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(970.00 KB 800x450 Dog Lover.mp4)

Meta Anonymous Board owner 07/09/2021 (Fri) 05:18:10 No. 14
Welcome to /zoo/ You're encouraged to engage in zoophilia safely and tell everyone about it, and post all the video, photos, and art of it you find on the internet. To become a boardvol, just participate in discussion about zoophilia and maybe post some content! Then state your account name in this thread. Banners are minimum 300x100, maximum 500x150. Please include /zoo/ on it. Cloaca is already a vol. I didn't ask, I just did it.
>>14 What did you finally get the board? Congrats bro
>>14 Wait lol cloaca didnt get the board? So funny. Also no link to >>>/vb/ or >>>/kin/ ?
>>16 He said he gave up since he didn't think the board would have enough people. Links added, no problem~
(66.44 KB 798x902 Asukashirt.jpg)

>>14 Sorry again for the delay on the transfer. As far as content vis-a-vis global rules goes, /zoo/ material has only two stipulations: It's legal to possess, share, and view it in the US except for citizens of Oregon. You should consider putting an "Oregonians GTFO" disclaimer in your board header, rules, or FAQ. The other is that US Federal law bans media showing animals being physically injured under the so-called "animal crush" law. So you can't allow things where an animal is being tortured, is bleeding, is obviously being physically harmed in some other way, etc. This law does not prohibit depicting non-injuring sexual acts, so the vast majority of /zoo/ content is just fine. Good luck, have fun.
Edited last time by Acidadmin on 07/09/2021 (Fri) 05:28:41.
>>19 LMAO oh man. Also thanks man you're awesome!
>>20 The violence stuff is already on the rules page! I'll see where to put that oregon one I suppose.
>>20 Yeah thats more clear.
>>23 We could just make a fuck oregon thread And sticky it.
>>26 Or every day make sure somebody throws a "also, fuck oregon" on their post
>>23 Oh and something on the banner probably a good idea. Plus funny so bonus points.
>>27 YES
>>33 Fuck yeah those are great!
>>20 > It's legal to possess, share, and view it in the US except for citizens of Oregon. Since when? I'm out of the loop.
>>47 >all drugs decriminalized but >can't fuck animals what the fuck Oregon
>>53 Minor note: Decriminalized =/= Legalized
>>55 Decriminalized is just about as good for small timers. Legalized would be better but so would legal zoo. I am not an oregano though so idgaf other than it is retarded.
I wonder if Kazu wants to vol this board
>>57 I mean I dont give a shit. Animated horse puss is horsepuss too.
(143.37 KB 750x1333 rbgvq2s4xus21.jpg)

General discussion, dog sex, horse pussy Things seem to be going alright. I want at least 2 more vols. Currently on staff: Cloaca and Chai It'd be funny if the next 2 start with C but that isn't likely. Filters: Bеastiality > Bestiality Anything else need doing?
>>53 Anon, fuck the drugs. Since when have they made beast legal for every state but Oregon? Stacy's mom had it going on. But her pony had a nicer ass.
>>68 I'll vol.
>>72 Oh I remember you. You delete a lot of your own posts.
>>73 You arent wrong. When I say something stupid sometimes I rethink it. The other occasions I was arguing with a troll and when his posts got deleted my posts just became spam. So I tidied it up. If that's not cool no hard feelings. Just an offer.
>>74 Not a problem! Just an observation. Where else do you vol or own? Your account has been around a good while, but I don't actually know what you made it for. You know good practices for ban times and stuff? It'd also be great if you could anonymously contribute to as many discussions as you can. It's my opinion the staff of a board should engage with the anons that drop in to stimulate that activity and make me feel more like sticking around. Especially early on, when it's possible no one else is going to.
>>70 It's similarly lacking in overt criminal status more than overt legality in most states, some the act is criminalized and media isn't. It's a clusterfuck as always. Drugs are important though.
>>76 I think so. >>>/k/ Link me if you could btw. And yeah anonymously is the way to go. I shouldn't imagine this board will need much watching in any case.
>>78 Link you what? Anyway, all seems good to me. Ban times go m for minutes, h for hours, d for days. Lots of people are going to use proxies, so avoid permabanning. No duration, or an invalid duration (like using w for weeks, as that's not an option) will be permanent. 0m however is actually valid and will ban for 0 time. If you have questions or anything, say so. Now we have Cloaca, Chai, Vampyr
>>81 Standard is what 1 day? So 1d ? And on the site message i meant if you wouldn't mind adding a link to /k/ although it must be getting pretty full. Whats max 250 characters?
(207.84 KB 1280x1024 deer hunting.jpg)

