar and The Colons square off in a Triple Threat Match. >SmackDown LIVE General Manager Paige announced that this will be the first of two Triple Threat Matches, with the winners battling for the right to challenge for the titles on Sunday, Sept. 16, streaming live on WWE Network. >Gallows & Anderson and The Bar were involved in a heated backstage confrontation last Tuesday, with the two teams both looking to establish themselves as top contenders to the titles. Primo & Epico Colon come into the match as wild cards, as they look to get back on track in Team Blue's Tag Team division. >Who will move one step closer to a SmackDown Tag Team Title opportunity? Find out tonight on SmackDown LIVE at 8/7 C on USA Network!

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(56.20 KB 757x397 DRINK GUINNESS.png)
>>126307 BEAT CHARLOTTE One of the few times Reddit actually laughs at domestic violence jokes/references thanks to that Jewtube video
(71.01 KB 750x859 MAKE_HUMBLE_WITH_STRAP_ON.jpg)
>>126315 >BREAK THE EARTHS BACK Never heard that before but that sounded aqesome. Powerful motivation by Shieky baby.

(126.18 KB 1200x675 Rawnda.jpg)
(106.83 KB 1200x675 revival.jpg)
RAW - 8/27/18 Boliever 08/28/2018 (Tue) 01:41:04 Id:45903f No. 126064 [Reply] [Last]
OOOOAAAAAAAHHHH Edition Braun Strowman wants to face Roman Reigns in the ring alone > Well, that escalated quickly. >During a heated Universal Championship main event pitting new titleholder Roman Reigns against challenger Finn Bálor — the first Superstar to hold that title — Braun Strowman emerged with his Money in the Bank contract in tow, making it clear that whoever won the match would, indeed, “get these hands.” >The [LOUD BOOING] won with a ring-shaking Spear, capitalizing on the chaos, but when The Monster Among Men attempted to cash in for his guaranteed title opportunity against the battle-weary champion, Reigns’ Shield brothers, Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, emerged to overpower the opportunistic behemoth and lay him out with a thunderous Triple Powerbomb through the announce desk. >Strowman still has his contract, but he also has a massive score to settle with The [LOUD BOOING]. Via Twitter, The Monster Among Men said he wants Reigns to confront him in the middle of the ring on Raw, without his Shield brothers. >Reigns replied to affirm he will be there at 8 p.m. ET, with his Universal Championship in tow. Ronda Rousey carries the torch >After Stephanie McMahon tried to take credit for the Women’s Evolution, diminishing the accomplishments of the Superstars, new Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey retaliated by attacking the Raw Commissioner and locking her in the same Armbar that put away Alexa Bliss the previous night at SummerSlam. >Although it remains to be seen if The Baddest Woman on the Planet will face repercussions for her actions, it’s clear that she’s ready to carry the division on her back and be a true fighting champion. Who will be next to step to Rowdy Ronda? Moreover, when will Little Miss Bliss be up to the task of facing Rousey once again in her guaranteed rematch? Baron Corbin settles into his new position >After incurring the wrath of Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey, Stephanie McMahon was, as one might expect, fairly critical of General Manager Kurt Angle, giving The Olympic Hero an unexpected vacation that puts Baron Corbin in charge of the red brand as its Acting General Manager. >This Monday, The Lone Wolf will run a full episode of Raw for the first time ever. How will he deal with The Shield, The Baddest Woman on the Planet, his nemesis Finn Bálor and the Superstar who defeated him this past Monday night, Bobby Lashley?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>126186 Underrated.
(133.02 KB 954x1199 DlqJ8kGUwAARvUW.jpg)
(113.89 KB 1043x1200 DlqJ8j-U8AEaRw4.jpg)
(13.22 KB 169x170 chasy.jpg)
>Brawn gets attacked 3 on 1 by the shill >Yay fuck him up shill >Brawn attacks roman 3 on 1 with his new friends >Boo why you do this brawn? Nice writing there wwe.

