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King of Shitposting

Board Activity Boliever 02/16/2019 (Sat) 23:19:29 Id:5f2321 No. 135032
I see a lot of other boards have this to keep it from becoming too dead. Post ITT whatever your thoughts may be on random wrestling bullshit that crosses your mind. Also a good place to discuss smaller promotions or feuds that dont really deserve their own thread.
>LET ME TALK TO YOU | NWA Ten Pounds Of Gold 56 | Eli Drake (2019) Starts in 2 hours
>>146186 It started
(279.33 KB 300x233 3f423f3.gif)
>>146114 Now that's how you cut a fuckin' promo.
(10.89 MB 640x360 Lio - Scenic Lullaby.mp4)
Lio Rush made a music video
>>146116 I think I've narrowed it down between TNM and Fire Pro World. TNM might just be easier to get going but if I'm going to upload any content besides text logs, FPW is the way to go. Hard choice.
>>146283 With Fire Pro, you might have to use mods to get shit like Royal Rumbles, Iron Man matches, rebalance, re-skin entire venues, costume parts, new movies, etc.
>>146284 Unfortunately, I only have the PS4 version so all those mods would be out of the question, at least to what I've gathered. Though, to be honest, I'd be more of a battle royal person than a rumble person, 8 8-ways with 1 final 8-way sorta thing maybe? Course, that's just brainstorming.
>>135047 >WWE shows are garbage because of garbage booking and overy managed shit, it won't matter if how talented NXT homegrown or the indie darlings are, they are guaranteed to be dragged down the mud by Vince and the FIVE YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Hollywood writers on the creative team Something funny about that. I tried to get back into WWE after being gone since 2006 and watched in 2012 and i noticed it was so boring, it was more talking and stretched out shows where story lines do not make sense of anything. They probably do not know who is on their roster half the time and do not have long running storylines. >Lucha Underground airs on a network that most people don't know about or own for that matter Sadly the only way to watch them is on youtube(or Bitchute nowadays) after the shows end. They are really fun despite being an hour and a half long per week. I do like the production values and i always find it sad nobody talks about them. >AAA Lucha Libre and CMLL have no consistent quality, is either really entertaining or really fucking retarded I can agree on that. Its filler but it is just kind of a thing to watch if you like wrestling overall and do not care for quality much.
I don't know if it's rose-tinted nostalgia, but something about wrestling between '00 and '09 was all kinds of great to me that cannot be captured, nowadays. I don't know if it has anything to do with the roster, or if I'm just an old curmudgeon. Also, got me WWE 2K14 recommended by a friend; I hear it's great. Too bad I can't connect to its online. Or get the DLCs, anymore.
>>146691 unbiased opinion: try new japan at the very least you'll probably like suzuki ignore this reply if you already watch new japan
2020 Royal Rumble Most of the show pre men's rubble match - 3/10 Men's Rumble Match - 9/10 fun as hell to watch but also makes WWE's other content look drastically worse in contrast
>>146736 I felt the exact same way. Tired of Becky, Asuka should be winning.
(704.57 KB 713x783 happyass.png)
tfw remembered my password on njpwworld just in time so i can watch new begging without having to go on taima
>>146736 25 minutes of Brock burying the best match of the year was unfucking watchable. They buried the match and made the womens rumble look better because it was an actual rumble match. Mens failed to launch and never recovered because of Brock and his pet Jew. I like Brock, he's a good monster but you don't bury the goddamn match under your monster for half an hour. Nothing you can do will recover it at that point. Ten minutes you can get away with, but not 25.
>>146751 I feel somewhat the same. It picked up again when Edge came back but only one guy in the rumble match type shit isn't fun unless their on the mic mocking people or charismatic as hell like Austin in 2002.
Anyone else getting excited for the AEW PVP at the end of the month?
(472.38 KB 600x400 ClipboardImage.png)
oh my god makabe what did they do to you
>>147024 >AEW PVP They have a PVP?
So the Cakekike is gone and Jim might be the only one more delusion then Vince McMahon out there. You guys give any thought to packing up and setting up shop somewhere else?
>>147138 Smug/wooo/ BO here. Jim has always been a huge money-grabbing faggot and it was obvious 8kun was pandering to boomers, that said I don't see how much it could impact /wooo/ without some unlikely drastic changes. I'm fine with either decision. If LIJanon decides to move I can give him the board though.
>>147139 i don't care much for being the BO our board is not one that attracts the attention of any boomers I only thought it best to return here since old users would be more likely to find it than the bunker we can use both boards or keep one for when the other goes down unless you guys really hate 8kunt and cant stand being around here then we should just return to the bunker and find a way to get more traffic there.
(25.25 KB 224x355 carltonsad.jpg)
The main gripe I have with 8kun is that webms are BROKEN as fuck, among other shit glitching. Not sure how to get traffic to smug though, assuming that's the bunker you're talking about. Meanwhile dudeweedchan is full of oversensitive progressive fags, asp is full of unoriginal shitposting retards, and this board is pretty much dead. Fuck Cloudflare.
oh yeah, there's also fatchan which seems to be where people from /v/ are fleeing to
>>147141 it wasn't this bad before 8chan went down, we had traffic and everything worked. man i miss those days. I detest retardation too much to go anywhere near stonerchar or halfchan as for directing traffic to smug all we can really do is take it on us to screen people we know that are into wrestling and invite them to the board >>147142 this is the first i hear of fatchan
>>147140 >>147139 Could you at least import the banners from 8kunt to Smug ?
>>147143 >this is the first i hear of fatchan It doesn't have a /wooo/ so fuck it, smug should be fine. It's good for /v/ though. You'll see it if you view the board list/webring on smug and sort it by PPH. I also noticed that there is a /wooo/ on tvch, but it just looks like /asp/ lite
>>147141 >Not sure how to get traffic to smug though, assuming that's the bunker you're talking about. We could try advertising events on the webring or other boards. Like what I tried to do but fucked up twice. >>147144 Maybe. I'm not sure if there's a good way to scrap all the banners from a certain board. "/board_banners/wooo" and the like just redirect to the front page.
Yes I'd say moving to smug would be the best option now…
(25.28 KB 329x399 gaysNotWelcome.jpg)
As opposed to not moving the moment lolis were banned on an imageboard. Nigger
This board is slow as fuck, is there anyway to get 4chan's /asp/ to migrate here after pol raided and destroyed that board? That's why I'm here.
>>147157 I can't think of any way that wouldn't somehow filter out turbo-autists from cuckchan It's also definitely not a good idea to let cuckchan know that this site exists
(215.99 KB 656x301 ClipboardImage.png)
do you smell what the rock is COOFing
for once, new japan steals someone from wwe instead of the other way around https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNOBOapk9DY
Came from /v/. It's good to see that /wooo/ is here. I miss the times when we didn't have to pretend that woman were relevant on the WWE due to their wrestling skills.
>>147162 we're mostly using our bunker board over at smugloli when it comes to posting we just wanted to have the original board back as an archive outside of 8kuck and just in case anything happens to the bunker

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