(1.14 MB 1320x4000 deerfucker.jpg)

(916.92 KB 1200x4326 tactical fursuits.jpg)

>>78 >>>>/k/ Of fucking course.
>>83 1d is pretty general. If it's just someone getting really heated, like spamming because they got angry, give them 1h to cool off. Unless it's a serious problem, or they're spamming something that is individually rulebreaking. >>85 hahahahahahaha
(2.09 MB 1625x7082 kerofucksdeer.png)

>>85 Lmao I mean it comes up from time to time it is true. >>87 Right on. Yeah.
>>88 Also I added the link for >>>/k/ Don't worry about length, there's tons of space. [Weapons](/k) is barely any text.
>>89 Nice and I added you as ANIMAL FRIENDS
>>90 You know, something about all these boards cross-linking each other feels like old internet. Geocities, devblogs, and so on. Most of it discovered via each other. And it gives 8chan a bit more family feel. "family feel" is a weird thing to say about animal porn, guns, and shitposting
>>77 I see... Thanks for the explanation.
>>91 This webring has been the best thing to happen all week. And yeah it is a little surreal on occasion. Anyway i got work in the morning. Good night anons.
>>14 >You're encouraged to engage in zoophilia safely Don't forget legally, depending on your locale.
>>20 >It's legal to possess, share, and view it in the US except for citizens of Oregon. Negro, there's more stipulations than that. /zoo/porn legality of distribution, production, and possession each vary wildly by state. Where the hell did you find it was only illegal in Oregon?
(4.18 KB 347x30 ClipboardImage.png)

(26.15 KB 786x155 ClipboardImage.png)

(23.65 KB 796x131 ClipboardImage.png)

>Search legality of bestiality porn >Get results for legality of child porn >And results for legality of lolicon Wew. https://www.aerlawgroup.com/blog/is-lolicon-legal-in-the-united-states/
>>105 all should be legal tbh
(253.74 KB 1187x853 Kemono no Kanzume 3 031.jpg)

Hey BO can you edit my horsepussy thread title to just be /horse/ general or something? I know my UID is different but this is OP I just had to ban evade on another board.
>>119 Done.
>>121 thanks a stallion is fine, too
>>122 I just changed it to /Horse General/ and added all horses welcome to the maintext. I think it's clear that stallions are welcome, but I am open to further revision.
>>124 I like it.
>>130 I like you.
>>137 based
>>139 I do not like you anymore.
>>140 based
>>119 >I just had to ban evade on another board What for?
>>145 Ban evasion, of course.
>>91 So what is the exact Oregon statute? I've just been using 123 as a placeholder in the fuckoff oregon post. I mean I guess it doesn't matter, but it feels kinda amateur just using the placeholder forever.
>>202 Well looking into it I think in oregon the act itself is illegal under ors 167.333 but viewing it is I believe covered under ORS 167.341 "encouraging sexual assault of an animal" and it does specifically state possession of digital computer pictures is a Class A misdemeanor. So I am not a lawyer and don't practice the law. But I am going to reference these in the fuckofforegon pasta. Oh heres some legalese related [2015 c.324 §2] might mean something.
My version: fuck u oregon
>>206 It is more succinct.
oregon git ye gone
>>14 Could we please get a link to >>>/lit/ in the board message?
>>232 yes
(303.38 KB 513x1200 e2kemm.jpg)

>>237 Thanks man! Have some of the rare frogtits Not french.
(116.66 KB 720x382 image27.png)