(202.99 KB 1500x500 G1 Climax 28.jpg)
G1 THREAD 3 Boliever 08/08/2018 (Wed) 13:53:35 Id:fdb6e7 No. 124633 [Reply] [Last]
A BLOCK – Friday, Aug. 10 – Tokyo – Nippon Budokan – 18:30 Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kazuchika Okada Togi Makabe vs. Michael Elgin Jay White vs. EVIL YOSHI-HASHI vs. Hangman Page Bad Luck Fale vs. Minoru Suzuki B BLOCK – Saturday, Aug. 11 – Tokyo – Nippon Budokan – 18:30 Juice Robinson vs. Hirooki Goto Tomohiro Ishii vs. SANADA

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>126052 I think either kenny or tana is gonna lose a title/briefcase match since kenny vs tana isn't that hype a main event, and frankly kenny is more likely to stay iwgp champ then tana is to hold onto the briefcase.
>>126054 >Tanahashi vs anyone in the main event of Tokyo Dome (Possibly for the last time) >Not a big draw Okada vs Omega at WK11 wasn't a big draw and had a lower attendance than most of the prior Wrestle Kingdoms. Ofcourse a lot has changed since then and Omega is a bigger deal than he was back then so they have a better chance than before. Still I don't think they might get as many as they did this year with Naito's run and Jericho's surprise match but overall should do fine. Omega being established as the foreign ace, this will be his biggest task. Honestly if not Tanahashi, who else could get Omega a good challenge? Okada perhaps but too early to have their rematch maybe. Naito could have been the other but he himself has a different route to go to now, not the IWGP title quite yet. Also Okada and Naito beat Tana at WK already. Omega is the next of the new big 3 that has to overcome old ace.
(151.22 KB 675x1200 Switchblade Smiles.jpg)
>>126054 >tana is gonna lose a title/briefcase match imagine the heate

(3.00 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Summerslam 2018 Autistic booking/predictions/show/faggotry thread Boliever 08/13/2018 (Mon) 00:25:37 Id:22e131 No. 125133 [Reply] [Last]
It's here, the slightly-past-midyear PPV, and it's going to be a really **un*exciting one. Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns WWE Champion AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss vs. Ronda Rousey Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch (Triple Threat Match) United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Jeff Hardy Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander vs. Drew Gulak Finn Bálor vs. Constable Baron Corbin SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers vs. The New Day Rusev & Lana vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas & Zelina Vega (SummerSlam Kickoff Match)
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>>126007 >It's like GW: sure, no one really plays Age of Shitmar, but what's really going to threaten GW if they poz the fuck out of Age of Shitmar with Sjw shite, or it has no real competition (lol 9th Age and WarmaHordes)? >Current year WWE and GeeDubs I'm absolutely horrified by how accurate that comparison is >GW constant pushing of Sigmarines and Spees Meehrens first and foremost is akin to Vince jacking off to Cena and Reigns >Sisters of Battle being shat on for 20+ years is too damn similar to the absolute state of Rusev I could go on and on with this
(58.31 KB 584x350 wwe1.jpg)
(47.57 KB 584x350 wwe2.jpg)
>>126007 >Shane might because he's more business savvy than his cunt sister Too bad he doesn't seem to be allowed to run anything. Why wasn't he at least there for the Evolution PPV announcement when his whole family, including Vince was there? He even sold off most of his stocks when he left the company a few years ago and owns next to nothing now.
>>126008 >Legacy armies:veteran wrestlers who will never get treated like Cena and the Bellas unless they're Ric >Older Shitmar armies (pre Tumblr Edition): Zac Ryder and Ruru (more popular, but GW hates them because of this). >New Tumblr af armies: WYMZ RVLCCN, NJPW, or someone like Lousy Rousy shovef down your throat >Sigmahreens and Speeshmahreens: The Cena and Charlotte Flair of GW >New interesting armies: The Braun (likable, but GW will make sure the Tumblr Sigmahreens can counter them hard. Can't make the Mahreens look bad) >Shitty new Chaos of the month: The Ramen of GW I think it's pretty accurate >>126010 He's not even around for the Lousy Rousey shit going on.

(107.24 KB 1024x576 impact mexico.jpg)
IMAPCT Mexico Boliever 08/20/2018 (Mon) 23:23:37 Id:542346 No. 125745 [Reply]
IMPACT is going to Mexico September 13th and 14th. https://twitter.com/IMPACTWRESTLING/status/1031586671010172929 Same night as CMLL Aniversario
(1.31 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
Neat I guess, their partnership with AAA will help and the LAX feud will be big there. LAX war is better than Bullet Club war BC war has just been nothing.
>>125891 As of tonight's show, that war isn't anywhere near over yet. Until Homicide goes on the shelf again for 13 months.

