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(538.18 KB 2000x1328 mtr_1425204243343.jpg)

Scat Anonymous 07/12/2021 (Mon) 17:24:41 No. 272
Alright, lads. Post some shit

(5.11 MB 1280x720 3288_scat_video.mp4)

(692.86 KB 480x320 horsedump2.mp4)

(775.70 KB 480x320 horsedump1.mp4)

(215.56 KB 960x1280 eagewgrhte.jpg)

(7.67 MB 640x480 gizon2.mp4)

(1.15 MB 480x352 fathorselog.mp4)

(818.23 KB 480x320 horsedump.mp4)

(84.69 KB 1024x768 shithpanths1s.jpg)

awful, keep this shit on >>>/interracial/ where it belongs
>>275 lmao based
(409.12 KB 687x1288 21965.png)

unf, I love cute mares droppin tons of shit on the floor. Animals answering to natures call in general is sexy, especially when they're on the carnivore diet. From prey, to meal, to lifeless shit, it's one of the most beautiful and sexy things on Earth.
>>308 ...I didn't say stop. Keep going anon...
>>485 Just love when their assholes tug on anything that enters or exits
(1.29 MB 3264x2448 2.JPG)

We back in business? I miss the infinitychan zoo scat thread, so many good dog scat vids and gifs.
God is it too much to ask for a big dog to squeeze turds straight into my mouth. Wonder if I could train one to do that.
(8.53 MB 720x576 TDT 28 CLOSE.mp4)

Love close ups of smelly logs squeezed from a soft pink sock of a tailhole

(219.53 KB 648x1128 p2.JPG)

(1.27 MB 3072x2304 p2_.JPG)

(832.45 KB 3492x2619 media_EmdlOCIVMAABDJI.jpg)

ZooPoo ftp login for anyone who doesn't know it yet (has thousands of photos & videos sorted by species) ftp://fnwmedia.ddns.net login: ZooPoo password: Group (credentials are case-sensitive)

(219.53 KB 648x1128 p2.JPG)

(1.27 MB 3072x2304 p2_.JPG)

(832.45 KB 3492x2619 media_EmdlOCIVMAABDJI.jpg)

ZooPoo ftp login for anyone who doesn't know it yet (has thousands of photos & videos sorted by species) ftp://fnwmedia.ddns.net login: ZooPoo password: Group (credentials are case-sensitive)
>>632 >Anonymous Wow this is hot
My scat fetish is moving on and I'm getting more turned on by dog cow horse even cat poo
Looking forward to more being added
Any group for this content? Telegram or something?
How do I get a cat to relieve itself on the floor? I want to record it.
(2.74 MB 4000x3000 dscn2835.jpg)

has anyone here experience with dog poop eating ? i would like to learn i wish i can, but ist so stinky
I want to watch more TDT dog poop videos!!
>>1125 I also enjoy dog poop, but I still enjoy chewing. But swallowing is still too hard to me.
>>1177 Thats great have your own dog or do you collect from others? Can you eat shit from Human ?
>>1187 Nop, i only tasted dog poop
No zoo board without scat thread. I'm not complaining. 8Chan's /zooscat used to have some fun threads and discussions. Wish it were still around because I've recorded some content myself by now, an active community for sharing it would be a godsend. Personally I'm less into chewing or eating, though sucking on some certainly is enjoyable when playing with it. Fucking a huge pile of dog or horse shit on the other hand makes me cum so hard it's insane. Dogshit is likely my favorite for this purpose because its softer consistency and different textures, especially when using shit from multiple dogs, grabs onto your dick perfectly. Not to mention it retains heat well, so warming it up in plastic bags with a hot water bath is a viable option should you not have access to any right from the source. For the purpose of fucking it thoroughly I recommend a tall glass or cup. If you only want to use it as lube, a fleshlight will work just as well. Of course there's also the option of collecting so much you have a literal pile, in that case simply go wild on it in your bathtub or shower. Horse shit is a lot more aggressive on your dick due to it mostly being partially digested grass, but I highly urge anyone who hasn't tried it yet to go to your nearest pasture coming weekend, grab some fresh horse apples, keep them in a ziploc bag and fuck those fat horse turds whenever you feel like it. All weekend. Nut right in there. There's hardly anything capable of retaining moisture the way horse shit does. Hell, even piss into it if you like. All that cum and constant fucking will soften it up considerably, you won't be able to put that thing down.
>>1203 It's really hot! I also like to collect dog shit in the park, put it together, and taste it. Also, I want to try fucking with them, and I gave up on horse poop because it was too rough. I don't have a bathtub at home, so I want to buy a simple bathtub and fill it up.
(108.89 KB 1080x1080 dogstakingdumps_-__riORILR5d.jpg)