I made a banner.
>>296 heh
>>20 Oh hey hey hey hey Acid you'll never see this but I have some bestiality with Asuka!
>>332 Heh.
>>14 What are the rules on "gross" content (scat, pee, worms/insects, vore, birthing, etc)?
>>393 [clicked on Reply too early] Should that kind of content be put behind spoilers like how other porn boards do?
>>394 yes
Finally a /zoo/ board! Fuckin based I <3 dog knots and horse flares and feral gay shit
>>402 Well then you came to the right place.
>>402 same
Why are you into animals Chai
>>402 I hope more find this place UwU
The #1 thing that's stopping me from posting here is fear. I got a 30-day bean on 4chan for the normal zoo discussion threads I usually make on /b/ and I wanna talk about zoo with some bros, but I'm spooked about posting on here. I never posted on the OG /zoo/ either. I've said it before on /b/ but it seems like a small niche place that hasn't been found out and has very few users like here is a perfect place for a honeypot. I wanna chat about zoo but spooked of what I don't know. I don't know how secure this "8chan . moe" is and even though I'm using a VPN (and the unnamed) and have always used a VPN on 4chan, I still get spooked that I'll still somehow get found out. IDK, I guess it's the thought that on 4chan, posting about zoo is something you can still have some deniability because there's no real zoo, just talking about it and feral yiff. You could legally pass it off as a "it's just a drawing" thing like the same way people do with lolis, but on here it's the real deal. Get doxxed on /zoo/ and there's no excuse.
>>539 Just announce you don't live in oregon and you are fine. I don't think we ban people here. It's never come up. Everyone is just having fun talking about horsie boners. Oh and nice cock bro. No need to spoiler here.
>>539 I wish you the best in being able to talk about your feelings, your experiences, your kinks, and fun stories, and just generally have a good time. Do your best to not leak info you don't want people to know. And do use a VPN, tor, what-have-you. I don't see any reason to worry about it since it's all legal in most of the US, but it's standard affair.
(330.42 KB 900x625 1577922826494.png)

>>541 It's honestly not feds I'm worried about (not 100% anyways) it's more the super anti-zoos who will do everything in their power to doxx people. I know you're all posting here so you obviously trust the site enough to do so, but has 8chan . moe had any security issues in the past? I can't really find any information about 8chan . moe anywhere other than from the homepage. I know it's a revival, but how well is the actual security?
>>542 Well security is a personal issue If you give any website real info sooner or later it will leak. Hacks, accidents, bad mods, etc. Always practice good opsec. Now all that being said so far we haven't seen any anti-zoophiles yet. And so far have had no issues. If anyone comes to the board just to harrass people then yeah they will be b&.
>>539 Quit being a paranoid faggot and post snake pussy.
(60.10 KB 700x875 urr8l11u4h221.jpg)

>>547 Who needs snek puss, when the mouf looks like this?
(2.59 MB 1000x1500 ClipboardImage.png)