(828.17 KB 960x540 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.10 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.04 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
Tuesday Night Terror 8/21 Boliever 08/21/2018 (Tue) 17:15:17 Id:9d51fa No. 125896 [Reply] [Last]
ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ EDITION' SmackDown LIVE preview, Aug. 21, 2018: Two huge matches headline a special edition in Brooklyn Because the fallout from a monumental SummerSlam just wasn't enough, Paige has put together a special edition of SmackDown LIVE that has the WWE Universe buzzing with excitement. After Sunday's controversial title match, The Bludgeon Brothers will put the SmackDown Tag Team Titles on the line against The New Day in a No Disqualification Match. Plus, Jeff Hardy will finally be able to get his hands on Randy Orton when the two square off in the evening's very first match. You won't want to miss a second of the action, starting tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network! >The New Day and The Bludgeon Brothers meet in No Disqualification title showdown The SummerSlam showdown between The New Day and SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers ended in a disqualification after Rowan clobbered the challengers with his mallet, setting off a brutal beatdown. The New Day won the battle but left without the titles because of the disqualification ending. There will be no chance of that happening when the two teams clash tonight in a No Disqualification Match for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles. Will The Bludgeon Brothers bring their mallets into battle from the get-go and pummel the challengers into submission, or can The New Day topple the monsters and claim their fifth tag team championship? >Jeff Hardy finally goes one-on-one with Randy Orton Randy Orton has spent the past several weeks tormenting Jeff Hardy, whether it was trying to rip Hardy’s ear open with his bare hands or attacking The Charismatic Enigma and removing his trademark face-paint. Hardy was vulnerable to another attack from The Viper after losing to Shinsuke Nakamura on Sunday at SummerSlam, but Orton instead turned around and walked away, later saying he’d deal with Hardy on his terms. SmackDown General Manager Paige took to Twitter on Monday, announcing that Hardy and Orton would square off on Tuesday night and that it would be the first match to take place on SmackDown LIVE. What will happen when this heated rivalry hits the squared circle? <Becky Lynch to explain her actions at SummerSlam After months of fighting to get back into the SmackDown Women’s Championship picture, Becky Lynch came up short at SummerSlam, as Charlotte Flair dethroned Carmella by pinning Becky to claim the title for herself. The Irish Lass Kicker initially seemed to be happy for her best friend, hugging Flair, but she snapped in an instant, putting a vicious beating on The Queen. Lynch will explain her actions tonight on SmackDown LIVE. What explanation could she have for the fiery fury she unleashed on her best friend? >AJ Styles to give an exclusive interview

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(11.07 MB 360x640 ZahpOMm9MsU6j_QF.mp4)
Nice job on that heel turn wwe.
(25.01 KB 374x466 asuka smirks.jpg)
>>125999 >turning the most organic babyface heel >against shartlett They would have been better off turning Asuka into a Samoa Joe type heel who attacks/chokes out people during their promos. Hopefully they do this anyway since they're not doing shit with Asuka at the moment.