>>1203 Do you have horses? Could you do alo like this IRL? https://thisvid.com/videos/horse-fart-and-scat-animation/
>>1203 Do you have a guide on how to eat dogs poop and how to get a dog to poop in your mouth? Ich wish a dog poop directly in my mouth.
>>1234 Wait til hes ready to go and get down there I guess. And as for eating. I mean are you serious? Stick it in your mouth and chew.
>>1235 yes i'm serious, i would like to record you straight from his hole
>>1252 If we put a camera in his ass, then how would he poop genius?
>>1253 i putt my finger in his hole and he or she shit in my mouth ;)
>>1233 No, I neither own horses nor dogs myself. As of now I lack the financial foundation to responsibly do so. Trust me, if I did quality zoo scat content wouldn't be an issue anymore. Dirty anal, licking shit off their holes, eating it straight from the source, huff their farts etc., I'd do it all and love it. The shit I do use I source from local pastures (if we're talking horses or other farm animals like cows or sheep) or dog parks/ frequented routes for people to walk their dogs. If we're talking collecting dogshit for the sake of playing with but not ingesting it, it takes hardly any prior experience at all to determine which piles look reasonably fresh or healthy. Simply trust your gut feeling. Eating it however is a different story. I personally very rarely eat any at all and if I do, it's small amounts. The issue is not knowing the dog you got it from. What it has eaten, whether it's healthy and so on. Hell, for the most part you won't even know how old the shit you're grabbing is. If you must, I suggest waiting on a park bench somewhere you're able to observe owners walking their dogs. Do you see someone turning a corner with a breed who's filthy ass you'd enjoy? Keep an eye on them and wait for their dog to take a shit. If they pick it up in a plastic bag and throw it in a bin, it's up to you to decide whether you want to go fish it out or not. If they don't pick it up, well, go and do it yourself. If you don't see it take a shit, walk along the path they came from and look for a pile, it should still be warm when you get to it. Keep in mind what side they walked their dog on, i.e. left hand side or right hand side, it'll generally make finding what you're looking for a lot easier. Of course none of this is foolproof for various reasons, but you get the idea. Can't give you any tips on how to deal with the smell an taste when having it in your mouth though. Fresh dogshit hits way different than any that's been sitting around for a while. I'm at a point where the smell an texture gets me rock hard, but it still makes me gag with some frequency. It's all a matter of acclimatisation and powering through.
Been interested in zooscat for a while but never had the courage to actually try it. I went hiking a few weeks ago and came across a herd of wild ponies happily eating grass. There was no one else in the area and I thought I'm not gonna get a better chance to try something I've wanted to do for some time. So I sat down and waited for one of them to poop. They didn't seem to mind having me around and it wasn't long before one of the mares lifted their tail and dumped her brown log on the ground with a mighty thud. I ran up to the pile in excitement. It was steaming and you could actually feel the heat from it. It looked like dark green balls and smelled gorgeous - just fermented grass with a little horsey musk. I couldn't resist anymore and took a bite. I was surprised how pleasant it was, musky grass taste but more concentrated with a little bitterness. Maybe it's something to do with their their grass diet but it also tasted a little sweet somehow. It's also really filling. I waited a bit longer to see if they could provide me with a little drink (had a cup ready and everything) but unfortunately I wasn't that lucky. I had a few more bites and after feeling satisfied, I said thanks to the mare and went on my way. Definitely want to try again.
>>1265 Oh damn, lucky guy. Got it about as fresh as it gets. Horse shit is amazing, isn't it? It has a very pleasant smell, is filling, juicy, retains heat and the animal it comes from is stupidly sexy. Sincerely wish you the best of luck next time you're looking for a drink on your hike. One more thing I can suggest is taking a plastic bag with you. Obviously for the purpose of bringing some horse shit back home, but you can also fill it, shove your dick in it, pull your pants back up and leave it tucked in there while you continue on your walk. It's pleasantly warm and the way it gently rubs against your dick with each step is heavenly.
>>1264 I would only play with the shit of my own dog or the shit of dogs you know. I would never play with strangers' shit is too insecure for me. The problem is I don't have a dog. In the old 8chan zoo scat thread, there was a how to eat dog shit.If anyone has it, please post it.

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