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King of Shitposting

(54.82 KB 800x449 db320-15465703398053-800.jpg)
AEW THREAD Boliever 01/08/2019 (Tue) 22:57:56 Id:8aae12 No. 133193
Fuck it let's see how this turns out. Press Conference Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HLm_yrHcPQ
>>143241 Thanks. >Taima has Joshi tube every now and then Isn't Taima pretty gay on top of English commentary?
>>143257 Taima can be pretty gay but there's a ton of stuff to watch in /joshi/, be it live or a link in the playlist which you can open in a new window. Pretty sure all commentary is in Japanese, but I usually just tune in for TJPW if it's live (which usually doesn't even have commentary)
(180.12 KB 962x1483 D7gfaCdU8AAWE2A.jpg)
>>143244 I N C E L
>All In-cel
>>143296 It looks pretty good despite the community, thanks. Btw, is there any all in one place to see future joshi matches or only in each fed's site? Live shitposting is always fun.
>>143253 Further evidence that women don't belong anywhere near wrestling outside of being eye candy. Steph is pure cancer for the WWE and so shall Brandi be for AEW.
>>143246 i thought the same thing, when they have really good talent, it will do well for their parts, but slowly and surely the pozz will drag everyone down
Listening to Dean's Moxley's interviews has me thinking AEW could be great, but Brandi's nigger faggotry is definitely worrying. At least neither the tranny or flaming faggot went over at DoN, but who knows how pozzed they'll get once they start TV.
>>143398 Brandi, but Cody and the bucks are virtue signaling faggots too.
pretty decent match that new japan gave away here
hey bro fyter fest is on
Yeah, You can catch Fyter Fest anywhere on twitch right now.
(589.30 KB 774x720 1402422708078.png)
AEW is pretty ok so far. This is pozzed as fuck sadly, but by now, i hadn't had much choice but get used to it. The lows are painfully low but give it time and it'll be pretty good. I'm fairly optimistic…just, someone get Kenny some good taste, inbetween undertale and SAO, he, at the very least, needs better things to cosplay.
>>144716 Dammit, my computer has to be a cunt now.
>>144716 Reported it, sorry for my autism.
>>144716 Reported it, sorry for my autis
>>144719 …fml
(48.49 KB 256x256 aewcucks.jpg)
(229.71 KB 1200x675 lolaew.jpg)
So, from what I've seen of it so far AEW seems to be a wrestling promotion for homosexuals.
>Fight for the fallen >AEW has stated that all of the event's proceeds will be donated to victims of gun violence. This event is sponsored by Farah & Farah and the proceeds from the gate will go to Jacksonville's Victim Assistance Advisory Council to help victims of violent crimes Their October PPV will probably have all their earnings donated to Susan G Konman Breast cancer.
(909.74 KB 200x113 me in this thread.gif)
>>143092 >women still can't really wrestle >not knowing how good Bull Nakano, Aja Kong, Meiko Satomura, Jaguar Yokota, Manami Toyota, etc are/were. You are willfully fucking stupid. Good god.
>>144909 Every time they do something good like brining the joshi wrestlers from TJPW or Cody vs Dusty, I remember they hired the uber-faggot Sonny Kiss and thay tranny abomination Nyla Rose and my hopes for AEW drastically go down My opinion of this frankenstein of a promotion is very 50/50, on one hand I think they have a good chance of doing great and they have some legit good wrestlers that could draw (namely Lucha Bros, Luchasaurus & Jungle boy, Elf king and Jericho), on the other, they have done a lot of really questionable shit in their shows so far, like letting Omega do his shit taste-tier cosplays, the Librarian skits, that not-royal rumble, etc., shit like that on regular TV will cost them hard >>144924 I'm honestly convinced that the only women who can wrestle are jap girls, and mexican lucha girls to some extent,
>>144925 Even Madusa who's said to be the best American women's wrestler, only got good by wrestling in Japan at AJPW.
>>144924 Not everyone gives a shit about what goes on in Japan.
(3.85 MB 669x641 katgatf.webm)
>>144911 >So, from what I've seen of it so far AEW seems to be a wrestling promotion for homosexuals. True, worse than that they seems to be a very cultural marxist company. The sad thing is, I have enjoyed their shows quite a bit more than WWE.
>>144911 yes and trannies
(3.62 MB 540x300 shoko northern lights.gif)
Get ready for Big Match Shoko to steal the show tonight brother
>>144936 Trannies are literally the exact same thing as homosexuals idiot.
>>145062 Nah, they're even worse.
hey bro fite for the fallen is on
>>145062 what >>145064 they're way worse
Shit company
(1.12 MB 919x616 ClipboardImage.png)
Say goodbye Matt. Also AEW just put on their best show ever with no audience.
(8.85 MB 960x540 matt_teleports.webm)
I wish webm related didn't get such a huge backlash. I love ridiculous shit like this, it reminds me of good old Lucha Underground (RIP). BROKEN Matt absolutely should be able to teleport, but faggots screeched about it, and then AEW ran damage control saying it was just holograms. Fucks sakes.
>>147135 It's true. That said I think part of this is also matt getting his faggotry out a little. he's been cooped up so his first stuff won't be his best. I'm really looking forward to this feud.

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