WWE fan terrified to admit publicly he still doesn’t really care for women’s wrestling Boliever 07/29/2018 (Sun) 00:38:33 Id:50c270 No. 123624 [Reply] [Last]
Although he thinks the elevated profile of women’s wrestling in WWE is “a positive reflection of shifting social norms,” 27-year-old Braden Larson of Cleveland fears a harsh backlash if he openly states that he still doesn’t particularly care for women’s matches. “I mean, I think it’s nice that the women are getting their own pay-per-view and everything, but it just doesn’t really appeal to my personal tastes,” Larson said. “I said that on Twitter, and a bunch of people called me a misogynist.” Larson holds a number of opinions about women’s wrestling, which he bolieves are based in common sense, but have sparked heated backlash in online forums. Among his most controversial opinions: >“I find men’s matches typically more exciting and hard-hitting, by virtue of their larger physiques and power-based move-sets.” >“The announcement of Evolution was interesting, but calling it ‘historic’ seems like hyperbole. I mean, it’s still just silly pro wrestling, not a significant geopolitical event.” >“I grew up watching predominantly men’s wrestling, so perhaps my preference for men’s matches is based partly on nostalgia.” >“Rather than giving women their own pay-per-view, wouldn’t it be more progressive and egalitarian to give them equal screen-time on normal pay-per-views, thereby not segregating talent into different modalities based on gender — which, when you think about it, is actually contrary to the concept of equality?” After expressing such comments in an online wrestling forum, Larson was accused of hate speech and banned from posting.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>124089 Have you seen Rocky 3? Thunderlips isn't the villain of that movie, he's just a cameo. He appears for like 2 minutes as an example of how Rocky has fallen and lost his edge. He's doing stupid gimmick charity events while he has the belt and is only being put up against chumps. Mr. T is the villain of the movie because he's a street kid ready to beat the shit out of any one he needs to for validation. The movie doesn't make a big deal out of Hogan. Hogan just plays an overly aggressive heel wrestler who hurts Rocky while Rocky thinks they're having a little fun for the charity and isn't taking it seriously. He appears and is gone in the first act. The focus then switches entirely over to Rocky and Apollo retraining Rocky to make him hungry again and fight like a negro and not a white guy. The two big plot points of the movie are that Rocky needs to get the eye of the tiger back and that Rocky needs to learn to fight like a negro instead of a tanky white guy. Up until this point Rocky has just refused to stay down, he's let his opponents beat him senseless and then wont he war of attrition. He can't do that against Clubber Lang as he's much younger and Rocky's health is in decline. Rocky would likely die if he just tried to tank it. Instead Apollo retrains him so he's more agile and weaving more, taking on a style similar to Apollos own. So apparently "everyone knows who the villains are" except you don't know the villains.
>>124277 Literally his worst album, it's not bad but the others are a lot better, his best ones are Filosofem & Fallen
>>124089 >Plus he had an admirable workrate that American crowds never saw. He had a few tricks he'd pull out in Japan like the drop toe hold into a front face lock which he'd do in practically every match but the more I watch of Hogan, the more I think he was actually better in the US. Seriously, he was more good than bad, at least in the 80s. He just got lazy sometimes.

(2.57 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.17 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.03 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.09 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.02 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
Smackdown and friends go home edition Boliever 08/14/2018 (Tue) 09:21:11 Id:eb8814 No. 125305 [Reply] [Last]
SmackDown LIVE preview, Aug. 14, 2018: AJ Styles has more to say to Samoa Joe WWE Champion AJ Styles returned to SmackDown LIVE last week with plenty to say about his SummerSlam challenger, Samoa Joe, after The Samoan Submission Machine accused The Phenomenal One of being a poor father. Apparently, the champion has more to get off his chest, as he’ll be responding further just five days before their title showdown in Brooklyn. What will Styles have to say? Find out tonight on SmackDown LIVE at 8/7 C on USA Network. '' >AJ Styles has more to say to Samoa Joe WWE Champion AJ Styles returned to SmackDown LIVE last week with strong words for his SummerSlam opponent, Samoa Joe, one week after the challenger insinuated that Styles is a poor father. The Phenomenal One said The Samoan Submission Machine would walk into Brooklyn for their championship battle, but he might have trouble walking out. Apparently, the WWE Champion has more to say, as he will be responding further to his SummerSlam opponent. Is Styles going to lay into Joe with another fiery retort before Sunday, or are Samoa Joe’s mind games working? <SmackDown Women’s Title Match participants come face to face The SmackDown Women’s Championship Match at SummerSlam is sure to be a battle for the ages, with Carmella, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch looking to walk out of The Biggest Event of the Summer with championship gold. Tensions will certainly be running high when all three women come face to face on SmackDown LIVE. The friendship between The Queen and The Irish Lass Kicker has certainly been put to the test in recent weeks; will The Princess of Staten Island look to turn the two buds against one another before SummerSlam? >Aiden English goes one-on-one with Andrade “Cien” Almas After costing Rusev & Lana a trio of singles matches against Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega, Aiden English has vowed to make it up to his friends. English’s quest for penance apparently begins with battling El Idolo himself. The Drama King took to Twitter over the weekend, calling out Almas for a one-on-one battle on SmackDown LIVE. >The New Day clash with SAnitY in Six-Man Tag Team showdown The New Day emerged victorious from a four-team tournament to earn a SmackDown Tag Team Title opportunity at SummerSlam, but before they take on The Bludgeon Brothers in Brooklyn, they will clash with another dangerous crew on SmackDown LIVE: SAnitY. Can The New Day control the chaos in this Six-Man Tag Team battle, or will Eric Young’s crew soften them up for Harper & Rowan?