/zoo/ has fallen off of the top boards list. This is a travesty. >>551 Why not fuck both?
>>573 I mean it updates like every 12 hours. We got knocked off for the AM shift everyday anyway. I once looked into it. You only need like 3 posts every 12 hours to stay visible.
>>551 Yup I see no problem face fucking a snake
>>606 Yeah I'm starting to understand cloacas fascination
>>612 same. its turning more into a tight hole fascination....
>Acid says he got lawyers to redo the legal info on threads >the fuck oregon pasta is untouched Is it good enough then?
>>637 The inplication is that a real lawyer, with an actual law degree, who went to law school, and passed the bar. Sat down read my bullshit, and then turned to Acid and said "Yeah that's good, I like where he calls them gay, keep calling oregonians gay is my legal advice. I will go to court for you to do that. 8/8 would represent again." Wow. That makes me chuckle a little not gonna lie.
>>641 Getting clean, to get dirty. I like it.
This was fun but I'm bored of it and you can only own 3 boards so I'm handing ownership toooo Cloaca
>>655 Farewell. And the chai arc ends. But the Cloaca arc begins, first off the BO is dead, long live the BO. Second any changes bossman?
>>655 Oh shit, oh fuck.
>>696 >takes a week to realize he's in charge Nice boss.
Ur a feggit. >>>/b/52263
>>701 Accurate
>board owner is a scalefag blessed board
i like zoo
pasen links donde pueda ver zoofilia gratis
>>725 Something links please for zoophilia thanks. Oh he wants bestiality links. Err the nepi only gave me one. https://equibooru.com/equine/booru/tags/
Theres three rules here. Rule three isn't actually a rule. So there are just two rules here, and they are basically the same fucking rule. So we have basically only one rule. No animal torture. And yet some asshole keeps posting animals being tortured.
>>547 He has a pretty valid reason to be paranoid honestly.
Is "Animal's Dark Paradise" forum active for now? Does anyone have an Onion3 link?
>>641 hot dog water :)
Telegram links please
>>14 >less than 2 month >already double some boards post count Fucking hell. I will make bestiality thread on February
>>821 Awesome! Looking forward to it bud
(34.71 KB 500x375 READNIGGERREADjpg.jpg)

When I'm not jerking off to horses I do enjoy a good book. On that note /lit/ just started an active book klub. All are welcome. >>>/lit/334 This month they are reading chuck palahniuks fight club. If your bored why not come hang out and read then talk about it anons?
is there a canine equivalent for equibooru?
>>851 If there is I have no link for it. Sad day
>>826 >halfway through promise >abandoned board JUST
>>1182 Cloaca was always kinda... Well nevermind. The point is we arent totally abandoned, someone mods the board still, and we stay very active.
Okay guys time for a bit of housekeeping >BOOOOOO Hey c'mon, it's not my fault. Anyway. We are officially abandoned. Cloaca hasn't logged in for months, and despite all that we have never left the top ten. We stay more active than 7/10 boards even with only one vol keeping things tidy. But we need a BO. And Chai is never coming back. So let's start the search for our new BO! Maybe get a fancy new CSS in the process, and even a couple new banners. Now with all our daily activity I know some of you anon's are here daily. So here's your chance. The job is easy, keep illegal activity away (no zoosadism, cp, and remember to post our lawyer reviewed legal disclaimer in every thread), delete spam, blank posts, and on occasion speak to management. We need someone willing to dedicate at a minimum 3-5 hours a week. Act as a shield against anyone trying to shut us down, and be every /zoo/ anons advocate against hate spam, or malicious rumour mongering from other BOs. Chai had some tips and tricks I will pass along to the new boss. So c'mon, don't be shy fellas. Leave a brief description of experience moderating, reasons for being a good BO, and if you sound right we will support and guide you through the claiming process. If we get multiple candidates we can do a community vote. There. That about covers it. Love you guys, and no matter what I will still be here. In closing... FUCK OREGON.
>>698 >>1212 OH FUCK, OH SHIT. I forgot Chai left me the board. If Vampyr is around, I'll make him BO. Most of /zoo/ disgusts me anyways. I just like snakes, and maybe the occasional girl sucking weird animal dick.
>>1212 You do have the time to be BO, right? You seem pretty dedicated.
>>1227 >>1226 Ugh. Yeah I mean I do. Fuck it fine I'll do it. But at least let me /vol/ you, and bump your scaly thread.
>>1228 Congratulations. Someone more responsible is now BO. I'm glad to have shitposted this board into existence by motivating Chai in the first place, but I don't have the time or motivation myself.
>>1228 Also, there's only three banners, and they're all hentai. /zoo/ ought to have more banner and more variety.
>>1230 Well I guess that's the first order of business then. Tomorrow though. First I'm drinking myself unconscious.
The BO is dead, long live the BO. And so the Cloaca arc has ended, this board was made as a gift for him, and moderated as a labor of love. He will always be welcome.
Okay we need two volunteers to help moderate. I have to sleep sometime, and as such we need at least two vols. If you are interested post here and leave a name.

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