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(469.68 KB 1036x572 snek.png)
Joe applying mind games to AJ? Back when the two were in TNA, it was Joe who was being battered with the mind games, courtesy of Sting, Nash, & Booker T. Either that, or the writers are telling him what to say.

NXT Takeover Brooklyn IV 8-18-18 Boliever 08/18/2018 (Sat) 21:52:32 Id:af9162 No. 125403 [Reply] [Last]
This takeover's card includes: >NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano (Last Man Standing Match) <NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler vs. Kairi Sane >NXT North American Champion Adam Cole vs. Ricochet >NXT Tag Team Champions Undisputed ERA vs. Moustache Mountain >EC3 vs. Velveteen Dream Preshow starts tonight at 6. Predictions? Will it better than tomorrow's Summerslam?
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(364.68 KB 451x467 soy.png)
watching highlights and saw myboi Mathieu Quizzle was in the crowd
(35.79 KB 519x301 booleyfg.jpg)
>Booleyfag sits down in shock as his other butch face lady loses wew

(136.56 KB 1600x900 BLISS BTFO HAHA.jpg)
(76.50 KB 1200x675 Deano.jpg)
(67.97 KB 1200x675 MOVE OVER NEW STARS.jpg)
RAW - 8/20/18 Boliever 08/20/2018 (Mon) 23:53:19 Id:e783c3 No. 125746 [Reply] [Last]
Nobody is watching Edition Who is coming for Universal Champion Roman Reigns? >At SummerSlam, The [LOUD BOOING] finally bested The Beast to once again lay claim to the Universal Championship, but when he returns to his yard tonight, who will be waiting to try and take it from him? ?Although Brock Lesnar is known for his frequent absences from the red brand, it is reasonable to assume that The Conqueror will set his sights on Reigns sooner or later. In addition, after making his presence known last night in SummerSlam’s main event, Braun Strowman could very well make good on his promise to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. Ronda Rousey to receive custom Raw Women's Title >Ronda Rousey added to her already incredible legacy by making Alexa Bliss tap out in dominant fashion, claiming the Raw Women’s Championship last night at SummerSlam. How will the landscape on Raw change with The Baddest Woman on the Planet at the top of the mountain? And will The Goddess of WWE dare to come back in search of her sixth Women’s Championship? Rousey’s official coronation ceremony tonight will likely shed some light on what the WWE Universe can expect from Raw’s new-look Women’s division. Ambrose returns to in-ring competition against Ziggler >Of course, another Raw Superstar also returned to glory at Sunday night’s pay-per-view, as Dean Ambrose completely neutralized Drew McIntyre and paved the way for Seth Rollins to regain the Intercontinental Championship from Dolph Ziggler. >With the title now back around Rollins’ waist and his brother-at-arms watching his back, The Architect seems virtually unstoppable as the workhorse champion. Can Ziggler maintain his alliance with the Sinister Scotsman without a championship? We’ll see how he fares on his own tonight when the former champion locks horns with Ambrose in The Lunatic Fringe’s first match back from injury. Who can stop the B-Team? >The B-Team’s magical run as Raw Tag Team Champions continued when they bested The Revival on the SummerSlam Kickoff last night. Who will be the next team to try and end Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas’ Cinderella story? What fallout will occur after The Demon’s reemergence?

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>>125886 To answer your Shield question: No.
>>125887 Seems like they are continuing off from when Dean got injured.
>>125746 >In a shocking SummerSlam moment, Finn Bálor resurrected The Demon last night to overcome Constable Baron Corbin. Why? They make Corbin job out all the time even after giving him a new theme and a MITB win, so it's not like Booler needed some kayfabe power boost.


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